Nomi Prins and Distortion Report’s Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution


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Just a Quick Intro

Nomi Prins and her team at Distortion Report have released a new promo campaign for a special report called Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution. In this report, Nomi details a small $4 stock primed to explode in value as an estimated $130 trillion pours into our economy to fuel a clean energy future.

Nomi Prins Editor of Distortion Report
Nomi Prins Editor, Distortion Report

According to Prins' special report, the economic upheaval that could accompany The United States' transition to clean energy represents an opportunity not only for Wall Street insiders but also for everyday Americans. She describes how enormous financial returns may be just over the horizon for early investors in the companies building the clean energy economy. 

Keep on reading if you're interested in learning more about Nomi Prins, Distortion Report, and the huge profits she's predicting for her off-the-grid, $4 stock pick.

What is Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is a monthly investment newsletter guided by analyst Nomi Prins subscribers receive monthly stock recommendations designed to take advantage of the economic “distortions” identified by Nomi and her team. These distortions are described as “disconnect[s] between the markets and the real economy.”

Nomi and her team focus on providing the average investor with the research they think best positions them to benefit from market distortions and beat a system optimized to enrich those at the top at the expense of the little guy.

Who is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is a Ph.D. economist with over 20 years of Wall Street experience. She's a former global investment banker with ties to firms such as Bear Stearns, Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, And she's a person who grew weary of the unethical behavior that was everywhere in the banking industry.

So Nomi hit the brakes on her million-dollar-a-year Wall Street banking career and shifted gears. She became an investigative journalist specializing in exposing how financial systems are gamed to benefit a handful of elites while leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

Nomi's work as a journalist and author has led to her making appearances on networks from CNN to CSPAN to Fox. She advised U.S. Senators and gave keynote speeches to everyone from Google to the U.K. Parliament to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Nomi currently serves as one of Rogue Economics' key analysts. She uses her decades of expertise in global economics and the stock markets to “follow the money” and provide readers of Distortion Report with “actionable investment recommendations” designed to help them profit from our ever-changing world.

The $4 Stock Poised to Shock Tesla.

The first thing most people think of when you say “Tesla” or “Elon Musk” is an electric car, But Nomi Prins points out that the real secret to Tesla's future is not electric vehicles but rather the “gigafactory.” These enormous factories are spread across the globe from Buffalo, NY to Shanghai, China, producing the batteries that some energy insiders believe will power a $130 trillion clean energy revolution.

Nomi further cites expert opinions that just 100 of these battery-producing mega-factories could fulfill 100% of the world's power needs.

Elon Musk appears to be betting the farm on this prediction becoming a reality.

So why Nomi asks, are five of the wealthiest men in the world betting that Elon is wrong? Why are they convinced that the future is not Elon's gigafactories but a revolutionary liquid produced by a small $4 company?

With Forbes predicting the coming energy revolution to be valued at $130 trillion, massive fortunes are primed to be made and lost.  

So who's right, Elon or the five billionaires betting against him?

Read on to find out what Nomi Prins and Distortion Report have to say about it. 

Liquid Energy: Billionaire vs. Billionaire

Distortion Report breaks down this clean energy cage match as follows:

On one side, Elon Musk and Tesla are all in on the lithium-ion battery. This type of battery produced by Elon's gigafactories powers all of its electric vehicles. The battery technology turned Tesla's futuristic cars from curiosities to commonplace. Elon's dictating this battery will soon power everything else:  our homes, global industry, and electronic devices… Everything.

On the other side of this billionaire battle, Nomi name-drops five of the business world's most prominent players:

  • Bill Gates
  • Jack Ma
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Richard Branson
  • Jeff Bezos

What weakness are these guys seeing in Tesla's grand plan that everyone else is missing? What is it about Nomi's $4 Liquid Energy company that gives it the potential to unseat Elon from the top of the clean energy heap? According to Distortion Report's research:

  • Unlike one of Elon's batteries, this liquid is non-toxic.
  • It contains no lithium, cobalt, nickel, or other exotic and expensive battery elements.
  • It costs just 5 cents per pound compared to the $150 per pound cost of the lithium in Tesla's batteries.
  • It costs up to 94% less to store energy with this liquid compared to the Tesla battery.
  • It involves no fossil fuels or even other forms of energy such as solar, hydrogen, or wind.
  • It's 100% environmentally safe.

As Nomi notes, this liquid is so safe that you could use it to extinguish one of Tesla's batteries that are “notorious for bursting into flames.”

The U.S. Department of Energy has called this liquid technology a “breakthrough…a totally new approach to battery technology.”

So why are five of the world's wealthiest men betting against a Tesla lithium-ion battery-powered future?  As Nomi Prins sees it:

“The world's richest people fully understand what's coming next and are taking full advantage of the situation.” 

Liquid Energy and the $130 Trillion Clean Energy Revolution

According to Distortion Report, the “writing is on the wall” for our current fossil-fuel-powered economy Because it's not just billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos who are betting on a green energy future, but also substantial international corporations such as Apple, Google, and even ExxonMobil.

When one of the world's biggest petroleum companies starts investing billions in clean energy, it seems time to start paying attention to what that could mean.

As Nomi Prins says:

“…most Americans don't yet realize the huge financial stakes involved in this $130 trillion energy revolution, And most are going to miss out on what comes next.”

She then goes on to reveal the enormous amounts of cash some of Wall Street's most prominent investment firms are already pouring into this emerging energy trend:

Goldman Sachs is in for $150 Billion.

Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are in for an astounding $1 TRILLION each.

And, not to be outdone, JP Morgan is tossing their hat into the ring with a $2.5 TRILLION investment.

And, as Prins describes, we're all somehow expecting this clean energy future to run on Elon Musk's lithium-ion batteries – A technology developed over 50 years ago, assembled from a toxic soup of chemicals, and prone to periodically bursting into flames.

On the other hand, Liquid Energy provides what Nomi describes as a safe, cheap, instantly-rechargeable, open-battery system poised to eat Tesla's lunch and power the coming clean energy revolution. 

Nomi is so sure of the safety of Liquid Energy that, in a video describing the technology, she drinks a cup of the stuff.  

That doesn't seem like something anyone would want to try with one of Elon's lithium-ion batteries.

Why Liquid Energy and Why Now

So why are batteries so essential to the clean energy revolution, and why is this revolution poised to explode any moment?

According to Distortion Report, there are a couple of factors to consider when answering those questions.

First, batteries are a necessary part of the coming clean energy transition because the renewable power sources we've developed, such as wind and solar, are not “energy on demand” technologies.  

If you want to get energy from gas or coal, add fire, and you're in business, anytime and anywhere. Solar and wind don't work if the sun's not shining and the wind's not blowing. To store that energy for later use, we'll need a LOT of batteries.

Bloomberg has predicted that the demand for energy storage will explode 122x by the year 2040 alone.

This is why Tesla is all-in on its gigafactories. They're already churning out thousands and thousands of what Elon calls “Megapacks,” enormous lithium-ion batteries designed for energy storage on an industrial scale.

But, as Nomi has described, this technology has severe problems and limitations. Issues and constraints that the Liquid Energy approach does not share.

The second factor to consider has to do with Joe Biden. I know, I know. Love or hate the guy. It doesn't matter. According to Prins, his actions will affect all of us and the future of the world's energy economy.

Biden's $1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is happening, And it's poised to fund a revolution in clean energy technology, including alternative battery technology such as Liquid Energy.

The government has committed $11 billion towards upgrading the power storage technology of our national energy grids. That's $8 billion more than is earmarked to be invested in lithium-ion battery systems.

As Nomi points out: 

“Open batteries like Liquid Energy are the front-runner in The U.S. Department of Energy's ARPA-E program focused on reducing costs by 90%….” 

Nomi believes Biden's Infrastructure Law could be the boost required by the small company responsible for this Liquid Energy technology to explode in value.

How to Profit From a Clean Energy Market “Distortion”

Nomi believes an economic “distortion” is caused by enormous amounts of money that should go into everyday Americans' pockets but instead getting pumped by the government and investment banks back into Wall Street, benefiting only the wealthiest investors. The market and the everyday economy go out of sync.

She sees an unprecedented $130 trillion in clean energy dollars getting dumped into the economy as just another chapter in this pattern of “distortion.”

So the question she asked herself was how to help average Americans get in on the potential once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunities of the coming green energy revolution.

Nomi Prins cites huge returns from market moves she has made based on previously observed “distortion” patterns:

  • 140% on Walgreens.
  • 181% on Boeing.
  • 200% on Wayfair.
  • 293% on B.J.'s.
  • 392% on Wynn Resorts.
  • 468% on Microchip Technology.

And her list goes on…

Nomi Prins believes that what's coming with the battery-powered clean energy economy and Liquid Energy could be even bigger.

Subscribers to her Distortion Report newsletter receive the free bonus report Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution. In this exclusive analysis, Distortion Report members get the name, ticker symbol, and complete details of the $4 Liquid Energy stock that Nomi believes is on the verge of skyrocketing in value.

What's Included with a Subscription to Distortion Report?

Membership to Distortion Report comes with several benefits and bonus reports that Nomi has designed to help readers capitalize on the ever-evolving energy economy.

Here's everything you get when you subscribe during their current promotion:

12 Issues of Distortion Report

In this monthly newsletter, Nomi Prins promises to provide her readers with “the best elite investor ideas I uncover to maximize your financial security in an increasingly insecure world.”

Nomi Prins' Latest Investment Research

Nomi shares her up-to-date tips on how best to profit from breaking events. These investment news alerts ensure that when Nomi sees an emerging opportunity, her subscribers will have the information needed to understand and exploit the situation.

Member-Exclusive 24/7 Distortion Report Website Access

Members receive a private login allowing them to access all of Nomi's research and her hottest investment opportunities.

Subscribers also receive two Bonus reports:

BONUS REPORT #1 – Energy & Income: Six New Dividend Stocks for 2023

In this bonus report, Nomi Prins lays out six stocks that she claims are primed to explode in the coming energy economy revolution and offer huge dividends and potential lifetime income.

energy and income product image

BONUS REPORT #2 – The #1 Political Stock of the Decade: Cashing in on Biden's $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law

Nomi reveals the name and ticker symbol of a stock that her research has shown will be a leading player in implementing Biden's 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure law. She claims that this stock, ich had peak gains that outperformed Tesla and Apple in 2021 and 2022, is primed to skyrocket in the coming months and years.

political stock product image

And, of course, you'll receive Nomi's Buy Alert Recommendation:

Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution

Contained within is all the information Nomi Prins says you'll need to exploit her battery technology stock pick and potentially make some of the most significant gains in history as President Biden's $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law rewrites the U.S. energy economy. 

Liquid energy product image

How Much is Distortion Report? 

The subscription is usually priced at $199 per year, But the current Distortion Report special promotion has slashed that price to just $49 for the first year.

After your first year, the rate increases to $129 per year.  

However, new subscribers who take advantage of the promotional offer are given the opportunity to sign up for a two-year subscription at the $49 rate.  

So $98 for the first two years ($49 per year) and then $129 per year going forward.

Distortion Report offer pricing image

Distortion Report Refund Policy

Distortion Report offers new subscribers an “ironclad” 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. They describe this refund as a true cash refund, not some “in-house credit” bait-and-switch.

Distortion Report money-back guarantee image

Should you request a refund within 60 days, as a “thank you” for trying Distortion Report, you'll still get to keep everything you received up to that point –  including all the bonus reports and issues of the newsletter.

Where to Find Distortion Report

Distortion Report is produced by the good folks at Rogue Economics, a financial industry publisher founded on the belief that “financial independence is the most important step in the path to personal freedom.”

Click here to learn more about Nomi Prins' Distortion Report and the customer service team at Rogue Economics.

In Summary

Nomi Prins and her team at Distortion Report are running a new promotional campaign for a special report called Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution. This report reveals the name of a stock ticker symbol of a $4 company responsible for producing a lithium-ion battery alternative called Liquid Energy.

With none of the toxic or explosive downsides of Tesla's lithium-ion battery technology, Prins predicts Liquid Energy is about to have its moment in the s Biden's’s Infrastructure Law will e pumping $11 billion into alternative battery storage technology, just the boost Prins believes will cause the $4 Liquid Energy stock to skyrocket, stealing the future from Elon Musk and Tesla She predicts enormous potential turns for savvy investors who are aware of this coming market” “distortion.”

The Distortion Report newsletter and Nomi's free bonus reports spell out the up-to-date details of this clean energy transition. They offer advice and research on how to profit from this impending economic revolution.

To learn more about Nomi Prins and her $4 Liquid Energy special report, or to subscribe to Distortion Report today, visit the official website.

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