Eric Wade: Quickstart Guide to Staking Crypto for Passive Income




How You Could TRIPLE the Quality of Your Retirement by “Opting OUT” of Our Broken Financial System

The dollar is dying. The banks are abandoning you. And the government’s only making it worse. But you can join millions of Americans who’ve escaped this crisis and are seeing their wealth surge… starting with an opportunity that could 10x your money by 2022… AND pay you as much as 13% interest a year on top of it.


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Dear Reader,

Hello. My name is Eric Wade.

I’m a lead investment analyst at Stansberry Research, one of the world’s top financial publishing firms for over 20 years now.

And this is a one dollar bill that I just took from my wallet a few seconds before these cameras started rolling.dollar

Now, I want you to think back to when you were a kid… to right around the first time someone ever handed you one of these.

Try to remember how it felt holding your first dollar of your very own.

To me, it felt like I’d struck it rich.

In fact, I’m pretty positive I immediately ran right outside to show all my friends my newfound “fortune.”

And even today, when you hand a young child a dollar, it’s likely their eyes will light up like a Christmas tree.

It seems completely silly today of course… but learning about money like this is a rite of passage.

Unfortunately, it’s one that’s come to mean less and less, with each passing year. Today, I need nearly six of those dollars just to buy ONE pound of chicken breast at my local supermarket:chicken

Around 28 of them just to get a basic haircut:haircut

And in California where I live, on average, 1,777 of them, EVERY month, to rent just a ONE-bedroom apartment.apt rates

Now, I’m sure you know it wasn’t always this way…

But over the course of the last 120-plus years, this dollar has lost an absolutely incredible amount of its value.

Not 50%…

Not 75%…

But an utterly horrific 97% of its spending power has vanished.

Leaving you with just this…chart dollar worth

In 1900, that dollar would have bought you…

  • 7 lbs. of bacon
  • A men’s dress shirt
  • 50 postage stamps
  • 3 lbs. of coffee
  • 10 movie tickets
  • 30 bars of laundry soap
  • 3 lbs. of chocolate
  • 20 bottles of Coca-Cola
  • 7.5 lbs. of steak
  • 3 ladies’ hats

It’s mind blowing. But sadly, it’s true.

Now, these things aren’t fun to think about. But they’re SO important to realize.

Because the hard truth is, we’ve been destroying our money for over a century now.

And I know how difficult it is for so many people to earn money… save it… and grow it. That’s why I’d do anything to wake people up to what’s happening in our country right now.

Just think about it – $1,000 in 1900 would today have the spending power… of just $30.06!chart dollar PP

And how about saving?

After all, that’s what we were taught was the smart, responsible thing to do right? Put our money in the bank.

But even with a dollar’s purchasing power dwindling down to right around 3 cents… saving it instead of spending it doesn’t make you ANY better off.

The average interest rate for a savings account in America right now is just 0.06% according to Bankrate.com’s July survey.

That’s right. You’re likely earning LESS THAN HALF A PERCENTinterest a year on your hard-earned money by keeping it in a bank.

But imagine a world where you deposit your money… and it grows at a nearly exponential rate.

A year from now you may look at your account and think you've died and gone to heaven…

Because, by the end of this presentation, you'll have learned all about a NEW way to potentially multiply your money 10 TIMES OVER in the next 12-18 months. 

But what makes this even better is that you can earn as much as 13% in annual interest on top of those profits! 

And not with stocks, options, bonds, or anything of the sort.

If you’re skeptical, good! Because I’m here to prove it to you.

But fair warning – if you ignore this message, I believe in a few years you'll look back with utter regret after hearing countless stories of those who didn’t.

This opportunity you're about to hear about is very real.

And whatever level of retirement you're saving for has the potential to dramatically improve because of it.

All you have to do is “opt out.”

I'll explain exactly what that means in a moment.

But first, it's important that you truly understand just how dire a situation the American financial system is in right now… and why simply sitting back and doing nothing could kill your retirement dreams before they've gotten started.

Case in point: the HIGHEST rate of return a bank will give you on your savings right now comes from Comenity Direct, a small bank out of Utah that mainly operates as a credit card issuer.

Their so-called “high-yield savings account” will pay you 0.55% annually.chart interest

That means if you dropped $100,000 into Comenity Direct for a year… best-case scenario is 12 months later you’ll have a whopping $100,550.

A $550 profit in one year. That’s it!

Even worse… it would take you a full decade to grow your nest egg by just a measly $5,000.

It’s no wonder The New York Times recently declared:news tear

And yet, somehow bank deposits are at RECORD highs right now. By the end of May, 2021, they rose to a total of over $17 trillion… that’s nearly four times the average of the past 20 years, according to Federal Reserve data.

CNBC probably put it best when they said:news tear

Meanwhile, guess what the banks are doing with all those trillions in deposits?

They’re lending it out at the “low” rate of about 9.5%… and ONLY to the most “qualified” candidates.

For everyone else, they’ll let you borrow at closer to 36%.

Or they’ll just deny you a loan altogether.

Did you know that mortgage loan availability dropped as much as 35% just in 2020?

And that small business loans are down 50% during the same period?

I don’t know about you… but even though you can withdraw it at any time, it pretty much feels like the banks are holding your money hostage.

And frankly I’m not sure how anyone can see these numbers without their blood boiling.

  • Your dollars are buying you 97% less than ever before…
  • … while the banks are paying you less than half a percent interest for holding your money…
  • … and then turning around, lending it out to other people, and charging them as much as 36%(!) interest… ALL of which they’re keeping for themselves.

And then when things get bad… like say, the 2008 financial collapse… who gets bailed out? Who gets help to pay their debts?

It’s not ordinary Americans earning less than half a measly percent on their dying dollars… it’s the big banking firms who make money off your backs.

Quite simply, when it comes to this country’s traditional financial system, you’re being taken advantage of from every angle.

That’s why despite record highs on Wall Street…

Despite, massive earnings by thousands of corporations…

And despite what the politicians, of either party, are telling you…

There’s a secret financial crisis occurring right now for most Americans

Chances are, you or someone you know is living through it.

It should be one of the top news stories every single day, but it’s not.

But that doesn’t make it any less real…

Especially now that the gap between our richest citizens and just about everyone else… has grown to roughly the size of the Grand Canyon.

As of April 2021, the top 10% of households held 70% of the country's wealth, while the other 90% of households held just 30%.chart interest

And that’s a scale that I believe is only going to become more unbalanced in the years ahead.

So, what has Washington been doing to fix this mess?

Printing MASSIVE amounts of new money, of course.

Money that becomes increasingly WORTHLESS each and every time more of it is created.

How in the hell is that a solution?

It’s not.

In fact, it’s the root of the entire problem!

In 2021, the Federal Reserve will print $226 billion in new money.

And get this… 40% of ALL the dollars in existence in the world right now were printed in the last 15 months alone!

It’s no wonder that last year, the U.S. government added another $4.5 TRILLION to our national debt totals.

And it’s as close to a stone-cold lock as there is that we’ll surpass that in 2021.

After all, it’s happened every year since 1957.chart

And to make matters worse, thanks to all this money printing… government spending… and lowering of interest rates to practically zero…  inflation hit 5.4% in July.

That’s the highest we’ve seen in 13 years.

Everything from homes, to cars, to gas, to groceries costs significantly more than it did even in just mid 2020.

And that includes the U.S. stock market, which is currently the most expensive it’s ever been in history… making it increasingly difficult for investors to find value for their portfolios.

Oh, and don’t forget, yields on bonds have ALSO been hovering around the lowest in their history right now.

In fact, earlier this summer they fell into the negative!

The New York Times summed it up nicely when they wrote:headline

And once again, don’t expect the government to do much about it either.

In July, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told the House Banking Committee “it would be a mistake” to tighten monetary policy because “virtually all forecasters” believe inflation will eventually come down on its own.

Of course he didn’t say when “eventually” might be… and I don’t expect that it’ll be any time soon.

Case in point: the other day, Advance Auto Parts CFO Jeffrey Shepherd while speaking on his company’s second-quarter earnings call flat out said:

“There is more inflation coming.”

Mohammed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE, told Bloomberg TV last month: “Inflation is NOT going to be transitory.” headline

And speaking of price increases… this last year has been a GREAT time to sell your house… but an absolute nightmare time to buy one.

So, if you were thinking that real estate could be a place to grow your money… think again.

Because you’ll likely have to outspend everyone else in what’s been a sky-high sellers’ market throughout 2021.

The median home-sale price across the nation has jumped 17% since last year… to a record high of over $361,000.

George Ratiu, a senior economist for Realtor.com, says “I wouldn’t call this a normal market” and said that things have become “beyond crazy and frustrating” for buyers.

That’s because we’re seeing many of them desperately bidding WAY over asking price, waiving home inspections, and paying ALL of the closing costs for sellers.

I even read an article the other day about a house in Seattle listed for $725,000… that the buyers offered $400,000 ABOVE asking price for… sight unseen!

Tell me… is THAT a good investment?

At this point…

America’s financial system is doing its citizens NO favors on ANY front.

But please… hear me when I say this:

There IS a way out of this crisis!

Look, I know I’m dumping a LOT of bad news on you here today.

But it’s only because I want to impress on you how truly important it is to do everything in your power to accumulate as much money as you possibly can for your retirement… NOW. 

Otherwise you may never be able to catch up.

Not with everything this exhaustingly illogial financial system of ours has put you up against.

And then there’s things like this…

At a news conference in July, when asked about inflation and the strain it was putting on Americans right now, Fed Chairman Powell actually said…

“There’s absolutely no sense of panic.”headline

NO sense of panic!?

The U.S. national currency is at its lowest value…

The banks are paying you next to nothing to borrow your money…

The prices of goods and services across every sector are rising faster than they have in a decade…

Millions of people are priced out from buying a home and investing in the stock market…

All of this… and the head of America’s central banking system is saying there’s NO sense of panic.

Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know really?

No one is coming to save you from this crisis.

Most people think they’re doing the right thing.

They’re working hard. Being frugal. Putting money in the bank.

They think these are their only options… but they’re not.

I’ve researched this about as much as anyone in the world today and I can tell you that the the richest Americans are already doing what I’m about to show you.

And now it’s up to you to take action in order to join them.

So, if you’re unsatisfied with the options for growing your wealth…

If you’re worried that you’re running out of time to build a secure retirement…

And if you’re confused about WHERE in the world you can find returns that’ll truly make a difference to your financial future…

Then I believe you’re going to have to make a critical choice, very soon.

You’ll need to decide if you’re willing to take at least a portion of your money… as much or as little as you can safely afford… and “opt out” of America’s entirely broken financial system.

Because it could be the ONLY chance you have to weather this crisis…

To protect the assets you have right now…

To secure your loved ones’ financial future…

And to either keep… or finally reach the retirement you’ve worked so hard for.

Not only that… but by opting out, the quality of your retirement could leap up two… three… maybe even five or 10 notches.

I’m talking about:img1

  • The difference between traveling to see your friends and family once a year… versus traveling the world multiple times a year.


  • The difference between retiring to a beach town… versus retiring to a house on the beach.


  • Or if you’re still working… the difference between leaving the rat race 10 years from now… versus five years from now. Or maybe even less?

Any or even ALL of that could be possible with what I’m about to show you.

But before I do, I just want to make something very clear up front…

“Opting out,” as I’m calling it, doesn’t have anything to do with becoming a “sovereign citizen.”

It doesn’t get you out of paying your taxes and doesn’t involve you renouncing any of your rights as an American.

And nothing I’m about to show you involves moving your money to any sort of shady offshore account in the Caribbean, or anything like that.

You see, opting out of our traditional financial system is 100% LEGAL and carries no penalty whatsoever.

In fact, 46 million Americans… a full 17% of the country’s adult population… have already begun doing it to varying degrees. 

Now, I don’t mean they’re getting rid of every dollar they have, liquidating all their accounts, and completely abandoning our economy altogether.

The vast majority are just steadily and deliberately removing portions of their wealth from the U.S. financial system and transferring it to a new one that’s decentralized… that rewards savers… and that can grow their money at a rate like nothing we’ve seen in centuries.

I should know. I’m one of the people doing it.eric-headshot

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, my name is Eric Wade.

And I began opting out of America’s traditional financial system over a decade ago.

Things weren’t quite as bad back then as they are now.

But I could see the writing on the wall, and I knew they weren’t going to get any better.

So, I made the choice to pull my money out of the familiar confines of savings accounts, CDs, and mutual funds, where it was collecting next to nothing and inching me nowhere near my ideal retirement.

And instead…

I moved it into an asset that’s specifically designed to:

  • PROTECT you from the shocking decline of the U.S. dollar being fueled by the Federal Reserve’s endless printing…
  • Deliver PROFIT potential that you may have thought was impossible… but is in fact very real. Over the last couple of years alone, dozens of these assets have soared over 1,000% or more… 
  • And PAY you annual interest rates of 8%… 12%… even 20% or more… while the average savings account will barely get you HALF a percent. 

Protect… Profit… Pay out…

That’s the triple threat when it comes to a great investment.

And what I’m about to show you has been proven effective at doing all three.

There’s truly nothing else I know of in the financial markets right now that can say that. And that’s truly a shame…

Because like I said earlier – I know how difficult it can be not just to earn a true living wage in America right now… but to also save and grow that money into a nest egg you can comfortably retire on.

In fact, I saw it with my own two eyes.

How I discovered “opting out” was right for me… and could be for YOU, too

I grew up in the mountains outside of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Here’s a picture of the trailer we lived in when I was little…wade home

Eventually we moved it to a shady mountainside at about 8,000 feet elevation and built a little cabin next to it, where me, my twin brother, and my father lived.

We didn’t have a lot of money and very few prospects for getting ahead.

But we made it work.

I went to public schools – walking a mile down the mountain every day just to get to the bus stop.

And I knew from an early age that very few people had everything just handed to them.

That’s probably why I got so excited the first time I ever had a dollar of my very own.

If I had to guess, my dad probably gave it to me for doing chores around the cabin. There were a LOT of chores to do after all…

And ever since then I’ve pretty much worked my entire life.

In school I started my own valet parking business and hired all my friends as my employees. I also worked as a cook to help pay my way through the University of New Mexico.

I was always hustling. It was the only way I knew how to keep moving forward in life.

After studying Economics at the University of New Mexico, I joined the investment firm AG Edwards, before being recruited to join Merrill Lynch.

There, I buckled down and got every financial certification I could, including Series 6, 7, 63, 65, and CFM (Merrill Lynch’s in-house version of a certified financial planner).

I then went on to work in business development, advertising sales, and marketing with Fortune 500 clients like Pizza Hut, Mazda, and Dish Network as well as technology upstarts like TiVo, and Verifone Media.

Now, I’d like to say that the killer work ethic my father instilled in me is my most valuable life skill…

But along the way in my career, I developed another skill that’s served me as much, if not more than that.

In fact, it’s how I spotted this opportunity to escape from America’s broken financial system very early on…

It’s my ability to see how NEW technologies could transform society much faster than most people anticipate – and to take the necessary steps early on to profit from these inevitable trends.

That’s how I was able to turn a $7 investment early in the dot-com era into a $1 million payday, which landed me in the pages of Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal in the same week.news tearsnews tears

It’s also how I became part of one the first businesses to use computers to make phone calls (what’s known today as VOIP) back in 1999… years before Skype or Zoom was launched.

In 2018 I decided I wanted to put my ability to spot massive, unstoppable tech trends earlier than the vast majority of the public to good use.

So, I started publishing my ideas with Stansberry Research… and the folks who’ve found my work have had the opportunity to amass huge amounts of wealth.

Like Jonathan H., who wrote to me about starting small and taking $1,000 of his money out of the traditional banking system. His results have been pretty incredible, and his money’s still growing:

“$1,000 worth last year swelled to over $15,000… I also earn an additional 8%-12% on it.”

Becky J. also dipped her toes into the idea of opting out and ended up making a killing:

“I went small just to see what it is like. I invested $5,000… sold enough to take back $7,500 and still have a portfolio of $26,000 and change.”

And Marvin M. shared his incredible story about opting out in a nice “thank you” email he sent me:

“I initially invested about $12,000 and watched it promptly rise to $24,000. I have invested another $12,000 and watched with excitement as my holdings climbed to $150,000.”

*The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.*

They’ve all been able to do this by understanding exactly what’s coming NEXT… and how it will impact the way we live our lives.

In this particular instance, I’m talking about an asset that lies outside the traditional U.S. financial system.

And if you’re interested in:

  • Protecting the money you already have…
  • Potentially adding MUCH more on top of it…
  • Growing that money for the future at a double-digit annual rate…
  • And eventually perhaps doubling (maybe even tripling or quadrupling, depending on where you are now) the quality of your retirement.

Then you’re in the right place.

Because every day, thousands and thousands of Americans are opting out of this insane financial system that we’ve been told is the ONLY option for our money.

Many of them are ascending into an entire new level of wealth – a place beyond what millionaires even a decade ago could have even imagined.

And, instead of plateauing, these changes are continuing to power this new asset class higher and higher.

It’s not a stretch at all to say that it’s become THE top option for investors searching for the opportunity to achieve truly incredible gains.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about cryptocurrencies… but not the ones you often hear about in the media.

ONE little-known cryptocurrency in particular…

It’s not Bitcoin. And it isn’t Ethereum.

It’s an even bigger opportunity.

One that could help you break free from the hopeless situation our financial system has placed so many people in.

Because not only does my research show the potential for this little-known crypto to 10x your money over the next year alone

But with just a few basic steps, it ALSO gives you the chance to collect as much as 13% in annual interest on top of that.

So even if you DO own Bitcoin or Ethereum, this message is definitely still important to hear.

Because neither one of them pay out as much interest as the crypto I’ll be telling you about today.

Now, I realize that many of you watching this might have never even considered investing in cryptocurrencies.

You may even have some level of dislike for them. And I get that.

There’s always been a certain segment of the crypto market that’s a little unsavory. Either because of shady business dealings, dishonest marketing, or just stupid ideas.

But there are over 5,000 different cryptocurrencies in existence right now.  Not all of them are always going to do the right thing the right way.

The same goes for Wall Street and its thousands of publicly traded companies.

Anyone remember Enron?

The point is, despite any lack of interest or desire you’ve had to learn about or invest in cryptos up until now… it doesn’t matter a lick.

They’re here.

There are trillions of dollars wrapped up in them around the world.

They’re not going anywhere.

And if you want absolute proof of that… guess who’s diving into the cryptocurrency market headfirst?headline tearheadline tearheadline tearheadline tear

That’s right! Our old friends the banks… the titans of the American financial system.

Because they know if YOU can make money from cryptos… THEY can too.

And the really infuriating part about it?

They’re buying them with YOUR money.

Let me ask you – if the money you earn… the money you’ve saved… and the money you need to live off for the rest of your life… is being used by a giant financial institution to buy cryptocurrencies that have repeatedly shown the ability to soar in value 100 times over or more… who benefits?

Certainly not you with your .001% interest rate…

The banks do. They reap the profits. They get richer.

You stay the same.

So, then what OTHER possible reason could you need to begin divorcing yourself from this toxic financial arrangement?

Check out this tweet I saw the other day from Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series:tweet

Now, “Mom and Pop” makes it sound like he’s talking about elderly people.

But it isn’t necessarily age he’s referring to here…

In this case, Mom and Pop are anyone who’s stuck in the past.

Anyone who refuses to see a rising tide of change that’s right before their eyes…

Or anyone who ignores what has now been a decade of continual expansion and unfathomable profit potential in the crypto market.

If you’re not fed up with the current state of our country’s financial system and you’re not interested in even learning about how cryptocurrency is revolutionizing money across the world right now…

Then there’s no other way to say it.

You’re Mom and Pop.

But I’ll tell you who isn’t… the Stansberry Research readers who saw the opportunity to make as much as 1,200% gains from my 2018 Bitcoin recommendation…chart

A lot of them have been so happy with their experience with my crypto research that they’ve written in to tell me about their success.

Like Wendy R. who said her…

“$1,000 investment in one of your recommendations resulted in gains of $17,000.”

John M. let me know that…

“I’ve purchased two cars for my kids and helped with college expenses!”

And this one is incredible… Stan H. told us his…

“$5,500 investment turned into $320,000.”

I also love this one from earlier this year. It came in from a fellow named Jerry G. and says:

“I'm 80 years old and during lockdown I got bored and decided to look at Bitcoin… Between August and November, I bought $50,000 of crypto based on your advice. It's now worth about $230,000. I need to include it in my estate plan!”

*The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.*

See? Jerry’s 80 years old!

It’s not about age.

It’s about a willingness to look forward and embrace new ideas and new trends.

Especially ones that could double… triple… maybe even quadruple the standard of your retirement.

We’re talking about…

The difference between the retirement YOU want… and the one that THEY’LL give you

Back when I was a Certified Financial Manager at Merrill Lynch, it was assumed you could safely earn 10% for stocks and 6% for bonds.

We projected that if you saved up a million or two, you could live off that money for the rest of your life.

But if you’re at or near retirement today, and a lot of your early planning was based on these same sort of assumptions…

Then I’m sure there’s a good chance you feel like you’re falling further and further behind where you need to be.

Most financial planners will tell you that today the typical annual return on a 401(k) diversified between large and small cap funds, is between 5%-8%.

And both traditional and Roth IRAs that aim to track the S&P 500’s annual return have seen gains right in the middle of that range, at around 7%.

Obviously, those are MUCH better numbers than what you’re seeing from the banks right now…

But investment firm Vanguard had stated that they expect annual returns on U.S. equities to drop to between 3.9% and 5.9% (before adjusting for inflation) over the next 10 years thanks to high valuations, low interest rates and inflation.

So, it’s easy to realize that at least for the foreseeable future, the numbers aren’t trending in the favor of your 401k or IRA.

$100,000 in an account earning 3.9%-5.9% would yield, at most, only $5,900 by the end of a year.

And $5,900 isn’t anything to scoff at of course… but think about just ONE big medical bill… ONE expensive car or home repair… or even how much ONE vacation costs these days.

Is $5,900 a year enough to cover any of them?

That’s the reason I’m filming this presentation here today.

Because I know that opting out of this dead-end financial system of ours, that’s ALL take and NO give… could be the solution to not only saving your retirement…

But actually improving it… maybe even to a degree you never thought possible!

If you’ve only been earning 4% on your retirement savings… then even just upping that to an 8% return would essentially DOUBLE the standard with which you could live.

And 8% would be a great yield considering what most people are getting these days…

But inside the crypto market right now, there are opportunities to create yearly income streams of 10% or more… on digital tokens that are handing investors 5x… 10x… even 20x returns on a shockingly regular basis.

In fact, the specific opportunity I’m going to tell you about today will currently pay you as much as 13% interest a year.

Take a look at this screenshot from their website and you’ll see right there in black and white:chart

Going from earning 4% to 13.7% would mean you’d have 3 and ½ times more income for your retirement every year.

That could mean some serious upgrades to your quality of life.

Where you live… what you drive… who you’re able to spend time with… and how much income you have coming in every month.

I really can’t understate how big a difference increasing the annual yield on your savings could make for you.

Let alone what a potential 10x profit return on top of it would do…

Regardless of if you’ve had ANY experience at all with cryptos… I can help you learn how to not only stop falling behind, but truly get your retirement plan back on track… and maybe in better shape than ever.

So, why don’t I take a moment to tell you a little more about this opportunity for 10x profits and as much as 13% annual yields? Because I can assure you…

Nobody else is talking about this crypto… but they will be soon…

As I mentioned, 46 million Americans – or 17% of the adult population in this country – already own at least a small amount of cryptocurrency… mostly Bitcoin.

And while Bitcoin is and will continue to be a smart investment… it’s hardly ALL there is when it comes to cryptos.

That includes this smaller coin I want to take a minute to tell you a little bit about.

Now, I’m going to throw some pretty incredible numbers out at you here in a second.

And I understand that your instinct may be to feel skeptical or just dismiss them right away.

But I assure you, they’re all real. They’re all verified. And you can read them over for yourself along with their sources, on our Details & Disclosures page which we’ve linked for you at the bottom of this page.

When I told you a moment ago that right now some Americans are ascending into a new level of wealth that we could have never imagined even 10 years ago…

… well, THIS is the type of opportunity that helped get them there.

Now I’m not saying this one cryptocurrency is going to singlehandedly make you a millionaire.

But my research is pointing at this as an opportunity that could have 10x returns over roughly the next 12-18 months.

I’ll do the quick math for you…

That would potentially turn:

$1,000 into $11,000

$5,000 into $55,000

$10,000 into $110,000

and $25,000 into $275,000…

That’s over a quarter of a million dollars.

And if you think there’s no way YOU could see gains like that, then let me show you the returns my Stansberry readers have already had the chance to make.

Keep in mind, these are mostly regular folks with families, who work 9-5 jobs… NOT financial professionals or market insiders.

Since the beginning of 2020 alone, I’ve sent the readers of my elite cryptocurrency research service, Crypto Capital, a total of 60 sell alerts on my trade recommendations… and 54 of them – were winners.chart

With gains like these you’re seeing come across the screen right now…

  • 430.53%
  • 280.14%
  • 528.52%
  • 481.38%
  • 1,044.62%
  • 2,063.56%
  • 3,182.04%
  • 172.96%
  • 2,466.28%
  • 952.62%
  • 1,743.49%
  • 161.75%
  • 317.27%
  • 359.09%
  • 233.63%
  • 1,026.03%
  • 238.11%
  • 1,414.11%
  • 143.66%
  • 337.93%
  • 402.69%
  • 208.41%
  • 710.83%
  • 551.73%
  • 1,347.23%
  • 2,135.23%
  • 3,102.69%
  • 200.02%
  • 1,429.55%
  • 2,045%
  • 198.68%
  • 242.53%
  • 256.57%
  • 214.02%
  • 208.55%
  • 212.54%
  • 200.58%
  • 348.25%
  • 596.37%
  • 100.13%
  • 231.15%
  • 427.90%
  • 531.90%
  • 219.90%
  • 753.18%
  • 985.71%
  • 288.14%
  • 815.99%
  • 1,117.65%
  • 212.58%

If you comb through the numbers, you’ll see that ALL of those winners would have at least doubled your money.

29 would have tripled or quadrupled your money.

12 would have made you at least five times your money.

And SEVEN of these opportunities would have made you a minimum of 10 TIMES your money.

Not to mention, the Crypto Capital model portfolio is showing an ADDITIONAL 26 open recommendations with gains as high as 2,300% as of early September.

Now, these are some of my best recommendations. All investments carry risk, and not every cryptocurrency will perform this well.

But I see no reason at all why the small crypto I’m going to talk about today couldn’t end up being my NEXT 10x gain.

It currently trades for only around $1.50.

And even at that entirely modest and affordable price, it’s still had a rocket strapped to its back.

This time last year, this crypto traded for just 3 CENTS.

That means it’s already shot up over 5,300% in just the last 12 months alone.chart

Now, if you think that means its profit potential has been tapped out, think again.

Hardly anyone has ever heard of it… but that’s about to change for reasons I’ll tell you in a moment.

And the recent downturn of the entire cryptocurrency market, this coin has rebounded quite nicely.

In fact, over the last month and a half it’s up nearly 100%…

However, that price is still 43% LESS than it traded for back in mid-May.

So, while its price is clearly climbing… for right now you can still own this potential 10x gainer at what I believe is a tremendous discount!

But I don’t believe you have very long left to do it…

As I’ll show you, its applications on the blockchain are SO vast, that over the next 2-3 years I wouldn’t be shocked to see that 10x profit turn into 20x.

But what does that mean exactly? Its “applications on the blockchain”?

Well, let me show you how…

This crypto is set to play a huge role in a MAJOR financial disruption

In a moment I’m going to teach you a word that you’ll soon be hearing about everywhere.

If it’s your first time hearing it, you may feel a little unsure about it.

But it’s important that you learn what it means and how it could end up affecting everything to do with money in America today.

You see, throughout history, there’s always been periods when new innovations disrupt everything about how human societies function.

Like when the Wright Brothers achieved an absolute miracle of human progress at Kitty Hawk, NC, in 1903 when their plane flew 120 feet in the air for 12 whole seconds.Wright Bros Wikipedia Image

We went from thinking that traveling on ground was our only possible option… to crossing the Atlantic Ocean in passenger jets by 1958.

Let’s fast forward to 2004. That year, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency held a 150-mile race in the Mojave Desert… except without any drivers.

Instead, they were all controlled by first-generation self-driving artificial intelligence. And out of the 150-mile course, none of them made it further than seven miles.

That might sound like a huge failure to you… but just like the 12 second flight the Wright Brothers pulled off… it was anything but.

Just seven years later, in 2012, Google’s self-driving cars had driven over 300,000 miles on public roads and today more than 730,000 Tesla’s with autopilot hardware are out on the same streets we are.Google Car Wikipedia Image

But in the age of digitalization, the ultimate disruption of our society is our ability to be interconnected with the rest of the world at all times.

I’m talking about the Internet of course.

Since its creation our world has steadily transitioned from analog to digital.

  • Amazon has taken over retail.
  • Uber and Lyft have taken over cabs.
  • Netflix has taken over movies and TV.
  • Apple and Spotify have taken over music.
  • Expedia and TripAdvisor have taken over the travel industry.

For better or worse, a shift of this nature is massive. It’s changed the world forever. And it made the people who took notice of it a LOT of money.

I’m incredibly grateful I had the foresight to realize this back in 1999 when I purchased WallStreet.com and sold it later for $1 million. And it’s no secret that if you put your money behind life-changing technology disruptors like flight, artificial intelligence, or the Internet early on… you could have made a fortune.

You really don’t get many chances like these.

They might show up once every 20-30 years. And if you don’t act fast enough… or with enough conviction… you could miss out on it altogether.

I fully believe we’re at yet another major disruptive point in our history.

Cryptocurrencies and the overall blockchain on which they operate, are the next evolution in the digitization of our world.

I know that may not sound appealing… it may even sound a bit scary… but I CAN’T sugarcoat it for you.

This is happening.

The first second the Internet clicked online on August 6, 1991; it became almost inevitable that we’d end up here.

But if you’re left behind, you’ll lose out on the chance to not only navigate what’s happening in America right now… but actually thrive instead.

We’ve invented a better system and turning back just doesn’t feel like an option.

That’s why some of the most reputable publications in existence, like Harvard Business Review, say:

“Blockchain will do to the financial system what the internet did to media.”

In other words, it will completely decentralize it.

If you’re not sure what that means, see if this makes sense…

Think back to before the Internet. Where’d you typically get your news?

Probably the newspaper… your local and national evening news… with maybe little bit of cable news or an issue of Time Magazine thrown in there too…

But today, the Internet has made it so you can aggregate your news from thousands of different sources.

All of the outlets I just named have their individual online presences, but then you’ve ALSO got Twitter… Reddit… Facebook… RSS Feeds… Wikipedia… podcasts… blogs… and so many more.

The news has become totally decentralized and now you, the individual… have the ultimate choice in where you get it from.

Today we’re standing on the verge of another massive decentralization.

One that could have as much of an impact on your money as the Internet has had on your everyday life over the last few decades.

Our financial system has been out of touch, and just flat out unfair, for far too long.

But what’s known as “DeFi” – short for “Decentralized Finance” – has the potential to change all of that.

DeFi is the concept that developers and computer programmers can recreate our traditional financial system online, but with cryptocurrencies rather than dollars.

As I’m sure you can tell by the name, it has a totally decentralized architecture – one that doesn’t rely on banks, exchanges, or brokerages for the money to lend, borrow, trade… or earn interest on savings.

It literally opens up your options for any of those things to an entire universe of cryptocurrency holders.

So, instead of going to your local Wells Fargo for a loan… filling out long applications… meeting with a bank officer… putting up with high interest rates and endless bank fees…

… with DeFi you could go online to a crypto exchange, borrow the amount of your choosing from one of their liquidity pools (a fancy name for their “vault”), and have that money deposited in your account within minutes.

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban is a huge believer in DeFi. He sees it as a no-brainer moving forward:

″[T]o borrow money, I have to be overcollateralized with my bank. I’ve got to call somebody. I’ve got to do a DocuSign, or sign something, [and] it’s got to get approved at multiple levels – unless I’m putting it against a credit card, or just writing a check, it’s a hassle. The [bank] fees are ridiculous as a percentage… owning a crypto asset, whether it’s bitcoin or Ethereum, I can do my own banking and it’s very friction-free, very straightforward and fast. That lack of friction is the game-changer.”

The bottom line is – DeFi is becoming a faster, cheaper, more accessible, and above all more equitable financial system for Americans.

I’m not the only one saying it either…

Forbes declared “DeFi is re-inventing global finance faster than the Fed can print money.”

Mark Cuban (with good reason) says “banks should be scared.”

And last month, Olaf Carlson-Wee, one of the earliest major investors in cryptos told Fortune that DeFi has an “earth-shattering level of importance…This isn’t just about the assets – like Bitcoin and Ethereum – it’s about all of the financial instruments.”

Bitcoin was the first step.

Once the very smart people in the room really started looking at what a completely digital currency could do, they realized it could be used to remove unnecessary middlemen… get rid of meaningless junk fees… and create a faster, more efficient system for exchanging money and services online.

And while Bitcoin kicked off things – just like how we didn’t stop after 12 seconds of flight in 1903, or at 7 miles of desert road in 2004 – this DeFi revolution will NOT end there.

Because the next disruption could be much bigger.

In fact, world-changing probably isn’t too strong a term to describe…

A COMPLETE reset of our financial system

If my many months of research into this small, under-the-radar crypto bear out, it could end up doubling… tripling… maybe even quadrupling the quality of your retirement.

More specifically, I’m forecasting an opportunity to see 10x returns on it over the next 12-18 months… PLUS as much as 13% annual interest on those potential profits.

And please understand… we’re still early in this disruption.

You’re in a great position, which could end up handing you the kind of wealth that can be passed down for generations.

Now, if you don’t think that sounds realistic, I understand. We’re coming off a multi-month period where cryptos were steadily dropping.

And yes, these are volatile investments. I’d never try to tell you they’re not.

Any investment involves risk. And you should never invest more than you’re prepared to lose.

But since their inception, cryptocurrencies have proven to be amazinglyresilient.

Just look at Bitcoin. After losing 50% of its value between April and July of this year, it’s already made back more than half of those losses and is picking up serious momentum again…

This kind of volatility can be hard to take, I know.

But if you keep a big picture view of cryptos and their potential to completely remake our financial system… it becomes a lot easier to weather these storms.

For example, during the recent crypto downturn I got a note from David R., a reader of my high-level trading research service, Crypto Capital, who says he’s done so well following my recommendations that it changed his entire view of investing:

 “My total crypto portfolio was up over 1,000% in April, but now sits at 600%… It IS amusing to me that I can now ‘lose’ more money in a single week than I paid for my house, without batting an eyelash.”

*The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.*

Can you imagine owning an asset whose value has soared SO high… and where you’ve made SO much money… that it could decrease in value as much as your house is worth… and you’re “amused” by it???

That’s the kind of long-term wealth building potential cryptocurrencies are offering today.

But while we’re early… we’re not VERY early.

So, to really benefit from this, it’s critical that you make the choice to opt out of America’s broken financial system soon.

What’s happening with DeFi and cryptocurrencies right now potentially solves nearly ALL the current problems with modern money…

  • Like how our government continues to devalue it by printing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of new dollars whenever they’d like, even while inflation is the highest it’s been in 13 years.
  • How there’s virtually NO way to earn a high yield on your savings today. Our own government’s 30-year bonds only pay you a measly 1.93% a year.
  • And how banks are getting rich off your back by paying you an average of less than HALF a percent in interest… only to turn and lend it out to someone else at rates as high as 36%.

But all these issues we face today could potentially be solved with cryptocurrencies.

This small token I’ve been telling you about has already offered the earliest of investors incredible profits.

But could become exponentially more valuable in a very short amount of time.

That’s because it could end up being…

The ultimate win-win: 10x profit potential PLUS as much as 13% annual interest!

I don’t believe there’s a single financial analyst that’s covering this story the way I am.

But as I’ve shown you over the years, I tend to be earlier to these opportunities than most people.

My readers certainly aren’t complaining though!

Not when they’ve had the chance to receive over 40 triple-digit crypto winners in Crypto Capital since 2020…chart

This kind of early advantage is absolutely crucial to securing the highest gains possible on cryptocurrencies.

Because as I’m sure you’ve seen over the last year… when they begin to really pick up steam, they move FAST.

Just look how quickly Bitcoin took off.

One year ago, it was priced at right about $10,000.

Eight months later it was above $64,000 per coin.chart

Same thing with Etherum. A year ago, it sat at around $386.

And then nine months later… it surged past $4,300 a coin.chart

Not to mention any number of the dozens of small cryptos you’ve probably never heard of that have soared over 1,000% in the last 12 months. Like…

Cardano – up 3,088%

NKN – up 2,150%

Quant – up 2,287%

Solana – up 3,045%

And my months of research on this $1.50 crypto have me completely convinced it could have that SAME kind of profit potential over the coming year. 

In fact, it may do even better than that in the long term.

Can you imagine what a windfall like that would do for you? Both now… and down the road?

A 10x gain alone would turn an investment of…

$1,000 into $11,000

$5,000 into $55,000

$10,000 into $110,000

and $25,000 into $275,000

That kind of return in just 12-18 months could be an absolute game changer for the quality of your retirement.

But that’s not the only opportunity this small crypto will give you to build your wealth…

If you went and purchased some of it right now, you could then “deposit” it and begin earning as much as 13.7% annual interest less than an hour later.

See for yourself…chart

In the crypto world, a “deposit” is actually called “staking.”

It’s when you lock away a certain number of your crypto assets for a set period of time… the same way you would with something like a Certificate of Deposit at the bank.

In exchange for staking your crypto, the creators behind it will pay you as much as 13.7% annual interest.

And as you can see in the image above, you could have your interest deposited into your account in the form of fractional crypto shares… every 27 minutes!

Loyal customers who’ve deposited a lot of money for a long time being rewarded for doing so…

Isn’t that what banks in this country used to do?

It’s what amounts to buying a crypto savings bond.

And you sit back and enjoy passive crypto income rolling in regularly…chart

But here’s the really great part for you…

Right now, the small crypto I’ve been mentioning will earn you a HIGHER interest yield than ANY of the ones you see above.

As much as 13% a year in interest if you act soon! 

And that’s on top of the 10x profit potential I’m forecasting for it over the next 12-18 months.

Compare that to what the banks are paying you these days.

In fact, here… I took a screenshot of what’s on Chase Bank’s site right now:chart

They’re only paying out a measly .01%.

Meanwhile, a recent Chase advertisement, gives a hypothetical example where you could take out a personal loan with them of $12,000, and pay…

  • 7.99% over 12 months
  • 8.99% over 18 months
  • Or 9.99% over 24 months

So, that means, for every $12,000 they extend in personal loans… they’re making $958 per head – at a minimum.

How many hundreds of thousands of loan deals do you think Chase strikes every year? How many MILLIONS in profit do you think they make?

And literally .01% of it is going to you… the person supplying them the capital to make those loans in the first place!

What a slap in the face that is. It’s unbelievable.

I’m picking on Chase, but the truth is, if you dig into any of these big banks, you’ll find they’re ALL doing some version of this… every last one of them.

But you finally have a choice.

You can choose to take some of your dying dollars and opt out of America’s dying financial system.

And then finally start putting your money to work for YOU.

If you were to earn 13.7% annually, over a five-year period in JUST interest alone:

$20,000 could grow to $38,004…

$50,000 could grow to $95,010…

$80,000 could top $152,017…

And that’s if you NEVER added another penny to the original amount you put in!

Which in a bank savings account that’s paying you .01% interest… whywould you!?

But unlike U.S. dollars, this crypto, which is eligible to receive as much as 13% annual interest, has the potential to increase in value 10 times or moreover the next year or so.

I can’t make it any clearer really.

To me… and to millions of other Americans…

Opting Out Is the ONLY Option

The chance to remove at least a portion of your money from our traditional financial system is one you should 100% take right now.

And even if for whatever reason, you’re not comfortable learning more about this $1.50 crypto I’ve been detailing for you today…

I STILL truly urge you to look for alternatives in the crypto space that might be right for you.

Even if you try it for a year with just $100 worth of Bitcoin.

I can almost guarantee you that any amount of money you made that move with today will, a year from now, have grown at a rate at least 100 TIMES greater than anything you’ll get from a bank.

But after everything I’ve shown you here (and I’ve shown you a lot!), I really hope that I’ve proven both the incredible short term profit potential AND long-term wealth building potential this opportunity could offer.

That’s a rare duo to have in just one investment. And that’s why I’ve taken the time today to explain it to you in this level of detail.

In just a minute I’ll share with you exactly how you can get all the details on this little-known, $1.50 crypto.

Including of course, the name and ticker symbol.

So, if you’re interested in this opportunity, it’s important that you move quickly.


THREE important steps I recommend you take right now…

This is obviously a very time sensitive situation.

Major opportunities contained inside profit trends of this scale, often are.

Savvy investors who caught onto the story behind this $1.50 crypto almost from the very beginning have already seen it pay off huge.

One year ago, if you had put just $5,000 into this ONE opportunity… you’d be sitting on a $250,000 fortune today.

We’re talking about a quarter of a million dollars added to your bottom line in just ONE year.

But that was only the beginning…

By staking that money you could be on track to collect an absolutely incredible $35,000 in interest in just ONE year.

Compare that to the $550 you’d make on a $100,000 savings account right now and you’ll see why so many people are opting out of our financial system and opting INTO cryptocurrency right now.

And they include some of the wealthiest, smartest, and most successful people in the world.

Names like Paul Tudor Jones, Kevin O’Leary, Stanley Druckenmiller… as well as the man I quoted earlier, Mark Cuban.

But the thing is – you don’t need to be ultra-wealthy to do this.

And, you shouldn’t have to be either. The richest of the rich building their fortunes off the backs of everyday Americans is how we got HERE to begin with.

Cryptocurrencies… DeFi… the blockchain… these are opportunities that EVERYBODY can (and in my mind, should) take advantage of right now.

All you need is an Internet connection, some dollars to covert, and a desire to begin opting out of our broken financial system… and saving your retirement.

Even just a $1,000 investment into this tiny crypto a year ago would now sit at $53,000.

Throw as much as 13.7% interest on top of that $53k… you’d add another $7,261 onto that amount one year from now!

And you can start as early as today.

Here’s how…

STEP #1: Learn more about digital assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum

Since the middle of August 2020, through the middle of August 2021…

Bitcoin is up 299%…

Ethereum is up 731%…

And the overall value of the crypto market is up 436%!chart

There’s no other store of value that comes close to the kind of success we’ve seen happening here.

For example, gold is actually down 7.5% over the same timeframe.

Our average annualized gain, by the way, of all our recommendations in 2020, was 113.4%. That’s three times the annualized returns of the S&P 500 stock market index over the same period (which was 36.5%). This figure measures the results achieved by all of our recommendations in 2020, scaled to a one-year period.

Most of our customers already know about gold. But they may not have realized that cryptos are actually the much more effective store of value right now.

And they probably don’t know that had they allocated just a tiny percentage of their investment portfolio to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it could have made a HUGE difference to them and their quality of life.

In fact, over the past 10 years, if you had put just 1% of your money into Bitcoin… and put the other 99% of your money into a savings account that paid zero interest… you would have made about 250x MORE MONEY compared to investing every penny in an S&P 500 index fund.

Even in a soaring stock bull market.

Who wouldn’t risk just 1% of their money for those types of results?

So, you can see the power of at least dipping your toes into the idea of opting out of our traditional system.

I know that it may seem confusing or outside of your comfort zone… but the potential rewards are just too great to let pass you by.

And what if you had someone in your corner who’s been researching cryptocurrency since it first came into existence?

Someone to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to navigating this incredibly lucrative new market?

I’m betting you’d feel a lot more confident giving it a shot then.

And that’s why I’m here today. I want to be your guide.

In less than four years… I’ve already recommended four of the top 10 trades in our company’s history.

And we’ve been around for 22 years!

But the way I do it is so simple…

I’ve been watching this technology since the beginning. I spend a lot of time going to crypto conferences all over the world… meeting with founders… and using the technology myself.

I even built an expensive cryptocurrency mining machine at my house, just so I could “pick it apart” and see how it REALLY works.

The result of this approach has been nothing short of astonishing.

For example, I attended a crypto conference at the University of California Santa Barbara, back in August of 2018.

And it was there I met the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.chart

If you didn’t know… today he’s one of the most famous faces in the crypto world with an estimated net worth of $16 billion.

But back then… he was practically unknown, except to crypto miners and other analysts like me.

Not long after meeting Vitalik, I recommended Ethereum to some of my followers when it was trading around $90.

Today, it’s over $3,000…

I’ve also met with Vinny Lingham. He’s like the Mark Cuban of India… but he’s also the CEO of a crypto firm called CIVIC.Vinny

After a discussion with him over dinner, I recommended CIVIC to my readers for 2 cents.

Today it’s worth around 50 cents!chart

I’ve shown my readers these types of moves over and over again.pub

And now I’d like you to join them.

That’s why I’ve put together a report for you called, The Blockchain Quick-Start Guide.

It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who cares to learn more about cryptos, the blockchain, and the impact they could have on your financial future…

In it you’ll learn:

  • Why the REAL crypto financial revolution is just getting started – and why this is so important to the success of all Americans.
  • The best companies developing new blockchain applications right now.
  • Step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of how to buy and hold some of our favorite cryptocurrencies
  • How to avoid the ticking time-bombs in the investment world today. You do NOT want to own these companies… these banks… and these industries.

But all this is just the beginning. There’s much more you need to know too.

Which is why I’m also going to show you how to take advantage of my newest opportunity…

Step #2: Consider buying this potential 10x crypto winner and staking it for as much as 13.7% in annual interest

Yes, there are risks involved. Cryptocurrency can be volatile.

Nothing is guaranteed. However, to me, the risks of doing nothing are far worse.

It’s critical you start to think of ways to grow your wealth faster than our government could destroy it.

That’s why, this new opportunity, to potentially see 10x profits over the next 12-18 months AND collect as much as 13.7% interest on top of those potential profits, is my TOP recommendation for anyone wanting to opt out of our broken system today.

It’s basic supply and demand. The value of your dollar will NOT hold up if we continue down this path.

We’re already seeing ramifications of it too…

CNBC says, “Wages are rising, but inflation may have given workers a 2% pay cut.”

NBC News recently reported, “the price of food and gas is creeping higher – and will stay that way for a while.”

And a recent survey of economists in the Wall Street Journal predicts inflation will “be up 3.2% in the fourth quarter of 2021 from the year before.”

It seems impossible to believe… but inflation is 8,900% higher than the national average interest rates for a savings account.

I really hope I’m drilling home how bad a deal we have with our now current financial system…

And how great an opportunity what I’m sharing with you today could be for you and your family.

Just from this single opportunity today, you could potentially make a small fortune.

Once the masses catch on, I expect this tiny crypto could EASILY become a 10-bagger over the next year or so. Maybe even a 20-bagger in the long term.

Imagine watching an investment soar 10 times higher… while ALSO knowing that those profits are growing at an annual rate as high as 13.7%.

That’s passive income at its finest and it’s practically unheard of in the traditional financial markets.

But if you wait, you’ll miss out on the incredible results you could achieve by getting in on this EARLY.

So, to get the full scoop on how to invest for the maximum potential gains, I’ve put everything you need to know into my newest research report.

It’s called: Opt OUT of America’s Broken Financial System With This Potential 10x Crypto Winner.pub

I’ll tell you how to get your hands on this in a few minutes, at absolutely ZERO risk to you.

If you’re interested in moving some of your dying dollars into cryptos, I believe this is a fantastic way to do it.

Now, all investments carry risk. I don’t think you should put every penny you have into ANY single opportunity… crypto or otherwise.

In fact, you should never invest anything more than you’re willing to lose.

But at the rate you’re probably losing money thanks to today’s financial system, I think walking away without taking ANY action would be foolish.

If you think technology has changed our world so far, just imagine how much faster huge amounts of NEW wealth could be created via these new digital currencies.

But cryptos aren’t the only opportunity I follow for my readers. That’s why the final step I advise is…

The final thing I’d recommend is putting some money into not JUST cryptos, but also the biggest and best technology trends we’re seeing today.

Looking into the future and understanding large tech disruptions is what I’ve built my career on.

It’s how I became part of one the first businesses to use computers to make phone calls (what’s known today as VOIP) back in 1999… years before Skype or Zoom was launched.

It’s also how I recognized that opting out of our broken financial system a decade ago was the right move for me.

I’ve also assembled very powerful computers in my home and mined both Bitcoin and Ethereum personally.

I use this early advantage to give Stansberry Research readers the chance to amass huge amounts of wealth.

All by understanding exactly what’s coming NEXT… and how it will impact the way we live our lives.

You see, this is why I was hired to become the chief crypto and Blockchain analyst at Stansberry Research.

I won’t tell you our firm is perfect. We’ve gotten things wrong over the years too. But we’ve been able to successfully identify many of the really big and important trends…

  • We recommended Amazon back in 1999 – back when it was $59 a share. Today it’s more than 50 times that price.
  • We were there in 2002, when PayPal first allowed people to send money to each other, online. We called it “The new standard for making payments via the Internet.” And anyone who bought PayPal when we first recommended it and held all the way through the buyouts of recent years to today… could have made over 800% gains.
  • We were there when gene sequencing first became possible and we recommended a company called Illumina, for around $3 a share. Today it sells for more than 100 times that price.
  • We were there in 2004 when the first robotic doctors were developed at Intuitive Surgical. The stock has gone up over 1,000% since we first brought it to the attention of our readers.
  • And we were there at the beginning of the cryptocurrency movement as well – in fact we recommended buying Bitcoin all the way back in 2018 when it was under $3,800! 

Now all investments carry risk, and past performance does not indicate future success…

But our track record speaks for itself.

That’s why I’d like to send you the two NEW crypto reports I just outlined… so that you can begin harnessing the power of our technology research for yourself.

All I ask is that you take a NO-RISK trial subscription to my technology investing research letter.SIR bundle

It’s called Stansberry Innovations Report.

Take 30 days, see if you like it. You’ll receive instant access to our entire model portfolio of cutting-edge tech investments, including this $1.50 crypto I’ve been telling you about today.

You can see for yourself how our trade recommendations are performing and then decide after a month if Stansberry Innovations Report is a good fit for you.

If it’s not, just let us know and we’ll refund your subscription cost right away.

But if you decide to stick with us, every month I’ll send you a report detailing a brand-new opportunity in the tech space and how it could help you collect outsized potential profits.

I’m talking about lucrative tech trends like AI, CRISPR, 5G, robotics, augmented reality, and so much more.SIR bundle

And of course, we’ll immediately send you your copy of: Opt OUT of America’s Broken Financial System With This Potential 10x Crypto Winner.

It’s yours to keep, along with The Blockchain Quick-Start Guide, no matter what you decide by after test-driving Stansberry Innovations Report for 30 days.SIR bundle

We’ve been able to consistently stay ahead of the world’s biggest and most important trends… and show our readers how to make money and retire comfortably – often years earlier than they ever thought possible.


By delivering the best ideas by employing world-class experts to our team.

For example, I work with a former executive at one of America’s best technology companies, who has a better track record at spotting the next big technology payoff than anyone else I’ve ever seen in my career.

We’ve got a CFA database expert who worked at Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, and at Barclays Investment Bank as well.

Plus, we’ve got two world-class accountants, who used to work at some of the best businesses in America.

I doubt there’s anyone else in America’s retail investment research space that spends what we do on top analytical talent each year.

But just because WE pay a lot to bring you our research, doesn’t mean YOU have to pay a lot to receive it…

Get started now for as little as $49

Normally, one year’s access to my team’s research, featuring at least 12 monthly trade recommendations, costs $199.

But today you can receive a one-year subscription to Stansberry Innovations Report, with a NO-RISK 30-day trial built in, for as little as $49.

That’s up to a 75% discount off our regular retail price.bundle

And to recap, here’s everything you’ll get as part of this special discounted introductory offer:

  1. The Blockchain Quick Start Guide: There’s no better source for understanding the importance of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and how to own them.
  2. Opt OUT of America’s Broken Financial System With This Potential 10x Crypto Winner:  Learn all about how staking cryptocurrency could change banking and business forever. And how one small crypto could help your money grow 10 fold over the next year while ALSO earning interest of as much as 13% annually.
  3.  12 issues of Stansberry Innovations Report: Each new issue will be delivered to you on the third Friday of each month, just after the markets close, so that you can read and digest the trade recommendation over the weekend and be ready to move on Monday morning when the market opens, if you choose.

Normally the regular retail price for all this would be $199.

But today, you’ll only pay as little as $49.

Why so cheap? It’s simple…

We’re on a dangerous path in America right now.

We need a better understanding of how this new economy REALLY works, so that more and more people can benefit from it.

At Stansberry Research, we’re better equipped than just about anyone to help you do it.

We’ve been in this business more than 20 years now and today we have more than 100,000 customers who have decided to become “lifetime” subscribers.

To me, that’s the best endorsement any business can ever have.

I know our firm’s work can help you – and believe me, the more people who understand these trends, the better for all of us.

That’s why I want to send you this valuable collection of special reports… plus a full year of Stansberry Innovations Report for as little as $49.

With this information in hand, you’ll understand the technological shift now taking place in America and how to take advantage of the massive wealth it’s going to create over the next few years.

Now is the time to get the facts for yourself. It’s not too late.

If you want to check any of our data or figures, you can click on the Details and Disclosures link at the bottom of this page, which will take you to our sources.

And we’ve made it very easy and ridiculously cheap for you to learn about cryptocurrency, the Blockchain, and the best technology investments available today.

You absolutely must understand this in order to protect and grow your wealth in the years to come.

If you choose to ignore it, your money will continue to lose its value, income will be harder to come by, and your retirement could be in serious jeopardy.

Now that you know about the secret financial crisis facing America, I hope I’ve made it easy enough for you to start protecting yourself from it.

And when it only costs you as little as $49 to receive everything I’ve described here… honestly, what do you have to lose?

But if you don’t agree with me that this is the absolute best deal in the financial publishing industry, simply let my Baltimore-based customer service team know in the first 30 days, and they’ll refund your payment promptly.guarantee box

Meanwhile, you keep the two special reports I sent you today as a “thank you” for trying out Stansberry Innovations Report.

There’s no doubt we’re living in one of the riskiest financial climates in history – and that’s true no matter what you do with your money, even just stuffing it under the mattress.

And that’s why I believe very strongly that NOW is the time for you to opt out… and take advantage of this seismic reset of the financial system.

The entire world is being digitized… and eventually, even paper money is going to be forced out – centuries of history prove that simple fact.

The only question is, will you be ready?

If you are, just click the “Get Started”’ button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review the details of this special offer once more and claim your up to 75% discount off Stansberry Innovations Report as well as secure your two crypto reports quickly and easily.


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Legal Notices: Here is our Disclosures and Details page. DISCLOSURES ABOUT OUR BUSINESS contains critical information that will help you use our work appropriately and give you a far better understanding of how our business works – both the benefits it might offer you and the inevitable limitations of our products. Although this is not a part of our “Disclosures and Details” page, you can view our company's privacy policy here.

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