Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In



The Hidden Income Stream that Pays You Money Any Time an Electric Vehicle Plugs Into a Charging Station 

(Even If It’s Not Yours!)

Read on to find out all about the special EV companies that are required to split their profits with you. Plus how you can easily claim a slice of this $563 million cash flow.

Dear Reader,

Take a trip around any American city in 2023 and you’ll see the same thing… 

Dozens of futuristic charging stations and “priority” parking spaces for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

You see them at malls… big-box stores… and grocery stores…

They’ve become a part of day-to-day life…

But what most people miss is that these charging stations have opened up a brand-new income stream…

That lets ANYONE pocket a few fractions of a dollar…

Any time an electric vehicle gets plugged in to charge.

And make no mistake, these fractions can quickly add up.

If you collect just $0.05 every minute, that adds up to $72 per day…

$2,190 per month…

Or $26,280 a year in easy passive income.

I call them “Plug-in Payouts.”

And they’re an opportunity worth $563 million per year to everyday Americans.

Until a few months ago, this secret income source was rarely mentioned outside of an elite circle of wealthy investors and international oil companies.

However, its recent success has been so breathtaking that leading financial news publications are paying attention.

In December 2022, Yahoo Finance reported on this exact income strategy, calling it an “extraordinary achievement” that continues “blasting off to even higher highs.”

While several of the savviest billionaires on the planet have already piled in…

Like David Shaw, who's worth $7.5 billion; Paul Tudor Jones, worth $7.3 billion; and Israel Englander, worth $11.5 billion…

Meanwhile, oil and gas majors such as Royal Dutch Shell and Mitsui — companies you’d expect to be among the last to acknowledge this opportunity — are also stuffing their pockets with wads of cash.

And they’re able to do this, because of an official U.S. government directive hidden in the late-2022 Inflation Reduction Act…

Responsible for channeling $7.5 billion of public money into a vital corner of our national EV network.

Now, keep in mind those are YOUR tax dollars paying for all of this infrastructure…

So I think it’s only fair that you claim your rightful share of the spoils.

The good news is it couldn’t be easier to get involved through one unusual investment.

Today, for the first time ever, I’ll lay out…

The 3 Simple Steps Everyday Americans Are Using to Collect Their Own Plug-in Payouts

People like David R.

He’s a church leader who lives in Orono, Minnesota, with his wife, Stacey, and two sons. David’s making $1,987 per month using this income strategy.

TWA Person with Check Image 1

Or Donna F., a grandmother from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s pocketing a cool $6,600 every three months, like clockwork.

TWA Person with Check Image 2

How about 60-year-old William L.?

Last time I checked, William was collecting Plug-in Payouts worth $9,600 a quarter — or around $3,200 per month.

And then there’s Richard M.

He’s an 87-year-old based in New York who collected $98,043 in 2022. That’s the equivalent of an extra $8,170 every single month!

TWA Person with Check Image 3

 Just think about that…

Every time someone parks their electric vehicle, plugs it in, and hits “charge”…

The bank accounts of these Americans are silently racking up the type of income that makes them wonder if they’re daydreaming.

In just a few minutes, you could be ready to follow in the footsteps of David, William, Donna, and Richard…

By collecting your first Plug-in Payout as early as next month

And then every 90 days thereafter.

You can Receive Your Plug-in Payout by Physical Check or Have It Wired Directly to Your Bank Account — the Choice Is Yours

It really is this easy to join the smart early movers already accumulating tens — and even hundreds — of thousands of dollars….

Like Donald W., a husband of 28 years and father of four kids. Today he lives in Maryland, where he works closely with cystic fibrosis charities. Donald recently collected $418,316 from this secret income stream.

TWA Person with check image

Or look at Gail S. She’s a published author who lives in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and collected $62,101 throughout 2022. That’s an extra $5,175 every single month!

TWA Person with Check Image 6

And then there’s Elizabeth H. She lives in the Greater Chicago area and works in a family property business founded by her grandfather. She received $26,454 last year from the same income stream that I’ll be revealing to you today.

TWA Person with Check Image 7

Just think about that!

You could take your wife or partner on the cruise vacation of a lifetime…

Put your kids or grandkids through college…

Maybe build a swimming pool or extension on your home…

All it takes is knowing what you need to do to get on board this freight train of cash that’s being powered by the legislative muscle of the U.S. government.

And you could permanently improve the lives of your loved ones…

Without ever risking the family silver.

Best of all…

You don’t need to own an electric car to take advantage of this opportunity…

You don’t even need to know a thing about EVs…

Or “clean energy,” for that matter…

Heck, even if you think EVs are a stupid idea and have a pet hate for smug Tesla drivers…

Don’t let that stop you from cashing in on the opportunity of a lifetime!

This is 100% passive income… 

That takes just five minutes to set up using your computer and mobile phone.

Then, once you’re set up, you won’t need to lift a finger again, I promise.

Simply follow the steps I’m about to show you…

And you’ll be ready to collect the first in an endless stream of Plug-in Payouts on next month.

But before you do, you need to understand exactly how all of this works.

Let me explain…

Here’s How You Can Earn up to $34,200 in Plug-in Payouts This Year

The first thing you should know is that this staggering income opportunity is the result of America’s cost-of-living crisis.

If you believe the official data, the prices in our stores have been rising by 5%–10% a year for the last 18 months. And some private estimates suggest that the true rate of inflation could be well into double digits.

Faced with this urgent situation, the White House was forced to take drastic action in the form of the recent “Inflation Reduction Act.”

On the surface, this looks like a bold attempt to lower the cost of living. But for anyone who’s taken a look at the fine print, it’s obvious that the bill is stuffed full of excess “fat.”

Now let’s be clear, this type of thing is NOT uncommon…

In order to get these bills through Congress our leaders need to appease everyone. And that usually means filling them with entirely unrelated but 100% legal “kickbacks.”

Take the $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief bill signed into law in March 2020…

Do you think that was all about helping working American families in the face of a public health crisis?

No chance! As the New York Post reported at the time, it “contains more pork than a Christmas ham.”

TWA New York Post Headline

The bill contained funding for projects as diverse and far-flung as “gender programs” in Pakistan and “internet freedom” programs in closed societies!

In fact, when you total up all the non-health spending, it came to over $25 billion.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the recent Inflation Reduction Act jampacked with unrelated spending measures…

Including massive incentives for electric vehicles.

TWA NPR Headline
TWA Headline
TWA Headline

But here’s the thing…

There’s nothing any of us can do to change this. What we CAN do is let the politicians play their game while we play ours. Because… 

Right Now You Have a Unique Opportunity to Collect Easy Money for the Rest of Your Life

The strategy I’m talking about paid out $563.3 million in income last year.

Back then it was almost exclusively energy industry insiders and billionaires who were in on the secret.

That explains why you likely haven’t heard a peep about Plug-in Payouts before today.

But thanks to a provision buried deep inside the recent Inflation Reduction Act, all of that is now changing rapidly.

In a nutshell, this provision is sending billions of dollars gushing toward a special group of EV-related firms — firms that are obliged to split their profits with everyday Americans…

Allowing you to collect up to $34,200 this year…

Starting this month.

I know, I could barely believe it either when I found this income stream.

Yet I’ve seen firsthand how it allows regular Americans to collect more money than they’ve ever done before:

  • Take David F. He worked for many years in the senior living industry. David recently had a Plug-in Payout check for $26,751 land in his mailbox.
  • There’s also Christopher A., a husband and father of three daughters from Sacramento, California. Earlier this year he received a payout of $42,500.
  • Or how about Milton C.? He recently tallied up his earnings and found that he made a tidy $69,848 in 2022!
TWA Person with Check Image 8

All of this — and more — is possible once you know what to do.

But before I show you how to collect your very own Plug-in Payouts, let me introduce myself…

My Name Is Jason Williams, and I’m an Expert at Sniffing Out Little-Known and Extremely Lucrative Income Plays

These opportunities are the ones that mainstream sources won’t tell you about — the same ones that let you collect thousands of dollars in extra cash every month.

I’ve been in this field for many years now. I trained at Harvard Business School and ended up in the belly of the beast, working as an investment banker for Morgan Stanley.

Along the way, I built a network of CEOs, billionaire investors, startup founders, and serial entrepreneurs. These contacts still help me uncover the best investments for my followers at Angel Publishing — well before the rest of the crowd gets there.

And my latest secret income stream is no different. It allows you to bank huge Plug-in Payouts every 90 days, beginning this month.

In just a moment I’ll tell you how to jump on this deal… 

And set yourself up to make easy returns of as much as $34,200 for your efforts.

But first I want to show you some of the folks who are already claiming these payouts:

  • There’s John M., from Newton, Massachusetts. He received $48,590 last year.
  • Or Laurie B., a youth charity volunteer. He regularly collects checks for $4,400.
  • And Brian D., a certified public accountant. He collected $12,268 in 2022.
TAO person with check

Each of these individuals learned how to collect Plug-in Payouts…

And they did it in the time it takes to brew a pot of fresh coffee, using just three clever steps.

So let me show you how this all works.

America's Clean Energy Drive Is Setting You up for Life-Changing Payouts

Let’s start with the facts…

America’s “green revolution” is charging ahead at breakneck speed.

There’s no doubt that many of our politicians want the entire nation hooked up to the EV network.

And they want it done sooner rather than later.

Peter DeFazio, Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (2019–2023), is on record as saying:

“A rapid and extensive build-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure supported by the federal government is crucial if consumers are to adopt zero-emission vehicles at the scale and pace needed to stave off climate catastrophe.”

Meanwhile, the government isn’t taking any prisoners either.

The White House has pledged to build a network of 500,000 publicly accessible EV chargers by 2030..

That’s a TENFOLD increase on current numbers of around 50,000.

TWA EV Payouts before map
TWA EV Payouts after map

So it’s no surprise that last year alone, $7.5 billion in congressional “fat” was earmarked for building new EV charging stations.

But there’s a problem for the government.

See, it can’t just stick all of these chargers anywhere.

Most of America’s federal lands are located in national parks or low-population-density areas like Alaska and rural Nevada…

And let’s face it — electric cars are few and far between in those places!

So the government has been forced to look to the private sector for help in meeting its ambitious targets.

How, exactly?

Using a legal “bribe” provision inserted in the recent Inflation Reduction Act.

Buried in the Fine Print Under U.S. Code 30C Is a Critical Provision — One That Could Be Filling Your Pockets With Easy, Recurring Cash Flow Starting THIS MONTH.

It’s called an “alternative-fuel vehicle refueling infrastructure tax credit.”

TWA Screenshot

As of January 2023, this credit has slashed the cost of installing new EV charging stations for eligible companies. In fact, these companies can now claim a tax credit worth up to $100,000 per unit installed…

Giving them a huge incentive to increase the amount of charging stations they put on their premises… 

And pouring gasoline on the rollout of chargers nationwide.

That’s why you’re seeing them pop up nearly everywhere you look right now.

As You Read This Letter, a Clique of “Special Companies” Is Responsible for Installing up to 500,000 New EV Chargers Across America

Now, here’s the reason why you stand to benefit… 

Whenever public money is used to support a government directive like this, there has to be a way for everyday Americans to benefit.

In this case, that’s GREAT news for you…

Because all of those “special companies” involved in the EV charger buildout operate under a specific structure — one that’s designed to put money in your back pocket!

See, as you know, electricity isn’t free…

In fact, it costs somewhere in the range of $10–$30 to fully charge an electric car.

And some of that money can be skimmed off as profit by the operator…


And then distributed as a quarterly Plug-in Payout!

Imagine that…

Up to 500,000 new chargers servicing an almost never-ending flow of traffic, day and night. These special companies are sitting on a gold mine.

For every EV that passes through, they shave off a few cents, and those cents add up for quite a bit of cash. It’s basic math — and these firms have a de facto monopoly on all of that cash.

And like I said, they’re obliged to split these profits with ordinary U.S. citizens.

So it’s not just these companies that stand to make a killing — you can do so too…

In Fact, You Could Bank up to
$34,200 This Year!

To start collecting your Plug-in Payouts, all you need to do is stake a claim in one of these special companies. They’re established entities, and they’re already busy putting money in the pockets of hardworking Americans. People including…

  • Ethan B., who earlier this year received a lump-sum payment of $20,858.
  • Philip C., a professional with 30 years of experience in the private and public sectors. He earned $88,329 last year.
  • And Dawn B., who’s raked in more than $160,000 so far in 2023!
twa check 1

Your name could be on that list as soon as this month.

I’ve made joining incredibly simple, as you’ll see.

And remember…

These special companies have the implicit backing of the U.S. federal government. You and I both know that the Biden administration won’t stop until every corner of our nation is connected to the EV network.

And to ensure that transition happens as rapidly as possible, they’ve already put $7.5 billion into an infrastructure war chest.

For those in the know, passive income doesn’t get any easier than this!

These special companies have a license to print money.

Even if the market crashes and asset managers start dumping stocks en masse, there’s no way the U.S. government will let these guys go under…

And all the while, you’ll get to sit back and relax as you collect up to $34,200 in Plug-in Payouts.

Forget squeezing out a few hundred dollars from the paltry returns on offer in mainstream savings accounts. You’ll be cashing thousands in regular Plug-in Payouts courtesy of the full financial might of the U.S. Government. What’s more…

These Payouts Are Set to Grow Fast… Handing You the Potential to Make Millions of Dollars

Here’s the best part that I’ve kept under wraps until now.

See, the numbers I’ve given you…

And the checks you’ve seen other people collect…

Well, they’re only going to get bigger from here, year after year.

Why? Because those figures I gave you were for today’s stock of 1.7 million cars.

That’s how many EVs were on America’s roads at the start of 2023. But that number is destined to explode to an estimated 26.4 million by the end of this decade.

In other words, a 15x rise!

And from where I’m sitting, that’s a pretty sweet deal for you. Fifteen times more EVs on our roads means:

  • 15x more demand for charging stations…
  • Up to 15x more paying customers plugging in on the premises of our special companies…
  • And up to 15x more royalties in the bank for you.

But hey, let’s be super conservative for a moment…

Let’s assume that charging revenues “only” grow by a multiple of FIVE between now and 2030.

That STILL implies you’ll be raking in as much as $171,000 per year…

Or $14,250 every single month in Plug-in Payouts.

And if that’s not enough, bear in mind that it’s not just EVs that are exploding.

Hybrid engines are also gaining in popularity and will undoubtedly add to the demand for electric charging over the coming years. So…

You’re on the cusp of something very exciting.

Any way you look at it…

You could soon be standing in the path of an avalanche of cash that’s just been set in motion. And I’ll tell you how to claim your life-changing cut, starting this month.

I know, I know — that might sound a bit unbelievable.

After all, you’re probably hearing this for the first time and thinking, “Really?”

Until now, this was a trail of money that only a handful of oil giants and billionaires were lucky enough to discover.

But I’m spilling the beans today…

So that people like you don’t miss out any longer on these incredible, recurring streams of income. The same ones enjoyed by:

  • Nicole L., who works as an adviser to an electric bicycle company. She collected $10,913 in 2022.
  • Or Todd H., a graduate from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He’s racked up $7,553 in payouts already this year.
  • And then there’s Daniel G. He’s making upwards of $10,000 every single month using this exact Plug-in Payout strategy!
twa check 2

Every single payout I’ve told you about today has permanently changed the lives of at least one American family.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that what I’ll show you next could eliminate your money worries forever. You’ll probably never have to work another day in your life.

All you need to do is…

Follow These 3 Simple Steps and Start Collecting Plug-in Payouts This Month.

As I said, my name is Jason Williams.

I made a name for myself working at some of the biggest banks on Wall Street in the 2000s. That’s where I got my first glimpse into the hidden income streams that the ultra-wealthy use to get even richer.

And today I work alongside my team at Angel Publishing to make these same hidden investments available to ordinary Americans.

We give you access to opportunities you’ll never hear about in the mainstream financial press. When they hired me, Angel Publishing gave me a simple mandate — to make you wealthier by finding the most profitable income streams available anywhere in the world.

And to be blunt, my record of doing just that is second to none.

Take “Prime Profits”…

It’s a way for regular people to get paid by Amazon every time a parcel leaves the warehouse floor.

Since my team and I unearthed it, payouts have nearly doubled…

And the latest income numbers I’ve seen are highly impressive. Last year alone, for example…

  • Cameron D., a Florida native and former professional ballet dancer, took home $38,599.
  • Meanwhile, David C., a granddad and keen golfer from Deerfield, Illinois, pulled in a tidy $56,965 in 2022.
  • And Mark McA., a baseball enthusiast who lives in Houston, Texas, enjoyed an eye-popping $80,283 in total cash payments.
TWA Person with Check Image 12

That’s just the start, though…

I could also tell you about the “Netflix Royalties” that we discovered.

This is a simple way for you to collect money every time Netflix “rents out” one of its movies through its streaming platform. Just like these Americans did:

  • Jerry M., who’s now $153,406 richer.
  • Robert W., who’s collected $287,751 so far.
  • And Thomas T., who’s received $265,213.
twa check 3

Meanwhile, we recently shared the “$50 California Retirement Program” with our readers…

It’s a sneaky, under-the-radar way to collect gigantic payouts from some of the world’s biggest alternative energy companies.

Since we uncovered this opportunity, the payouts have gotten bigger and bigger…

And that’s why on January 6 of this year…

  • Anne D. collected a check for $76,407.
  • Joseph C. got a $95,897 lump-sum payment.
  • And Victor Z. banked $110,156 — all thanks to this strategy!

Those are just a few of the income plays we’ve alerted our readers to since I joined the team at Angel Publishing. And it’s no exaggeration to say that these investments have changed readers’ lives.

I know that because I get emails, letters, and postcards every week from subscribers like Jeff F., who says:

You are kicking ass this week, and when you kick ass I make rain up in here! Just wanted to let you guys know, since December… I have made $78,000. I want to thank you all, have a great weekend.

Or William P., who told me:

I have made $22,000 profit off of your recommendations on The Wealth Advisory. Thank you for the direction you have given me so far.

And then there’s a very happy Barbie M., who said:

Jason, can I kiss you?!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

But here’s the most amazing thing…

These Plug-in Payouts Eclipse EVERY Other Income Stream I’ve Ever Shared!

Without a doubt, this is the most lucrative and reliable source of cash flow I’ve found so far. And that’s saying something!

For this reason, I told my team to urgently put together a special report outlining all of the intel required to start profiting from them as soon as this month.

TWA Plug-In Payouts Report Cover ipad

The report is called “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In.” It tells you everything you need to know about this brand-new income stream, worth $563 million in 2023.

Just follow three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to earning your very own Plug-in Payouts on the next official payout date.

That’s not all, either…

On the “Street,” this kind of information would typically set you back at least $1,000. And let’s be honest, for an income stream that stands to pay you up to $34,200 this year, it would be a bargain even at that price.

However, I’m prepared to do something different today. 

Because when you agree to take my flagship service, The Wealth Advisory, for a no-strings-attached trial, I’ll also throw in a copy of “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In” on the house.

Sound good? Al lright.

Before I get to the service, though, there’s something important I need to show you…

A Way to Add as Much as $13,750 in
Additional EV Charging Income to Your
Investment Portfolio

Listen, why would you spend your precious time extracting Plug-in Payouts from just one market… 

When the EV revolution is already global in nature?

I’ve scoured the world map, and I discovered that TWO of our largest trade partners are in an almost identical position to the U.S. In these nations, a few “cash cows” are obliged to share their EV charging profits with people like you and me.

And just like in the U.S., those special companies are racking up a small fortune in profits. A fortune equivalent to $997.5 million every single year!

Which countries are they?

Japan and France. Their governments have been pushing for a “green revolution” for years. But they need help from the private sector to build and operate the infrastructure.

The jackpot stands at almost $1 billion. A few lucky investors have already discovered it, and they’re enjoying fabulous payouts as a result. People such as…

  • Michael O’G., who works for a contemporary art museum in Chicago. He collects the equivalent of $9,016 every month.
  • Or Kevin N. He worked as a theatrical technician and earns $5,918 per month.
  • And Konstantin L., who’s an experienced marathon runner. He’s currently making an average of $3,772 every month.
TWA Person with check image

A lot of money is up for grabs here, and by my calculations, you could earn up to $13,570 this year alone.

Now, to be clear — that’s in addition to your U.S. Plug-in Payouts. Giving you as much as $47,770 a year in easy, passive income… paid every 90 days.

Claiming your global Plug-in Payouts is quick and straightforward.

Everything about this opportunity is contained another report, which I’m also giving you for free today:

“Overseas Plug-in Payouts: Ride the Wave of Cash Spreading Around the World.”

TWA Overseas Plug-In Payouts Report Cover ipad

All you need to do to claim this second report…

In addition to your free copy of “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In,” is… 

Take a No-Strings-Attached Trial Run of The Wealth Advisory, Starting Today

The Wealth Advisory is my flagship income investing service.

There I share with my subscribers some of the most enriching income plays available anywhere in the world. These include dividend stocks, alternative asset plays, and brand-new opportunities like Plug-in Payouts.

When you peel back the curtain…

You’ll find huge winners like Amazon “Prime Profits,” “Netflix Royalties,” and the “$50 California Retirement Program.”

Many of my subscribers use these investments to enjoy the type of recurring income normally reserved for wealthy business owners.

And while I’m not usually one to brag…

It’s worth noting that over the past five–10 years, The Wealth Advisory has outperformed the market by a mile!

There’s no comparison.

If you’d placed $10,000 into the S&P High Dividend Index — a popular mainstream income benchmark — in 2016, you’d have about $15,030 today.

That’s roughly 1.5 times your money

OK, not too bad. 

However, if you’d put that $10,000 in a portfolio of the strategies that I share inside The Wealth Advisory, you’d have a far more impressive $48,877 right now.

Unsurprisingly, my members tend to stick around for the long term.

And you’ll get to see exactly why that is when you take out a trial subscription of The Wealth Advisory today. I’ll share everything they’re enjoying, including… 

  • A full 12 monthly issues of The Wealth Advisory. Every month, you’ll get a deep dive on at least one new income opportunity with big potential.

    It might be like Plug-in Payouts or a dividend-paying stock. But as long as it can give you a reliable, consistent, and lucrative income stream, you’ll hear about it.

    Inside each issue, you’ll get a detailed look at the opportunities most investors will never see — sent straight to your inbox!
  • Special reports as soon as they’re published. Occasionally, an opportunity is so lucrative or time-sensitive that I’ll commission an urgent special report to get the full details to you as soon as possible.

    Just one of these income streams alone could make you up to $34,200 richer every year, like Plug-in Payouts. And some of the streams you’ll find inside The Wealth Advisory could do even better.

    What’s more, you’ll get access to every special report that I decide to commission over the lifetime of your subscription.
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  • Video series: The Wealth Advisory’s 10 most profitable opportunities. At any one point in time, I have my eye on 25–30 different income streams. You can use any or all of them to collect life-changing checks every single month.

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  • Angel Publishing’s VIP member service team. We understand how annoying it is to get poor customer service. That’s why Angel Publishing has built a first-class team to guide you through the whole investment process.

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You’ll also want to keep tabs on the real-time portfolio page of our website. There you can compare returns before you decide what to put your own money into.

Again, my priority is hunting down the best and most exclusive income investments for you. My team won’t leave any stone unturned. That’s probably why my desk is always inundated with personal letters and postcards like these…

The Wealth Advisory portfolio is a gold mine and I couldn't be happier that I'm a lifetime member. Your members are very fortunate that you provide this service. Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work!” — Lisa

Your thesis on the markets is spot on. Excellent. Regards” — E.J.

I would not be parting with my hard-earned cash if I did not believe in your integrity! … bought and sold my original stake on your recommendation, now sitting on $11,000 pure profit. Keep up the great work!
— Bob

Many of those folks have achieved total financial independence and saved enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement. And today you have a chance to join them, starting with the Plug-in Payout opportunity that could pay you as much as $34,200. 

What price would you put on that kind of peace of mind? For most of us, it would be several thousand dollars, minimum.

The good news is you won’t pay anywhere close to that much today.

Before I reveal how remarkably inexpensive The Wealth Advisory is, though, I need to tell you about…

An Ingenious Way to Scoop up MORE Money From Special Companies Like the Ones
Sharing Plug-in Payouts

See, while I was researching these “special companies”… 

I was shocked to see how much easy money can be made by investing in the activities they engage in. As I said to my team at the time, there’s a literal tsunami of cash flowing through the coffers of these firms. 

The key is to identify the income streams that ordinary Americans can legally place a claim on. Now, I’m aware that this can take a lot of time and expertise…

So to speed up the process for you…

I asked my team to compile another confidential compendium. 

This one gives you everything you’ll need to harness the real estate incomes of these special companies… and multiply your Plug-in Payouts.

Now, I’ve shown you some impressive paychecks today…

Stories of ordinary Americans collecting tens — and even hundreds — of thousands of dollars per year. Payouts as high as $62,101… $98,043… and even $418,316.

But as great as those payments are… 

All of these regular folks could’ve multiplied their income by a factor of at least two if they’d gotten in on this parallel opportunity.

Let me tell you about one specific company that’s at the heart of this income play…

It has such a reputation for delivering abundant cash flow, we even have a nickname for it at Angel Publishing…

“The Monthly Income Company.”

Every month it shells out a fortune to everyday investors, courtesy of property payments from mega-corporations like Walmart, Starbucks, and GM.

What’s more…

The management team is so good at squeezing out cash from these massive firms that our income payments go up once a quarter! It hasn’t missed a monthly payment since it was founded in 1969, nor has it missed a quarterly payment hike since 1997.

Discover how to get on board inside your free copy of my report “How to ‘Backdoor' America’s Top Fortune 500 Accounts.”

TWA Backdoor Report Cover ipad

It usually costs $97, but I won’t make you pay a cent for it when you join The Wealth Advisory today.

I hope you’re starting to see the incredible potential of this service.

Joining The Wealth Advisory Is Like Having a Billionaire Fund Manager Sitting by Your Side, Helping You Rake in Life-Changing Sums of Cash Every Month

It’s a bit like playing the game on “cheat mode.”

Once every 90 days, starting this month, you’ll get a notification that as much as $8,550 has been wired to your account. You won’t need to do a thing… just sit back and relax as you rake in up to $34,200 this year alone.

Makes life a lot easier, right?

You could pay down any outstanding debts…

And quit working in favor of a well-deserved early retirement…

And you’d still have money left over to take a foreign holiday every summer… or to help the kids with school fees and mortgage payments.

Best of all…

You don’t already need to have piles of money in the bank to qualify for these amazing income streams.

In fact, any American adult can get involved today…

All of the reports I’ve told you about are FREE when you agreed to a trial of The Wealth Advisory

That includes…

  • “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In,” worth $197. You’ll get the full details on how to claim your slice of the $563 million that special EV charging companies are obliged to pay you. It takes a mere five minutes to enroll, and you’ll be set up to receive Plug-in Payouts for life!
  • “Overseas Plug-in Payouts: Ride the Wave of Cash Spreading Around the World,” worth $97. Discover how to top up your Plug-in Payouts and collect thousands of dollars by staking your claim on the $997 million in profits non-U.S. companies are poised to distribute each year. And like with Plug-in Payouts, it couldn’t be easier to get started.
  • “How to ‘Backdoor' America’s Top Fortune 500 Accounts,” worth $97. Once you’ve experienced the income potential of these special companies, you’ll want to come back for more. In this free report, I show you how to grab another stream of income, courtesy of the property payments of major U.S. corporations. 

That $391 worth of reports is on the house. And if you take every recommendation I’m sharing today, you stand to make an extra $81,970 over the next year.

And that’s just the start…

With the green revolution getting bigger and bigger, your Plug-in Payouts are only set to snowball. In other words, you’re positioned very nicely for the long term.

So how much will a trial of The Wealth Advisory set you back?

A lot of people say that a $3,000 joining fee would be completely fair. And after all, your Plug-in Payouts alone would earn you 10 times that amount in 2023.

But as I hinted at earlier — you won’t pay anywhere near that much today.

I Have a Bigger Ax to Grind Here

Truth is…

I hate the idea that very few people — outside of the Davos crowd and energy industry insiders — ever come across these secret income streams.

It’s simply not fair that the hardworking Americans who need this cash the most… 

Are always the last to find out about it.

For that reason, I try to do everything I can to open up these little-known investments to as many regular people as I can. 

That means making sure that my services are affordable.

So after crunching the numbers and squeezing a little here and there, I’ve brought a year’s trial membership to The Wealth Advisory down to a rate that I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by.

We’re not talking thousands or even hundreds of dollars here…

I’m delighted to tell you the price of a one-year trial of The Wealth Advisory is just $49.

Needless to say…

If you don’t like what you see, you’re covered by Angel Publishing’s ironclad six-month guarantee: 

After Today, You'll Have Six Months to Try Out Every Little Feature of The Wealth Advisory
at Zero Risk

prc launch guaranteeYou can scour every special report for my elite moneymaking tips…

Watch my videos, where I give you the hottest information about what the big money on the “Street” is doing…

Set up a replica portfolio of all of our “top 10” income streams…

And sit back as the dollars come flowing into your bank account from all directions.

You can do all that and STILL ask for a full refund at any point over the next six months. Because if you’re not 100% blown away by this service, I won’t charge you a cent.

I’ll tell my team to issue you a full refund without asking a single question.

It couldn’t be any simpler for you.

So you really have nothing to lose when you jump on board and take a trial run of The Wealth Advisory

Starting with setting up your very own Plug-in Payouts using the three simple steps outlined in “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In.”

Are you ready? Because…

It’s Nearly Time for You to Claim Your Rightful Share of the Life-Changing Income Streams
I’ve Shown You

I”ve been in this income investing business for 20-odd years now…

And I’ve never seen anything like this.

A handful of special government-backed companies are installing thousands upon thousands of new EV charging stations. And they’re obliged to split their profits with ordinary Americans like you and me.

That means there’s at least $563 million up for grabs in 2023…

And all you have to do to claim your share is to follow the simple instructions I've laid out in “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In.”

The minute you click on the “Subscribe Now” button below…

You’ll get taken to our secure order page. Once you’re there I’ll ask you to enter a few basic details so I can send all three reports (that’s $391 of value for just $49) straight to your best email address. 

So what’s it gonna be…

Will you fritter away a hundred bucks on takeout and other expensive luxuries? Or will you invest that same money in a yearlong trial of The Wealth Advisory… and become $2,850 better off every single month?

I know you’re smart enough to make the right choice today…

Grab up to $34,200 of Plug-in Payouts this year, while they’re still available.

Every last cent is covered by our ironclad six-month guarantee. That means if you’re not over the moon about the results you’re seeing, I’ll make sure you get a full refund.

All that’s left to do is click the “Subscribe Now” button.

To your wealth and success,

Jason Williams Signature Image

Jason Williams
Investment Director, The Wealth Advisory

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P.S. If you scrolled straight to the end or you need a recap, let me give you the fast facts on this incredible income opportunity…

Our government is funneling $7.5 billion toward a tiny clique of special companies charged with building the nation’s EV charging network. And these special companies must shell out $563 million in profits with ordinary American citizens.

For the first time, you can grab a slice of this bounty — as much as $34,200 this year, starting this month.

Just follow the three simple steps outlined in my special report “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In.” Once you’ve taken out a trial of The Wealth Advisory, I’ll send you $391 worth of reports, including:

TWA 3 Reports
  • “Plug-in Payouts: Get Paid Every Time an Electric Car Plugs In,” value $197.
  • “Overseas Plug-in Payouts: Ride the Wave of Cash Spreading Around the World,” value $97.
  • “How to ‘Backdoor' America’s Top Fortune 500 Accounts,” value $97. 

All it takes to get these is one risk-free payment of $99.

And when I say risk-free, I mean it. You have six months to try out the recommendations inside The Wealth Advisory. If you don’t like what you see at any time over that period, just drop us a line and we’ll arrange a full refund.

Don’t waste any more time…

Claim your Plug-in Payouts by clicking the button below right now.

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