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If you've spent time researching the stock market in the last few years, you've no doubt run into many self-proclaimed stock gurus and professional investors.

With so many out there vying for your attention, it can be hard to know who's worth listening to and who should be tuned out.

So we've done the work for you…

Below is a list of all the best names in investing today, from financial newsletters to sophisticated stock picking software. You're bound to find something here to give your portfolio a massive boost.

List of Top Stock Pickers:

Jeff Brown

Jeff's Bio

I have earned degrees and certificates from Purdue’s famed “School of Astronauts,” Stanford, MIT, and Yale School of Management.

But I’m not one of those academics with no real-life experience.

I was an executive at Qualcomm and a Vice President at NXP Semiconductors.

These are two major public tech companies.

Today I am a mentor, advisor, or investor in more than 200 private technology and biotechnology companies.

I’m also an active member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, D.C.

Because of my tech expertise, I’ve consulted with policymakers, members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

And thanks to my contacts in the industry and Silicon Valley, I normally see big tech trends before most people catch on.

Jeff Brown Featured Content:

Chris Rowe

Chris' Bio

My name is Chris Rowe, founder of True Market Insiders.

Over two decades ago, I got my start on Wall Street when I was just 17 and…

Became a stock market millionaire by the age of 25…

And have called every market high and low for more than 15 years.

Ever since the 90’s dot-com boom…

I’ve made a fortune for myself and my clients by spotting technology megatrends BEFORE they go mainstream.

Chris Rowe Featured Content:

Christian DeHaemer

Christian's Bio

Chris is the best there is when it comes to understanding the lucrative potential of game-changing technologies. And this could be his biggest, most lucrative discovery yet.

Christian DeHaemer Featured Content:

Charlie Shrem

Charlie's Bio

He's a bitcoin legend…

And likely one of the first people in the world to even know what bitcoin was…

And, one of its earliest backers…

He created one of the first crypto exchanges where up to one-third of all bitcoin transactions took place…

He was a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation…

His work is considered by many to be THE driving force behind bitcoin's meteoric rise…

Helping to build it from virtually nothing to over a $200 BILLION global juggernaut.

His inner circle is a who's who of cryptocurrency billionaires, CEOs and financiers…

He speaks at all the high-profile events…

And has developed a cult-like following….

Which is why he's one of the experts the media turns to when they want to know what's happening in the cryptocurrency market. He's been mentioned in…

Fortune, Forbes, CNN, “60 Minutes,” TED talks, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

His story has been featured in numerous Netflix documentaries and bestselling books, including the seminal blockbuster, Bitcoin Billionaires.

He's been called one of bitcoin's first tycoons…

Bitcoin Royalty…

And a crypto visionary.

His name is Charlie Shrem.

Charlie Shrem Featured Content:

Luke Lango

Luke Lango Featured Content:

Costas Bocelli

Costas Bocelli Featured Content:

Adam O'Dell

Adam's Bio

I’m a former hedge fund manager and Chartered Market Technician … or CMT for short.

A CMT is a designation earned by analysts with a rare and deep knowledge of the markets.

I’m honored to say that less than 1% of Wall Street experts and hedge fund managers ever achieve it.

Yet, it means I have a unique ability to pick winning investments.

In fact, my record puts me among the best stock-pickers and investment analysts in the world.

Adam O'Dell Featured Content:

Marc Chaikin

Marc's Bio

He is the creator of one of Wall Street’s most popular indicators… A system that appears in every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal in the world, and is used by hundreds of banks, hedge funds, and every major brokerage site…

He’s spent 50 years on Wall Street… survived 9 bear markets… helped create three new indices for the Nasdaq, where he once rang the opening bell… and he’s appeared numerous times on Fox Business and CNBC’s Mad Money – where Jim Cramer once said he’s learned to NEVER bet against him…

Marc Chaikin, living legend of the markets…

Marc Chaikin Featured Content