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Just a Quick Intro

Professor Joel Litman and Hidden Alpha have released a new promo campaign detailing the massive financial “heist” they believe is happening now. And which only looks to get worse.

A contrarian voice with an impressive track record of correct predictions, Litman has come to believe that Wall Street and the mainstream media are conspiring to rob average investors of their opportunities to profit.

While runaway inflation and market crashes are legitimate concerns, Litman believes that the Wall Street disinformation campaign he has identified represents the real disaster looming over the heads of the American people.

And Joe Litman claims he's developed just the system to solve this crisis.

Keep reading to learn more about Hidden Alpha, the special resources packaged with the current promotion, and Professor Litman's strategy for outsmarting Wall Street's dirty tricks.

Who is Joel Litman?

Joel Litman is the President and C.E.O. of Valens Research, a member of the board of directors of C.O.L. Financial Group, and a Professor at Hult International Business School.

Joel has a storied history as both a forensic accountant and C.P.A. He has guest-lectured at several world-renowned financial institutions, including Harvard Business School, Wharton, and the C.F.A. Institute. He's taught financial forensic analysis techniques to the F.B.I. and the U.S. Pentagon.  

Litman's insights have appeared in publications such as Barron's and Forbes, and he co-authored the acclaimed business strategy book Driven.

Joel Litman's “forensic-based research” has finally been made available to the everyday investor via Hidden Alpha, a monthly digital publication filled with his market briefings and most current stock recommendations. 

Joel Litman, Altimetry Research, Hidden Alpha
Joel Litman, Altimetry Research, Hidden Alpha

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is Professor Joel Litman's monthly investment advisory, published by the team at Altimetry Research.

Joel defines an “Alpha” as Wall Street jargon for “an investment with outsized returns.”

Hidden Alpha identifies stocks whose profits and mainstream sources have overlooked earnings. They're convinced that by detecting companies that are more profitable than the majority of analysts believe, they have found the key to offering investors:

“… the safest and best chance at doubling their money.”  

Analysts at Hidden Alpha use their custom Altimeter analysis software to find these stock opportunities, sharing their top recommendations every month with their subscribers.  

The Financial Disaster About to Unfold

With a history of predicting the 2008 and 2020 market crashes and exposing dozens of companies for potential fraud, Joel Litman has established himself as a leading and often contrarian voice when analyzing the markets.

And he's just returned with an emergency briefing to spread the word about his latest prediction:  an impending “financial disaster” primed to rock the portfolios of average investors.

Joel states this disaster has nothing to do with mainstream media narratives of a large-scale stock crash, a long-term bear market, or even runaway inflation.  

He believes that while these factors are serious and certainly have most investors spooked, the real disaster hanging over us is a “massive financial heist” already being perpetrated on the American people. And Litman points out no one can do anything to prevent it. It's totally legal.

To put it bluntly, Professor Litman has uncovered what he believes to be a deliberate, coordinated scheme on the part of Wall Street and the mainstream financial media to disguise the actual value of specific stocks intentionally.

But why would they do this?

As Joel Litman says:

So they can simply buy the stock themselves….”      

Wall Street vs. Main Street:  What They Don't Want You to Know

Litman describes how antiquated regulations guiding GAAP accounting, the system used to calculate the reported value of a stock, enable major Wall Street players to obscure the actual worth of any company they choose intentionally.

With the ability to disguise the actual earnings for these companies, to distort reality essentially, the top tier banks and funds ensure that they alone have the correct information.  

And therefore, they'll reap all the profits.

Since mainstream media typically parrots the incorrect info provided by the Wall Street heavy hitters, Joel Litman believes they are complicit in this massive “heist.” 

So, as Joel goes on to explain, the actual economic disaster hanging over America is the one perpetrated through this campaign of financial misinformation.  

Fortunately, Professor Litman has found a system that he claims uncovers the true earning potentials of these deliberately undervalued stocks.

By sharing this information with his followers, he hopes to restore the “historic” money-making market opportunities hijacked by Wall Street.

Beating Wall Street at its Own Game

Professor Litman has created his proprietary stock analysis system that he's coined the “Altimeter.” He describes this software as a method for cutting through Wall Street's convoluted accounting tricks and revealing companies' actual earnings.  

And with that analysis complete, Litman maintains that the actual growth potential of each stock is finally revealed.

The Altimeter-corrected results for the entire S&P 500 indicate that when true earnings are taken into account, the “media-driver fear” that stocks are presently overvalued appears to be false.

Joel cites previous huge returns on stocks that the Altimeter identified as buys, even when mainstream opinion trended exactly the opposite.

  • 287% on TransDigm Group
  • 301% on Timberland
  • 445% on HanesBrands 
  • 859% on eXp World Holdings
  • 878% on Liz Claiborne
  • 1,566% on Skechers U.S.A.
  • 42,000% on Netflix

Litman insists that stocks are actually cheaper than ever and that NOW is the “moment you've been waiting for” to position yourself for potentially massive growth. 

Joel Litman lays out all the specifics of his strategies and recommendations in the Special Reports and Bonus Resources currently offered to new subscribers of Hidden Alpha.

What's Included with Hidden Alpha?

During the current promotion, a subscription to Hidden Alpha comes bundled with several special reports and member bonuses.

Here's everything new subscribers get with the promo offer:

One Full Year of Hidden Alpha:

Joel Litman's monthly market briefing is emailed directly to your inbox.

This advisory comes filled with Joel's latest stock market analysis and recommendations, all designed to arm his followers with the weapons they need to double or triple their money potentially.

Joel Litman, Altimetry Research, Hidden Alpha

Joel's Member-Exclusive Market Updates: 

Whenever he spots economic warning lights or market opportunities demanding an immediate response, Joel emails his followers one of these up-to-the-minute special updates.

Joel Litman's Hidden Alpha Special Updates, product image

One Free Year of Access to the Altimeter System:

Joel Litman's custom software where members can enter any of 500 different stocks and run their analysis.  

This is the same system that Joel says he uses when advising the world's top investment houses and money managers.

Joel Litman’s custom investing software, product image

Joel's Warnings and Predictions:

Drawing upon his successful record of predicting both the 2008 and 2020 market crashes, Litman lays out stock moves that could potentially double your money during future downturns.

Joel Litman’s Warnings and Predictions, product image

Joel's Archive of Reports and Model Portfolios:

Full and instant access to Joel Litman's complete collection of Special Reports and his Model Portfolios that investors can use to guide their positions.

Joel Litman’s complete collection of Special Reports and his Model Portfolios, product image

BONUS REPORT –  10 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now:

Joel and his team have previously identified 57 companies as potentially massive losers. Many of those went bankrupt or hit zero shortly after his analysis.  

Joel Litman’s bonus report of 10 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now, product image

Now Joel has identified ten more stocks that he recommends investors dump from their portfolios IMMEDIATELY.

Joel's Legendary Talk at the Harvard Business Club:

Hidden Alpha members can see Professor Litman's exclusive presentation to Harvard M.B.A. students and faculty members. During this lecture, the forensic-analysis guru schooled them on how to identify massive distortions in small stocks that could produce gains of up to 1000%.

Joel Litman’s legendary talk at the Harvard Business Club, product image

SPECIAL REPORT – Microcap Secrets: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains Using Forensic Analysis:

Joel teaches his followers techniques to analyze and predict how microcap stocks could behave under varied market conditions in this special report.  

And he recommends the three microcap stocks he believes his readers need to buy AT ONCE.

Joel Litman’s special report Microcap Secrets, product image

A Free One-Year Subscription to The Timetable Investor:

Joel Litman is offering new subscribers to Hidden Alpha a free companion subscription to The Timetable Investor, a second monthly newsletter where he breaks down the market in terms of credit, earnings, and valuations. He also details the most effective ways to divide your assets between stocks, bonds, and cash.

Joel Litman's Timetable Investor, product image

And finally…


Only subscribers know exactly what this is. But Joel tells us that others have paid as much as $73,000 for access to the source of this mystery gift.

Joel Litman's mystery box, product image

How Much is Hidden Alpha? 

Normally priced at $199 per year, first-year subscriptions to Hidden Alpha are currently available at the discounted rate of $49.  

This is a discount of 75% off the standard membership rate.  

Subscriptions to Hidden Alpha automatically renew at the full rate of $199 at the end of each subscription year unless canceled by the subscriber.  

Altimetry Research, Hidden Alpha, bundle product image

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

According to their website, Hidden Alpha comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you wish to receive a full refund within that 30-day window, simply call their customer service team.

Joel Litman Altimetry Research, Hidden Alpha, guarantee image

Where to Find Joel Litman's Hidden Alpha 

Hidden Alpha is produced by Joel Litman and his team of analysts at Altimetry Research.

Altimetry Research describes itself as:

“…a boutique financial research and publishing firm providing individual investors with unique, unbiased investment recommendations and analytics.”

Go HERE to learn more about Hidden Alpha and Joel Litman's team at Altimetry Research.

In Summary

Hidden Alpha has released a new promo campaign warning investors of a massive financial “heist” taking place right under their noses.

Joel Litman and his team at Altimetry contend that Wall Street heavy hitters have taken advantage of obscure accounting regulations to disguise the true earnings of any number of companies. He points out that by making these stocks appear less valuable than they truly are, the big banks and hedge funds are attempting to monopolize potential profits.

Using his custom Altimeter software system, Professor Litman has developed strategies and recommendations to help the average investor cut through Wall Street's creative-accounting smoke screen and access the opportunities they are entitled to.  

Joel has made this information available through Hidden Alpha and the special reports and resources included in the current promotion.    

To learn more about Joel Litman and his strategies for profiting during times of financial crisis, or to subscribe to Hidden Alpha today, visit the official website.

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