Nomi Prins Permanent Distortion: #1 Stock For America’s Last Wealth Transfer Revealed



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From The Middle Class…. To The Rich:

America’s LAST Wealth Transfer

A Strange Force (Not Inflation) Is Taking The U.S. By Storm: Transferring Wealth From The Middle Class to The Rich… PhD Nomi Prins Uncovers What’s Happening and Reveals Her “New American Era Blueprint” for Protecting & Profiting in 2022

Hi, I’m Nomi Prins, a former Goldman Sachs managing director…

And after spending decades on Wall Street and meeting with the world’s highest-level executives in Washington, The World Bank, IMF, and more…

I need to confess something to you.


Life in America is NOT as it seems…

And the REAL truth of our economy, our volatile stock market, our daily lives…

And why the rich continue to get richer – is much stranger than you could ever imagine.

If you can’t put your thumb on what’s really happening in America…

Today I’m going to reveal the strange force strangling the middle class, and what’s coming next for America.

Right now, I’m blocks away from my office in Delray Beach, Florida. Behind me, you can see $20 million dollar yachts… or these $6 million dollars homes.

Delray Beach was once a haven for the middle class.

But today, it’s home to the likes of celebrities like Derek Jeter and John Travolta…


But what’s interesting here is not Delray’s excessive wealth…

It's what’s happening just 1 block away from the world’s top one percent.


Here… a stunning 1 in 6 residents live in poverty…

Tarnished streets, broken down homes, and the crime rate is nearly 4-times higher than the average…


So how did we get here?

How did America become a land of such extremes…

Where the winners take all… while everyone else settles for the scraps?

The truth is, this is much bigger than politics or inflation.

Almost no one knows WHY this is happening and why it’s about to accelerate beyond anything we’ve seen before – directly affecting your savings, your job, and even your personal freedoms.

Soon, millions of Americans could be pushed into one of two groups – ‘the new poor’ or ‘the new rich.’

And this troubling trend isn’t just local… it’s secretly creeping across the nation…

Look at San Francisco, a few steps away from million-dollar estates is now an endless row of homeless and rampant drug addiction.

Or look at New York City…

The “city that never sleeps” is now the “city that sleeps with one eye open” thanks to a 41% increase in crime… even in Manhattan.


But in the months ahead… one single force will accelerate a division of EVERY single neighborhood in America.


Transferring $40 trillion of middle-class wealth… to the rich…

All backed by a new Executive Order from President Biden.


Simply put, America’s land of extremes is about to accelerate to something we’ve never seen before.

I know that may sound dramatic or unlikely.

But it's already happening.

Experts estimate we could see 263 million people fall into poverty in the coming months ahead…

What could end up being a “Permanent Recession” here in America.

But today I will do everything in my power to help you end up on the right side of this new moment in history…

  • Revealing the shocking force strangling the middle class, and why it’s the REAL reason the top 1% of Americans continue to drift farther away… why the rest of us stay stagnant.
  • Today, I’ll also give you the name and symbol of an investment folks have used to join ‘the new rich’ – creating over 100,000 new millionaires and why I believe the biggest opportunity is yet to come.

All the details today are 100% FREE.

Now, follow me back to the studio to get all the facts for yourself.

JOHN: Hi, I’m John Burke, and I’ll be the host for today’s special interview with one of the nation’s leading economists and former Goldman Sachs managing director, Nomi Prins.

Great to have you here.


NOMI: Great to be here John.

JOHN: I think it’s safe to say we’re living through a very strange time.

From my research, I understand you were previously at Goldman Sachs directing not one… but two teams of financial analysts…

Earning a million-dollar salary.

But you left it all behind?

NOMI: I know it sounds crazy John, but I left Goldman Sachs for good reason.

I was disgusted with how Wall Street uses its power to manipulate markets… often at the expense of regular people.

A million-dollar salary might sound nice…

But if you can’t sleep at night?

It’s worthless.

But John, I want to set this straight… I’m not here to vilify Wall Street.

I’m here to warn you of a strange new threat in America.

The very reason you have felt that America has changed… for the worse.

And the very reason why life here is about to hit a new extreme; because…

America Is On The Cusp Of A New Catastrophe Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Since World War II – and Most People Are Stunningly Unprepared

JOHN: I think we all feel that something is “off” in America, but we aren’t really sure what’s going on.

Although I recently read, 81% of Americans are worried about a stock market crash…

Is that what you’re talking about?

A crash?

NOMI: Not at all.

A market crash… it’s the least of our worries – crashes come and go – markets recover.


But I believe a new threat will change everything about America for decades to come.

What I see coming… could be MUCH worse.

A strange force creeping under the roots of America slowly robbing the savings and freedoms of millions of Americans.

All thanks to a group The Washington Post calls…


And if you’re caught off guard, it could spell disaster for your entire savings and your way of life.

But on the flip side, it could be the biggest profit opportunity you may ever see in your lifetime.

One of two things will happen…

You will fall out of the middle class and join ‘the new poor’ or you could be among the fortunate few who join the ‘new rich.’

JOHN: That is quite the statement, to say the least.

Is it really that “black and white?”

I am sure you understand my hesitation…

This whole country was built on a strong middle class.

Many of us – our entire retirement – is riding on the stock market.

And we’re hurting right now…

But to be honest – I’m terrified & confused – because you’re implying this new threat could be much worse than a stock market crash?

NOMI: John, I promise once you understand this, you’re going to walk away today more confident and in control than ever before.

But you’re right, this is a massive shift in our country, and it will unfortunately devastate millions.

What we are seeing is the biggest heist from the American people, in history.

JOHN: A heist… okay… how so?

NOMI: Well, I don’t know what else to call it…

John, the top 1% of Americans have TAKEN $50 trillion from the bottom 90%…


But this is just the start.

Because soon, in some areas of America, it will look like we’ve become a third-world country…

With immense wealth and luxury – right alongside rampant poverty and squalor.

That’s all that could be left.

From Washington D.C. to San Francisco to New York to Florida and more….

And John, I’ve traveled all over the country and I’ve seen it for myself.

JOHN: So, you’re saying – as Americans we risk losing everything in the middle?

No more middle class?

NOMI: Yes, and this is not a prediction.

It’s happening.

So, if you feel like something in America has been ‘off’, your instincts are right.

How could numbers like this be normal?

1,700 new millionaires are minted every day.


But at the same time, the average American worker is earning $32 LESS per week than they did in 1974!


Yet, the rich are so rich…

They’re paying for their own private police forces to keep their own neighborhoods safe…


All while Americans are LOSING their homes… home foreclosure filings are up a stunning 132% from last year…


The most fortunate Americans will join the ‘new rich’…

While the vast majority fall out of the middle class… and become part of the ‘new poor’.

In the past…

It was possible to work your way out of a situation like this.

Work hard. You save money.

But not anymore…

Today, the decision you make with your money and investments will determine your fate.

JOHN: Nomi, I know what you’re saying because I’ve seen signs all around me.

Just recently I noticed a Time magazine article saying…


But what is the REAL reason for this?

Why is the middle class being strangled?

NOMI: John, something has changed…

And it’s getting more and more obvious.

Yet no one in the media or the government is explaining what’s wrong.

And nothing they’re doing is going to get us out of this mess.

When you finally understand the forces at hand… the REAL reason for soaring prices, political division between the left and the right, the rise of ‘wokeism,’ and why your investment account is not (yet) growing like the rich and elite…

You may be furious.

But at the very least you’ll be able to act and protect yourself before it’s too late.

Join The ‘New Rich’ or Fall to The Bottom

As you’ll see, thanks to a flurry of recent events driven by a strange new force in America…

Including a new executive order backed by President Biden himself…

An initiative alongside MIT, The Gates Foundation, The United Nations, Visa, 77 global Governments…

Life could get much worse from here on out.

JOHN: This group of unelected officials you mentioned siphoning wealth from the poor to the rich…

So, you’re talking about Wall Street?

NOMI: No – not Wall Street.

Clearly Wall Street has benefitted from this trend.

But they’re NOT causing this problem. Merely exploiting it.

JOHN: So, Nomi…

What's REALLY Happening in America?

NOMI: We’re on the verge of a $40 trillion transfer of wealth that could make or break your plans for retirement.

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund, says…


Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller says…


JOHN: And there’s something the “little guy” can do to flip the game on its head?

NOMI: Precisely. And you don’t have to be a financial genius to put yourself on the right side of this trend.

The most important thing is to stop listening to people in authority who are steering you the wrong way.

And to realize they’re not trying to help you.

I know this, firsthand.

After writing my book: All the Presidents Bankers– and speaking with dozens of lawmakers in Washington…

I was asked to speak to this exact group of unelected officials – this strange force in America – shifting wealth from the middle class to the rich.

And after my speech, where I told them the truth about how they’ve quietly been killing off the middle class for decades…

I was ignored, pushed to the side, and I was not invited back.

So, if you want to know where we are headed as a country… what could happen to your savings… and your entire way of life…

You need to understand – on a basic level – who this group is.

And what they’re doing to our money.

The END of America's Empire, Starts Here

The ugly truth is…

No one can stop this impending $40 trillion transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich.

Not the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, or anyone else.

Today, this group of unelected officials literally OWNS our entire financial system.

JOHN: What do you mean, one single group owns our financial system and economy?

NOMI: Well for example, Forbes says:


JOHN: A complete monopoly over our money supply?

Wow, okay…

So, who’s this group Nomi because I thought it would be congress?

NOMI: This strange force in America is, The Federal Reserve.


It’s America’s central bank. 

The world’s most powerful financial entity, the one group that has been manipulating our economy and stock market for decades.

But before you go writing this off… just wait until you see the new moves, they’re executing under the roots of our financial system…

Because if you’ve been wondering why everything in America seems so strange, it starts here…

In fact, Business Insider recently asked a powerful question regarding The Federal Reserve…



Think about that.

JOHN: Is America free if a private bank owns and controls our economy? 

Wow, a powerful question.

But… Nomi, The Federal Reserve was created back over 100 years ago.

How are they strangling the middle class more than ever, right now?

Transferring wealth from the bottom to the top?

NOMI: John, if you’ve been worried about soaring inflation, rent increases, credit card debt, and a falling stock market…

Just wait until you see what’s NEXT for America…

It’s NOT just a stock market crash… higher interest rates… or more money printing.

The shift triggered by The Fed –will go down in the history books… and it will become a dinner conversation across the entire world.

Look, if you’ve ever wondered why, you felt like you have been held back, running in place… working long hours only to just barely get by… it’s not your fault.

I’ll tell you point blank – it’s because of The Federal Reserve, and they’ve been legally ‘robbing’ you for decades.

They’re the very reason 64% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck…


And why the personal savings of Americans has crashed to the lowest level since 2008!


And why folks are so strapped for cash they need to purchase everyday household items on credit…


JOHN: Well, it’s true, it does feel like we’re being robbed.

And we’re being told it’s because of “Putin’s price hike” – the war in Ukraine – or greedy businesses raising prices each week.

But you’re saying it’s bigger than that?

NOMI: Much bigger. We are smack dab in the middle of…

The Greatest Robbery of 
The Middle Class – In History

Because right under the nose of every man and woman in the nation…

The Federal Reserve has secretly been serving its friends over at Wall Street, corporate America, and the financial elite.

Just follow the money.

My old firm, JPMorgan Chase, has received over $6 trillion at nearly 0% interest from The Federal Reserve in the last few years…

$6 trillion, John.

The world's biggest companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and 10 more companies are currently sitting on $1 trillion in cash – each.

All while struggling Americans are forced to pay 17% or more interest on credit cards…


And earn nearly 0% on their savings in their bank account – even with interest rates rising as of recent.

Every day folks get charged ridiculous debts…

And the financial elites (who are already rich) get essentially free money.

And that’s no accident!

The Fed is the only entity in the world that can “print” or fabricate — trillions of dollars and funnel it to the rich.

Take a look at this…


JOHN: Ok, what am I seeing here?

NOMI: This is what I believe to be the biggest lie in financial history.

John, if you’ve ever heard the term “trickle down wealth” this is it…

The Fed claims to print money out of thin air to inject into the economy and create more jobs, equality, and stimulate small businesses…

In 1977 the Federal Reserve started operating under a new mandate from Congress to, and I quote:


“Promote… goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long term interest rates…”

How well is that going? Do we have maximum employment and stable prices?

JOHN: If that’s the Fed’s job, then they have failed:

  • Because 47 million people quit their jobs last year…
  • The stock market is wobbling back and forth like a teeter totter… one day it's hitting all new highs with companies like Tesla becoming worth $1 trillion and Apple worth an astounding $3 trillion then all of a sudden – we see the worst market day since 2020

NOMI: Exactly.

Here’s What’s Really Happening To Our Economy:


All this ‘money printing’ has shifted to the wealthy, the top 1% of Americans.

The money almost NEVER trickles down to the average person.


Matt Taibbi , who is a friend of mine at Rolling Stones and award-winning journalist states:


You want the secret John?

JOHN: Don’t hold back…

NOMI: All this money printing is boosting the value of assets the rich already own.

This chart explains it all.

Take a look at this.


The blue line you see represents the Fed’s balance sheet. You can think of this as the amount of money they’ve printed.

The black line represents the S&P 500.

Do you see how they both move upward together?

JOHN: Yeah. They’re almost perfectly correlated.

NOMI: Right.

But here’s the kicker…

Who owns the most stocks?

Well, it goes without saying – the vast majority of stocks are owned by the rich.

In fact, the top 10% of Americans own 89% of the entire stock market…


JOHN: So let me get this straight…

The rich own all the assets… such as the stock market…

The Fed prints as much money as they want…

They inject it into the markets…

And it pumps up the value of assets the rich own?

And the cycle continues?

NOMI: You got it.

This is why Fortune recently said


John, does this seem fair to you?

The poor and middle class have held flatlined wages since 1980…

Collecting only a tiny 1% growth in the last 40 years.


That astonishing gap between the rich and middle class…

This is what I call a “Permanent Distortion”

JOHN: A permanent distortion?

NOMI: It’s the great separation of the economy vs the financial world. Regardless if the markets go up or down.

The separation of the rich and elite versus everyone else.

Americans are forced to get by on stagnant wages … followed by insane rent increases, soaring inflation, and never-ending debt…

So, by the end of a 40-hour work week, you’re left with scraps.

But the wealthy get their assets propped up by the Fed… getting richer every single day.


And every day Americans suffer ALL the consequences.

Gas has jumped over $5 a gallon…


Housing and rent have soared as much as 40% across the nation… and more than 8 million Americans are currently late on their rent, that’s devastating!


College debt has hit a new record – a $1.7 trillion crisis.

Groceries are up as high as 16%…


Yet the rich and elite are having the financial payday of their lives.


John, you can thank The Fed for printing over $9 trillion to help prop up assets for the rich…


While it creates soaring costs – massive inflation – for everyday folks.

JOHN: Alright I gotta take a breath here…

So, what can us regular folks expect next, Nomi?

You said it could be the biggest change to the American way of life we have ever seen.

Is The Fed going to print more money, is this the big issue?

NOMI: They will print more money, yes, but that’s not the big issue.

Sure… no doubt inflation will continue to soar.

$5 gallon gas could become $10 gas…

Rents could double or triple from here…

And the gap between rich and poor will grow wider.

But now the cat is out of the bag for The Federal Reserve…

They are receiving more press than ever… they can’t continue this same money printing strategy to feed the rich.

Instead, I’ll reveal their new plan…

The biggest robbery against the American people in history… a $40 trillion transfer of wealth – no one will see coming.

And it could continue to strangle the middle class even more…

JOHN: Nomi, I know you know this, but everything already, seems so on edge…

Now this vanishing of the middle class will get worse?

NOMI: Unforuantely, and the signs are popping all over…

Look at Disney World for example, where the typical vacation costs $5,700.

Right outside the gates are THOUSANDS of homeless people living in encampments…


Even Bloomberg states that one-third of Americans making $250,000 are living paycheck to paycheck…


Think about it… this used to be high middle-class.

There’s no escaping this distortion between the rich and the middle class.


JOHN: Nomi it’s crazy, I’ve always thought something was “off” in America but couldn’t put my thumb on it…

This is so eye-opening.

Your decades on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan…

Testifying before The Senate Budget Committee…

Receiving invites to speak with officials from The International Monetary Fund… and The World Bank…

And traveling tens of thousands of miles from D.C. to Tokyo for your financial investigations…

You really have insights most folks would only dream of.

But are you the only one sounding the alarm on all this?

NOMI: To be fair… there are a few experts who are speaking out on the corrupt financial system in America…

Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller Says:


Fortune says…


The Wall Street Journal says…


And NYTimes says…


JOHN: Nomi I’m sure everyone watching at home is itching to find out what’s in store next for America…

Everything you have already shown us today seems so devastating.

NOMI: It is and the truth is, none of this corruption is new.

The ‘Game’ Has Been Rigged For Decades

It’s hardly any wonder why people are begging for free money from the Gov’t – there’s no choice.

There are currently 24 cities offering universal basic income up to $18,000.


People are really hurting, I mean, they’re quite literally begging for money that they need just to live.

John, if you’re not in the 1% of Americans, you’re being robbed.

And these distortions between the financial world… and the economy have been happening for decades.

Look back to 1987… ‘Black Monday’ where the Dow dropped 22% in ONE day.


The Fed came in and immediately lowered interest rates so they could prop back up the stock market for Wall Street.

Sparking a raging stock market.


The S&P500 surged over 200% from 1992 to 2000.

JOHN: The Fed manipulated the market to spike the value of stocks after the 1987 crash?

NOMI: Absolutely.

Leading to the Dot Com BOOM of the 1990s…

Where we saw stocks owned by the rich explode 8,900%… 9,619%… even 91,863%!


During the 1990s, the top 10% of Americans had over 10x MORE wealth than the average person…

A boom for the rich…

And a bust for the middle class who got by on working jobs for small wages.


JOHN: But in 2000 it all came to a halt when the Dot Com Bust hit…

I mean, the market crashed nearly 78% from its high., right?


NOMI: Yep, and once again, The Fed bailed out all the rich and elite.

Lowering interest rates again to spark another bull market.


Beginning the cycle of another major wealth transfer from the middle class to the rich.

Low rates led millions of middle-class Americans to buy homes with dirt-cheap loans.

JOHN: And we saw the historic bubble pop – the 2008 financial crisis…


NOMI: Which was devastating, for the middle class.

1 in EVERY 54 homes across the country was foreclosed on.


The Federal Reserve was bailing out Wall Street from the crisis.

Too Big To Fail?

And listen to this…

An audit of The Fed revealed that they loaned Wall Street $16 TRILLION at 0% interest.


Think about that…

$16 trillion in ‘free money’ to the ultra-wealthy with ZERO oversight – not a single vote took place in Congress.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s happening now…

Their latest move will be absolutely devastating to millions of Americans

It already involves 80 global banks… 75 countries around the world…

Corporations like CitiGroup, MasterCard, Visa, Coca Cola, The Clinton Development Initiative, and more.

Creating a separation of the rich vs middle class, unlike anything we’ve seen since World War II.


A drawbridge that will finally divide our country into two classes: ‘the new rich’ or ‘the new poor’.

JOHN: To confirm, Nomi…

The Fed loaned trillions out to Wall Street bringing them back to life from the crisis they helped cause. 

But this also allowed them to invest trillions into the stock market with zero interest?

Zero risk?

NOMI: Yep, but it gets worse.

Wall Street also used this money to infiltrate the heart of America.

Buying up $36 billion worth of foreclosed homes across the nation – for pennies on the dollar.


Once again… a distortion of our reality.

The rich got bailed out and ended up owning MORE assets than they had before!

While regular folks get left behind with all the consequences of a broken economy.

JOHN: That explains so much – why Americans have struggled in some kind of endless wheel trying to get ahead, to no avail.

But this was a while ago… is stuff like this still happening right now?

NOMI: It’s happening more than ever, John – look at 2020.

March 23 when the Fed met for an emergency meeting…

In response to the pandemic crisis, the Fed said they would – once again – get things back on track…

JOHN: Instead, they used this as an opportunity to transfer more wealth to the elites?

NOMI: Exactly, the Fed announced they would print as much money as needed to get the economy back on track…


And what really happened, instead?

The stock market surged to new highs while everyday folks had less money in their pockets than ever.


JOHN: I think you’re right Nomi, after the 2020 crash, we saw the stock market shoot right back up.

I saw this odd picture of Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money.’

On the TV it said “The Dow’s Best Week Since 1938” – while the bottom breaking news said “16 million Americans have lost their job in 3 weeks”


I think this explains it all…

Millions of Americans lost their jobs…

But the rich get richer with soaring stocks…


NOMI: And this is why news is starting to break out that the REAL cause of inequality…

The REAL cause regular Americans have been held back is because of The Fed.


John, the Federal Reserve chairman’s net worth is $55 million…

Hillary Clinton is worth $120 million

And Nancy Pelosi is worth $135 million…


Yet regular folks have less than $1,000 in their savings account…


Does that seem right?

JOHN: Unbelieveable…

Our Gov’ts public figures are worth tens of millions while most folks can’t even afford their rents, yeah that’s disgusting.

NOMI: Well, unfortunately, John, the cycle is happening again… just look around you.

The recent low interest rates have allowed the rich to buy up slews of American homes…


Wall Street is having an absolute feeding frenzy regardless of housing prices.

With the trillions of dollars poured into their hands, by The Fed.

Wall Street is now America’s biggest landlord.


Blackstone, one of the world’s biggest money managers, is using these rocky economic times to purchase $6 billion in homes…

Then, they’re rent it back to you… at premium prices.


JOHN: Okay, I’m starting to really tie all this together, Nomi.

The Fed is essentially feeding the rich new money…

And in turn, the rich are buying up all the most important assets, in droves.

NOMI: Leaving nothing but scraps for everyone else.

This is a complete paradigm shift in our country John, and not for the better.

What happens when the rich own all the assets in the stock market… but also, own your home?

JOHN: I don’t even want to think about it…

NOMI: It’s still tiny in comparison to what’s next. 

No one will know until it’s too late, and this is why today’s interview is so important.

People will need to prepare immediately to shield their wealth.

The FINAL Robbery Against
Americans Is Taking Place, Right Now

JOHN: Okay, I’m ready, what’s going on?

NOMI: Look at this – this may very well go down as the biggest transfer of wealth in history – the biggest financial shift we’ve ever seen as a country.

It’s all coming out from this odd-looking building:


MIT, The Federal Reserve, and The Bank of International Settlements have announced phase 1 of what they call “Project Hamilton.” 


JOHN: What exactly does this mean?

NOMI: See this dollar right here, John?

This could soon become fully digital, as our Gov’t replaces this physical bill completely.

With what they’ve been calling a Central Bank Digital Currency. 

JOHN: A digital dollar?

I’m not sure I follow.

NOMI: A lot of people don’t, John…

But have you seen signs like this around your neighborhood stores?

“Cash-Free Zone” … “No Cash” … “Coin Shortage” 


JOHN: I actually have, I definitely thought it was odd but figured it was just temporary.

NOMI: It’s part of a much bigger picture.

I mean why else would Visa – one of the world’s biggest merchant processors, worth nearly half a trillion dollars – promote a “No Cash Challenge.”

Bribing companies $10,000 to STOP using physical cash…


John, this digital transition is unstoppable.

You see, there’s over $40 trillion in cash circulating around the world, right now.

Little does anyone know; we are on the verge of a financial shock that could soon replace all that physical cash in the world, with a digital counterpart.

JOHN: Kind of like cryptocurrency?

NOMI: It’s essentially the government’s version of cryptocurrency.

Because they know the global digital transition is here to stay and this is their big move.

Why? Well, because cryptocurrencies pose a direct threat to the Fed’s money monopoly.

So, they have no choice.

It’s innovate or die.

And I fear their next innovation will ratchet financial suffering and inequality to levels never seen before.

CNBC says…


Forbes confirms this saying…


And The International Monetary Fund – who I’ve personally met with, says this is:


JOHN: Gosh, think about those words – the future of money?

How does this affect us, Nomi?

Are you implying this is a new secret strategy The Fed could use to transfer even more wealth from the middle class to the top 1%?

NOMI: Well, you tell me…

This new Central Banking Digital Currency could phase out our national banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and more – making a lot of their services obsolete.

CNN puts it this way…


They’re saying, The Fed and their digital dollar could track every financial move you make.

And even restrict payments for certain things they don’t want you to buy.

This is why former U.S. representative Dr. Ron Paul says: “The cashless society is the dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”


JOHN: That’s terrifying, so it could become a large digital tracking system?


NOMI: Quite possibly, yes.

USA Today says this “will ensure Govt’s track, record, and identify every transaction… causing a reduction of deposits at private banks as individuals transfer their savings directly to the Fed.”


And John, this is happening much faster than you think…

Biden is issuing a new Executive Order, calling for the highest urgency in The U.S. to digitalize the dollar.


I don’t think people realize how historic this really is…

JOHN: An executive order on this?

So, this IS happening as we speak?

NOMI: And it’s not just The U.S. – this is worldwide.

Mastercard's CEO said this central bank digital currency will replace the world’s biggest money transaction system.

He added on, saying: “We’ve been pushing the ‘war on cash’ agenda for some time now.”


So, we’re talking about a massive $40 trillion digital transfer of wealth being waged on the American people as we speak.

The core point is…

The Federal Reserve has become front-page news, now.

Previously they’ve been ‘cloak and dagger’ for decades.

But Now, everyone knows if they continue to print more money they will be enemy #1—and the Fed can’t have that.

Over the last two years alone the Fed has printed 80% of the dollars in existence today.

So, their new plan to continue robbing the lower classes is NOT to print more money but to lower interest rates BELOW zero.

I know that sounds crazy with interest rates rising.

But at some point, the Fed will reverse course… to protect the 1%… and stave off a depression.

This is what they’ve done in every major crisis in our lifetime. 

Each time the market blows up… the Fed ultimately lowers rates, and the stock market booms.

JOHN: Can you dig into that a bit further Nomi?

NOMI: Unfortunatly, I’m not sure we have time to go too much into the weeds…

But what you need to know is this…

The Fed will soon use their digital currency to help loan tens of trillions to Wall Street to continue propping up the stock market for the wealthy.

The rich will continue to win…

And unprepared Americans will be forced to become ‘the new rich’ or ‘the new poor’.

JOHN: I got to say I’m in a bit of shock…

And this is all happening as we speak? Who is involved here?

NOMI: Not only our Gov’t and The Federal Reserve…

But the world’s 4th richest man Bill Gates runs an organization called: “The Better Than Cash Alliance” 

Their goal? They’ve been quoted as saying, “accelerate global transition from cash to digital payments.” 


And the partners of this organization are stunning…

Over 75 total countries around the world…

Major corporations like CitiGroup, Ford, MasterCard, Visa, Coca Cola, The Clinton Development Initiative, UNICEF, and more.

NOMI: It’s even more deep-rooted than you could imagine.

90 central banks are in the process of planning the digitalization of their currency.

80% of global banks are exploring digital currency.

CNBC says it's the “new global arms race” 

All said and done, 105 countries are moving towards digital currencies.


China is even leading the race with already completing $5 billion worth of transactions of their digital currency.


JOHN: Nomi, before we go any further, I have to interrupt.

What does this $40 trillion digital currency shift mean for viewers at home?

NOMI: John, one thing to always remember…

The biggest investing opportunities in history always happen when there’s a world-changing transformation, like this.

Because a massive shift of new money is now moving into specific sectors…

And money is currently draining out from other ‘outdated’ sectors.

Simply put, this is the next big opportunity to NOT be left behind again –like millions of Americans were back in 2000…

When stocks exploded 7,022%… 9,210%… even 16,209%…


Or in 2008 when we saw the explosion of new giants like Netflix and Uber.


Or in 2020 when Moderna surged 600% and Tesla exploded 700%…


If you missed any of these opportunities… this is your ‘second chance’ at life-altering profits.

Because this $40 trillion of new wealth will pour into specific investments, as I’ll show in a moment.

America is in a stage of permanent distortion.

This ever-widening wealth gap will only continue to grow, leaving everyday folks behind.


If you track the moves of the rich and elite – like I do – you can set yourself up in a few simple investments that are set to soar..

JOHN: Listen, there’s no one else who knows these top one-percenters like you do…

You have been operating in Wall Street and Washington for decades…

Traveling tens of thousands of miles investigating the world’s most deep-rooted economic issues. Meeting with Gov’t officials from all around the world.

You’ve written 6 different books – with your newest coming out to bookshelves in the months to come… “Permanent Distortion” 

But before this becomes mainstream news…

How can our readers get in early BEFORE the masses and get positioned?

NOMI: There are a few simple steps our viewers need to take today…


For one, I want to make sure everyone owns a small stake in Bitcoin [BTC].

Now before anyone goes jumping out of their seats, yes, I understand we’ve hit a recent price correction in Bitcoin.

But that’s what makes this such a great starting investment.

Because we is in what may be the best buying opportunity we’ve ever seen since its first bull market in 2017.

JOHN: But why Bitcoin, Nomi?

Seems… I don’t know… obvious.

NOMI: As we spoke about today, the digital version of the dollar is operated by The U.S. Gov’t & The Fed, and they can print endless amounts of this fiat money.

And now with central banking digital currencies, can be used as a tracking tool on every American.

It’s a power move for more control… another way for the middle class to be robbed.

But on the other hand, bitcoin shields from the power-hungry habits of the Government – it’s untouchable – Bitcoin lets you ‘opt out’ of the centralized control

There’s a maximum of 21 million bitcoin in supply – it cannot be printed and manipulated like the U.S. dollar.

And as the Fed continues to feed the rich… Bitcoin adoption only continues to explode.


Bitcoin has already created as many as 100,000 new millionaires, and now it’s at the cheapest price it’s been in years, and its only going to increase over time, to new highs.

But that being said…

For viewers who really want to take maximum advantage to protect and grow their wealth in coming months from now…

I’ve got one of the best opportunities I’ve seen since I worked at Goldman Sachs.

JOHN: Perfect. What’s next?

NOMI: Okay, this step is critical…


And I’ve compiled everything you need to know inside a new blueprint, called:

The #1 Stock For America’s New Era: How to Collect a 500% Return As History’s Biggest Wealth-Shift Dominates The Nation


I believe one single stock holds the power to create extreme wealth for early investors.

And John, as I said before – we need to be piling into the same investments the rich and elite are piling into, right now.

JOHN: Perfect, Nomi it seems like a no-brainer – but what makes this stock so special?

NOMI: First off, the world’s elite are diving in with both feet:

  • The Vanguard Group who manages $8 trillion in assets, just bought 32 million shares of this stock.
  • Blackrock the world’s biggest asset manager just acquired 24 million shares…
  • Billionaire Jack Dorsey who founded Twitter is in for 48 million shares.

Even better, this stock is one of the few in the market to actually pull in profits, quarter by quarter…

To the tune of nearly $1.3 billion in profits.

JOHN: Got it, wealthy insiders are pouring in, the company’s profits are massive…

But I’ve heard this story before…

Why does it matter?

NOMI: It’s a very good question, you’re right… It should sound familiar because it happens with every new boom in modern history.

Wealthy insiders get in… the Fed prints money… and the 1% make an even bigger fortune.

But this time, it’s happening with a twist.

I’m sure you noticed how popular investments that soared over the past decade are all of a sudden crashing.

There’s a reason for that…

A tsunami of money – that $40 trillion I mentioned a moment ago – it’s being directed away from popular stocks… and into a handful of companies, most people don’t even know about.

I’ve dedicated my research to following this trillion-dollar trail.

And what I’ve found – it’s astounding.

One company stands at the intersection of this distortion… and the switch to new digital decentralized banking.

And my research indicates this stock is poised to soar in the months ahead.

It was recently touted on CNBC as the decentralized “Bank of The Future”


John, this stock could become one of the biggest decentralized banks in the world.

Breaking the bounds of traditional banking and giving power back to the everyday man and women.

Mizuho, one of the biggest banks in Tokyo, said buying this stock now could be like buying J.P. Morgan back in 1871.

But the plus side here is this company is decentralized.

Immune to the manipulation of The Fed.

It’s even estimated this stock could soon grow to 500 million new accounts!

That’s two times MORE than Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citigroup – combined.


And it’s estimated that decentralized mobile banks will outperform traditional banking by a factor of over 21-times.

And now you can be on the ground-floor of the #1 stock I believe will take over this sector!

And you will be right alongside the world’s biggest hedge funds and Wall Street bankers who are given virtually unlimited money to invest in the stock market.

And they’re piling into this one stock.

JOHN: I feel like this should be front-page news Nomi!

Do you have estimates of the profit potential for new investors today?

NOMI: The Nasdaq says, this stock could be worth a trillion dollars.


And I fully agree!

JOHN: More than ever folks are looking for a safe bet and this certainly sounds like it.

So, I think I speak for all of us when I say… we want the ticker symbol.

Before we got on set today you said you were working with your publisher to give today’s viewers an unprecedented 75% discount to access this report.

Were you able to accomplish that?

NOMI: Thankfully I did John but before we get to that I want to ensure our viewers are fully prepared for this $40 trillion transfer of wealth in America.


So, I want everyone to have unrestricted access to a second urgent blueprint I’ve finished, called:

Two Blockchain Plays Powering The Future of Global Finance


John, I want to let you in on a little secret…

At the recent World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland a total of 300 world leaders, hundreds of global policymakers, Gov’t representatives, 1,250 private sector leaders, tech innovators, and the world’s most powerful billionaires came together for a secretive meeting.


And while their public records show them discussing topics such as: clean energy, metaverse, climate change, consumer lifestyle, drones, and more…

There’s one topic that stole the show: blockchain.

JOHN: Really? Because based on what I’ve seen on the news… I’d think the opposite.

NOMI: Correct… Publicly they’ve trashed blockchain.

The CEO of JP Morgan has been quoted as saying Bitcoin is “worthless.”


Warren Buffett called it “rat poison squared”


But guess what?

Buffett has now dropped traditional investments like Visa and Mastercard and plowed $1 billion into a decentralized bank who uses blockchain and crypto.

Point is…

While these elites disparage these investments publicly tricking the masses, they’re quietly piling into the technology at the center of it all.

The World Economic Forum has just projected blockchain to be a $867 trillion disruption.


But you would never hear this from mainstream news like CNBC or CNN.

JOHN: Are you saying blockchain is the next big investment the wealthy are plowing into – that could even be propped up by their friends at The Federal Reserve?

NOMI: Exactly.

And now before the next big wave of wealth forces this sector to surge, I want readers to have my top two small but high-upside plays.

Seeking Alpha just reported on one of these plays saying it has “great upside potential”listing it at a “buy now bargain”

Blackrock & Vanguard Group – two of the world’s biggest power player money-managers just plowed over $1.4 billion into these two blockchain stocks!

With both these small but high-upside stocks in your portfolio…

I’m confident this is a strong way to position yourself for the inevitable $867 trillion blockchain wave.

Because as you’ve seen today the world is going fully digital and nothing can stop it, and this is the best way I know how to position yourself for it!

JOHN: Agreed, and I’m sure our readers will have comfort knowing they’re positioned on an unstoppable trend right alongside the wealthy elite, early on.

Thanks, Nomi.

How can viewers grab these blueprints right now?

NOMI: Before our viewers get access to these reports…


I want to make sure they also have full uncensored access to my newest video series called:

The ‘New American Era’ Masterclass


JOHN: Video masterclass?

What’s this all about?

NOMI: I’m going to break down some of the key mysteries of the financial system, our economy, our Government’s private actions… even where markets are headed next.

All the stuff we didn’t have time to cover today.

And some of our readers' most requested questions.

Topics like; why I don’t believe interest rates to be a good indicator of where the markets are moving. Instead, the #1 market indicator I follow.

I’ll also cover the top five sectors quietly transforming the world right now and how you can get in before the masses.

Or the true facts on the future of America’s social security system and if I see the money increasing… decreasing… or going bankrupt in the years to come.

And a whole lot more.

JOHN: Wait, to recap… today’s viewers (at a 75% discount) will get access to:

  • The #1 Stock For America’s New Era: How to Collect a 500% Return As History’s Biggest Wealth-Shift Dominates The Nation
  • Two Blockchain Plays Powering The Future of Global Finance 


  • The ‘New American Era’ Masterclass

All for free?

NOMI: But it’s critical you get started today, right now.

As you discovered today the game has been rigged for decades. And there’s a final transfer of wealth being pushed from the lower and middle class to the rich.

So, there are two choices: become ‘the new rich’ or become ‘the new poor’.

There’s just nothing in between.

John, this is why I wanted to make sure everyone could get 75% off my newest monthly newsletter that will guide everyday Americans, for years to come.


It's called: Distortion Report.


Every month readers will get my #1 play to (not only) keep their wealth protected from market distortions… but also walk away with new wealth.

But I’ll update you on all our investment recommendations…

Where to enter, where to take profits, what to hold, and what’s next.

I’ll also continuously update you on everything that happens in the shadows of our financial system and what to do to end up on the right side of it all!

And you will of course get access to ALL my new special reports like…

  • Going Wireless: The Future of EVs
  • The Electric Car Myth: The Hidden Key to Unlocking 23x Profits In EV
  • And Five Themes to Help You Prosper In a Troubled New Era

JOHN: And everyone can get in for 75% off, right now?

NOMI: Yep, $49 for the entire year – 12 months of uncensored access to everything I publish.

I believe that breaks down to 13 cents per day.

For everything we discussed today.


JOHN: 13 cents per day for access to the financial recommendations of one of the leading economic advisors in the world?

I mean Nomi you’ve personally met with the leaders of the Federal Reserve… World Bank… IMF… you left behind a million-dollar salary at Goldman Sachs, that’s no joke.

NOMI: I appreciate the compliment, John.

But I also understand that first impressions are everything… So for viewers I’m meeting for the first time today I want you to know…

This is all backed by a 100% ‘no questions asked’ guarantee.

If within the first 60 days of becoming a new member, for any reason, you aren’t 100% ecstatic with your reports, monthly newsletter, and updates…


Simply call our support team in Delray Beach, FL and you will get all the money back you paid today.


JOHN: You have to love that…

Now, if you want to get started with all of Nomi’s research & recommendations, click the button.

You will be taken to a secured page where you can review Nomi’s entire special offer today.

NOMI: I’ll take it one step further John.

Because I want my new members to have EVERYTHING, they need to become one of the ‘new rich’ in America.

Surprise Bonus For New Distortion Report Members:

So, for the next few minutes you will get access to what I call:

Bank to the Future: The Virtually Unknown Firm Transforming the $11 Trillion Global Payments Industry in the Next 12 Months


This new global digital banking revolution is simply too powerful to ignore, and I want readers to have another investment to profit from this unstoppable revolution

If you’re sick and tired of knowing the wealthy and elite are monitoring and secretly attempting to run every aspect of your life, then you’re going to love this new investment.

This stock has the technology, programming, and connections to achieve becoming a global leader as a digital payment system, handling transactions from almost every currency in the world.

JOHN: An $11 trillion opportunity that this stock could take over in the next 12 months?

NOMI: That’s what my research indicates, John.

JOHN: Nomi, I want to take a moment to thank you for your time today. It's been so enlightening – I truly feel like I know a lot more about what’s quietly happening in America…

But before we sign off, did you want to get the last word?

NOMI: We are witnessing an unprecedented time in America…

Folks will soon experience a level of financial insecurity and suffocation of freedoms, bigger than the crisis of 1987… 2000…2008… and 2020 – COMBINED.

Months from now we may look back to – this moment – as the end of the middle class.

Stephen Roach, former chairman at Morgan Stanley and Yale professor says…


Newsweek says…


And HuffPost says…



Now that you have the exclusive knowledge we discussed today, you have the power to change it all around in your favor.

All with just a few simple investments, to start.

This will be a defining moment in your life.

And now for one small payment of $49 you will be armed with all my decades of expertise and recommendations to flip the table on this rigged game.

I hope to see you on the inside of Distortion Report.

And John, thanks for having me, this has been awesome, and we’ll definitely talk soon.

JOHN: Very well-said Nomi!

And thanks to you as well.

And again, folks, if you want full uncensored access to all of Nomi’s research & financial recommendations every month, simply click the button.

Where you will be taken to a page to fully review this special offer.

Click the button and we will see you soon!

 July 2022


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