“Imperium” The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend


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— Elon Musk, World's Richest Man



An era-defining technology is set to disrupt the entire global economy in 2021

And one small-cap stock is at the center of it all…

“It will have a far bigger impact on humanity than the internet.”

— Former Apple CEO

“One of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century”

— Bill Gates, World's 3rd Richest Man

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Take a good look at this machine…

Study it and commit its every feature to memory.

Because inside this machine is a technology that will be the most transformative in history. 

Experts are saying:

It’s a technology I call … Imperium.

And it’s truly mankind’s next great leap forward…

All told, it’s set to disrupt global industries worth a total of $64 trillion…

I’m talking about…

  • Energy (including renewables) — $4 trillion
  • Health care — $8 trillion
  • Agriculture — $5 trillion
  • Manufacturing — $35 trillion
  • Food retail — $12 trillion

Yet one small-cap company … the company that makes this machine … is at the forefront of it all.

And today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in this company … starting with a small stake. 

You’ll want to get in right away.

Because investing in “Imperium” now could be like getting into internet stocks in the early 1990s…

Where rare and exceptional stocks like Intel shot up more than 8,000% in 10 years.

Microsoft … that shot up nearly 10,000% in 10 years.

And Cisco … that shot up more than 53,000% over the same timeframe.

But the growth with “Imperium” could come much faster.

That’s because the adoption of “Imperium” is set to happen even quicker than the internet.

You see, while it took more than two decades for the internet to go from one million users to two billion…

“Imperium” technology is set to achieve the same feat in just four years. 

That’s a growth rate 5X faster than the internet

Put another way, that’s nearly 200,000% growth in only four years…

Think about what that means…

If the growth rate of the internet was able to generate the huge stock market winners I just showed you… 

You can only imagine how certain Imperium stocks could soar as this new technology grows at a rate 5X FASTER

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results… 

And all investments carry risk

So you should never bet the house

But the bottom line is…

Early investors have the chance to make a windfall from a small stake

Especially because the growth of “Imperium” technology is all but guaranteed.

Right now, the U.S. government has a total of 10 agencies working on it … including DARPA — the military’s advanced technology program that invented the internet…

The world’s richest men are jumping onboard too.

  • Jeff Bezos recently added to a $100 million investment…
  • Elon Musk says Imperium is “amazing…
  • Bill Gates’ investment fund is contributing to a $429 million investment… saying Imperium is “one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century”…
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s $3 billion fund is heavily backing “Imperium”…
  • And Peter Thiel … a man that ForbesFortune and the New Yorker all call the best tech investor in history… He’s adding to a $110 million investment.

That’s 4 out of the top 5 richest men in the world jumping into “Imperium” with both feet.

Plus, dozens of other billionaires and Wall Street visionaries are going “all in.”

And if you want to profit alongside them, you need to act now while “Imperium” is still almost totally unknown…

Unlike 5G, AI, blockchain, self-driving cars or many of the other tech trends you’ve seen in the mainstream media… 

“Imperium” is an earlier stage investment where truly life-changing profits can still be made.

But only if you act quickly.

And I mean as fast as you possibly can.

As a scientist from MIT put it:

“We are at the cusp of [Imperium] really entering the mainstream.” — MIT Scientist

You see, the same catalyst that sparked the explosion of the internet was just triggered for Imperium:

It’s now dropped to a price where the average American can afford it.

This is the same thing that brought the internet to the mainstream in the 1990s…

In fact, it’s the same catalyst that causes each tech trend to explode…

For example…

When the first cheap PC hit stores in the early 1980s, computers were snapped up by millions of households…

Cellphones flew off shelves with the cheap Nokia and Motorola’s of the late 1990s…

And it’s the same with tablets…


Solar panels…

All these technologies exploded when they became affordable…

And now, Imperium technology has hit the sweet spot where most Americans can buy it.

I’ll give you all the details of what has caused the price to drop in just a moment.

But the most important thing to understand right now is the scope of this opportunity. 

It’s on a scale unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Remember: Imperium is set to disrupt virtually the entire global economy as it’s adopted 5X faster than the internet…

Imperium chart showing users growth

So it could catapult certain stocks higher and faster than most people think is possible…

You will soon hear about Imperium on all your social media feeds…

Your kids, your relatives, your friends…

They will all be talking about it.

But by then you could have already cashed in on the Imperium trend if you act today.

odd imperium machine blueprint

Imagine it…

Not only will you be one of the few who knew about it ahead of time … you could also have a bunch of extra money in your investment accounts to show for it.

This is the opportunity I want to hand to you right now.

Because I’ve found the No. 1 small-cap stock to cash in on as Imperium soars nearly 200,000% in the next four years…

I’ll give you the details on this company shortly.

Before I do, it’s important I introduce myself and tell you how I’m able to find opportunities like this one…

Adam O'Dell

My name is Adam O’Dell. 

I’m a former hedge fund manager and Chartered Market Technician … or CMT for short.

A CMT is a designation earned by analysts with a rare and deep knowledge of the markets.

I’m honored to say that less than 1% of Wall Street experts and hedge fund managers ever achieve it.

Yet, it means I have a unique ability to pick winning investments.

In fact, my record puts me among the best stock-pickers and investment analysts in the world.

In just the last eight months, I’ve shown my followers through my untracked stock picks all these peak gains: 

I Picked 24 Triple-Digit Gains Over 
the Last 8 Months

chart showing triple digit stock gains

As you can see, in a little more than half a year, I’m proud to report I picked 24 stocks that have hit triple-digit peak gains…

The truth is, that’s more than most analysts get in a lifetime.

Of course, nobody has a 100% track record, so not all my stocks are winners… 

But, on average, these picks are beating the S&P 500 by almost 3-to-1…

And the best part?

How results like these are helping to change the lives of regular Americans all over the country…

In fact, here’s what some of my followers are saying about my research services.

Kyle Y. said:

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I’ve proven I can help anybody who follows me become successful in the stock market … no matter 
their background

Yet I’m not like the fast-talking guys you meet on Wall Street…

I’m a small-town boy at heart.

I grew up in the heartland of America in a little place called Huntington, West Virginia … a town of just about 50,000 people.

There was one road in … and one road out…

My grandparents were blue-collar folk…

Factory employees who worked hard to make a life for themselves.

I’m extremely thankful they did.

Because they gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams… 

So even though I eventually did find my way to Wall Street…

And even ended up running my own hedge fund…

I never felt like I wanted to live among “Wall Street types” for long.

I just didn’t fit in.

So a few years ago, I moved to Palm Beach, Florida to live by the ocean…

And I took the position of Chief Investment Strategist at Money & Markets, an independent research firm that serves more than 250,000 readers.

I’m now doing what I feel is my life’s work: showing regular Americans how to invest in stocks that could help them retire rich…

That’s why I have my eyes fixed on what I call “Imperium.”

According to my research, this will be the biggest profit-making mega trend in history…

And I’ve found the No. 1 stock to take advantage as “Imperium” grows nearly 200,000% over the next four years… 

I’ll give you the details in just a moment…

But you’re probably wondering — what exactly is “Imperium” technology?

And what does this machine do?

Well, this thing here reads your DNA and then digitizes it so it can be stored on a computer.

It’s called a “DNA sequencer”… because your DNA is made up of a “sequence” of six billion letters.

Here’s an example of what a DNA sequence looks like when it’s been digitized: 

As you may know, DNA is the stuff inside your cells that carries all your genetic information…

Your eye color, your height, your skin color — all of it is determined by DNA.

That’s why I call it “Imperium” — because in Latin, Imperium means “the power to command.”

And DNA has “Imperium” over everything we do as humans.

Thing is — up until recently — the process of sequencing DNA took a very long time… 

And it cost A LOT of money.

The first time scientists sequenced all the DNA inside a single person, it took 13 years … and cost $2.7 BILLION.

At the time, one expert called it… 

Yet, the fruits of this incredible breakthrough have been unavailable to the masses … until NOW.

You see, thanks to hardware developed by my No. 1 Imperium company, (which I’ll now refer to as my No. 1 DNA company) anyone can get their DNA sequenced in under eight hours … at a cost of just $239.

All you have to do is swab inside your mouth, and you’ll get your DNA sequenced and uploaded to a computer in a single workday.

You might be wondering why people would want to do that…

And I’ll get to the incredible benefits of DNA sequencing in just a moment…

But the important thing from an investing standpoint is that it’s now available cheaply and easily.

And like with all great mega trends, this will be the catalyst that brings DNA technology to the masses, FAST … growing nearly 200,000% in just four years.

The most exciting part is that my No. 1 DNA stock is set to be a central player in this fast-emerging mega trend

It’s all thanks to their incredible competitive advantage.

They’re able to process DNA much faster than the competition thanks to a new kind of microchip they’ve developed and patented

It looks like this…

It’s made from silicon just like the microchips you find in your computer…

And it allows my No. 1 DNA company to process DNA at 10,000 TIMES the speed of the previous technology thanks to its unique “nanowell” technology.

Before the invention of this microchip, DNA was manipulated in test tubes by hand…

But now, it’s a high-tech process that means DNA technology can be applied CHEAPLY for the first time … unleashing the DNA mega trend.

This breakthrough microchip means my No. 1 DNA company will play a foundational role in the mass adoption of DNA technology…

In much the same way the company Intel was central to the roll-out of the internet

In fact, Wired Magazine even reported:

How so?

Well, Intel manufactured the best silicon microchips available during the dotcom boom.

So they ended up providing the hardware for every kind of application of the internet… 

In a way, you could say Intel powered the dotcom boom.

As a result, their stock made a truly rare and exceptional gain as the internet went mainstream.

That’s why I’m so excited about my No. 1 DNA company.

Because just like Intel developed a microchip that powered the internet as it went mainstream

My No. 1 DNA company has patented a new microchip that is set to power the DNA mega trend as it goes mainstream in the days ahead… 

Indeed, their chip is set to be used across ALL applications of Imperium technology…

And believe me, there are MANY.

But let’s start with the first one…

Experts are saying DNA technology will revolutionize the entire $8 trillion health care sector

It’s easy to see why.

As many as TWO BILLION people will have had their DNA sequenced by 2025 because of how cheap it has just become.

That’s 1 in 4 people on Earth.

And why wouldn’t you?

Having a map of your DNA could easily help you live happy and healthy for far longer.

As the NIH says:

So thanks to DNA technology…

We’re rapidly approaching a point where we could end all genetic diseases

I’m talking about…

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Hepatitis
  • Loss of eyesight
  • And more

As a recent Nobel Prize winner reported…

Another prominent medical professional said the same thing…

And this is set to happen far sooner than most people think.

In a presentation on DNA technologies, former Apple CEO John Sculley announced that…

This could save millions of lives over the next decades.

It could save your life.

It could save your loved one’s life.

You see, when you understand a disease at the DNA level, it means you aren’t just dealing with symptoms like current medicine.

So not only will you be able to detect diseases like cancer far earlier … with all cancers potentially screened for in one test thanks to DNA technology…

You can address the disease at its foundation by simply “deleting” the disease-causing sequence from your DNA.

Think of it like deleting a line of text on your computer.

It will be simply be gone — with no chance of remission.

As Dr. Eric Pierce says:

And all it takes is a simple procedure.

Yet it’s not just cancer.

All genetic disease could soon be “deleted” like this…

This marks a quantum-leap forward for medicine.

And the microchip provided by my No. 1 DNA stock will play a pivotal role…

Just like Intel and their microchip during the dotcom boom.

And here’s the most exciting part:

Health care is just the start

I’m going to get into all the other applications of DNA technology in just a moment.

But before I do, there’s something else I want to address.

You’ve probably noticed that DNA technology is not a mega trend in the same way the internet was

Or any of the other tech trends I’ve mentioned so far…

This is BIOTECH.

The combination of biology and technology.

And that’s different to the pure tech plays that have led the market for the last decade…

And by extension, it’s different from what people expect will lead the market in the future.

But that’s why you can get a jump on this…

Because if the 2010s were the period when the FAANG stocks came to prominence

The 2020s will be the decade when market-leading stocks come from biotech and DNA technology

It’s already starting to happen…

Over the last six months, biotech has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 2.5 times.

And DNA companies have outperformed by a staggering 7 times.

DNA Companies Are Outperforming the S&P 500 
By 7X!

And this is just the beginning.

Only the average investor on the street hasn’t realized it yet!

And that’s why DNA represents such an incredible ground-floor opportunity.

But don’t just take my word for it.

This is exactly what the world’s largest investment fund, Vanguard, found in their deep study on upcoming mega trends.

This wasn’t reported in the mainstream media…

But they had their team of eight PhDs crunch over two billion data points to discover what was going to be the biggest tech trend of the 2020s.

They covered EVERYTHING.

5G, self-driving cars, Big Data, blockchain, AI… 

All of the things you’ve probably already heard will be the biggest game-changers.

Yet they found that DNA technology was not just going to be the biggest … it has even bigger potential than the internet in the 1990s.

As Vanguard’s Global Head of Investment said:

“If I had to pick one field that was going to be bigger than the internet … it would be DNA technology”

I keep stressing the point that this is going to be bigger than the internet for a reason…

Because it’s the yardstick that all other tech trends should be measured by, as far as investing is concerned…

If you held on from 1990 to 2000, you could have made life-changing gains in many great companies as the internet went mainstream…

I’m talking IBM, Intuit, eBay, Adobe, Amazon Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco

Yet, DNA technology is set to dwarf the internet trend.

Meaning it will literally be the greatest investing mega trend in history.

And my No. 1 DNA stock will be at the forefront of it all … providing the microchip that will power every kind of DNA technology….

Just like Intel during the Internet boom…

That’s why I believe this is a dream, once-in-a-lifetime stock that everyone should put money in as soon as they possibly can.

Because it’s not just humans that will have their DNA sequenced.

It’s everything — plants, animals, textiles…

In fact…

The $5 trillion global agricultural industry is already being transformed by DNA technologies … along with the $12 trillion food and grocery retail industry

Experts report:

That means EVERYTHING you see in your supermarket could soon be improved with DNA technologies.

In many cases, it’s already happening.

For example, the next time you pick up food from your local drive-through, the fast food you eat could come with all the delicious taste … and none of the health consequences. 

I’m talking burgers, fries — everything!

You see, according to Forbes:

Why is that important?

Well, according to the USDA, soybean oil is the most widely produced and consumed edible oil in the entire country. 

It’s primary use is to fry fast food.

This is a huge problem because soybean oil is high in “trans-fat.”

The best estimates are that “trans fat” causes up to 100,000 Americans to die each year from cardiovascular disease.

Yet thanks to the American farmers who sequenced the DNA of the soybean … and “deleted” the trans fats from its DNA… 

You could eat mountains of fast food while your cholesterol goes down.

Who doesn’t love the idea of that? I know I would. 

Especially when these kinds of developments could also make you rich…

You see, my No. 1 DNA company is set to provide their special microchip to leading agricultural companies … just like the one deleting “trans fat” from soybeans.

That’s why they’re being billed as the Intel of the DNA mega trend

But that’s not all… 

My No. 1 DNA stock will also be there to help the companies revolutionizing the $35 trillion manufacturing sector … with biological manufacturing

This is the next evolution in manufacturing where physical products are made through biotech.

It’s already happening in multiple fields.

Take textiles for example.

An American company now valued at $700 million is producing biologically manufactured spider silk.

Spider silk is desirable because as Forbes reports “it’s extremely soft and strong, and it could make long-lasting, lightweight and desirable clothes.”

It’s stronger than Kevlar and far more elastic.

In short: it’s the Rolls Royce of clothing fabrics.

The problem is it’s virtually impossible to farm spider silk. 

But DNA technology has solved that problem.

By copying the part of the DNA responsible for making silk from a spider, and manipulating it in one of their onsite machines, this company can produce silk quickly and cheaply.

No spiders needed.

Yet this is just the start…

Because it’s not just things like spider silk that will be created using DNA technologies…

In the future, it will create everything.

As one DNA technology expert says:

In short: the $64 trillion disruption I’ve been talking about could be just the beginning. 

In truth, we don’t know all the ways DNA technology will change the world in the future.

Think about it like this…

In the nineties, did anybody have any idea what kind of ways the internet would change the world?

This is exactly the same.

And like the internet, the incredible speed and scope of the DNA revolution will fuel the growth of the next stock market leaders.

The best of the best investment opportunities of the 2020s.

In fact, it’s my firm belief that the biggest company in the world will eventually be a DNA company.

It could easily be the company I want to give you the details of today … my No. 1 company for the DNA revolution.

They’re no more than a small-cap stock right now.

Yet as you know, they have the patent on a microchip that will power every kind of application for DNA technologies now and into the future.

No matter what those applications turn out to be…

Understandably, the microchip that my No. 1 DNA company makes is the first-choice hardware in the industry… 

In fact, they have A-list clients lining up to use their technology…

They’ve already partnered with the Broad Institute…




$50 billion biotech giant Illumina…

And even DARPA, the military’s advanced research division, who says this microchip puts my No. 1 DNA company light-years ahead of the competition…

And this advantage is protected by an iron-clad patent.

Their microchip technology cannot be copied.

And that’s exactly why they’re being called the “Intel of DNA technologies.”

Because like Intel back in the 1990s, they have a patent-protected microchip that ensures they will play a central role in an era-defining mega trend…

The DNA revolution!

Remember what this did for Intel’s stock price:

But you might be wondering — why don’t more people know about them?

Well, as I said earlier…

DNA technology is still off the radar of the average investor.

As one Forbes contributor put it:

That’s why I believe this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… 

Think about it…

If you act today, you can get in on a company that has a monopoly on the microchip that will power the greatest mega trend in human history… 

Before the mainstream catches on

And way before they potentially turn into one of the biggest companies in the world.

But let me put it like this…

If you could go back to the 1990s and invest in Intel, would you?

Of course you would.

Now, hindsight is 20/20 and no one can predict the future

So I can’t promise you’ll see the same kind of success that investors had with Intel.

But my research is telling me you have the same kind of chance here…

Only the roll-out of DNA technology is set to happen 5X faster than the internet.

So the growth of this industry could be even more explosive … with scientists predicting it could grow nearly 200,000% in just four years.

That’s why I believe this company will be the best investment of my career.

And as somebody who has outperformed Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway for nearly a decade, I like to think that’s saying something.

Now I could go on and on about my No. 1 DNA stock:

  • How their management is filled with superstars
  • How their revenues are rising quarter on quarter like a rocket
  • How they’re consistently innovating and pushing their technology forward

But instead of doing that, why don’t I just send you a report with all the information you need to jump onboard, so you can buy it today?

The report is titled, The Next Intel: The Microchip Company Powering the 199,000% DNA Mega Trend.”

And I want to rush you a copy right now, totally FREE of charge when you take a no-risk trial subscription to my newsletter.

Inside the report you’ll get the ticker symbol…

You’ll get a more in-depth breakdown of the company…

Plus, my recommended buy-up-to price…

In short: EVERYTHING you need to inform yourself to go out and buy this stock immediately.

But that’s not all…

I also want to send you another report … one that could help you retire rich in one shot.

As you probably realize, a trend as big as the DNA revolution is going to create a lot of huge stock market winners.

So, I want to give you the details of the three more DNA companies that are set to explode higher in the days, weeks, and months ahead

Now, before I tell you about them, I do have to stress something…

These companies are at an earlier stage than my No. 1 DNA company.

They’re more speculative … cheaper to buy into … and so the risk is higher.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe they will be huge companies in their own right.

In fact, I have them pegged as future titans of the DNA space.

I’m just saying don’t bet the house.

Luckily, because of the profit potential, you don’t have to… 

You can make huge life-changing gains from a modest stake.

This Company is Trading for Just $2.10 Right Now

Despite their tiny size, they’re set to become a key player in the fight to combat everything from cancer to viruses. 

They use therapies based on DNA technology to help a patient’s immune system fight and eliminate disease on its own.

And they’re incredibly powerful

In fact, their number one treatment is so revolutionary it’s attracted two “Breakthrough Award” grants from the Department of Defense totaling $15 million.

Take this drug and your immune system can potentially fight off a whole range of diseases…

That makes it incredibly valuable because it can dominate in multiple markets — including virus and cancer…

Even COVID-19.

And that’s the real X-factor with this company.

Their number one product is currently in an FDA-approved trial to see if it works as a therapeutic for “long haul” COVID-19.

Researchers estimate that 10% of people who get COVID have long-term issues. 

They have recovered in theory, because they no longer test positive…

Yet, they still have symptoms.

This is called “long haul” COVID.

And with over a hundred million cases of COVID worldwide… 

It means the number of people with long-haul COVID is in the tens of millions … with huge revenue potential for anybody who can solve this widespread issue.

So if this tiny company’s treatment works, their stock could go ballistic…

To be clear … this company isn’t relying solely on this long haul COVID trial…

They have many other uses for their main drug…

In fact, it’s the only known therapeutic against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disorder that robs our economy over $9 billion each year.

So even if the long-haul COVID-19 trial doesn’t work out, this company could still be a great investment.

But if it does work out…

Well, it’s off to the races…

The sky is the limit.

I’m talking turning $1,000 into $50,000

Or $10,000 into $500,000

Or $20,000 into a million dollars over the next five to 10 years.

Of course, nothing in the market is guaranteed … and this is a speculative play

But the potential here is mind-blowing.

When I first spotted this stock they were $1…They're now over $3 and don't look like stopping…

Thing is, I’m even more excited about the second DNA stock contained in the report.


Because they use an incredibly profitable business model when done right. 

I’m talking about the royalties business.

Yet this isn’t like any type of royalty business you’ve heard about before…

Because they’re selling royalties on DNA sequences

Here’s how it works:

This company reads the DNA of plants, textiles and chemicals trying to discover sequences that have applications in huge growth industries, including:

  1. Medical Cannabis
  2. Immuno-oncology
  3. Agriculture

When they finds a DNA sequence they think is promising…

They sell it to another company to develop…

If it works out, they get paid royalties on an ongoing basis.

In short: they allow other businesses to take all the risk and do most of the work, and they take a cut when it’s profitable. 

What a business model!

This company also has an incredible competitive advantage…

A patented-AI system that does virtually all the work of scanning DNA sequences for them…

So not only is this company taking advantage of the DNA mega trend … they’re using cutting-edge AI technology to leverage it…

And they already have big-name partnerships with mega-corps like Bayer, Dupont and Monsanto…

In short: they’re profits here could be astronomical.

I’m talking turning $2,000 into $150,000…

Or $20,000 into $1.5 million in 10 years…

In fact, when I first spotted this stock it was only $1…

It’s now higher than $3…

And it doesn’t look like it’s stopping.

Get on this one quick while you still can.

That brings me to my final stock…

I’ll admit, this one is a bit left field.

It’s nothing like your typical tech stock.

But as I’ve said… 

The biggest profit trend of the 2020s is going to be biology and technology coming together.

This is where tech stocks are headed.

Those who realize that now could make incredible profits.

Particularly, if they get into stocks like the next one I’m going to tell you about. 

This “weird” tech company could hand you the biggest windfall of your life

But why do I call them a “weird” tech company?

Well, because they’re farmers.

They grow salmon… 

Yet, their fish are different than any that’s ever been farmed before.

Firstly, they’re using what’s called land-based aquaculture.

That means they grow the salmon in filtered pools that simulate the wild environment … so they don’t even need a wild body of water!

And that brings down costs while increasing yield.

But the big thing that sets this company apart is their unique salmon.

It’s the first DNA-edited animal approved for consumption by the FDA.

DNA technologies have been used to make these fish healthy, strong and grow fast.

Not only is this ground-breaking…

It’s HYPER profitable.

They’re able to farm 70% more salmon while using 25% less feed.

And the best thing is, they’re absolutely delicious … no hormones or anything unnatural added…

They taste just like wild-caught salmon.

The global salmon market is worth $17 billion.

And this company is already disrupting it.

When I first noticed them, they were trading for $2.92 a share…

Yet, they’re already past $4…

And again, they don’t look like stopping. 

I believe there is much more to come.

And that’s why this company is the third stock in my report.

It’s titled, 3 Future DNA Titans Trading for as Little as $2 a Share.

And it’s yours today FREE of charge if I hear from you.

By the way, that makes two bonus reports I want to send you today at no cost…

All you need to do to get these two reports rushed to you for free… is take a RISK-FREE trial subscription to my newsletter.


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Here’s how it works…

Each month I select my No. 1 stock in the markets.

I’m talking about the single investment that I believe is best poised to make you money.

To be clear: I don’t only recommend DNA stocks and big tech plays.

I simply go where the profit potential is biggest.

That means my No. 1 stock of the month could be a gold play … an energy play … or even a banking play.

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Adam O'Dell
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February 2021

P.S. The biggest mega trend in human history is just beginning.

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Sign up for a risk-free trial of Green Zone Fortunes today and I’ll rush you a free report containing the details of my No. 1 DNA company…

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  1. Hi Adam,

    I am one of your members. I watched your presentation and i am fascinated. I like to buy Imperium Technology shares. Where can I buy?

    Kind regards,

    Joseph Georghy
    Sydney, Australia

  2. I paid the money to get the Subscription that was supposed to give me the company name that has the patent on the Technology I can’t get in to log into the system but the money has already been withdrawn from my bank account can somebody help me out please thank you

    • Hi, sorry for the confusion. Please give Banyan Hill customer service a call 1-866-584-4096 and they’ll be able to help you out. Hope this helps. Thanks, Stock Trend Alerts Support Staff.

  3. well i watched the whole presentation on imperium group global holdings from you Adam Odell spent my monies on you to give me the stock name the code to buy but everytime i get the same thing this is a china based company that make home furnishing doesnt have anything to do with dna so if you could possibly give me what i paid for then i could buy the stock that you have recommended

    • Hi, sorry for the confusion.
      Please give Banyan Hill customer service a call 1-866-584-4096 and they’ll be able to help you out. Hope this helps.
      Thanks, Stock Trend Alerts Support Staff.


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