Lou Basenese’s Digital Fortunes: The Quantum Profits Report

Table of Contents Introduction What is Area 52? Who is Lou Basenese? Venture Capitalists are aiming for the stars The best investment setup I’ve ever seen Are you ready for the big reveal? The Quantum Internet will likely become the largest economic driver of the 2020s There’s no limit to quantum technology’s commercial applications… The … Read More

#1 Spatial Computing Stock for Metaverse Dominance…

In this Article: About Unity Software Stock Products Competitors History Price Data News Outlook Unity Software stock (NYSE: U) specializes in the world of AR, VR, 3D and 2D. And they’re well positioned to take advantage of this sprouting market. Their unique platform allows developers to create games and experiences. And, at a high quality. These … Read More

Spatial Computing Glasses Technology Revealed (Plus: Jeff Brown’s #1 Stock)

Today you’ll learn about a stepping stone towards the next generation of devices called S.C.G. It stands for Spatial Computing Glasses. These next-generation glasses will look just like the ones I’m wearing below… But the technology will be far more powerful. Imagine you are sitting in a café enjoying your morning latte. You put on … Read More

Spatial Computing Glasses (SCG): The #1 Stock to Profit from the Smart Glass Revolution

— Presented by Legacy Research — Legendary tech expert who picked the #1 returning tech stock of 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2020 reveals The $1.5 Trillion Arms Race for S.C.G. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are betting big on S.C.G., a new tech that has been called “one of the great transformational technologies of the next 50 years.” Here’s how … Read More

5 Stocks to Profit from the Spatial Computing Trend

Disruptive innovation in technology is making waves in the world, with spatial computing covering the combined capabilities of global positioning system (GPS), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), machine learning (ML), remote sensing and more. Spatial computing brings together the physical and digital worlds. From booking a ride on Uber to doctors performing complicated … Read More

How to Make a Killing on Spatial Computing’s “Killer Apps”

Table of Contents: Who is Christian DeHaemer? Introduction What is Spatial Computing? Scientists are calling this moment the “Great Convergence.” “An arms race to capture the next computing platform.” Health Care is Going Spatial Three Special Reports on Cutting-Edge Spatial Computing Stocks 99% of Investors Are Clueless About This Game-Changing Technology… The Other 1% Are … Read More

Get on the Profit Train of Spatial Computing

Every once in a while, all the pieces fall into place and a new investment sector is born. If you think about Henry Ford and the Model T, you think about precision instruments, the combustion engine, the carburetor, interchangeable parts, the Bessemer process for producing steel, etc… If you consider the iPhone, you think about … Read More