Charles Mizrahi and Aaron James: The Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint


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America, Betrayed

Our Founding Fathers Warned This “Tyranny” Would Lead to the “End of the Republic.”

They Were Right.

This is Biden’s new executive order…

It was forced through without the approval of Congress or the American people … and it will “give federal officials FULL CONTROL over the money going into, and coming out of, every person’s account.”

  • You go to buy a gun … denied. Their records show that you support the NRA.
  • Donate to your church … denied. They’re not on the IRS’ approved list.
  • Fill up your truck with gasoline … denied. Your carbon footprint is just too big.
  • Looking for your IRS tax return … denied. You haven’t gotten vaccinated yet.
  • Buying a steak for a Friday night barbeque … denied. You’ll have to buy plant-based meat instead.

Which is why The Wall Street Journal warns that, when fully implemented, this executive order could result in “unprecedented power” … in a world where “privacy would be difficult to maintain.”

Forbes is also sounding the alarm saying the it will “greatly enhance the government’s surveillance powers… [and] give the government power over the allocation of financial capital throughout the economy.”

Even left-leaning media outlet Newsweek called it “the end of American freedom.”

Today, you’ll see exactly what this executive order is, and why I call it the ultimate act of betrayal.

America … this country that we love so much … is under attack …

It’s not an obvious attack from China, Russia, or any other enemy outside our country.

Rather, it’s a secretive attack that’s coming from within our borders … carried out by those we’ve entrusted with our future.

And they’re not using the typical weapons … guns, missiles, and tanks.

They prefer weapons cloaked under the guise of “progress,” “freedom,” and “equality.”

And the end result will be much more destructive than any modern war you can think of.

It’s the worst kind of attack … a betrayal … sacrificing the greater good for personal gain.

And this … President Biden’s Executive Order 14067 … is the final dagger in our back.

This order — signed into law without the approval of Congress or the American people — means that everything that makes America, America, will be crushed.

Freedom of speech … gone.

Freedom of religion … gone.

Freedom of self-defense … gone.

And the financial shockwaves will be catastrophic …

  • Inflation will soar 50%, causing most Americans to cut back on essentials like food, gas, and healthcare services. Tragically, we’re going to see many Americans die because they can’t afford their medications.
  • The retirements of our fellow citizens will crumble as countless “safe” stocks fall 90%, and even further …
  • And the government will rack up trillions of dollars in new debt … every month … causing tax rates to soar to unthinkable levels, upwards of 70%.

But, deep down inside, you already know these outcomes are inevitable… don’t you … because they’ve already begun.

Inflation is at a 40-year high.

The stock market is the ugliest it’s been in 50 year.

And this administration racked up more national debt in the last two years than our country accumulated during the first 200 years.

Yes, things are bad.

But I need you to understand … they will get worse.

A lot worse.

Today, in this presentation you’ll see all the evidence … the facts … much of it hidden under piles of government misinformation and flat-out lies.

And you’ll see why these radicals — Pelosi, Sanders, and AOC … along with their army of Woke Warriors, Special Snowflakes, and even a few go-along Republicans— are just the start of the problem.

The truth is a much darker, and infinitely more dangerous scheme.

For most people, it will end badly.

But it does not have to end badly for you, or your loved ones.

Which is why I’m also going to show you what I’m doing to protect my money, my family, and my freedoms …

But first, you should know a bit about me, and why I’ve been asked to work closely on notable projects with Mike Huckabee, Steve Forbes, and even Dave Ramsey.

My name is Aaron James

And you heard me correctly.

I’ve worked closely with Mike Huckabee, Steve Forbes, and Dave Ramsey, along with meeting many influential politicians such as Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, among many others.

You see, I’m the founder of an independent research firm boasting the world’s top financial experts who’ve predicted and profited from every economic disaster over the last four decades …

The Black Monday crash of 1987.

The Dot Com crash of 2000.

The Housing Bubble of 2008.

And even the crisis we’re going through now.

To my knowledge, we’re the only firm with such an accurate track record.

Which is why so many powerful politicians come to us for our independent insight, along with advisors at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, UBS and other Wall Street firms …

I say all of this not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the weight of my warning today … America is being betrayed.

And when you see how your wealth and freedoms are in the line of fire you’ll understand how important it is for you to take immediate action to protect yourself.

Because 50% inflation is around the corner.

More stocks will fall 90%.

You’ll understand why your home’s value is in danger as it could easily fall 25%, perhaps even 50%.

And even Social Security is under threat of being cancelled.

With that said, all will not end badly.

If you know where to look, there are ways to flip the liberal agenda and make massive gains.

For example, when Facebook started banning companies, like mine, for their cultural and political views, I knew it would impact their bottom line. So, I made a $6,000 trade against the social media giant. Within a month it turned into a $36,000 windfall.

And when Biden shut down America’s economy in the name of “Social Distancing,” I knew manufacturers would slow production, paving way for 3-D printing. So, I invested $20,000 into 3D Systems and less than a year later I cashed out with $210,000.

And when we were forced into a “touchless society” I knew companies, like Square, would make a ton of money. So I invested $74,000 in the stock and within a year it turned into a $305,000 payout.

These are just small, but important examples, of how you can flip the liberal agenda and make massive gains. Smart Americans will have numerous opportunities to make gains like these in the months and years ahead.

But these next opportunities will be bigger.

Much bigger.

Which is why, for the first time ever, I’m going to show you how to invest alongside me as we target profits like the ones I just showed you.

But first, I need you to understand exactly what the great American betrayal is and why Executive Order 14067 will lead to “the end of the Republic.”

Because whether you know it or not, your finances and personal freedoms are already in grave danger.

Our founding fathers warned this day would come.

You see, you’ve been told a great lie — that our country was set up as a democracy. It’s what our kids are taught in school and what our politicians propagate.

But the term “democracy” doesn’t even appear in our constitution.

Not even once.

That’s because our Founding Fathers actually feared a pure democracy, saying:

That “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

And that a pure democracy would be a “prologue to tragedy.”

That’s because, as Thomas Jefferson warned:

They knew THE MOB … the majority, can be manipulated by power hungry politicians to BETRAY America.

For what?

Well, what did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus for?

What did Brutus betray Julius Caesar for?

What did Benedict Arnold betray the American colonies for?

Money and power.

Whether it’s 30 shekels, the throne, or 10,000 pounds … it was always about money, and power.

And it still is.

Today, they just mask the money under terms such as “The American Rescue Plan,” “The Inflation Reduction Act,” and “Student Loan Relief.”

It all comes back to money for the mob, and power for the politicians.

Again, our Founding Fathers warned us, saying, “a simple democracy … is one of the greatest of evils.”… that quickly “wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”

That’s why, despite what you’ve been told, America is not a simple democracy.

Our Founding Fathers set up a REPUBLIC, where elected representatives protect the rights of the minority.

It’s why we, “Pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United State of America and to THE REPUBLIC for which it stands …”

But, and this is important, they never made our Republic as foolproof as they would’ve liked.

They knew there was a flaw.

Benjamin Franklin is credited for sounding this alarm:

And now, over 200 years later, Franklin’s prophecy is coming true.

The mob have found a way to vote themselves money, and politicians are happy to give it to ensure their reign.

You see …

When those who pay taxes are in the majority, a democracy actually does work. The majority has a vested interest in where the money goes… and ensure it is used wisely.

And over the last 200 years, that’s been the case. The majority of Americans paid taxes, and everything worked out well.

In the 1980s, for example, 82% of Americans paid taxes.

In the 1990s, 75%.

During the 2000s … 70% paid taxes.

You can see the dangerous trend.

In 2020, right after Biden took office, the number of taxpayers plummeted to under 50% … and according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, now sits at 43%.

We now have an inverted economy.

For the first time ever, the majority of people … 57% … after all their tax credits, rebates, and the like … no longer pay income taxes. Not a cent. Yet, they control the vote.

For you and me, it’s “taxation without representation” which our forefathers rightly called “tyranny.”

That’s because they studied history, and knew that the Greeks, over 2,000 years ago, warned of this type of government labeling it as bad as tyranny, warning it was a “degradation of democracy.”

They even had a term for it … ochlocracy.

Translated to English, Mobocracy …

This is when the majority of people, who don’t work, are voting themselves money.

And that’s a big problem.

When the few support the many, it becomes a heavy burden on the few …

It’s like a massive game of Jenga. It’s not a matter of if all the pieces topple over. It’s a matter of when. Eventually, everything collapses.

The same is true for America.

It’s just a matter of time before everything collapses.

For the first time in 200 years, the majority DO not pay taxes, yet they DO decide which politicians lead the country … and of course they vote for those who promise the most money.

And those politicians like Warren, AOC and others, know they can only get power by giving the Mob, the wokists and snowflakes, free stuff … money.

A Mobocracy is a dangerous cycle.

You get taxed.

The left gets power.

The mob gets money.

Just think, since Biden took office …

$2.5 trillion has been doled out to folks across America in the form of the “American Rescue Plan.”

Now, if one pays your taxes and received one of these checks, that’s fine. He is simply getting back a few cents for every dollar he paid in.

Uncle Sam should do that during a time of crisis.

But if a person doesn’t pay taxes, and still collects this money, that’s robbery. Shame on them – and the politicians who pay them.

Take for example Dzhokhar Tarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bomber. He was one of 560,000 prisoners who collected a total of $783 million in rescue plan checks. And it wasn’t a mistake. Every single Democratic Senator voted in favor of this!

Unfortunately, Franklin’s prophecy is coming true. People are voting themselves money, and it’s heralding the end of the republic.

And this Mobocracy will only get worse, and worse, under the liberal agenda.

Our economy is becoming more, and more, unstable.

$900 billion in student debt forgiveness … granted

$670 billion in free Medicaid … granted.

$1 trillion in welfare … granted.

And if a person can’t work because he’s concerned about getting sick? No worries, we’ll boost his unemployment checks … which is why 7 out of 10 people made MORE money sitting at home on employment during Covid than they did when they were working. Some even got a 48% pay increase!

But why stop there? Why not hand out universal basic income?

You know, where a Snowflake gets paid just for sitting at his parent’s house binge watching Netflix while vaping cotton candy and posting #taxtherich.

Well, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, and Bernie Sanders are all for it … along with 88% of Democrats.

Unfortunately, American Capitalism is losing a war to American Entitlement.

The Snowflakes, Wokists and their radical leaders … believe the world owes them something …

That the Constitution grants us “Life, liberty, and happiness.”

But it doesn’t.

It only grants us the “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

If you want it, you have to pursue it through hard work, ingenuity and integrity. And there are no guarantees you’ll make it.

That’s the very foundation of capitalism … of America.

But Biden, along with his band of freeloaders and Big Spenders are betraying this truth in exchange for more and more votes.

Votes that they use to keep themselves in power decade after decade after decade …

But that’s just the start of the abuse.

They’re using your tax dollars to fuel their liberal agenda …

Their “Inflation Reduction Act” was a sneaky way to fuel $248 billion for Obamacare subsidies and $400 billion into the Green New Deal.

They even allocated $25 million for “Anti-discrimination and Bias Training” because they think the Department of Health and Human Services is racist.

And $200 million was granted to create “Pelosi Park” … a park to be built in Pelosi’s backyard, which also happens to be one of the wealthiest areas of San Francisco.

Make no mistake.

That’s your money, going to their agenda.

You want to know how crazy things have gotten?

A judge recently agreed taxpayers should cover the costs for a convicted murder’s sex change as he has “severe gender identity disorder.”

Welcome to a mobocracy …

Look, if I sound angry, hurt, and disappointed … it’s because I am.

I love America. I’m sure you do too.

My great grandfather, grandfather, and father, fought in both the World Wars as well as Vietnam to protect our freedoms …

And now there is an attack from within.

And it would be tempting to say this betrayal is coming from just a small group of radical leftists.

But it’s not.

There are plenty of politicians in the middle, and even on the right, who are falling in line with the Mobocracy.

And their fully weaponizing social media, the educational system, and Hollywood to spread their false gospel.

They’re betraying our country and squandering away the very freedoms my family fought for in exchange for millions of votes.

More money for the mob.

More power for the politicians.

As a result, our country spiraling deeper and deeper into debt.

Under Biden, we are going $3.7 billion further into debt, every day.

And if reelected, Biden is on track to rack up more national debt than any president before him … over $10 trillion … more debt than what was created during our first two hundred years as a country.

Historically, we were told this was okay, provided our “Debt to GDP Ratio” stayed under 100% … because at least Uncle Sam could collect enough taxes from people like you and me to pay off the debt.

Well, thanks to the reckless spending spree from our government … we are now at 125% … meaning our tax dollars aren’t enough to pay for their debt … and things are now spinning out of control.

This puts us in the same class as Sudan, Libya, and Venezuela.

Please head my warning.

This is bad.

Very bad.

I think we can all agree that if your business loses $125 for every $100 you bring in, you won’t be in business very long.

But the Left never owned a business, did they?

Their response?

AOC boosted the progressive theory:

Bernie Sanders pins the blame:

Elizabeth Warren simply suggested:

In other words, manipulate the numbers until it tells the story she wants it to tell.

But to their credit … they’ve come up with a scheme to pay for all this debt.

They’re doubling the size of the IRS … authorizing them to hire 87,000 agents and giving them an $80 billion budget … to squeeze MORE money out of you, me, and every other tax paying citizen.

That’s right. You have a target on your back.

“It’s important we have a revenue stream,” they say.

They want us to pay for the $30 trillion national debt. If we had to do that, today, every tax paying person would have to fork over $244,000 … on top of what you’re already paying.

But even that’s not enough to pay for our unfunded liabilities … such as Social Security, which is set to run out of funds.

Which is why they’re called for a 70% tax rate. AOC and Omar state, “People are going to have to start paying their fair share.”

Which is rather hypocritical, since under our “progressive” tax system we are paying more than our fair share while the Mob doesn’t pay a cent.

And allow me to be clear. I really don’t mind paying taxes.

I’m even fine with paying more than my fair share to support those who are truly in need and I believe in supporting our military, infrastructure, and our education system.

But I think you can agree, nothing about this is “fair.”

This “progressive” tax system has gone too far.

Way too far.

However, hiring 87,000 IRS agents is just phase I in getting as much money as they can out of you.

Phase II is this … President Biden’s Executive Order 14067.

It’s the ultimate act of betrayal.

It commands the full power of the US Government — the Secretary of the Treasury, The Attorney General, Secretary of the State … and, well, as you can see … a legion of overpaid bureaucrats, to move with “the highest urgency” to research and create the CBDC … the Central Bank Digital Currency.

And yes, it’s just as scary as it sounds.

Here’s how I see this playing out…

If they want to tax you more, they can … with a few keystrokes.

But it goes way beyond that.

This will become worthless … a relic … as you are forced to use a digital dollar which allows them to legally see, and control, every dollar you spend.

  • You go to buy a gun … denied. After all, you already have one, why would you need two?
  • Donate to your church … denied. They aren’t on the IRS’ approval list.
  • Fill up your truck with gasoline … denied. Your “carbon footprint” is just too big.
  • Looking for your IRS tax return … denied. You haven’t gotten vaccinated yet.
  • Buying a steak for a Friday night barbeque … denied. You’ll have to buy plant-based meat instead.

To be clear …

Executive Order 14067 was not approved by Congress or any other government agency.

Biden just forced it through.

That’s exactly what our Founding Fathers would call “tyranny,” “suicide”, “a prologue to tragedy”, the “end of the republic”, “dictatorship.”

Their words, not mine.

And the Left is praising the move, declaring the CBDC as:

With benefits that they deem “high priority,” a program that will “Fundamentally change the structure of America’s entire financial system.”

And create a “more open, accessible economy.”

Yes … more open, and more accessible, for them.

Make no mistake, Biden’s executive order to create a new digital dollar is the dagger in America’s back, the final act of the betrayal.

One expert states a CBDC goes “Way beyond 1984.” Even CNN said, “The risk of political abuse is huge.”

Others say it could …

If you’re asking, “Can this really happen, here, in these United States of America?”

Then I need you to wake up.

This plan is already unfolding …

We are just one of 98 countries to move forward with it.

All of these countries are researching their own version of a digital currency …

Of which 11 have already launched it.

China has one they use to enforce a “social credit system.” This enables the government to dictate if you are a good person. If you say something they don’t like or support a group that is not on their approved list, well … they’ll freeze your accounts.

Canada already used their overreaching socialist powers to freeze hundreds of bank accounts linked to the convoy protestors during COVID.

Which is why The Wall Street Journal warns that, when fully implemented:

Forbes is also sounding the alarm saying the it will:

Even the left leaning media outlet Newsweek published an opinion piece calling it:

Think about it, with a Central Bank Digital Currency, the government has the ability to do anything they want to buy more votes from the masses.

If they want to stimulate our economy, they’ll put an expiration date on the money you’ve saved up … “Use it or lose it.” Imagine Janet Yellen, the Secretary of Treasury, thinking of how she could leverage this power.

If they want to control the elections, they have the ability to deny certain candidates from raising money. You can imagine Hillary Clinton wanting to use this power to stop anyone she lumps into her “basket of deplorables.”

If they want to collect a little extra tax, they can do it with a few clicks of a mouse. You can imagine AOC is chomping at the bit to abuse this power to pursue her 70% tax plan.

If they want to cancel your social security they can do it in an instant.

Please understand.

This isn’t just something that might happen in the future.

It’s already in motion.

There’s no stopping it.

How bad will things get?

Inflation will soar 50%, countless “safe” stocks will fall 90%, and real estate will tumble.

That’s not just my opinion. That’s based on 120 years of US history.

Our government has tampered with the dollar three times … and every time, there were dire consequences over the next decade.

That’s right.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done something so reckless.

  • In 1913, Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve, a group of unelected bankers who have the power to control interest rates and print as many dollars as they wanted. Inflation soared 73%. The stock market dropped 33%. And real estate fell 30%.
  • In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold, which backed the dollar. Yes, gold was confiscated. Owning gold was illegal. Inflation soared 33% while stocks tumbled as much as 53% and real estate … 16%.
  • And in 1971, Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. Inflation soared 131% and the stock market fell as much as 65% while real estate fell 10%.

Point is, every single time they manipulate the dollar, bad things happen.

Every. Single. Time.

Bill Clinton was no friend of mine. But we did talk about this when he dropped by my office in 2011. We discussed this book, When Money Dies… and discussed the 29,000% inflation that hit Germany during the 1920s … paving the way for Nazi’s to take power.

They used the media to create a Mobocracy … giving the Mob what they wanted in return for votes and power.

Look how that turned out.

Could it get that bad here?

Well, just ask a longtime colleague of mine, Jim Rickards, who advised the Pentagon, CIA, and the Department of Defense:

Because this time, they aren’t just manipulating the dollar… they’re reinventing it. The new dollar will be a digital weapon to spy and control us.

It’s a war on the Republic and our God given rights set forth in the constitution.

I want to be clear.

Executive Order 14067 has already passed.

Our economy is already toppling.

You can see the evidence all around you.

You can feel it too, can’t you? Somethings just not right.

Time is not on your side.

But we must refuse to be victims, and instead … be victors.

It was President Trump who stated:

Which is why I’m going to flip the liberal agenda on its head and use it to make a fortune.

And I want to give you the same chance by showing you exactly what I’m doing with my money, so you can invest alongside me.

Because capitalism is about being victorious, especially during the toughest of times.

Our founding fathers … Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Washington … are the greatest examples of that. Each had meaningful success in their businesses.

Most of them were ordinary people … some even orphans or rejects in society. But they went on to start banks, publishing companies, plantations, law offices, and the like, during and after the revolutionary war. And they were rewarded for their efforts. Measured in today’s dollars, they became millionaires … some, even billionaires.

And I know that times are tough right now. But they were a heck of a lot tougher back then.

In my opinion, nothing is more American than leaning in and building businesses during tough times.

The greatest investors throughout history knew that too. They built their greatest fortunes in times like these.

It was Baron Rothschild who stated:

He made a fortune investing, in war bonds and investing in strong companies. His families net worth is $350 billion.

It was John Templeton who stated:

During the Great Depression, he borrowed $10,000 and invested in patriotic companies that were trading under $1. The end result … 100 of his 104 investments made money and he walked away with a 400% return in just four years.

And Warren Buffett is famous for saying:

And he did exactly that as the as Carter’s presidency ended … setting Berkshire Hathaway up for a peak 2,900% growth during the next decade alone.

They didn’t cower in a corner when things got bad. They wouldn’t become victims.

They boldly stepped forward and invested like American capitalists. They became victors.

And we need to do the same.

My team and I are always finding ways to flip the liberal script and make a fortune.

As mentioned earlier, when Facebook banned companies, like mine, for our cultural and political views, I knew it would impact their bottom line. So, I made a $6,000 trade against the social media giant before their earnings announcement. Within two weeks I made a 619% gain … a $36,000 windfall. As you can see, the timing was impeccable.

And when America’s economy was shut down in the name of “Social Distancing,” I knew manufacturers would grind to a halt, paving way for 3-D printing. So, I invested $20,000 into 3D Systems and less than a year later I made a 972% gain … a game changing $212,000. Again, my timing was nearly perfect.

And when we were forced into a “touchless society” I knew certain companies, like Square, would make a ton of money. So I invested $74,000 in the stock and it went up 426% in a year … turning into a $305,000 payout.

In total, that’s more than $500,000 from just three trades ….

But it’s really just the start.

I made investments that have made me gains of 615%, 426%, 318%, 283%, and 486%. … all within a year.

I knew Bill.com changed the way companies, like mine, could handle their back-office work, I invested all could in their IPO back in December 2019… and I’m up 641%.

And when the government handed out EV credits, I knew it would be a windfall for Tesla … so I invested $60,000 and it turned into $139,000 … in just six months.

I’ll say it again, there are ways to flip the liberal agenda and make massive gains.

Opportunities like these are presented to me all the time.

Not because I’m some genius. I’m not. But rather, because my team consists of some really brilliant people … some literally, the top 1% of investors in the world.

This is Michael Carr … a Certified Market Technician who teaches at the New York School of Finance.

Wall Street investors turn to him to learn how to invest.

This is Ian King … he foresaw the crash of 2008 and turned his $327,000 account into $5.6 million, and recently made as much as an 18,000% gain in one play in one year … turning every $1,000 into $180,000.

This is Amber Lancaster.

She’s a Bloomberg expert who helped guide over 100,000 investors as they beat the market 3 to 1.

Dozens of others have united with me.

CFAs, CPAs, and MBAs … you name it.

But I haven’t even mentioned my top guy yet … the guy I want to give you access to today.

The guy who told me to invest in Amazon, years ago, so I did … to the tune of $1 million.

He’s the only man once named both the top market timer AND No. 1 trader in the world.

His name is Charles Mizrahi.

If Charles’ name and face look familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen him on one of the major media outlets, teaming up with the likes of Dave Ramsey on stage, or speaking with Bill O’Reilly.

Mike Huckabee describes Charles as “one of the top investment gurus in America.”

Sarah Palin started using Charles and proudly stated, “What used to take me years to make, I’m now making in weeks.”

That’s because Charles has over 40 years of making money in both bull and bear markets.

In 1987 he moved his clients’ money to cash two weeks before the Black Monday crash when stocks feel over 22% in a day … propelling him and his firm to the top tier of investment performance among professional money managers.

In 1999, he warned investors:

Not long after, the Nasdaq plummeted 77%. A lot of people didn’t know what hit them.

And about a year before the housing collapse, he warned investors and told them to “watch from the sidelines.” Soon after, housing fell as much as 50% in some areas.

In each instance, folks who heeded his warnings avoided catastrophic losses.

More importantly, Charles was able to profit from every one of these market crashes.

In fact, after the 2008 collapse, he created an “Inevitable Portfolio” consisting of 30 stocks. Every single one of those stocks went up after he recommended them.

And had you put $1 million in those stocks, you’d see peak gain of $6 million.

You can see why we call him the alpha investor.

And Charles thinks the opportunities in front of us today are better than ever.

Which is why I’m investing $1 million based on his recommendations.

That’s right. I’m investing $1 million.

To be clear, I’m not going all in … I’m not betting the farm. Nobody should invest more than they feel comfortable investing, and I feel very comfortable investing this $1 million.

Because I believe it will turn into $10 million over the next decade as Charles picks winner, after winner, after winner.

And you know what, this is exactly what our founding fathers would do if they were wit us today.

Because when you invest in good companies, they can use that money to expand their businesses, and fuel American enterprise.

They make America a better place.

And Charles is the perfect person to be your guide. Not just because he’s been a top ranked investor, but also because of his character.

As he told Real Clear Religion …

In this time of economic uncertainty around the world, we should not look for a global reset, attempt to undo the tenets of capitalism, or wait to see what the next round of government bailouts gives us. We should instead be taking hold of the opportunities that American capitalism, based on thousands of years of Judeo-Christian principles, provides to each and every one of us: to work hard, invest, and thrive — and follow God’s commands to help our neighbors prosper.

To thrive, Charles has a system for sifting out the companies that possess American values.

It does this through three foundational steps.

1. Alpha Market

2. Alpha Leadership

3. Alpha Financial

He looks for companies that have an Alpha Market, meaning it’s in a growing industry, Alpha Leadership, a CEO who has a track record of success, and Alpha Financials … meaning, they can weather any storm ahead of us.

Those are the companies I’m proud to invest in.

I don’t have to tell you that capitalism is what made America so great.

It’s what brought more people out of poverty … and improved the standard of living for everybody … more than any economic system before it.

I’m ready to fight for it.

And I’m ready to make money from it too.

To turn my $1 million into $10 million.

A 1,000% gain.

And I can say that with confidence because Charles has done several times over the last decade.

The results from his Inevitable Portfolio speaks for itself.

  • 1,578% on Autodesk
  • 1,276% on eBay
  • 1,617% on Texas Instruments
  • 1,071% on Northrop Grumman
  • 1,241% on Tyco Electronics

As you can see, these peak gains are exceptional returns.

By the way, these businesses, in total, employ 231,000 Americans.

Americans who can go out and buy home, cars, and a good education.

That’s a lot of Americans with a lot of American jobs.

And the profits have made many investors plenty of money.

And now I want you to have access to these types of opportunities as well.


Because were heading into an economic war zone and you need the top 1% at your side … the Navy Seals of the financial world.

This is something we’ve been doing for years now.

In fact … to date, my team and I have helped over 1 million Americans.

People like Jeanie in Oklahoma who says:

Royce in Michigan who told us:

And Michael in New York who wrote:

And I want you to be the next person we help.

Which is why I want you to have access to the alpha investor himself, Charles Mizrahi, through his research service called the Alpha Investor Report.

This is the same membership I have … as well as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly and thousands of others.

This membership essentially allows you to look over Charles’ shoulder so that you can see exactly what he’s investing in.

It makes investing simple … you can see every investment he has. And any time he makes a trade, which is about once a month, he’ll send you an email, along with a text alert, if you like.

He’ll tell you exactly what stock to buy and why he’s buying it.

When it’s time to sell, he’ll send similar instructions.

All it takes is about 10 minutes a month.

It’s literally that simple.

In addition, he’ll send you daily updates on the stock market, just in case you want to stay in the loop.

Like this issue, when he told everyone on Dec. 6th, 2021, that the market was in a bubble. One month later, everything fell apart.

You’ll also get weekly “real talk” sessions.

This is when he gets on camera and answers the top questions that come in from the community.

And every month, he’ll do a longer write up … usually about 8 pages … highlighting the latest investment opportunity.

And the results … well, listen to what these folks have to say…

I think you can see why I trust Charles with $1 million. I truly believe, with his insight, it will turn into more than $10 million over the next 10 years.

And I’m confident in sharing this insight with you as well.

But I don’t want to stop there.

I also want to make sure I protect my wealth against the Mobocracy and the weapons they will use, such as the CBDC.

Which is why I’m equipping you with my Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint.

This is a collection of resources I’ve used over the last decade to turn everything THEY could use to make me a victim, flip the script on it, and give me victory.

It encompasses three powerful books.

The first is called Where to Stash Your Cash.

My team wrote this book to show you how to protect what you’ve worked so hard to earn by keeping your money private and legally “hidden.”

Inside, you’ll find 82 life-changing secrets.

Such as … a low-cost “legal device” that will guard your wealth from frivolous lawsuits and even a dangerous out-of-control government.

On page 131, we even give you our top contact's phone number and email address to get it set up.

The second book is called Slash Your Taxes. We worked closely with the top accountants to help you fend off the 87,000 IRS agents looking to come after your paycheck.

There are dozens of ways to legally protect what you earn from the mob.

We will show them to you …. one by one.

The third book is called Forbidden Knowledge.

This is a collection of writings … a Bible of sorts … from our team members over the last two decades.

Inside the 700 pages of this book, you'll find how the truly wealthy stay off the Left’s radar — living like an “invisible man” — and why they wouldn't trade this protection for anything.

These three books are yours, at no cost.

And you’ll get the entire Triumph Over Tyranny blueprint when you enroll in a one-year membership to Alpha Investor…

Again, this is the exact same membership Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Bill O’Reilly have, along with over 100,000 Americans.

And I’m entrusting Charles Mizrahi with $1 million of my own money, with the goal of turning it into $10 million by the end of the decade.

But you may be wondering … if Charles is the only man named both the top market timer AND No. 1 trader in the world … how much does an Alpha Investor membership cost?

Well, folks have told us we’d be justified charging well over $1,000 a year for access.

But, Charles and I, we’ve already made our millions.

And we’re not looking to gouge anyone.

Our hope is to help millions of Americans make millions of dollars.

Besides, we’ll be investing in every pick we recommend, and we plan on making a good amount of money that way.

(In fact, to give you the upper hand, we actually give you a 48-hour notice before we invest our money.)

So, we’ve done everything in our power to keep the price fair, even in this inflationary environment.

But, we do want to pay our team … researchers, editors, customer service and people who make the Alpha Investor membership an amazing experience.

So, we set our regular rate at $500 a year.

However, due to the tumultuous times we’re in, Charles asked that we cut the price even more.

Frankly, I was hesitant.

Especially since we’re sending you the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint absolutely free.

But Charles has a heart of gold and he talked me into reducing the price even more.

So, today, you won’t be paying $500 …

Or $400

Or $300.

Or $200.

The cost comes out to less than $100 for a one-year membership.

About 25 cents a day …

Less than some people pay for a sip of Starbucks coffee.

But, as said, we don’t want ANYTHING holding you back from achieving financial success today.

Which is why we’re also giving you a 100% iron clad moneyback guarantee.

Try out Charles’ Alpha Investor for one year, and at any time, if you don’t like it … just give my team a call and we’ll refund your entire membership fee.

Every last cent.

It’s that simple.

I truly believe that with access to Charles Mizrahi, you’ll be in good hands during these tough times.

Heck, you’ll be in the best of hands. Charles was literally crowned the top market timer AND No. 1 trade in the world … the only person in HISTORY to achieve such a feat.

And you need his guidance now more than ever.

Because we’re in a Mobocracy … where the 57% who don’t pay taxes … vote themselves money.

And the politicians are laser focused on securing more power … even if it means the end of our Republic.

But I also believe in us … in you, me, and guys like Charles … who still understand what it means to be a true American.

And while things may get rough with an onslaught of inflation and cracks in the housing market, I know the companies Charles has me investing in are great businesses they will survive and prosper in any storm.

For example…

In 2019 Charles recommended a semiconductor company located in Delaware. It employs 6,700 Americans and generates $4 billion in annual revenue. And we’re currently up 160% on that position.

in 2020, Charles recommended a healthcare giant located in Nashville, TN. It employs 284,000 Americans and generates $58 billion in annual revenue. We’re up 112% on the recommendation.

And that same year he also recommended a cloud computing company located in Santa Clara, California. It employs 2,900 American and generates $2.95 billion. We’re currently up 204% on that position.

And as great as these top gains are, Charles just told me he has another company he’s going to recommend next month that he believes is an even better opportunity.

I’d love for you to invest in that company along with us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re investing $100 or $1 million. Investing in strong US companies, and then getting rewarded for it, well … nothing is more American than that.

Remember, when you sign up for an Alpha Investor membership, you can put Charles’ work to the test for a whole year.

If at any time you realize that it’s not for you … no problem. Just give my team a call and get a full refund.

And the three books in the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint will be yours to keep no matter what you decide.

I think you’ll agree: That’s about as fair as it gets.

As a member of Alpha Investor, all you need to do is read Charles’ recommendation each month and make the investments if you want to.

You’ll have the chance to invest alongside Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly and about 100,000 Main Street Americans who are already members.

As for me, I fully believe in the next 10 years my $1 million will turn into $10 million.

And you get the exact same access for less than $100 for a year.

It couldn’t be any simpler to join.

If you’re ready to get started, just click the button on your screen, and you’ll be taken to a secure order page, where you can review all the details of this offer.

With that said, a few of you have written in with some great questions, and I want to address those over the next few minutes. If you want to listen in, great. But if you’re ready to order, just click the button below.

Question 1

This first question is from Sam in Florida. He asks: “What you say makes sense. But, if this truly is the End of the Republic, shouldn’t we be selling stocks?”

Great question Sam. It does seem that way, right? And there is some risk investing in the overall “market” because some stocks will fall as things unravel. But again, think back to what our Forefathers did. They didn’t stuff their money under a mattress. They invested it in growing businesses. Same for the great investors like Rothschild, Templeton, and Buffett who invested when there was blood in the streets, maximum pessimism, and fear. The key is … you have to invest in the right companies. That’s why Charles has a pretty specific criteria for picking stocks.

He looks for companies that have an Alpha Market, meaning it’s in a growing industry, Alpha Leadership, a CEO who has a track record of success, and Alpha Financials … meaning, they can weather any storm ahead of us.

Keep in mind … great companies with great entrepreneurs will always thrive, even if it is the End of the Republic. Allow me to use my father for example. He built commercial hog barns in North Carolina. To do that, they installed these giant slats of concrete that had slits in them to allow the manure to wash underneath into a lagoon. But, about 20 years ago, the state outlawed construction of any new hog barns. That was the end of my father’s business, right? Wrong. He took those same slats of concrete and used them as decking for piers. Unlike wood decking, these concrete slats could withstand any hurricane hitting the coast. Today, thanks to mandates from the state, his business is stronger than ever … as thousands of people are standing on their “fancy” piers with no idea that they were originally meant for hogs.

My point is … great leaders will find a way to go from victim, to victor. In fact, they use the restrictions to propel their business forward. When you team up with Charles, those will be the kind of businesses you’ll be investing in.

Question 2

This next question is from Mary in New York. She asks: “Thanks for the presentation. This sounds like what I’m looking for. Do you guys manage money?”

Good question Mary. While most of my team used to manage money, we no longer do so because our new model is a better way to help you grow your wealth. When it’s time to make an investment, you simply get a trade alert, and you follow the instructions.

For example, on March 23, 2020, as the world was panicking, Charles wrote his members, “Covid-19 Infected the Stock Market – Don’t Let it Contaminate Your Portfolio.” He went on to explain why cloud computing would become a $30 billion industry and why Arista was the leader in the industry.

Then, he simply said “Buy Arista Networks up to $212 a share”. Anyone who went online, or called their broker, to place the trade, is now up 200%.

When it’s time to sell, he’ll let them all know.

He makes about 1 to 2 trades a month. That’s it.

It really is that simple.

Question 3

This next question is from Daniel in Texas. He asks: “Isn’t the dollar already digital? How is the CBDC any different? Is it a crypto?”

Great point, Daniel. In fact, 90% of the dollars in circulation are digital. That’s scary in of itself. But the CBDC gives the government one major power. They can control it. They can put an expiration date on it. The can reduce the value with a keystroke. They can block it’s use. And, while the CBDC acts a lot like a cryptocurrency, there is a big difference. It is the CENTRAL BANK digital currency. Cryptos are decentralized.

Question 4

This next question is from Caleb in California. He asks: “If you’ve already made so much money, can you give this away for free?”

No Caleb, I can’t. We actually have a team of 70 people who show up every day to handle customer calls, research stocks as well as asset protection strategies, put videos, like this one together, and the like. And we want to pay them well. The money you pay today … 100% of it … goes to paying them along with the cost to air this video.

Question 5

This next question comes from Mark, located in Ohio. He says: “I’m in my 70s and a conservative investor. Not sure if this is right for me. What kind of stocks does Charles recommend?”

Well, Mark … I’d say you’re the perfect fit for Alpha Investor. As you know, all investing carries risk, but that risk can be mitigated when you’re getting guidance from a man who was literally crowned the No. 1 trader in the world. And while he recommends companies in all industries … retail, energy companies, tech, and the like … they’re all well-established companies in an Alpha Market, with Alpha Leadership and Alpha Financials. To sum it up … they’re the kind of companies you’ll be proud to invest in.

Question 6

Eric from Georgia says: “I’ve heard of quite of a few of your team members … Charles Mizrahi and Ian King … but why haven’t I heard of you?”

Appreciate the question, Eric. Well, for the last two decades, I’ve stayed behind the scenes. I have a wife and four kids, serve on the board of my church, and get involved in my local community. But frankly, I’ve made it a point not to be a public figure. However, with everything that’s unfolding, and the millions of Americans who will be impacted, I felt it was time to sound the alarm. And to show them exactly what I’m doing do go from being a victim, to a victor, over the next few years.

Question 7

Paul from North Carolina asks: “This sounds like something I need. I’d like to turn my $100,000 into $1 million. Do you really think your $1 million will turn into $10 million?”

No, I don’t Paul. I think it will be worth a lot more than that. Obviously, no guarantees. But I’m not saying that as some kind of pipedream. As I’ve shown you, Charles as picked a lot of rock-solid companies over the last decade or so that have soared over 1,000%. And I think he’ll do it again.

Question 8

I have time for one more question … this one from Edward in New York: “I want to sign up but is the Alpha Investor good for people like me. I have a 401k and IRA, but I just started investing in stocks.?”

Thanks Edward. You should know, we really do keep it simple. I’ll never forget being in the room when Sarah Palin got her membership. She had never bought a stock on her own, but figured it out within two minutes. And as she said … she soon made bigger gains in two weeks than she made in the last two years.

Right now, over 100,000 Americans are using Charles’ insight. Some are farmers. Some doctors. Some are teachers.

They’re hard working, Main Street Americans looking to get to an edge to reach their financial goals.

So Edward, I say … try it out. Keep in mind, if you don’t like it at any point, just let me team know and we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked.

But with that said, you do need to act soon.

Everything is unfolding as we speak.

Which is why I’m juicing up my offer even more.

As a part of your Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint, I’m equipping you with five additional reports.

  • For those of you who are new to investing, such as Edward, you’ll love this report The Investing 101 Guide: This is a basic guide that will help you learn how to place trades and manage your money.
  • The second report is Privacy Code 2.0 … these are top secrets to keep everything you have … files, pictures, documents … secure.
  • You’ll also like 55 Legal Loopholes for Boosting Your Retirement: These will ensure you can live the retirement you’ve always dreamed about.
  • My favorite report is Endless Income: Not only does it show you how to set up an income stream that pays every week, it shows you how to get annual raises that outpace inflation.
  • The last one is, Invest in America’s Leading Landlord: This shows you how to make money as a “landlord” without ever having to fix a faucet or deal with a tenant.

All of these are yours, today.

In total, you’re getting over $2,000 worth of guidance for less than $100.

But the true reward will be the gains you make from Charles’ recommendations.

Remember that 619% gain I made on Facebook?

I actually closed out that trade while on a beach in Turks and Cacaos.

My wife and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.

You think I used that money to spoil her? You bet I did.

And that $400,000 gain I made on 3D systems and Square in 2021…

I used that money to help pay for a beach house in the Outer Banks.

Gains like these are possible with Charles’ guidance.

Which is why I’m investing $1 million.

And if you want to invest alongside me, you’ll want to do so today.

It’s the beginning of the end of the Republic …

The mob is giving the government what it wants … more power.

And the government is giving the Mob what they want … more money.

And they are demanding that you to pay for it.

87,000 IRS agents are being recruited.

Executive Order 14067 has already passed into law.

It’s not a matter of if we will have a digital dollar that tracks our every move with the power to control every dollar we spend … it’s a matter of WHEN.

There is no stopping it.

But you know what, there’s no also no stopping the American spirit of Capitalism. And when you have Charles leading the way, you too are unstoppable.

Click the button below to secure one of the 1,000 memberships I’ve reserved for today.

According to my team, these memberships are going fast.

Real fast.

Click the button below to secure your order.

And remember, it’s 100% risk free.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Thank you, and God bless.

September 2022

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