How to Make a Killing on Spatial Computing’s “Killer Apps”


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99% of Investors Are Clueless About This Game-Changing Technology… The Other 1% Are About to Become Filthy Rich

(I’m talking “I bought Apple in 1980” kind of rich)

Get in now for your chance to pocket 100 times your money as the whole world goes “spatial.”

Dear Reader,

Imagine walking into the garage at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California, in 1976.

There you find two nerdy-looking guys named Steve tinkering with what would soon be unveiled as the Apple II computer.

Now imagine you were among the few investors who were smart enough to understand the power of that Apple computer to change the world.

Not many were…

bbr spatial apple

But those who did turned every $1,000 into $1.2 million… and every $10,000 into $12 million. That’s more than a thousand times your money.

Imagine what your bank account and your life might look like today if you’d been able to glimpse the future in 1980. Imagine becoming a millionaire from just one stock.

Well, we are at that exact moment once again.

The is the rarest of all do-overs.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to pull back the curtain to reveal the next generation of computing.

Silicon Valley insiders describe this game-changing technology this way…

“It is as if we are back in 1976 and Wozniak and Jobs just showed us the prototypes of the Apple II.”

What you are about to see will shock you. Most investors have no idea this tech revolution is already underway.

Those who do have the chance to position themselves for 9,910% gains starting now. Yes, that’s 100 times your money.

Now, I realize that might seem unbelievable…

But bear with me for a minute.

I was skeptical at first, too…

Christian DeHaemer

When one of our top analysts, Christian DeHaemer, first told me we were on the verge of a massive revolution in computing…

One with the power to change everything… including the way we live, work, and play, just as Apple did decades ago…

I demanded to see the proof. So Chris patiently took me through the technology step by step. Until I could see what he sees.

He proved to me that this technology is already being deployed worldwide at places like Amazon, Facebook, General Electric, Johns Hopkins, Shell Oil, IKEA, and more.

I was blown away. And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get this in front of you right away, too…

Because the opportunity Chris is going to reveal today could make you rich.

I’m talking “I bought Apple in 1980” kind of rich.

bbr spatial gadgets
bbr spatial futuristic

Because this is NOT some tiny technology tweak or clever little gadget…

This is the kind of tech revolution that will change every aspect of our world from retail to health care to manufacturing and beyond.

It will be the hot technology everyone is talking about in 2021.

And the best part is you do NOT have to understand all the intricacies of how this tech works to get filthy rich from it.

bbr spatial garage
bbr spatial applestore

You just have to grasp that right now YOU are standing in Steve Jobs’ garage in Los Altos…

You are watching history being made…

You are seeing the birth of an entire industry before 99% of investors catch on.

bbr spatial apple2

And if you act on what you see today, you could see 100 times your money. That means every $10,000 you invest would be worth a cool million in your bank account.

Think about that for a moment…

Back in 2010, very few investors understood the power of NVIDIA’s GPU accelerated computing.

Or how it was about to upend the entire gaming industry with super-realistic graphics.

Those who did pocketed 4,074% gains.

bbr spatial nvidia

In 2009, almost no one grasped the significance of Skyworks' high-performance analog semiconductors…

Heck, most folks couldn’t even tell you what a semiconductor did… let alone how it would become the critical lynchpin in the internet of things…

Those who saw the future in a chip rode the stock to over 2,100% profits.

bbr spatial skyworks

Today, 9 out of 10 investors could not coherently explain Fastly’s pioneering “edge computing” technology.

Few understand exactly how “edge computing” dramatically speeds up data delivery.

But those who do have already pocketed 770% gains in just six months. And Fastly is just getting started…

bbr spatial fastly

These are the kinds of massively disruptive technologies that lead to huge profit opportunities. Opportunities that can transform your portfolio… and your life.

Hi, my name is Dave Roberts, publisher of Bull and Bust Report.

I’ve worked with the brilliant analyst I mentioned earlier, Christian DeHaemer, for over 25 years now.

I’ve watched him uncover gains like 1,040%, 2,479%, 2,528%, and more for his followers.

Chris is the best there is when it comes to understanding the lucrative potential of game-changing technologies. And this could be his biggest, most lucrative discovery yet.

bbr spatial cook

Apple chief executive Tim Cook calls it “big and profound,” saying, “This is one of those huge things that we’ll look back at and marvel at the start of it.”

bbr spatial bezos companies

Jeff Bezos is betting his own money that this technology will completely revolutionize the e-commerce industry.

The world’s biggest tech companies… Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and others… have already invested tens of billions of dollars in this technology.

They’ve filed over 50,000 patents related to this new technology… and they are just getting started…

That’s because this technology is set to generate a massive $350 billion in new revenues in a few short years.

And today I’m going to show you how to turn this tidal wave of new revenues into 100 TIMES your money on just a handful of stocks.

That’s a bold promise but one I’m comfortable making. Because the size of this tech revolution is unprecedented.

It’s barely gotten started yet and it is already taking over dozens of industries around the world…

This technology allows doctors to practice complex surgeries before they ever pick up a knife. And once they DO begin to cut, this technology guides surgeons like a sophisticated missile guidance system… so you never have to worry about potentially deadly medical errors.

Oil and gas companies are using this technology to plan and build giant offshore oil rigs. This technology can predict and prevent dangerous mechanical failures before they happen. It’s already saving millions of dollars and countless lives around the world.

bbr spatial rig

Car manufacturers are using this technology to speed up design times, boost performance, and test-drive cars before they are built.

This technology is also already guiding drivers in real time and warning them of potentially deadly hazards, potentially savings millions of lives and a fortune in insurance premiums.

So what is this groundbreaking technology?

It’s called “spatial computing.” 

And it’s going to change how you interact with EVERYTHING in the world around you. 

But don’t just take my word for it…

Let me show you this brave new world of spatial computing.

Because what you’re about to see has the power to generate the kind of life-changing wealth that most investors only dream about.

I’m talking about turning a modest $10,000 investment into a cool million. 

bbr spatial smartphones

And it all begins with a really ugly beetle, a brand-new pair of Nikes, and a sneaky little cellphone upgrade… 

You probably have no idea…

But the biggest mobile phone companies in the world… I’m talking both Apple and Android… have already “gone spatial”.

That’s right. They added spatial computing to your cellphone.

Without you realizing it.

When Chris told me my cellphone had already “gone spatial,” I had no idea what he was talking about. 

So he showed me. He grabbed my cellphone and Googled this nasty-looking beetle.

And before I could ask him WHY he was Googling beetles on my cellphone…

He put that sucker on my desk…

Like THIS.

bbr spatial beetle

And I jumped about 3 feet in the air.

All I could think was, “How did I not know my phone could do this?!”

And it’s not just my phone.

Over 1 billion smartphones now have this built-in spatial computing capability. 

And that number is expected to soar to 2.5 billion in the next three years.

Now, please do NOT go off and start playing with this beetle on your cellphone.

There’s plenty of time for that later.

Right now, you need to stay with me. Because this little beetle trick is just a tiny glimpse of the spatial revolution unfolding right now.

This $350 billion spatial computing revolution has the potential to deliver an unheard-of 100 TIMES your money.

Starting with three unique opportunities Chris has uncovered today. And I’m going to walk you through each of them and give you all the details you need to profit.

But first, let me be clear… There will never be a better time to go all-in on this spatial technology than today.

That’s because the biggest technology breakthroughs of our time have all hit prime time at once.

I’m talking about massive innovations like…

  • The internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • 5G
  • Machine learning
  • Mixed reality
  • Blockchain

Scientists are calling this moment the “Great Convergence.” 

And it is what has finally made spatial computing a reality.

bbr spatial ivan

See, Ivan Sutherland actually invented the world’s first spatial computer back in 1968.

It was this crazy-looking contraption that was suspended over your head and used ultrasonic sensors to track your movement.

Images floated in midair in front of you and moved with you.

The problem was that Sutherland was decades ahead of his time. The technology he needed for a lightweight scalable spatial computer didn’t exist yet.

Today, thanks to the Great Convergence of the internet of things, AI, 5G, mixed reality, blockchain, and more, Sutherland’s dream is coming true.

Our digital and physical worlds are converging in a way that has never before been possible.

The world around us is becoming our playground, where a single look or gesture summons up the information we need — almost like magic.

Until now, you could only glimpse this world in science-fiction movies like The MatrixReady Player One, or The Avengers

But today, science fiction is becoming reality.

Just as that ugly beetle appears on your desk…

Doctors can now see and interact with organs outside the human body…

Engineers can see complex wiring instructions superimposed on top of a wind turbine or airplane engine…

bbr spatial assembly

And designers can see their latest Nike shoe invention in real time.

And this is the REAL reason why Apple and Google added spatial technology to your cellphone. 

The biggest tech giants in the world want you to get comfortable in this new spatial playground.

Because very soon, we’re all going to make the leap from tiny glowing screens into “space.”

No, not outer space! I’m talking about the space right in front of you.

What’s coming next will blow your mind. It’s all the tech geeks can talk about right now.

And it’s happening faster than you think.

That’s because Apple is all-in on spatial. The brand-new iPhone 12 is actually just a cleverly disguised pocket-sized spatial computer.

Once folks catch on, everyone will be talking about this new spatial technology. Interest will go parabolic.

And fortunes will be made… for those who were smart enough to get in NOW.

That’s because Chris has uncovered a way to make a potential 9,910% total gains from the next generation of mobile spatial computers.

It’s just one of three ways I’m going to reveal today that spatial computing could make you rich.

And let me be clear, I’m NOT talking about buying Apple. Because the life-changing gains ahead won’t come from the world’s biggest tech companies…

They’ll come from tiny companies that are enabling these tech giants to make the leap to spatial.

And they are ALL leaping!

That’s because while the spatial computing market is worth around $25 billion today…

It’s projected to grow to a massive $350 billion by 2026.

bbr spatial kelly

Kevin Kelly, founding editor of WIRED, predicts, “Whoever dominates [the spatial web] will become among the wealthiest and most powerful people and companies in history, just as those who now dominate the web and social media have.”

This is your chance to join the next generation of tech millionaires… to ride the coattails of the next Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, or Steve Jobs to amass a fortune for you and your family.

Just consider what your life would be like NOW if you’d invested in the ground floor of the last computing revolution… 

If you’d invested in Amazon when it was just a glorified mail-order bookstore with delusions of grandeur — before it became the world’s greatest e-commerce behemoth…

You’d be looking at 179,778% gains today.

bbr spatial amazon

If you’d invested in Google when it was still a noun, before it became a household verb — “Google it” — you’d be looking at 2,640% gains today.

bbr spatial google

If you’d invested in Facebook back when it was just a way for pimple-faced college kids to hook up, before your grandmother started posting pictures of her rose bushes, you’d have pocketed 560% profits today.

bbr spatial facebook

If you’d invested in Apple when it was all about the “record collection” in your pocket, before it turned that digital record player into a full-on mobile computer, you’d be looking at 29,978% profits today.

bbr spatial apple3

If you’d invested in Microsoft back when it was all about the “Start” button, before Microsoft launched hundreds of applications for millions of customers, you’d be looking at 5,560% gains today.

bbr spatial microsoft

That’s an average of 43,703% gains from today’s “Big Five” alone. That’s enough to turn every $1 into $437 and every $10,000 into more than $4 million — $4,370,332 to be exact.

If you missed out on these epic gains, I feel your pain… I’ve made the same mistake myself.

bbr spatial bitcoin

Like the time I didn’t listen to Chris when he told me Bitcoin was about to disrupt the entire banking industry.

So I missed out on the Bitcoin bonanza and my chance at the quick 2,528% gain he made his readers.

I’m not about to make the same mistake twice. And I don’t want you to, either.

This is your second chance to build a fortune in the NEXT great tech revolution…

One that could deliver a total of 100 TIMES your money and make those legendary Apple gains look like chump change.

Now, obviously, these are exceptional gains. Every investment has risks. And you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But look, even if you only made HALF as much as I’m projecting, that’s 50 times your money. And that still looks tame compared with the insane growth we saw in the last tech revolution.

bbr spatial golf

Imagine telling your buddies on the golf course, “Yeah, I get to play four rounds a week because I got in on the ground floor of spatial computing in 2020 and made almost 10,000% gains. No more slaving away in the office for me!”

I’ll tell you everything you need to know to profit from spatial computing in just a minute.

But first let me prove to you that…

Spatial computing is no longer some kind of science-fiction dream… 

It’s here NOW and investors in the know are already seeing triple-digit gains.

If you’ve ever seen your kids or grandkids use goofy Snapchat filters… or heard about the Pokémon Gocraze… you’ve already had a taste of spatial computing.

Millions of daily Snapchat users and Pokémon Go players have already made the leap to spatial computing.

Now, these applications might seem a bit silly at first. But the dollars they command are anything but a joke…

Pokémon Go has racked up an impressive $2.3 billion in total in-app purchases.

And revenues from Snapchat’s “silly” spatial filters are projected to hit $2.4 billion by 2022.

Investors who got in when Snapchat made the leap to spatial computing have already pulled in 412% gains in less than two years!

And investors who got in on the ground floor of the Pokémon Go craze tripled their money on Nintendo in just 18 months.

Thanks to the launch of the new iPhone 12, the number of folks using these spatial apps is going to explode.

That’s why you want to get in now.

Now, here’s the thing…

All of these spatial apps have one thing in common. 

They all rely on your mobile phone being able to map the physical world around you.

This is what makes sure the “bug” lands on your desk and the Snapchat mustache ends up on your face instead of your foot.

One company has invented a unique “radar” sensor that allows your phone to map the world around you.

Now your phone likely already has the first generation of this technology… Otherwise, these spatial apps wouldn't work.

But new phones like the iPhone 12 are expanding this mapping function to include BOTH the space in front of you… and the space behind you.

bbr spatial radar

That means double the radar sensors. And that means this company’s sales could potentially double overnight.

Today the company is valued at less than $6 billion, but it could easily hit $60 billion as mobile spatial computing takes off…

Handing early-in investors an astonishing 958% windfall. That’s nearly 10 times your money.

But you need to act fast, because thanks to the iPhone 12… this radar technology isn’t going to be a secret much longer.

That’s why I’ve asked Chris to prepare a special report for you. 

It reveals all the details behind this virtually unknown radar stock. And it’s just one of the three ways to profit we’re going to talk about today.

We’ll be sending this urgent report out just as soon as this broadcast ends. So stay with us and in just a minute I’ll tell you exactly how to get your copy.

But before I do, I want to show you another reason these spatial apps are exploding… 

bbr spatial bored
bbr spatial buying

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we were all trapped inside, bored out of our minds. Everything shut down.

The only way you could shop was online. E-commerce started exploding. And it hasn’t stopped.

In fact, e-commerce sales soared to over $200 billion in the second quarter of 2020 alone.

bbr spatial retail

And with more traditional brick-and-mortar stores closing due to COVID-19….and more sales going online…

Retailers are using spatial apps to boost sales.

More and more consumers are using new spatial computing apps to virtually “try on” everything from eyeglasses to furniture online.

Spatial apps can help you find the perfect eyeglasses at Warby Parker…

Or virtually test-drive thousands of products at Amazon.com…

Or redesign your living room at Wayfair…

Retailers love these spatial apps because they encourage more customer interaction, boost sales, and lower returns …

Home-decorating company Houzz reported an 11 TIMES increase in sales from spatial technology.

Olay Skin Advisor doubled conversions, increased basket size by 30%, and had its biggest product launch in 10 years with spatial computing.

And when Nike used spatial computing to let customers try out the new Kyrie 4… the shoe sold out in less than an hour.

Hundreds more retail companies like Crate & Barrel, Gucci, IKEA, Lowe’s, H&M, L’Oréal, and Adidas are all going spatial.

No wonder spatial advertising is set to multiply nearly 20 TIMES to $8.8 billion in the next three years.

And you can ride that gravy train all the way to the bank.

That’s because Chris has pinpointed one tiny software company that designs spatial shopping apps for the world’s largest retailers.

As more and more retailers “go spatial,” this tiny tech company is set to explode.

Just consider The Trade Desk, another advertising tech company. Its platform is used by advertising agencies all over the world.

The stock went public in 2016 at around $27 per share and trades for nearly $600 today.

Early-in investors grabbed more than 2,000% gains [2,058%] in four years!

bbr spatial tradedesk

Or consider Shopify…

Its e-commerce platform allows anyone to set up an online store to sell products…

Shopify went public around $28 a share and trades for over $1,000 per share today.

bbr spatial shopify

If you were smart enough to spot this advertising trendsetter, you could have bagged 3,578% profits in around five years.

But don’t worry if you missed it.

Because Chris estimates the tiny ad tech company he just uncovered could return 2,800% gains or more in as little as three years.

And these retail profit opportunities are just one way to profit from the spatial computing revolution.

Chris has detailed two more ways you can cash in on this fast-growing $350 billion market.

That’s because…

The battle to dominate the spatial computing world has only just begun.

bbr spatial mz

Tech’s “Big Five” — Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft — are all pouring billions into developing the next-generation spatial computer.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook all want to be the first to dominate this explosive new market.

Because the rewards will be massive.

A top venture capitalist calls it “an arms race to capture the next computing platform.” 

And your cellphone was just the test-drive. The next spatial computer won’t be in your pocket — it will be on your face.

Microsoft is building a new spatial computer for the U.S. Army that lets soldiers better track enemy threats.

Apple is working on a new spatial computer called Apple Glass. It’s rumored to be released as early as next year.

bbr spatial glasses
bbr spatial mz2

Mark Zuckerberg declared Facebook will release its own spatial computer by 2023.

bbr spatial facebookrd

Facebook increased its annual R&D spending on spatial technology by nearly $10 billion per year.

It filed 989 new patents last year. That’s up 300% since Facebook began developing its own spatial computer.

And Facebook isn’t the only one spending tens of billions on R&D and frantically filing patents.

Deloitte reports that overall spatial computing patents have multiplied by 10 TIMES since this “arms race” began.

We are truly at the tipping point.

bbr spatial web

Right now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in early as spatial computing reaches a huge inflection point.

It may have taken 50 years to reach the point where spatial computing was cost-effective and scalable.

But thanks to the Great Convergence, experts predict it could only take five years for spatial computers to go mainstream.

Today’s tech giants are laying the groundwork as we speak.

They are investing hundreds of billions of dollars and building the runway that will allow dozens and dozens of smaller tech innovators to cash in big.

Like the two retail plays I just told you about that could deliver 958% and 2,800% gains, respectively.

And retail is just the first way Chris has identified to cash in on spatial computing.

Because spatial computing isn’t just transforming retail…

It’s changing the entire face of health care.

Thanks to the Great Convergence, health care is going spatial. 

Healthcare companies all over the world are using spatial computing to merge the digital and physical worlds together…

Helping doctors educate, innovate, and potentially save millions of lives.

bbr spatial 3dbrain

For example, Dassault Systèmes is transforming the way physicians diagnose and treat heart patients.

Its Living Heart Project uses spatial computing to create personalized 3D “digital twins” of human hearts. So your surgeon can practice on your digital heart before ever operating on your real one!

MediView XR’s spatial technology lets doctors “see” inside a patient’s body to pinpoint tumors. The technology acts like a missile guidance system, ensuring a surgeon is in the exact right location… before the first cut is ever made.

AccuVein’s breakthrough spatial technology helps medical staff find a vein and hit the mark every single time when drawing blood or starting an IV.

Here’s to never having to suffer through getting poked over and over again while a lab technician tries to find a good vein!

bbr spatial vein

These are just a few of the thousands of potential medical applications for spatial computing.

In fact, experts predict the market for medical spatial computing will hit $4 billion in the next five years. 

bbr spatial medical

But that could be a serious underestimation…

That’s because COVID is accelerating the adoption of these spatial technologies.

First responders and remote healthcare workers are already turning to spatial computing to help save lives.

5G-enabled spatial computers allow doctors at local hospitals to see exactly what EMTs are viewing in the field.

The doctor can assist the EMT with diagnosis and triage. The EMT can keep her hands free so she can treat the patient.

And the 5G wireless connection means it can all happen instantaneously… with no potentially deadly video delay.

All of which increases your odds of survival.

And it increases your odds of profiting, too…

That’s because Chris has identified one company that has invented a brand-new spatial computer — specifically for first responders.

This spatial computer is lightweight, making it perfect for carrying on scene. Plus, it’s Wi-Fi-enabled so it can easily connect to a 5G hub or hotspot on an ambulance or fire truck.

This company has successfully created spatial computers for the defense industry as well as factories and other big manufacturers.

And now it's partnered with one of the world’s largest telecom companies to bring this spatial computer to market.

The stock trades for less than $5 today, but you need to move fast.

Because once its new remote spatial computer hits the market… I predict this stock is going to skyrocket over 2,000%.

But that’s not all…

Chris also uncovered a second medical play…

This virtually unknown company invented a new spatial computer to aid in spinal surgery. It gives surgeons “X-ray vision” of the patient’s spine.

Right now, nearly a third of all spinal patients end up with screws in the wrong place!

But in early testing, surgeons using this new spatial computer were nearly 100% accurate at placing screws.

The company has already received FDA approval for its surgical spatial application. Soon hospitals all across the world will be implementing it.

When that happens, the stock is going to take off like a bat out of hell. So don’t wait! Get in now.

The last time a medical startup revolutionized surgery like this, the returns were breathtaking.

More than two decades ago, Intuitive Surgical invented the da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery.

The system delivered greater accuracy with quicker recovery times and had almost no competition.

Early-in investors had the chance at 5,650% returns.

bbr spatial intuitive

Today, Intuitive Surgical is being challenged by scrappy spatial startups like the one Chris has pegged today.

This is your chance for a once-in-a-lifetime “do-over.”

Get in now and ride the spatial computing revolution for a life-changing shot at 100 times your money.

If you act now, you could quite literally be set for life.

But before I tell you how to get all the details on Chris’ recommendations…

I want to tell you about one more area ripe for the picking…

Because healthcare companies aren’t the only ones using spatial computing to reduce errors, speed up training, and perform complex tasks with life-and-death potential…

Global manufacturers are going spatial, too.

bbr spatial hardhat

Thanks to the Great Convergence, experts are calling spatial computing the biggest disruptive trend of the next five years.

And we’re already seeing that play out in manufacturing. Many of the world’s largest manufacturers have already “gone spatial.”

Manufacturers are using spatial technology to create exact “digital twins” of physical assets (like our ugly beetle) — only a whole lot more complex.

“Digital twins” incorporate billions of pieces of data from actual machines — both current and historical. And they’re constantly updated in real time. It’s like the internet of things (IoT) on steroids.

Imagine if we covered an actual beetle in millions of sensors… Imagine if every time it moved or ate or breathed, our “virtual” beetle was updated simultaneously… creating an exact “mirror image” of a living beetle in real time in 3D space in front of you.

That is exactly what these digital twins are doing for wind turbines, automobiles, factories, and entire cities.

Workers can see and interact with complex machinery using 3D directions and data right on top of the physical machine or part…

bbr spatial digitaltwin

General Electric created more than 1.2 million digital twins of its physical assets.

These digital twins predict and prevent mechanical failures before they happen — saving millions of dollars and even lives in the process. 

Just one digital twin saved GE $12 million and helped prevent countless headaches from unscheduled airplane maintenance.

And GE isn’t the only one going all-in on spatial computing…

bbr spatial car

Automaker Maserati uses spatial computing to create and test-drive digital twins of luxury automobiles.

Spatial computing slashes development time by 30% and improves driving performance — all without the risk you’ll crash a $134,000 sports car!

Oil and gas companies use digital twins to plan and build giant offshore oil rigs. These digital twins help prevent dangerous mechanical failures, saving millions of dollars and countless lives.

Right now, digital twins have reached a major tipping point.

bbr spatial digital

Today the market is already worth close to $9 billion. 

And it’s expected to multiply by nearly 15 times…

To approximately $130 billion by 2027.

Forbes calls digital twins “the CEO’s best friend.”

bbr spatial gartner

And Gartner, the world's leading IT research and advisory company, named digital twins one of its top 10 strategic tech trends… not one, not two, but three years running.

Gartner predicts that half of all large industrial firms will use digital twins by the end of 2021. 

And once again, the COVID-19 pandemic is speeding up the adoption curve as manufacturers look for ways to work and maintain equipment remotely.

Which is why NOW is the time to get in.

When Gartner first put the internet of things (IoT) on its Top 10 list in 2012, it was a $2.4 billion industry…

But many investors had never heard of it.

If you had bought IoT pioneer NXP Semiconductors on the ground floor back in 2012… you could have pulled in 630% gains in just over three years.

While everyone else was still saying the “internet of what?”

But if you’d waited to buy until 2018… when IoT finally hit the mainstream news…

Your gains would have been a measly 9%.

bbr spatial nxp

Right now, spatial computing is just at the beginning of its adoption cycle. But the biggest gains… the 10X, 50X, and 100X multiples… will go to those folks who get in now.

And you can do that with a spatial computing company that’s a household name among big manufacturers… but virtually unknown to most investors.

Creating digital twins is a mind-boggling undertaking that merges data from hundreds if not thousands of sources in real time. And there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

But the company Chris has uncovered has a suite of spatial computing tools that solves these headaches at an attractive price.

As more and more manufacturers jump on the digital twin bandwagon, this company stands to capture the lion’s share of the $137 billion spatial software market.

Take a look at Ansys…

The company provides spatial computing solutions for giants in the automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

Early investors racked up 1,210% gains.

bbr spatial ansys

Or consider Cadence Design Systems. 

The company creates digital twins for the aerospace and automotive industry.

Early-in investors pocketed 1,230% gains.

bbr spatial cadence

Or check out Autodesk. 

The company focuses on spatial computing solutions for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Early investors rode the stock to 4,093% gains.

bbr spatial autodesk

The company Chris identified is a pioneer in spatial computing and set to deliver 1,700% gains or more across a wide range of industries.

But that’s not all Chris has uncovered. He’s also identified a hot private startup investing opportunity. 

And if the spatial computing software market explodes the way tech experts predict… this stock could be worth 100 times that just a few short years from now.

This company is a game-changer in the market, creating spatial software that builds digital twins of buildings, neighborhoods, and entire cities. And I’ll tell you how to get all the details on this stock right now…

Chris has prepared three special reports with the exact names, ticker symbols, and his full analysis of the cutting-edge spatial computing stocks leading this revolution.bbr spatial computing report

In your first report, How to Make a Killing on Spatial Computing’s ‘Killer Apps,'” Chris tells you all about the radar sensor company that makes spatial computing applications possible.

It scans the physical world around you and maps it… so your virtual sofa ends up on the floor in your living room and not suspended from the ceiling!

Key tech players like Apple rely on this company’s sensors. As 5G takes off and iPhones add more radar sensors… this company could deliver 10X gains in short order.

In this report, Chris also tells you about a second play… a tiny software company that creates spatial shopping apps for the world’s largest retailers. We’re talking about an $8.8 billion market here.

As more and more retailers go spatial, this company is sitting in the sweet spot.

Early-in investors could see up to 20 times their money in the next three years.

But as I pointed out earlier, the market for spatial apps only represents one slice of the spatial computing pie.
bbr spatial healthcare report

And that’s why Chris has put together a second report, “How to Make Colossal Gains on the Spatial Healthcare Revolution.”

This report gives you the inside scoop on the fast-growing spatial computing healthcare market, including a company about to launch a next-generation spatial computer — one designed specifically for the $117 billion first responder market.

This company is already a leader in spatial computing. In fact, it's been creating spatial computers for the defense and manufacturing industries for decades.

And it's partnered with one of the biggest names in tech to launch this newest spatial computer.

Once it hits the market, Chris expects its stock to skyrocket.

But that’s just the beginning. Because remember, Chris will also tell you about the tiny company that’s invented a new spatial computer to aid in spinal surgery.

Surgeons using this new spatial computer are 98.9% accurate at placing screws. The last startup that revolutionized surgery like this was Intuitive Surgical.

That stock delivered an astonishing 5,650% return to early-in investors.

And Chris fully believes this stock could do the same.

But your opportunity to profit on the exploding spatial computing market doesn’t end there!bbr digital twin report

Because Chris will also show you how to make a killing as spatial computing revolutionizes manufacturing. All the details are in his third special report, “The Rise of the Digital Twin: Cashing in on the $127 Billion Business Revolution.” 

In that report, he’ll tell you about the massive $127.14 billion market for “digital twin” applications.

You’ll get the inside scoop on how companies like GE, Microsoft, and Boeing are capitalizing on digital twin technology to save millions… and he’ll introduce you to the leading software company that’s helping them do it.

This software player stands to capture the lion’s share of the projected 15X growth in the spatial enterprise market. And investors who strike now could be in line to pocket substantial gains.

But that’s not all Chris has uncovered. Chris has identified a hot startup investing opportunity. 

This company is a game-changer in the market, creating spatial software that builds digital twins of buildings, neighborhoods, and entire cities.

The world will need an estimated 10,000 new cities by 2050 just to keep pace with population growth. And in today’s IoT world, every one of those cities will rely on smart connected buildings, infrastructure, and physical assets in order to run efficiently and conserve resources.

This company’s digital twin software aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of data needed to design, build, and run projects at any scale.

And its stock could jump 15X within a few short years from now. But that’s a conservative estimate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw 50X your money or more.

We’re Talking About a 9,910% Potential Windfall Here. That’s 100 Times Your Money! You In?

Together, these three special reports give you the chance to cash in on nearly 10,000% gains.

You could easily turn $5,000 into $500,000 in just a few years.

I’m talking about the chance for life-changing wealth here. You’ll get all the details in the three FREE special reports I’ll send you today.

All I ask in return is that you agree to try Chris’ investment newsletter, Bull and Bust Report.

Bull and Bust Report will keep you on top of all the hot opportunities I just told you about as they unfold.

Plus, you’ll learn about new opportunities for getting filthy rich in the spatial computing revolution as Chris uncovers them.

He is constantly scouring the market for new trends and investing prospects.

And we’re going to see a tidal wave of new prospects go public in the near future.

In fact, venture capitalists have already poured a whopping $45 billion into spatial computing startups.

These promising up-and-coming companies represent yet another opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of spatial computing via IPOs and buyouts.

And spatial computing is just one of the booming trends Chris will help you profit from.

Chris has a history of delivering life-changing gains to his subscribers by helping them get into big opportunities early.

Remember the 2,528% returns on Bitcoin I told you about earlier?

bbr spatial bitcoin

A $6,000 investment in that recommendation would have made you $151,680 richer in less than two years.

That’s enough to put a child or grandchild through college. To take the whole family on a beach vacation this summer. Or to buy that Maserati designed using spatial computing.

But those are just the beginning.

bbr spatial ethereum

Because I didn’t tell you about the 1,040% gains you could have made on Chris’ Ethereum recommendation in just eight short months.

bbr spatial bitcoin2

Or the other gains you could have made on Bitcoin following Chris’ recommendations to strategically hop in and out of the stock. I’m talking gains of 1,065% and 2,479%.

Chris is a master at finding new trends — like the digital currency trend — and milking them for really big gains.

Of course, I don’t want to discount the steady stream of impressive triple-digit gains Chris has delivered as well:

  • 351% on Entrée Resources Inc.
  • 201% on First Majestic Silver
  • 256% on Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
  • 235% on FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation
  • 247% on Africa Oil Corp.
  • 242% on Endeavour Silver
  • 515% on Palm Resources Pte. Ltd.
  • 268% on China Yuchai International Limited
  • 502% on Plug Power Inc.
  • 243% on Cemex
  • 251% on Unilife Corporation
  • 759% on Petro Matad Limited

These are actual gains you could have made by following Chris’ recommendations. But the gains I just told you about pale in comparison with the gains you could make today.

Because I’ve never seen Chris as excited about a technology as he is about spatial computing.

A year from now, you personally could be marveling at how much cash you made off of spatial computing… but only if you grab your chance to invest today.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the biggest tech revolution we’ve seen in decades.

An opportunity that could set you, your children, and even your grandchildren up for life.

So don’t miss your chance to get in on spatial computing early, before this explodes as the “next big thing”…

And set yourself up for life-changing wealth by giving Bull and Bust Report a try. You get:

  • Hot New Profit Opportunities in Every Newsletter Issue of Bull and Bust Report. Get ready for a steady stream of recommendations arriving in your inbox. Not only will you get the best recommendations as spatial computing explodes, but many, many other opportunities to profit as well.
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  • Detailed Data on ALL Our Portfolio Recommendations: Check out Chris' current recommendations — as well as buy and sell prices — the instant you become a Bull and Bust Report member.
bbr spatial reports

Not to mention your three FREE special reports…

bbr spatial package

I promise you won’t regret taking Chris’ Bull and Bust Report for a test drive today. Because the opportunity to pull in big gains on spatial computing is just the beginning.

And you don’t have to take my word for it…

Just look at the kind of cash these happy subscribers are pulling in:

Made a total profit of $97,500. That was the biggest profit I have ever made. Thank you very much for the great work you have done. Keep it up!

— Fred L.

Dear Hammer, I’m up about $50,000 in one year on some of your recommendations.

— Warren D.

Up $21,000 in less than a week! Keep the very, very good recommendations coming!

— Cameron P.

Today you have the chance to join this exclusive club completely risk-free because…

I promise you’ll love the investing insight you get from Bull and Bust Report… or your money back!

Now, those stock recommendations… unparalleled investing insight… “profit now” email alerts… and three special reports total a whopping $529 in free gifts and benefits.

But today, I’m letting you in on a special “test-drive” offer of just $49. That’s just $0.14 a day.

For pennies a day, you get a full year of Bull and Bust Report… your free three special reports… our special “stocks to watch” list… and much, much more.

And with 9,910% gain potential here, you could EASILY make that “test-drive” price back starting in just a few months… even if you only invest in one of the spatial computing recommendations I will send you in your FREE reports today.

But that’s not all. Today, I’m letting you try all this RISK-FREE.

So with this special “test-drive” offer, you get to try Bull and Bust Report — and all the other benefits that go with it — for a full six months.

And if you’re not amazed by the moneymaking opportunities Chris is sending your way, just give us a call before your six months are up, and we’ll refund your entire subscription cost.

No questions asked.

That’s how much I want you to take advantage of this opportunity.

But I cannot stress enough how URGENT it is to get in on this today.

bbr spatial techgiants

Right now, the big tech giants are already in a full-scale arms race to control the next generation of computing.

They’re pouring in billions… and building a massive opportunity for smaller players to cash in on the spatial computing market.

You’ll get six hot profit opportunities in your three FREE special reports.

In those reports, we’ll give you all the details you need to set yourself up to pull in 100 times your money on these spatial computing recommendations very quickly.

You could easily turn $5,000 into $500,000 in just a few years.

And that’s just the beginning. Because in Bull and Bust Report, Chris will alert you to dozens of other hot investing opportunities as they emerge.

But you need to act now to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a ton of cash.

If you sit this one out, you’re going to be kicking yourself a year from now.

Because that’s when everybody and their brother will be jumping on the spatial computing bandwagon. And by then, it will be too late to make the really big gains.

Spatial computing is already a $25.4 billion market. And it’s about to explode… unleashing a $350 billion spatial computing wave of wealth.

Look, an opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day. Spatial computing is the kind of technology revolution that can make millionaires out of regular investors.

The only question is whether you’ll be one of the lucky ones to cash in.

There’s no time to waste. Chris has identified six under-the-radar profit opportunities for you. Companies that are ideally positioned to ride the spatial computing market all the way to the top.

You need to consider these opportunities right away.

With this risk-free offer, you have nothing to lose… and a lifetime of wealth to gain.

The choice is up to you.

Just click on the “Try It Now” button below to get started.

Don’t miss out!

Click here to grab your chance to make a fortune on the spatial computing revolution — before it’s too late.

try it now button

To life-changing wealth,


Dave Roberts
Publisher, Bull and Bust Report

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