5 Penny Stocks for the Shift Towards Clean Energy


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Renewable energy is gaining momentum as the world turns away from fossil fuels. The move toward clean energy has the potential to make investors a lot of money.

Investing in renewable energy looks promising as the new administration takes steps to go green. Below, you’ll find a list of renewable energy penny stocks that have potential in the market. Let’s take a closer look…

5 Green Energy Penny Stocks to Consider

  1. Tantech Holdings (Nasdaq: TANH)
  2. SunHydrogen (OTC: HYSR)
  3. Ocean Power Technologies (Nasdaq: OPTT)
  4. NexGen Energy (NYSE: NXE)
  5. Torchlight Energy Resources (Nasdaq: TRCH)

Why Are Clean Energy Penny Stocks a Good Investment?

While green energy has been a hot topic for years, the recent election has given the industry a big push. The new administration is making efforts for zero-pollution energy alternatives.

Wealthy Retirement’s Jody Chudley recently discussed the road ahead for renewables…

President Biden’s climate change spending plans come in at a cool $2 trillion.
In June, Goldman Sachs predicted that spending for renewable power in 2021 will exceed spending by the entire oil and gas industry for the first time ever. It also predicted that the clean energy sector will see $16 trillion of spending through 2030.
If you were looking for a major investment trend for the next decade, there is no question… this is it.

With this in mind, clean energy penny stocks continue to appear very promising. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail…

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Tantech Holdings

Tantech Holdings is an industrial organic chemicals company. Its segments are consumer products, electric vehicles and trading. The company develops and manufactures bamboo-based charcoal products. This is notable because bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, which makes it an excellent renewable resource. It also manufactures electric double-layer capacitors with carbon materials and low-emission barbecue charcoal.

The company’s product portfolio includes air purifiers and humidifiers, pillows and mattresses, wardrobe deodorizers, mouse pads, wrist mats, refrigerator deodorant and charcoal toilet cleaner disks.


SunHydrogen is a solar technology company based in California. It focuses on developing solar-powered nanoparticle systems to mimic photosynthesis. The company’s system is able to separate hydrogen from water to increase solar-to-hydrogen efficiency. Many experts consider this the greenest of all fuel sources.

SunHydrogen can scale up its design and manufacturing for commercial use. The new administration’s plan to reach 100% clean energy by 2035 requires a large increase in solar power. SunHydrogen’s ability to produce renewable hydrogen could play a major part as the vision becomes a reality.

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Ocean Power Technologies

Ocean Power Technologies is a marine power solutions provider. The company uses PowerBuoy, an ocean intelligence system, to convert ocean wave energy into electricity. This makes it a unique green energy penny stock to consider.

PowerBuoy is a series of low-carbon emission marine power systems. The systems integrate hydrodynamics, electronics, energy conversion and computer control systems to extract the natural energy in ocean waves.

NexGen Energy

NexGen is a uranium exploration company. It acquires and explores for uranium property in Canada. Its portfolio is based in Saskatchewan with more than 209,000 hectares of land. This portfolio is considered to be among the best uranium properties known to date.

NexGen Energy’s projects include ROOK I, Arrow and IsoEnergy. The company remains well-funded to continue its expansion and infill drilling of its deposits.

Torchlight Energy Resources

Torchlight Energy Resources used to be an oil and gas company. But the company recently merged with Metamaterial. Metamaterial is a cleantech company with advanced technologies in multiple markets.

Torchlight’s CEO, John Brda, announced the business combination last year…

During the past six months, the oil and gas market has softened due to the economic slowdown resulting from the pandemic.
In order to unlock value potential from our national listing and access to the capital markets, we shifted some attention from the divestiture of our oil and gas assets to an acquisition strategy targeting proven disruptive technology companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities…

This strategic shift could reposition Torchlight as a global cleantech and technology leader. The move toward new sustainable technologies could allow the company to take advantage of the new administration’s green efforts.

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The Final Line on Renewable Energy Penny Stocks

The world is moving toward renewable forms of energy. As pressure continues, alternative energy sources will tilt the scale away from fossil fuels.

This presents a good investing opportunity for green energy penny stocks. Energy can be a good sector for your portfolio, but you should always be aware of the risks. This is where your research can make all the difference.

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