Charles Mizrahi Alpha Investor’s MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout



These Oil Companies Have Been Legally Approved to Payout $17.9 Billion in Lucrative… 

MLP Checks

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[Official Transcript]

Randy Smith must have been feeling pretty darn good on February 11. 

That’s the day he cashed in one of his biggest “MLP Checks” ever … $968,799.

That’s a LOT of money. 

Yet, it was … tiny. 

That’s right. Randy’s payout … thanks to owning 2 million units of his oil company … was tiny compared to the $1 billion he and his colleagues paid to thousands of patriotic Americans. 

The rest of the money, went to thousands of ordinary people who invested in units alongside him at $25 a piece … a group of “silent partners.”

And that’s the way Randy wanted it. 

To cement that smile on Randy’s face, he also knew those silent partners would be getting three additional payouts within the year … only, they’d be bigger. 

In fact, Randy’s company has been making these payouts four times a year, for the last 24 years… 

They showed up like clockwork during the Tech Crash of 2000, the Financial Collapse of 2008, and even the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Randy’s company didn’t miss a single payment… 

Not once.

It’s why Tyler, one of those silent partners, called Randy and the other leaders of the company “good stewards.”

Edward, a CPA and self-proclaimed “bean counter,” is another silent partner. He wrote:

You’ll notice Edward called them “units,” not shares. 

That highlights my favorite part about Randy’s company. It’s not a stock. “…it exists OUTSIDE the stock market.” Which likely explains why nobody’s ever told you about it. 

In fact, it’s 1 of only 30 companies that was approved by the U.S. government to mail out 100% of its profits in the form of these massive “MLP Checks.” 

Let me say that again.

Randy’s is 1 of only 30 energy companies that are approved by the U.S. government to mail out 100% of their profits in the form of these massive MLP Checks.

Most companies will toss out a few bucks to shareholders in the form of dividends. But Randy’s company doesn’t have shares of stock. It has units. And it is specifically approved by the U.S. government to payout 100% of its profits to its silent partners. 

Which is why the payouts from these energy companies are up to eight times bigger than dividends, bonds, and even real estate. It’s a great investment for anyone who wants to increase their passive income eightfold … a full 800%. 

All you have to do is invest once and you get paid the profits, in the form of these quarterly MLP Checks, forever. 

Once you see how massive these payouts are, I doubt you’ll ever sell.

Randy’s company, for example, is based in Houston and has 50,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines … enough to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific 20 times … ensuring energy gets where it needs to go. 

I’ll show you how you can become a silent partner in Randy’s company, today, starting with a $25 investment. 

And I’ll explain exactly what these “MLP Checks” are, so you can set yourself up to start collecting them right away … no matter your age, income, or investment experience.

You can invest right alongside Randy … who collected a total of $3.8 million last year. 

Randy’s colleagues, Richard and Michael, were right there with him … collecting $3.4 million and $2.9 million in steady income. 

But again, their payouts are tiny … at least compared to the $4.2 billion they mailed out to their silent partners ALL across America.

I’m sure that some of those checks were for less than a hundred dollars. 

Others, a few thousand. 

Others, hundreds of thousands. 

The more you invest, the bigger your MLP Checks will be.

Again, if you want to be one of these silent partners and receive MLP Checks, stick around. You’ll see you how to partner with Randy’s company for about $25 a unit. It’s not complicated … we’re talking 10 minutes, tops. 

By the end of this presentation, you’ll see how to get 12 of these quarterly MLP Checks a year, forever, just like clockwork. 

For example, you could become a silent partner in a Toledo company that is set to pay out $3.1 billion in MLP Checks next year. 

$675 million will be paid out from a company in Houston, and another $869 million will be paid out from one in Tulsa. 

$397 million is set to be paid out from another one in Houston… 

There are 30 of these government-approved companies, and they’re paying out massive amounts in MLP Checks. 

The CEOs and senior partners of these companies are some of the biggest investors. And that’s what you want — to be invested alongside these insiders … reaping the same yield as they do.

The best part is, they aren’t stocks. They exist outside the stock market. But investing in them is as easy as buying shares of stock.

All you do is invest once and you’ll get paid MLP Checks forever.

You not only receive reliable, work-free money…

You help make America stronger and better with each check you collect.

Take the MLP Checks paid out by this company headquartered in Dallas… 

This company transfers over 30% of America’s natural gas and crude oil across its 120,000 miles of energy infrastructure. Do you think this company helps America become energy independent? You bet it does. 

Every dollar you invest helps this company to continue to upgrade and expand its infrastructure.

As the company grows, America gets access to more oil and gas. And, every step of the way, you get MLP Checks.

You win. 

The company wins. 

And, perhaps most important of all, America wins.

You can become a silent partner in this Dallas company for just $13 per unit. 

Which might explain why three of its top insiders own 314,000 units, 202,000 units and 135,000 units. 

And they’re already being rewarded handsomely for it. 

Last year was brutal for the stock market.

And yet, while most investors watched their portfolios shrink, one of these insiders collected $166,000, another $248,000 and the third one got $386,000 in MLP Checks last year. It’s incredible. 

As amazing as that is though, their annual payouts are TINY compared to the total amount mailed to their silent partners. Roughly $800 million gets sent every quarter to thousands of ordinary investors who know how to buy these units. 

I want you to be one of those folks who gets a share of that $800 million. I really do … because if you’re still with me, it means you understand the power of collecting your share of 100% of the profits through these MLP Checks … year, after year, after year.

It also means you’re interested in becoming a silent partner in companies that produce, and transport, the very things that have made America the strongest and richest nation on the planet — oil and natural gas.

And now is the perfect time to get started.

Next year, a record-breaking $17.9 billion is expected to be paid out from these 30 government-approved companies.

You’ll see a list of these MLP payouts in just a moment. 

However, please don’t invest in all of them. 

Remember … these MLPs pay their silent partners 100% of their profits. If there aren’t any profits, there aren’t any payouts, and there’s always a chance that a company could go bankrupt or the unit value could drop.

So, like any investment, there are risks … you only want to invest in the companies that are making the BIGGEST profits, and that have a sustainable business model to keep making those BIG payouts year after year. 

I’ll show you how to find the most profitable ones, and which ones to avoid, in just a moment.

But you’ll want to act soon.

Word of these opportunities has been spreading…

Kiplinger reports that MLP Checks … “offer up some of the markets largest payouts.” 

Motley Fool brags … the “dividend yields are sky-high,” and that they … “enable you to supercharge your returns.” 

And Entrepreneur magazine calls them: “A stable way to invest in energy” that “delivers fat yields to unitholders.” 

Look, it’s not often you find an investment that pays you so much income, so consistently, with less risk, while helping to make America energy independent. 

And, today, you’ll get all the details. 

You’re about to see…

  • How to become a silent partner in these government-approved energy companies. Once you see how attractive these investments are, you may never buy another stock, bond or annuity again. 
  • You’ll also see why the payouts are so large. As I mentioned, most pay out 100% of their profit to their partners, which is why, on average, these MLP Checks are currently up to eight times larger than some of the most popular dividend stocks. 
  • You’ll also see how to line your pockets with 12 payouts a year … year in and year out … and using the money to do as you please. 

But first, you should know a little more about this MLP program … how it started over 40 years ago under President Reagan, and why it’s so important to America today…

Reagan’s Call to Arms

That’s right. 

Even though 99% of Americans have never heard of these MLP Checks, this program started 40 years ago under Ronald Reagan. 

You see, the Oil Shocks of the 1970s had left America at the mercy of OPEC.

Gas stations ran out of gas. Oil prices shot through the roof. And inflation was choking the nation.

Reagan, who was eyeing the presidency, said:

“The energy problem is a crisis now. But it can be a historic opportunity to free America forever of dependence on unstable foreign oil that can be turned on and off at will, by those who would use world commerce for economic blackmail and coercion.” 

You see, Reagan knew what many in the energy field had known for a long time…

That buried under U.S. soil was an estimated 50 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves and enough natural gas to last us over 100 years. 

Yet, we were paying hostile countries … such as Iran, Libya, and Venezuela … billions of dollars for their oil. It wasn’t just stupid, it was reckless, putting us all in danger. 

Reagan knew if he could encourage both investors, and private companies, to tap into those oil reserves, well … those billions of dollars, they would go to American businesses, Americanworkers, and American energy production.

He saw an opportunity to make America energy independent.

So, soon after taking the Oval Office, Reagan started working on Statute 26-7704. 

This statute says that a company does not have to pay ANY federal taxes if it… 

  1. Generates 90% of its revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of natural resources in the United States, and…
  2. They pass on all their income … in what I’ve been calling MLP Checks … to every American who partners with them. 

That’s right … the best companies pay out 100% of their net cash flow to the people who partner with them … people like you.

They have to. It’s the law.

That’s why these MLP Checks can be so huge…

You see, most ordinary companies have to pay taxes on their profits first. Then, if the company wants to share the money that’s left, it can be given to investors as dividends. 

But, because these unique energy companies are so vital to America’s independence, Washington agreed … a long time ago … that 100% of the profits can go directly to partners like you.

Again, there are only 30 oil-related companies that meet these strict federal requirements.

These unique, government-approved companies are called Master Limited Partnerships, or … MLPs for short.

And you can become a silent partner in them and start collecting money. 

It’s easy. You’ll get all the details in a moment. 

But first, you may be wondering who I am … and why I know so much about these MLP Checks…

I’m Steve Gruber, and like most folks, I had never heard of them before…

I don’t have a financial degree from Harvard. And I’ve never stepped foot on Wall Street.

I’m a talk-radio host… 

You may have tuned into my syndicated morning radio show … or watched me on Real America’s Voice.

If so, you’ll know I’m a Midwest boy who lives and works in Michigan, 600 miles away from Wall Street.

So, I had no idea these MLP Checks existed … or that you could start to collect them by investing as little as $25.

Then, about two years ago, this man was a guest on one of my shows…

His name is Charles Mizrahi … and he sees around corners better than anyone I know.

Charles has predicted every economic crisis of the last four decades…

The crash of ‘87…

The dot-com mania…

The housing bubble, which led to the 2008 financial crisis… 

Even the crashes of 2020 … and 2022… 

But, more than that, he showed people how to profit in the bull markets that followed. 

Those who followed his insights after the 2008 crash, for example, were able to follow his Inevitable Wealth portfolio. 

Among the stocks were Autodesk, Texas Instruments, and Microsoft … which rose 1,064%, 939%, and 1,153% in the 13-year rebound that followed. 

And he also guided people to profits as the market rebounded after the 2020 COVID crash… 

… as well as with new opportunities in oil and natural gas that are taking shape now… 

Which is why advisers at big Wall Street banks, such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Wells Fargo, turn to Charles for insight. 

So do political heavyweights such as Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. Listen to what they had to say about him…

John Burke: “…you’ve been following Charles’ model portfolio and research, right?”

Sarah Palin: “Yep, yep, I started with a small sum of money, I bought the stocks he recommended in his model portfolio and within two weeks, thanks to Charles, my gains were higher than what most experts are going to make in two years.”

John Burke: “Wow.”

Mike Huckabee: I first met him last year when he was a guest on my show… 

He managed money for 3 of Wall Street’s biggest banks … and was once named the No.1 investment trader by Barron’s…

But he left Wall Street to help Main Street American’s grow their wealth instead.

I recently interviewed him for a second time … and had him reveal his top investing secret.

His secret has already given nearly 100,000 Americans, including me, the chance to do something that even 9 out of 10 professional investors can’t do: beat the market.

That’s right, I personally use his secret as well.

As Mike Huckabee mentioned, these days, Charles devotes most of his time helping the over 60,000 Main Street Americans who are a part of his investment community. 

He uses his experience, know-how, and connections to guide them … and helps make their financial goals and dreams come true … with sound, sensible investment recommendations.

To be frank, Charles Mizrahi made an impression on me.

So much so, I invited him back several more times. In a minute, I’ll even let you listen in on one of these interviews … one I’ve never shared before, where Charles reveals details around his three favorite MLPs … and how top MLPs in the past rose 1,258%, 1,019%, and even 1,464% … in about six years. 

Yes, 1,464%. 

I want you to hear it, because I know for me, the more I listened to Charles, the more I came to trust him…

And like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and all those big, Wall Street bankers, I began to listen to his insights…

It was Charles who told me about these MLP Checks, the incredible streams of income they can give me … and why NOW is the perfect time to get in on them.

You see, in 2013, Reagan’s dream finally came true…

Investment in American energy and MLPs gave birth to new fracking technology … and ignited the shale revolution. Drillers were able to tap into massive new reservoirs of shale oil that had been unreachable.

And when I say massive, I mean off the charts…

After decades spent trapped under OPEC’s thumb, America not only became energy independent… 

We surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become a net exporter … and the top producer of oil and natural gas in the world. 

It was a milestone moment for America.

The amount of traditional energy we produced took off like a rocket.

And profits in the energy sector began to soar with it.

Then, recently, when the last of the COVID lockdowns were lifted, the global economy roared back with a vengeance … AND Russia invaded Ukraine.

It was an explosive combination. The world’s thirst for energy surged while sanctions against Russia simultaneously cut off oil supply. 

The result is a huge, NEW bull market in energy … and the ocean of profits that come with it.

Exxon made its biggest profit ever in 2022, over $55 billion. 

So did Shell, which reported $41 billion in profit. 

And Chevron, which made $ 35 billion. 

That’s a LOT of money. And it has caught the eye of income investors…

They see it as a chance to cash in on some really nice dividends, thanks to the new global energy boom. 

And they’re right…

They could invest in a company like Exxon and collect some pretty good dividends…

But what they don’t know is this … they could be collecting a lot more money through these MLP Checks…

The company in Houston I told you about … Randy’s company … the MLP Checks it pays out are 100% larger than the dividend checks you’d get from Exxon … Shell … or Chevron. 

And that company in Dallas I mentioned … it pays out 150% more. 

This one in Omaha pays out almost 300% more. 

The best part is … these tremendous quarterly payouts, along with the energy boom that’s fueling them, are expected to last for a very long time. 

Oil industry insiders see it…

Wall Street insiders see it…

Even Biden and those inside his administration see it…

Why else do you think they quietly approved 6,430 new permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands, enough to outpace President Trump… 

Why else would Biden have approved the huge new “Willow” drilling project in Alaska… 

And why else has he quietly rubber-stamped plans for a new oil terminal, America’s largest, in the Gulf of Mexico…? 

It’s because, deep down, Biden and his administration know the demand for traditional energy isn’t going away. It’s going to grow. It has to.

And who do you think is going to benefit from all this new drilling inside our borders? 

Well, it’ll be these 30, government approved MLPs. 

With hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines, they’re the ones who will move all this oil and natural gas from coast to coast … earning fees every step of the way.

And every penny of the profit will be distributed to the silent partners. It’s the law.

These 30 companies are already scheduled to send out $17.9 billion worth of MLP Checks over the next 12 months. And if you invest today, as little as $13, you can start collecting some of the payouts.

$1.07 billion will be paid out four times this year from the company Randy partnered with in Houston… 

$783 million will be paid out four times this year from another in Ohio… 

And $217 million will be paid out four times this year from one in Tulsa… 

It’s no wonder legendary activist-investor Carl Icahn was quick to grab a huge stake in these MLPs… 

Big Wall Street outfits like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Blackstone have been getting in on the action too… 

Again, it’s easy to see why…

Just take a look at this list and all the money that can be had…

This company in Dallas is scheduled to pay out a total of $3.8 billion through four different quarterly payments.

This one from Tulsa is set to pay out $869 million.

And another one just south of Nashville is set to pay out $177 million.

Thousands of people are already in place to stake their claim. 

Michael, who is a senior partner at one of these smaller companies and owns about 169,000 units, is scheduled to cash his MLP Check for $55,000. 

Joel, a chief safety officer at a mid-level company in Houston, will collect $226,000. 

And Frank, a retired chairman from one in Ohio, will grab a massive MLP Check for $410,509. 

Yet, in each instance, their payouts are just a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars in MLP Checks that their companies send out to people across the nation … patriotic, hardworking Americans who have become silent partners in these traditional energy companies. 

Over $82 million will be going out to people who invested alongside Michael for $15 a unit…

More than $280 million will be sent out to those who invest in the MLP Joel works at. Units go for about $25 each…

And a staggering $3.1 billion will be paid out to Americans who invest the MLP Frank retired from. You can get units of this Ohio MLP for around $35 apiece.

Anyone — regardless of age, net worth, or investment experience — can start receiving these checks, right alongside Michael, Joel, and Frank, with as little as $15 … and you can use the money however you want.

And yet, because these investments aren’t stocks, most American have no idea MLP Checks even exist.

Think about that…

By investing as little as $13, you can become a silent partner in one of these companies and you’ll start to receive MLP Checks.

The more you invest, the bigger your MLP Checks will be…

Take this company in Allentown, Pennsylvania…

When you invest in units and become a silent partner, the income payouts it sends you will be two times bigger than real estate dividends … two times bigger than Treasurys … and six times bigger than typical stock dividends. 

Or this one located in Dallas, which pays out three times more than real estate and Treasurys … and seven times more than your average stock dividend. 

Then there’s this one in Tulsa, which has some of the biggest payouts… 

Its MLP Checks are three times bigger than real estate, three times bigger than Treasurys and EIGHT times bigger than stock dividends.

It’s a dream come true for anyone looking for a steady stream of income.

You get a share of the profits four times a year … year after year … for as long as you remain a silent partner. 

Just imagine what life would be like … the things you could do … with check after check flowing into your mailbox every quarter.

It’s why U.S. News called these energy MLPs “a bright spot for investors…” 

Why Charles Schwab said they “can help provide investors with higher income payments than many other alternatives…” 

And why Barron’s reported big pension funds are pouring money into them, and that other “investors should take a look to see if they are missing out.” 

Of course, MLPS, although they are government approved, are not all created equal…

Remember, they pay their “silent partners” 100% of their net profit… 

So, if you want to set yourself up to collect nice, big MLP Checks, one after another, for years and years to come, you need to avoid poorly run companies … and invest in the top-notch MLP companies that keep on making a massive profit.

Today, you’ll get details on the top three MLP companies, along with their incredibly lucrative payouts.

In fact, mark these dates on your calendar … this way you’ll know when their next wave of MLP Checks is expected to go out…

You’ll hear more about them in just a moment…

To show you exactly how incredible the income can be, I’m going to let you listen in on a behind the scenes interview I had with Charles Mizrahi … one I’ve never shared before. 

In it, Charles reveals why these MLP checks are such a great opportunity, and why you’ve likely never heard of them … then, you’ll get his top three investment recommendations so you can get in on these payouts right away.

Steve: You’ve been hailed as a “top performer in your arena” by The Wall Street Journal, and I can see why… 

Not only did you call the major market crashes of the past 4 decades … you’ve also guided people toward extremely lucrative investments.

A few of your top recommendations include Arista Networks, which is up 288% … HCA Healthcare, which is up 175% … and Iridium Communications, which is up about 120%.

All in about three years.

But these MLPs are unlike anything you’ve ever talked about before…

Can you tell us bit more about why these MLPs are such an incredible opportunity right now?

Charles: Two simple words, Steve — supply and demand.

Due to global conflict, and some failed green energy initiatives, energy supply is way down.

Yet, America’s energy demands … and the world’s energy demands … continue to multiply year after year.

Oil consumption is currently at 99 million barrels a day, will grow to 108 million by 2030, and is expected to grow as high as 150 million by 2050.

Natural gas consumption is expected to top 4.5 trillion cubic meters a day…

And the Energy Information Administration expects overall energy demand to soar nearly 50% over the next 30 years…

Real talk — supply is low, demand is high. 

And America is sitting on some of the biggest, richest oil and natural gas deposits in the world…

At last count, we have 193 billion barrels of recoverable oil, the second largest amount in the world. 

And the Energy Information Administration reported we also have enough natural gas beneath our feet to last around 100 years. 

And these MLP companies play a huge role in moving it. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be a silent partner in that…? 

All this oil … and all this natural gas … has to be pumped through these pipelines to get from the wellheads to the refineries… 

From the refineries to the storage facilities…

Then from the storage facilities to power plants, export terminals, factories, gas stations, and other consumers.

And these companies will be making more money every day, around the clock, pumping it to all of these places.

Steve: It sounds like a toll road of sorts. 

Charles: It is. The roads, or in this case, pipelines, are already in place. Now they just continue to collect money and ring the register…

Millie, in North Dakota, fries some chicken on her gas stove … ring the register.

Bob, in Florida turns on his air conditioner … ring the register.

Sue, in Arizona, fills up her gas tank … ring the register.

Tom, in Ohio, flips on a light switch … ring the register.

Nearly all of that energy comes from fuel moved through pipelines.

There are over 2.6 million miles of pipeline across America. 

Steve: And these 30 MLPs own and operate a lot of them?

Charles: They do, it’s about as close as you can get to a guaranteed stream of endless income.

That’s why becoming a silent partner in these companies, and collecting MLP Checks, is just simple common sense.

They play a crucial role in making America energy independent.

By investing in these MLPs, and becoming silent partners with them, we too make America energy independent. 

Steve: It’s incredible to think that you and I can still play a role in America’s energy independence. And be very nicely rewarded for it … with these MLP Checks that come in throughout the year, year after year.

Charles: But there’s one more important thing. Investing in these MLPs also means you could be setting yourself up to make some great investment gains as well…

Steve: But these MLPs … they’re not stocks.

Charles: They aren’t, you receive units, not shares … but they do trade on the stock exchange. And these MLP companies can rise just like stocks… 

The last time we were in a situation like this, silent partners in MLPs saw some tremendous gains.

In 2008, one of the top MLPs was a company called Magellan Midstream Partners.

In five years, it shot up more than 1,019%. 

Cheniere Energy Partners soared 1,460%.

And Energy Transfer LP soared 1,258%.

All in six years or less.

We could see this play out again. And this time, the gains could be even bigger.

As Charles explained more about these MLPs, I discovered that I could buy them through my regular brokerage account, just like stocks, but they’re better than stocks. Depending on the size of my investment, I can get the big income, and also set myself up for the big gains.

The key is to know which ones to invest in, and which ones to avoid. Which is why Charles and his team combed through the details on all 30 of these MLPs. He spoke with physicists, government officials, and oil industry insiders to get the best ones.

He narrowed the list down to three MLPs that stood out against all others … AND have the best chance to appreciate and deliver big gains as well. Listen in.

Charles: My No. 1 recommendation is run by a Texan named Randy.

His company operates 50,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines … ensuring energy gets to where it needs to go. That’s enough pipeline to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific 20 times.

The natural gas and crude oil they transport are used as to make all kinds of items that are essential to everyday life…

Cars, planes, ships, trains, refrigerators, fertilizers, medical equipment, fabrics, helmets, diapers, water pipes, you name it — the list of items they provided fuel and raw materials for goes on and on…

As a silent partner, you’ll earn a portion of the profits on every drop of oil and natural gas used to make them.

And that’s great. But Randy’s MLP also has a very special advantage…

As we speak, they’re setting up two new plants, as well as additional pipelines, to process natural gas in America’s largest oil patch, the Permian Basin. 

Bloomberg wrote: “This sprawling shale patch, which lies between Texas and New Mexico, is uniquely positioned to become the world’s most important engine of growth for oil production.” 

And the pipelines and processing plants run by Randy’s MLP are a vital part of it.

That one advantage alone gives them a huge edge over the competition.

And a result, Randy’s MLP can distribute over $4 billion a year as MLP Checks.

And the payouts are more than TWICE as big as the income you’d get from a one-year Treasury … and more than FOUR TIMES what you’d get from typical stock dividends. 

That’s what makes these MLP Checks such an unbeatable source of income. 

World of Dividends ranked Randy’s company: “One of the best MLPs for income.” 

And The Motley Fool called them a “golden opportunity for income-seeking investors.” 

To top it all off, Randy’s company has increased the amount they payout in MLP Checks every year … uninterrupted … for the past 24 years.

Again, although they may trade like them, they’re not stocks … they exist in a world of their own. You don’t become a shareholder, you become a unitholder … a silent partner in the MLP.

And like most other MLPs, Randy’s company pays out 100% of their profits to their silent partners. They have to … because it’s the law.

I think you can begin to see why I urgently put this presentation together for you.

Here’s the best part, after my meeting with Charles, he put all the time-sensitive details about Randy’s MLP — including its name and ticker symbol — into a special report called MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout.

This report gives you the full details on the company Charles just described to me — the one that has the biggest MLP payout in America. And I’ll show you how to get a free copy in a moment.

But it’s only the first MLP Check opportunity he covers … listen in…

Charles: The second one has one of the largest and most diversified networks of pipeline in the nation … and it services all the major oil- and gas-producing shale basins. 

It’s huge, it’s the largest energy company in Dallas. It employs over 10,000 people and transports energy across 38 states. 

I call it the Amazon of Dallas … because it moves oil like Amazon moves products. And this “Amazon of Dallas” moves crude oil, raw natural gas, refined oil and refined natural gas from oil fields to transport hubs and refineries all over America. 

They even supply water to fracking sites … which the oil drillers need to pump into the ground to force oil out. 

At the end of the day, it’s next to impossible for anyone else to replicate this company’s footprint.

And its network is growing larger by the moment…

In fact, Washington has given them approval to put another new pipeline into service. This Amazon of Dallas will soon move natural gas from the Haynesville shale basin to terminals and refineries along the Gulf Coast. 

But there’s also something else that REALLY sets it apart…

They recently signed a huge deal to lock in 20 years of liquified natural gas sales. 

That means two decades of guaranteed revenue.

With all that cash flow locked in, they can send out MLP Checks that are even bigger than Randy’s. 

To top it off, in the past few months, management and company insiders have bought a ton of shares … and have a lot of their own money in the game. 

They’re lining themselves up to collect even bigger MLP Checks, and so can you.

The writing on the wall here is clear … these are, by far, some of the best income investments you’re likely to find anywhere.

And Charles has put all the details for you right here, inside this report.

The insiders of this Amazon of Dallas MLP … and all of their silent partners … have set themselves up to collect a huge stream of MLP Checks. 

One more quick look at the rest of my private interview with Charles. 

Charles: The third MLP on my list is actually based in Houston. Like Randy’s MLP, this company also has a huge presence in America’s Permian Oil Basin.

Remember, this is the oil basin Bloomberg said “…is uniquely positioned to become the world’s most important engine of growth for oil production.”

But, this particular MLP also has another huge edge that really separates it from the pack…

Its pipelines not only link to most of the major U.S. shale basins … they also link to the Canadian Oil Sands — which is the third largest proven oil reserve in the world… 

And it puts them in a fantastic, unmatched position to reward their partners…

Which is probably why insiders and big Wall Street banks have been buying up units by the boatload…

Goldman Sachs now has a $295 million stake. 

Alps Advisory has a $728 million stake.

Morgan Stanley, $176 million.

And Kevin Michaels, a director at the company, recently pulled about $2 million out of his own wallet to purchase more units. 

Steve: OK Charles, I’m certainly intrigued. But I have to ask, how much money does it take to buy units, and become a silent partner with them?

Charles: Right now, this one has the lowest price of the bunch … you can in invest this one for about $13 a unit. But, with the way they’re growing, I doubt if their unit price will stay that low for very long.

And the MLP checks are also twice as big as what you’d get from Treasurys. Twice as much as real estate. And over five times more than dividends. 

There you have it. Charles has given you not just one, but THREE opportunities to collect investment income that nothing else can match. 

I think you can see why Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and so many others turn to Charles for financial insight. 

Here’s the bottom line, folks…

America has a treasure trove of oil and natural gas.

But energy is only as plentiful as your ability to get it to where it’s needed…

Pipelines are the arteries and veins of America. Without them, no energy.

As you’ve just seen, it’s what makes these three MLP companies so vital to America…

And you have the opportunity to be a silent partner in all of it.

Invest once and, as long as you hold onto your units and the company stays profitable, you’ll be sent MLP Checks forever. 

It just doesn’t get much easier than that.

All the information you need to get started is here, inside Charles’ report, MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout.

Together, these three MLPs will send you 12 quarterly payouts a year … to your mailbox, or directly to your brokerage account … year in and year out. 

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra income…

One thing is certain, you’d be able to sleep easier at night knowing you’ll have extra money if you needed it.

Given just how much income it can help people collect, Charles’ report is valued at $1,000.

However, Charles … being Charles … gave me permission to let you have it free of charge when you take us up on our offer today. 

But he doesn’t want to stop there. 

Charles, and I, also want to invite you to become the newest member of the Alpha Investorcommunity. This is a community of over 60,000 like-minded readers and investors … some are novice investors, some experienced … some young, some old. You’ll get the exact same insight as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and so many others. 

Charles has one, clear goal in mind for this community — to help make investing simple for people … and success, inevitable.

You see, after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, Charles was greatly disturbed.

He looked around and saw the shock, confusion, and financial pain the crash had on Main Street investors…

He realized they got swept up in, and devastated by, the dot-com exuberance … because there was no one there to give them a clear, grounded view … or calm, level-headed guidance. Wall Street and the media certainly hadn’t.

So, he closed his Wall Street firm and started publishing his thoughts and guidance online to help Main Street Americans instead.

There’s even a good chance you’ve seen him before…

He’s appeared in The Washington Times and on Newsmax. He has written two, top-rated books on investing. He has discussed capitalism, faith and common-sense investing on the Huckabee show … and with my viewers and me on America’s Real Voice.

Most of all though, he’s an advocate … for Main Street Americans … helping them to invest the right way. 

Think of the Alpha Investor community like a club, an alliance. 

And its members have done very well … like John who said:

Robert sent in this email:

And Barbara said…

John, Robert, and Barbara are members of Alpha Investor. And their emails are just a few out of many that I’ve chosen to highlight today.

With Charles’ help, they’ve put their financial goals well on track despite the COVID crisis, the bear market or inflation.

And now you can too…

You can be involved in the community as much as you like. Some people join just for the investment insights … they copy Charles’ model portfolio to guide their own investments. It’s easy, only takes about 10 minutes a month.

Others read everything he writes — his weekly updates and monthly issues. They watch his video presentations. Many even write in … like John, Robert and Barbara, whom you just heard from.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. For me, the more I’m part of the Alpha Investor community, the more I enjoy it.

When you join, you’ll be a member along side me, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin. Even advisers at big Wall Street banks are members of the Alpha Investor community.

Of course, everyone’s results will be unique…

Your success will depend on how closely you follow Charles’ insights … how much you decide to invest when you follow his recommendations … and any unforeseen market events that may occur.

In short, Charles does all the heavy lifting…

All you have to do is read his monthly Alpha Investor briefings, make the decision to buy his recommendations, and watch your potential profits pile up.

This approach has helped subscribers like Stuart, who wrote:

Rick, a Certified Public Accountant, said:

And Billy emailed this:

My point is this…

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a complete novice, Alpha Investor can help you invest, and grow your money, with peace of mind.

The moment you sign up to become a part of the Alpha Investor community, you’ll get access to Charles’ entire model portfolio. Every single stock recommendation Charles makes is right there for you follow at a glance. 

Again, some of his top positions right now include Arista Networks, which is up 295%…

HCA Healthcare, which is up 193%…

Iridium, it’s up about 125%…

Marvell Technologies, which has risen 101%…

And Watsco Incorporated, which is at 155%…

And all those gains came over the last four years … during one of the most volatile stock markets on record. 

You’ll also get Charles’ detailed monthly briefings. Each month you get details on a new stock recommendation … including why he expects it to climb, and how high he expects it to go.

You get weekly updates, so you never feel confused or left in the dark … along with a short daily e-letter that Charles and the rest of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing send out. That way, you’ll always be up to date on the market … and the best opportunities it has to offer you.

You even get direct support from a dedicated customer care team. Anytime you have question about your membership. They’ll be there to help you.

And, of course, the moment you join, as a free bonus, Charles will send you his new, special report, MLP Checks: The $17.9 Billion Energy Payout.

You’ll have all the details of his Top 3 sources for MLP Checks right at your fingertips.

And you get it all with his 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That means you have nothing to lose when you give Alpha Investor a try…

Login on your laptop or open the app. Flip through Charles’ monthly briefings. Look at his model portfolio. Skim his weekly updates. Try his research and recommendations for an entire year….

If you don’t want to be a part of the Alpha Investor community for any reason, just give his dedicated care team a call, and they will refund every penny of your membership.

And the free MLP Check report you receive when you sign up to try it today is yours to keep, for free … as his gift to you.

This way, you’ve got nothing to lose … so sign up today — and let’s get started! I can guarantee, you’ll love being a part of Alpha Investor.

I Want To See The Details

Again, all you have to do is review the details of the stock recommendation Charles sends you each month … and decide if you want to invest.

That’s it, that’s all it takes.

Charles doesn’t want to stop there, though…

He knows a lot of you may be new to investing. And that’s OK…

To give you an extra head start, he’ll send you two more free bonuses.

You’ll also get Alpha Investor Made Easy: 5 Minutes to Successful Investing.

With this quick-start guide in hand, you’ll be off and running in no time.

In just five minutes you’ll see everything you need to invest like a pro … and get the most out of your Alpha Investormembership.

That’s right, just five minutes.

Remember, Charles’ goal is to make stock investing simple for you … and success, inevitable.

It’s a $500 value, yours free when you join the Alpha Investorcommunity.

Plus, he’ll also send you How to Build a $1 Million Retirement.

If you think rising inflation, Fed rate hikes, or the recent bear market mean your dreams of a million-dollar retirement are gone forever, guess again…

Many of the world’s most legendary investors made their fortunes during difficult times.

Sir John Templeton became famous … and rich … by investing amid the outbreak of World War II. While most people were running for cover, he was buying stocks. 

In the 1970s, amid the Oil Shocks and stagflation, Warren Buffett turned Berkshire Hathaway into a stock market powerhouse … and by 1982 he had a net worth of $376 million. 

John Paulson achieved fame … and a $2.5 billion fortune … in the depths of the 2008 financial crisis.

All great investors know that crises not only spell danger …  they also bring great opportunity.

MLP Checks are just the start of the moneymaking opportunities before us today…

In this special, added bonus report, you’ll see Charles’ No. 1 way to build a $1 million retirement, no matter what is going on in the stock market … or the world.

It’s another $500 value, yours free when you join.

That’s a total of three free special reports … at $2,000 in value … yours free when you join the Alpha Investor community today.

I’ve done all I can, now it’s up to you…

The way I see it, you have two choices…

You can sit still, do nothing, and watch as inflation, rate hikes, and an uncertain stock market eat away at your hard-earned money…

Or you can join the Alpha Investor community … and put yourself back on the path to prosperity.

It’s simple, Charles does all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

Every stock recommendation he gives you is backed by weeks of research… 

He keeps tabs on economic events as they unfold…

He digs through annual reports, balance sheets and income statements… 

He monitors countless press releases…

He reaches out to his contacts — who include some of the nation’s top fund managers, CEOs, and industry insiders… 

And he ties all the pieces together to identify the smartest moves to make … and the best stock opportunities the market has to offer … in any type of situation. 

The bottom line — Charles takes care of all the hard work for you.

Bull market or bear market … tech boom or tech bust … energy abundance or energy crisis — it doesn’t matter … there are ALWAYS opportunities to grow your money.

And when you’re a part of Charles’ Alpha Investor community, you’ll know right where to find them … just like the opportunity for MLP Checks before you today.

Getting started is easy…

All you need to do is click the orange button beneath this video. 

You’ll see how to get access to Charles’ most current research and recommendations within moments.

I urge you — don’t delay, join the Alpha Investor community today.

To get started, simply click on the orange button.

I Want To See The Details

It will take you to a secure page where you can review all the details.

I’m Steve Gruber. Thank you for watching.

May 2023

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