Biden, MIT, Gates Foundation, & 77 Govt’s – Ignite Financial Shock?

Has President Biden’s new executive order… Alongside MIT, 77 global Governments, The Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and The Clinton Development Initiative… Ignited a historic $40 trillion transfer of wealth from the middle class, to the rich? Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller says: “This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor… to the … Read More

America’s “Permanent Recession”

Former Goldman Sachs Director Reveals The REAL Reason Why 263 Million Americans Could Face a:  “Permanent Recession”  Nomi Prins here…  After spending years as a former Goldman Sachs director…  I must admit, life in America is not as it seems.  And thanks to recent unprecedented decisions by a strange force of unelected officials…behind closed doors, in … Read More