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A Master Plan 30 Years in the Making…


In 1992, living in a college dorm room in Pennsylvania, 
he said five technologies would change the world. All have become 
global phenomena – all except one. Today that changes.

From a Tesla factory spitting out strange “RNA” codes… to an unlikely alliance between two rivals… 
the signs are clear. The world is revving up for a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. 
Those who invest on the ground floor today could have the chance at generational wealth.

Strange news from the electric vehicle world.

As reported by Reuters, a Tesla factory 400 miles southwest of Berlin has stopped making cars and has started making biotech devices instead—known as “RNA molecule printers.”


Elon Musk confirmed the story on Twitter.

And the headlines don’t stop there.

“Tesla becomes manufacturing partner for biotech”…

“Tesla teams up with CureVac”…

“Tesla… stops taking orders”…

“Tesla … halts production of cars”…

Some may write this all off as nothing.

Not our guest.

Our guest today says these headlines are the first signs of, in his words, “revolution.”

He says this event—Tesla’s new entry into biotech—marks the beginning of a “renaissance”—the same kind we saw in the 90s when biotech stocks like Gilead Sciences spiked as high as 56,000%


Biogen soared over 100,000%


And Amgen shot up over 300,000%…


This time, he says, history is repeating itself. But this time we’re in for something even bigger. And he claims anyone who gets into the right biotech stocks now is in for the ride of a lifetime.

We’ll see about that.

I’m proud to welcome now, renowned financial author and researcher—and long-time Tesla expert—Jeff Brown, everyone. Jeff?

The Grand Finale


Good to see you Chris.



Now Jeff, let’s get to it.

EVs are red hot right now. Yet publications like Reuters are saying this Tesla factory, instead of building cars, chose to build these things called “molecule printers.” I’ll be honest, I don’t know what those are.

And then you’re over here using the words “revolution”… “renaissance.” And you’ve been tracking Tesla for many years. You told your readers to buy in under $60, right?


Adjusted for splits, I did.


You know Tesla. You know the tech industry—you were a tech executive for twenty years.

I want to know…

What’s going on Jeff? Why was Tesla using its factories to build these molecule things instead of cars?


What’s going on, Chris, is the grand finale.


I’m sorry?


The grand finale of a plan that began thirty years ago… in a dorm room in Pennsylvania.


I’ll need you to explain.

From a Pennsylvanian Dorm Room…


Most haven’t heard this story.

But when Elon Musk was in college in 1992, when he was 21 years old… before he was a billionaire, before he owned a single company—he predicted five technologies would change the world. He told people this himself, on the record.


It’s creepy how accurate he’s been.

So far, four have become massive global frenzies.

And today just one is left.


OK—Elon Musk was 21, a college student in Pennsylvania. He said these 5 techs would change the world. 4 have come true. What were these predictions he made?


First was the Internet. Obviously this brought the world its first trillion-dollar companies and transformed our daily lives. Musk cashed in on his prediction by co-founding PayPal, which made him $180 million and early investors a fortune.

Second was private space travel. Which at the time was a laughable idea. But sure enough, his second prediction is now a reality thanks to SpaceX.



It’s amazing how Musk and other billionaires are now racing each other into space.


Yep, he nailed it. And early investors in the space travel trend have already made over 14,000% with likely much more to come.


Musk’s third big prediction was the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) —and his fourth one was the widespread use of electric vehicles.


Wow. And this was all on the record… way back in 1992


Twelve years later these predictions turned into, of course, Tesla and the EV craze. Investors in EVs and self-driving cars have seen gains of over 41,000%.



It seems like Elon Musk saw exactly where the world was headed.

And if you had followed along, you’d likely be set. Investing in the Internet, space travel, EVs, AI… you’d have done pretty well these last thirty years.


Right—and what’s crazy is it wouldn’t have taken any guesswork. He said exactly what he thought would happen. And it did.


Almost as if it was planned…


I imagine it was, to some degree.

Which brings us to today.

If you wish you could have followed along with Elon Musk over the years, now you can.


You’re talking about his final prediction?



Four out of the five predictions he made have come true. Four out of five have become global phenomena, making millionaires.

Now Elon Musk is moving in on number five—his final prediction.

You may have figured it out by now.

His Final Prediction


Based on what we’ve covered so far, the fifth prediction was biotech.


Biotech, yes.


Which explains Tesla making those devices.

It’s the final step. Elon Musk is finally moving into biotech.


This begins to explain it. But there’s more to it than that.

His biotech prediction was… how can I put this… it was a bit stranger than the others.


Stranger? How so?


Of course, “biotech” wouldn’t be much of a prediction on its own.

That’s NOT what Musk was talking about. Instead, he focused on a very specific part of the biotech world. And an odd technology most don’t even know exists.


Does this somehow connect to the Tesla factories that have stopped making cars… and switched to those – what were they? Molecule printers?


Now you’re starting to see the shape of what’s coming…

What’s Really Going On

But what’s happening in these Tesla factories – and those printers – is just one tiny part of this story. If that’s all that was happening, I wouldn’t be here with you today.

The big “switch” happening in some Tesla factories is merely a sign of a much bigger tech that’s about to take the world by storm.

And I believe right now Elon Musk—and many others, as you’ll learn soon—are rushing into this “odd” technology at rapid speed. They are pouring as much money as humanly possible into it, diverting as many resources as possible. Shutting down a Tesla factory—building “molecule printers”—whatever it takes to get in position.


Why now?


Because of a specific event that’s happening very soon, that will set off a historic boom—a revolution. A renaissance. It will overhaul the world of modern medicine. It will rewrite the technology industry. It will change the way you view the stock market and investing for the rest of your life.

And if you make the right moves today I believe you could use this event to position yourself for generational wealth. If you miss it, it will not come back again.

I’m talking about a “launch.”


From Musk?


This launch isn’t just about Elon Musk.

Everyone from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos to Google to every major financial interest in the world…

The Stanford School of Medicine calls the technology behind it, “revolutionary.”

As Bloomberg writes, it will “Change the world.”

As one analyst puts it, “You can count on two things. [This tech] will make some investors rich. And it will make the world of tomorrow a much different place.”

I’ve been tracking this myself for years.


You have my attention. What is this “launch,” Jeff?

Codename “CTX 0-0-1”


I’m talking about… the launch of “C-T-X. Zero-zero-one.”

Write that name down because it will be in history books someday.


I don’t have a pen here but I’ll remember that: “CTX, zero zero one.” Got it.


For now it still operates under a codename.

But what every elite scientist, engineer, doctor, and medical professor understands—what every connected tech VC and billionaire understands…

Is this “CTX” technology could be, in no uncertain terms…

The beginning of the end of disease as we know it.


The beginning of the end of disease as we know it. That’s a bold take Jeff.


Well Chris, that’s actually not my take. Those are the words of the Nobel-prize-winning biochemist who discovered it.



OK, wow. “CTX, zero zero one.” This is about to launch—when?


For many patients it already has, with great success. But the worldwide roll out, and mass public exposure, will begin as soon as this year. There is a reason you probably haven’t heard about it yet, which I’ll cover soon.

The FDA itself has already granted “CTX” 4 different “fast track” and “green light” designations. Europe has granted it 2.

CTX, and the biotech revolution it is igniting, could soon siphon the equivalent of over $3.5 billion from Big Pharma—every single day. For the rest of our lifetimes. Taking over $30 trillion in time. And in the process, for folks at home… if they can get into the right stocks before this launch takes off… it could deliver remarkable wealth.

Remember—the biotech revolution in the 1990s produced 56,000%… 100,000%… and even over 300,000%.

Biotech is clearly the most explosive corner of the stock market. With the launch of “CTX” coming soon, it’s due for yet another surge…

Today I’ll show everyone how they can get in front of it.


I look forward to learning more Jeff.

We have a lot to cover. Let’s start with “CTX.” What is it exactly?

Introducing “CTX”


If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s best I just show you.

This is something even many scientists and experts may not know exists…

And it starts with a Portland, Oregon woman named Carlene K.

Carlene was born with a rare eye disease which made her blind. For much of her life, she could not even see the big “E” on the top of a vision chart. She was covered in bruises from walking into walls.

But then she was placed into a trial run of “CTX”.

This was a quiet “experiment” carried out in a Western laboratory. To this day most didn’t hear about it starting.


What was this experiment trying to do?


Something many might have written off as impossible or extreme…

In the past, some in the science community called the tech behind it “unnecessary”… “irresponsible”… “risky”… one Stanford Professor even called it “criminally reckless.”

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Because today Chris… the reason we’re sitting here talking about this is… the results are in.

Science magazine confirmed it…

NPR did too, calling the results a “Landmark.”


What happened?



After receiving this trial run of “CTX”…

After being blind her entire life…

Carlene could see.


This “CTX” experiment was trying to cure blindness…


And it worked.

She spent her entire life blind. She took “CTX” in a trial. And now she can see what she could not see before.

You can imagine how emotional this was for her. She was at a loss for words, calling this moment, “Just amazing.”

As the Harvard eye surgeon overseeing this trial put it, “It sounds like science fiction … but it’s really happening.”


And there are biotech companies out there, right now, about to bring this exact same technology to market, for the entire world?


Correct. You should be starting to see what’s going on.


This is a lot to take in. Very exciting but…

What did this “CTX” involve? Some sort of surgery?


No surgery. No pills.

“CTX” is a medical technology like nothing we’ve experienced before.

It’s just one injection, Chris. And that’s it. Forever.


Nothing extra?


One treatment and you’re done.

In Carlene’s case, because it was a trial run, it wasn’t even a full dose.

Yet it worked. Not just for her, but for other patients in the blindness trial too.

As NPR put it, “[CTX] Experiment Let These Patients See Again”.

One man named Michael was able to finally see relatives at his cousin’s wedding. When he first developed blindness he said, “It Could have broken me. And for a while it did.”

But when he could see again at that wedding? He called it a “Joyous moment.”


You’re saying “CTX” could be a one-time cure for blindness — and it’s already worked for multiple patients. That’s… (trails off in disbelief)

This Is Just The Beginning


Chris, blindness is just the beginning.

I haven’t shown you what else “CTX” could work on…

The tech behind “CTX” is a “wildcard” of sorts. It can be applied to virtually anything.

“CTX” has over 6,000 diseases in its sights, among them, are some of the most common ones on Earth.

The Wall Street Journal reports “CTX” could soon help “millions with heart disease, chronic pain, and other conditions.”

As Nature writes, “A one-off injection to reduce the risk of [heart] disease is now a prospect thanks to advances in [‘CTX’]”.

There are now talks of reversing diabetes with “CTX.”

Stroke too.


No pills, no surgeries, no hospital stays…


A single cure to nearly all known diseases.

That’s the chance “CTX” is giving us.

And a small group of biotech companies own full rights to this tech — companies you can invest in yourself, today, and they are about to bring it to market — with a full public launch.

But do you know the most bizarre part, Chris?


What’s that?


Even with “CTX” being mentioned in some big publications. You’ve probably never heard a word about any of this.

Or if you have heard about it, you’ve just heard about it in passing. You haven’t received the “big picture.”

Soon, I expect the entire world will hear Carlene’s story — and Michael’s. Soon the world will know the name “CTX.”

Because it’s confirmed, it’s proven — it’s here. And its full global rollout is set to begin soon with its genesis launch, known as “CTX #1.”

How Have We Not Heard About This?


Lots to process here. Here is my first thought: how? How on earth has the world not already heard about this?


Because it would be illegal for the creators of “CTX” to tell you about it. At least the way most people hear their news…

It has to do with a bizarre quirk of the federal government.

FDA procedure states, quote…

“By law, a developer is prohibited from advertising unapproved uses of their product.”

This sounds like plain English but it’s more complicated than that. What it really means is…

The FDA outlaws marketing of any kind until a company has all the right “clearances” and “approvals.” For now, “CTX” companies can’t put marketing on TV… in newspapers… magazines… they can’t even put a flyer on a wall.

That could change in the very near future… once an FDA agent signs the right forms.


I see… is this common?


It’s universal. Take the #1-selling drug in the world today, Humira. It makes $20 billion per year. But even after it was discovered… It took 8 years to get a single TV commercial.

Everyone in biotech, no matter how powerful their product is, has to play by the FDA’s rules and wait in line.

This is what causes many biotech investors to be left in the dark… until the last minute. They don’t hear anything until the FDA finally clears a product for marketing.

The same thing is happening here…

“CTX” technology is already in action. It’s already been given to patients like Carlene. It’s due for release very soon.

Doctors with connections have heard about the launch.

So many tried to sign their patients up for clinical trials, the trials ran out of space…


That’s remarkable.


But you probably wouldn’t know any of that.

Because the biotech world plays by strange rules.

How Did You Hear About This, Jeff?


If so few have heard of “CTX”… how did you manage to learn about this, Jeff?


It’s my job. I head a global firm dedicated to this exact topic.

I have a full staff of analysts and researchers at my disposal. And I’m willing to go where most won’t…

Like when I flew 3,000 miles to a small lab in California — to study a technology related to “CTX.”

 I want to protect what they’re working on there. I’ve shared it with my subscribers, but out of respect for the team, I’m going to keep specifics off public channels.

The meeting I had in that lab was one of my very first steps down the path of uncovering the truth behind “CTX”.

The point is, because of my unique position as an analyst, and as a former tech executive, I have access to public but very obscure information.


Obviously… I imagine most folks at home don’t have the means or the time to research these topics in person.


And that’s a huge disadvantage. Especially during times like these.

If you aren’t flying directly to labs for research, it is functionally impossible to learn news like the release of “CTX”, when it’s being suppressed by legal red tape.

If you’re not able to witness these breakthroughs in person, you’re likely missing them. And therefore missing the profit that can come from investing in them early.


Which has to be frustrating for all of us to hear.


Well that’s why I do what I do. I go out and find the truth — and I report back to my subscribers so they can get involved, without all the travel and legwork.

Everyone should have a chance to know the truth, even if their full time job isn’t researching tech companies…

And right now my focus is getting everyone ready for the launch of “CTX #1.” Because when it hits, we know from the past just how powerful this could be.


As “CTX” rolls out, what could investors expect to see happen?

What Happens Next?


To start, “CTX” stands to replace pills and surgery on a massive scale.

For example, MIT Technology Review reports, “[‘CTX’] could replace antibiotics.” That’s one of the most prescribed pills in America.

No one wants weeks or decades of pills… or dangerous surgery… if they can just take one “CTX” treatment and be done.

That’s trillions of dollars in revenue — that I believe is set to leave Big Pharma’s hands and funnel into “CTX.”

When money gets pulled out of Big Pharma like this… it may be the single most explosive event in stock market history.


What makes you say that?


Because, in many ways, it’s happened before.

Gilead Sciences took a huge chunk of the antiviral market from Big Pharma in the mid-90s. In the following years, Gilead’s stock soared 56,000%… investors in Gilead made $560,000 with just a $1,000 starting stake.


That’s not bad…


When Biogen did the same thing they went up 100,000%.

After Amgen developed a better treatment for kidney failure, its stock went up 300,000%. Enough to turn $1,000 into $3 million.

That’s the power of pulling money out of Big Pharma’s hands.


Why is biotech such a standout? Even in the most popular markets, you don’t see stocks going up 300,000%…


The global health market is massive at $9 trillion.

That’s over $7 trillion bigger than the cryptocurrency market — all of it, combined.

It’s over 35 times the size of the global electric vehicle market.

A single cure can make $20 billion each year. It’s hard to believe.

Plus it’s one of the only markets on Earth everyone needs all the time, no matter what’s happening in the world.

When you can disrupt a market at that scale, the potential rewards are bigger than anything else.

This is what likely drove the first biotech revolution in the 1990s and kept it pumping even through tough times like the dot-com crash.


That makes sense. Biotech is the biggest pool.


On top of that, because of all the legal red tape surrounding biotech and pharma launches… Big Pharma can’t just “copy” a small company’s tech. Or make their own version of it easily.

As one industry veteran notes…

“In the early 1970s, Big Pharma was the center for drug discovery and innovation. That is no longer the case. The centers of discovery are increasingly in universities and smaller start-ups.”


That sounds like what’s happening here. Instead of Big Pharma making “CTX”… it’s smaller, lesser-known companies.


Right. And then consider… The last time biotech exploded in the 90s, companies like Gilead, Biogen, and Amgen targeted just a few diseases…

“CTX” is going for essentially everything. Over 6,000 different markets. It’s offering a product superior to anything else available — the most comfortable, possibly most effective medical technology ever created.

As one Oxford Ph.D. puts it, CTX is now “the biggest revolution of the century”…

Quote, “The potential [for CTX] is endless and inspiring”…

A senior Johns Hopkins University-trained doctor calls CTX, “the most important technology that I have encountered in my scientific career.”

And this tech now sits in the hands of a small group of biotech firms, most you’ve probably never heard of — yet.

But the moment “CTX #1” launches…

I believe we will witness the beginning of a biotech revolution much larger than anything we’ve seen before.

Being in the right stocks… before this happens… could be the most important financial move you ever make.


I’m beginning to see that. I know earlier we mentioned some big names lining up behind this launch.

Musk, Bezos, Gates, Google Are All Backing “CTX”


Right. Behind the scenes, people who know what’s going on are getting prepared.

No matter where the rest of the world is looking, or what they’re fixated on…

In the most elite circles of our society, all eyes are on “CTX.”


Like who?


Well first of all Elon Musk. Of course.

His belief in “CTX” has grown to the point that he’s redirected a Tesla factory to make biotech devices…


And it turns out… the Tesla factory making those biotech devices were doing so for a company backed by none other than Bill Gates. Bill Gates has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into “CTX” technology.


Now that’s interesting. Musk and Gates don’t like each other very much, from what I understand. They’ve insulted each other on Twitter. But now they’ve been working together on “CTX.”


That’s how powerful this is.

Musk and Gates are joined by billionaires like the former President of Facebook who wrote a nine-figure check for “CTX.”

Jeff Bezos is involved now.

Major corporations you wouldn’t expect like Google, an internet advertising company, are now pouring funds directly into “CTX.”

Major universities across the world have activated departments to study “CTX”…

Even the US government is now getting in. The FDA itself has issued special designations setting “CTX” apart from ordinary biotech breakthroughs. The FDA’s counterpart in Europe made the same moves.

As Yahoo writes, “Hedge Funds Piled Into [‘CTX’].”

Barron’s calls “CTX”, “Biotech’s New Cutting Edge.” And they say this tech has “Wall Street’s attention.”

The connected world has quietly moved its focus to “CTX” and they’re ready to catch its success.

The question is whether your viewers, Chris, will be with them, on the inside of this moment in history — or be left on the outside.

Coming From Anyone Else, This Would Be Too Much


I’ll be honest, coming from anyone else this would just be too much for me to take in.

But you’re not like anyone else I’ve seen posting their thoughts on the internet… I want to briefly recap your story here if you don’t mind. I gotta put this all in perspective.


Of course.


For decades you worked as a senior executive at some of the top tech companies in the world. You worked at Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors. You have experience at Juniper Networks, Boeing.

You hold credentials from MIT, Yale, Purdue’s “Cradle of Astronauts”, and London Business School.

This is something we haven’t even mentioned yet — you are a very accomplished angel investor. You’ve done about three hundred deals in the world of private technology and biotechnology. You backed Coinbase pre-IPO for example… you invested in a pre-IPO deal alongside Jeff Bezos.

You’ve appeared on news networks like Breitbart. You’ve sat down for interviews about technology and artificial intelligence with huge names like Glenn Beck.

To top it off you’ve even served in our nation’s capital, in the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

You are truly on the inside of the tech world.

You’ve used all your resources to track down this massive collection of facts — objective facts — proving “CTX #1” is rolling out the door.

The question left on my mind is… what do we do about this?


Get into the stocks driving this tech-forward. And do so as quickly as you can… because remember…

The genesis launch of “CTX” is “CTX #1” — I call it that because that’s the codename it’s been using in trials.

The FDA is already waving this through. It has four green light designations, including “Fast Track”, “Orphan Drug” and “Rare Disease” status. Europe has granted 2 of its own green lights as well. They are practically announcing to us, “We are pushing this thing through, very fast.” You don’t usually get that kind of “heads up” in the biotech world…

And my research tells me this is just the very beginning of a broader revolution.

After CTX #1… we know at least CTX #2, 3, and 4 are already in the pipeline.


Once this tech is out the door, now that the road has been paved… it’s not unrealistic to say we could see hundreds of these popping up every year, each one targeting a brand new market.

In total, CTX could pull trillions of dollars of market share from Big Pharma.

This could be, in time, the largest transfer of wealth the financial or medical world has ever seen — wealth leaving Big Pharma, pills, and surgeries… and flooding into “CTX.”


“This could be… in time… the largest transfer of wealth the financial or medical world has ever seen.” And it all starts with CTX #1.


If you can get in before this launches, I believe you’ll be in a position for maximum profit. If you wait until after it hits… by then, it may very well be too late.

The biotech numbers we’ve talked about today have been massive — but only for investors who got in very early.

Today is your chance to get in very early on “CTX.”


So how can we learn the names of these stocks driving “CTX”? Do you have a list for us?

How to Get In On This Biotech Revolution


First, I’ve written down the name of one very special company. One that owns CTX #1.

I’ve placed that company’s name and stock symbol in a report titled The Biotech Revolution. I’ll show everyone how to get that in a moment.


But this story is much bigger than one company. Remember a biotech revolution is about potentially dozens of stocks, all shooting higher together.

In addition to Gilead, Biogen, and Amgen… the biotech revolution of the 90s produced countless other success stories.

I believe CTX #1 is reigniting a set up just like the 90s. But this time the tech behind it is far larger in scale.

So this is what I’ve done.

In addition to the company producing CTX #1… I’ve created a list of opportunities that could be even bigger.


I don’t know what could possibly top this.


Well wait until you see the report. I have a full analysis prepared for a list of companies that are transforming our world, right under our noses. Including:

One, a small biotech firm that’s produced the most important scanner since the X-ray was invented in the 1800s… one that feeds directly into “CTX” technology.

Two, a company using “CTX” as a base for what could be the world’s most groundbreaking cancer cure.

And three, a company whose team has secured six FDA-approved treatments in the past. They are now entering the world of “CTX.” If what they’re working on next hits just 10% of its target market… it will make $4 billion per year. It hits a bit over 50%… that would make it the best-selling biotech product in the world.

The CTX revolution is just getting started.

On top of the company driving CTX #1, these other companies developing groundbreaking technology are your chances to get in early on this movement. And I think any serious investor should own every single one of them, immediately.

Their names and stock symbols are all written down in the report, The Biotech Revolution: Stocks to Own Right Away.


How can folks get a hold of that report, Jeff?


I'll email it to everyone watching, right now, for free.

All I ask in return is that you try my monthly research service, The Near Future Report.

Introducing The Near Future Report


OK. Folks, you can get your hands on that report today.

Which includes…

The company driving CTX #1. Plus a list of other companies on the ground floor of this big biotech moment.

You’ll get all those names and stock symbols when you sign up for The Near Future Report.


Yes. And as members of The Near Future Report, they’re going to get a lot more than just this list of “CTX” companies.

Subscribers of The Near Future Report are members of my private network. With all the advantages that it entails.


How does that work?


The Near Future Report is my flagship financial research service.

I created it because, as we’ve discussed here, technology today moves faster than most people can keep up with.

If you’re not flying to meet with companies in person, if you don’t have 80+ hours per week to devote to research… it’s nearly impossible. There is no way you could possibly compete with a Wall Street trading desk. They have armies of analysts working for them.


And that’s where you come in, right?


Yes. I leverage my background as a tech executive, angel investor, and full-time analyst… to bring you analysis usually reserved for professional investors and traders.

The kind of insight I have is far beyond what the average person sees in the mainstream press.

And I write it all down for you to read.

Every month, I publish a new issue.

And I explain what’s going on at the bleeding edge of the tech and biotech world — and then identify one or more companies set to profit from it.

So you get a chance to hear about and invest in, the biggest tech trends. Long before the average person hears about them.


I know you recommended Bitcoin when it was just $240. Six years before Wall Street banks started buying it… giving your subscribers the chance at 270 times their money.


And looking at your record…

Jeff, you were one of the first analysts in the world to cover 5G.

You’ve recommended the #1 returning “mega tech stock” of 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

You picked NVIDIA in 2016… and it’s since exploded as high as 3,558%.


Enough to turn every $10,000 into over $340,000.

And this is incredible.

Looking into your model portfolio… As of early March, every single one of your 5G and cryptocurrency picks is up. Out of 11 positions, they are all winners. And not small winners — one position for example is already up over 400%. That’s remarkable.


Thanks, Chris. I’m very proud of the success we’ve had — and continue to have.

What Members Have to Say


On that note, I have some feedback from your readers here. These are actual subscribers who wrote in to share their thoughts on your service.

Like Daniel who said,

I have been a subscriber to The Near Future Report for over 3 years now and you have changed my life. You are the best mind when it comes to technology investing I have ever seen and I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to see your expertise. I can tell you truly care about the people and want to see us successful. - Daniel K.

Or Nader, who told us…

eff, I am truly thankful for all you and your team do for your subscribers. This year has been horrific for many... you and your team have been my silver lining. I pray that more people find the gift of your service. - Nader I.

Or Joel…

My dad trades with you too, and we have been constantly singing your praises! We so appreciate your vast experience, your wisdom, and your heart to help the little guys. We are thankful for what this will mean for our family! Thanks so much. - Joel W.


I appreciate them taking the time to write in and say those things. It means a lot to me.

How Much Does This Cost?


Now if folks want to join The Near Future Report and get your research. How much does something like this cost?


Well Chris if I were a fancy Wall Street firm with a corner office with big glass windows on the 42nd floor of a tower in Manhattan… my research would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I don’t operate that way. I believe everyone should have a chance to see my work.

So what I do is keep operating costs low. I publish online. Because of this, I’m able to offer The Near Future Report for just $199 per year.

And, in fact… for viewers of this interview, I’m going to do even better.

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What is that, less than 50 cents a day?


It comes out to less than 14 cents per day. And I haven’t covered what else you’ll receive when you join…

“Foundation” Tech Driving The EV Industry

We’ve touched some on Tesla today.

Electric vehicles are taking off right now. Much like biotech, EVs feel like they’re operating in their own world. No matter what else is going on, they’re here to stay.

But unfortunately…

If you weren’t around to buy Tesla back when I recommended it, you might feel like you missed the boat on this sector.


I’d say so.


The truth is you probably have missed Tesla — if you’re looking for the highest possible growth.

The days of overnight “Tesla millionaires” might be over — unless you already have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest.

Tesla is a massive stock at this point. We’re not going to see another 10x any time soon.

But the good news for you is… if you want to play the rise of EVs… there are much better options out there right now. They’re hiding in plain sight. And they’re a fraction of Tesla’s size.


Better than Tesla? You have my attention.


I call one of those investments, “Tesla’s Secret Supplier.”

It’s not just a Tesla supplier though.

This small company produces an item every single electric vehicle in the world needs to function.


Now that’s interesting. Because there are a LOT of new EV companies popping up these days. I’ve had trouble keeping track of them all, to be honest.

You have big names like Ford producing EVs now.

It’s hard to know who will win in all of this… or who will lose. But you’re saying this “Secret Supplier” company makes something for the entire industry…


You’ve got it, Chris. Whether Tesla continues to dominate the EV market, whether smaller startups come in and disrupt it… it doesn’t matter. As the auto world goes electric, I believe this small firm goes with it. Because electric vehicles literally cannot roll down the street without the crucial piece of technology this company creates.

And here’s the thing. It’s not stopping at EVs.

Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Solar Power, Satellite Internet… virtually every major technology of the next few decades will run on this company’s platform.

It’s why I call the tech this small company is building, “The Foundation.” This tech is the base upon which the future of the tech world rests.

I’ve written down what this “Foundation” tech is — as well as the name and stock symbol of the company building it — in an extra report, titled How to Invest in Tesla's Secret Supplier.



I can’t wait to see that one Jeff.


On top of that…

When you join The Near Future Report you’re going to get another gift too.

$34 to $5 Million

I don’t know how much you’ve heard about NFTs…


I think I’ve heard the name.


Some people think about NFTs as digital artwork. Maybe they know they have something to do with cryptocurrency.

We’ve already covered so much today, we can do a deep dive another day — what’s important about NFTs — whether you know what they are or not — is this.

They are making early investors absolutely, filthy, rich.

This is a picture of “CryptoPunk 5217”, an NFT.


It recently sold for over $5 million.


… $5 million for that?


Well if you had bought it in 2017, it would have cost you 34.


34 Million?


No — 34 dollars. That’s it.


Cryptopunk 5217 produced a gain of over 16 million percent, Chris.


I can’t wrap my head around that.


Then consider…

Its counterpart, Cryptopunk 7523… sold for over double that. $11.75 million.


A 34 million percent return on investment.

Regardless of what anyone might think about these examples, the simple truth is this.

These returns are not random. This is not some mania or craze.

The kind of price discovery we’re seeing in the NFT world right now is what happens every time a brand new asset class enters the financial world.

It happened with cryptocurrency — Bitcoin was once trading for pennies.

And now it’s happening again with NFTs.

If you’re confused, if you have no idea what these things are all about, I don’t blame you. I have an extensive report ready for you, explaining every detail of these NFTs — what they are, how they work, why they could possibly be worth millions of dollars…

And most importantly I’ve prepared a plan for you. A plan you can use to get in on the ground floor of this moment in history.


You put your subscribers on to Bitcoin at $240. So everyone might want to listen here…


I truly believe NFTs are the next logical step after cryptocurrency. If you want to know how to invest in them very early, where the sky is truly the limit, I’ve prepared a list of specific steps you can take right away, in a report titled, Your 101 Guide to Striking it Rich in the NFT Gold Rush.


I’ll show you the many different ways you can invest in the NFT world. You don’t have to actually go buy NFTs or cryptocurrency if you don’t want to — I’ll show you strategies you can use in your regular brokerage account too.

But I think every investor in the world should be looking to get exposure to NFTs, as soon as possible.

I’ll show you exactly how in my report. And you’ll get that for free with all your other benefits when you join The Near Future Report.


This just keeps getting better. This is an incredible deal, Jeff.


And that’s not the end of it.

If you decide to join today… I’ll go one step further.

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If you join today, you’ll have 60 full days to try my service out.

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You heard Jeff just now.


When you join his research service, The Near Future Report, you’ll instantly receive these special reports:

The Biotech Revolution. This includes the name and stock symbol of the company driving the biotech breakthrough, CTX #1. Plus the names and stock symbols of multiple other companies involved in the rollout of “CTX” technology.

You’re also gonna get How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier 

And Your 101 Guide to Striking it Rich in the NFT Gold Rush.

Plus you’re getting a full year of Jeff’s research and analysis on the financial markets. Including at least one brand new investment recommendation every month.

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Members also get many other benefits, like access to our special website, dozens of other special reports not listed here, every back issue I’ve ever published, premium customer service from our US-based team, and much more.

How to Order


I have instructions from your publisher. If you’re watching this and you would like to order Jeff Brown’s research now…

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How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier.

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Jeff, thank you so much for joining us today. I know I’ve learned a lot — I feel much more confident after hearing all this. And I’m excited.


Thank you for having me. To everyone at home, thank you for watching. We have so much to look forward to. And I hope to see you soon in The Near Future Report.



CTX #1 is rolling out the door — fast.

And Jeff Brown says, according to his research, this could soon ignite a “biotech revolution.” The same kind of revolution that, in the past, created gains of 56,000%… 100,000%… and over 300,000%. Even through very difficult markets.

Jeff is offering all the tools you need to get behind this moment in history — right away.

To get started, all you’ve gotta do is click that button you see on your screen. That will take you to a secure order page where you can review Jeff’s offer in full — and decide if it’s right for you.

On behalf of our entire team here in the studio…

Thank you for joining us.

Until next time…

I’m Chris Hurt.

 April 2022

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