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Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies?

I don’t blame you.

After all, a few years ago, the number of bitcoin millionaires would fill this tiny section of the Seattle Seahawk’s football stadium.

seahawks stadium

About a thousand seats.

Today, the number of bitcoin millionaires would fill the entire stadium … every, single seat.

That’s because, thanks to bitcoin’s incredible five-year rally, there are now 100,000 bitcoin millionaires.

bitcoin headlines

Many invested in bitcoin early on and watched their accounts swell as it soared from a few hundred bucks to over $60,000.

news headlines

If you’re one of these millionaires, congratulations.

If you’re not, don’t worry, you’re about to get a second chance.

Because as amazing as the bitcoin rally was, it’s about to look tiny.

Like a blip on a chart.

bitcoin gain chart

That’s because experts are predicting another rally, one that will be 20X larger.

That’s right.


Potentially creating enough millionaires to fill this stadium, well … 20 times.

However, this massive rally won’t come from bitcoin…

It will come from a lesser known, alternative crypto that experts are calling the “Next Gen Coin.”

A crypto Goldman Sachs confessed “could overtake bitcoin” and the Nasdaq confirmed is a “contender to be the next crypto king.”

Which is why JPMorgan revealed big institutions are piling in.

And so are the rich and famous.

Mark Cuban proclaimed:

marc cuban "dwarf" bitcoin

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin said:

ken griffin bitcoin image

And Elon Musk made sure it was one of the only three coins he owns.

elon musk next gen coin image

That’s because, as you’re about to see, this Next Gen Coin has the ability to overtake bitcoin … and “power the rails of global finance.”

next gen coin headline

Allow that to sink in for a moment…

Experts are saying this Next Gen Coin has the ability to power the rails of global finance … a $100 trillion industry.

For comparison, the 5G market is worth $50 billion.

The artificial intelligence market is $60 billion.

And the electric vehicle market is nearly $1 trillion.

Yet, the global finance industry is $100 trillion.

global finances chart next gen coin

And this Next Gen Coin is at the center of it all.

It’s no wonder experts predict it will be 20X as big as bitcoin.

But, if you want to invest, if you want the opportunity to have a seat in the millionaire stadium, you’ll have to act within the next three months. Because, as this report explains, an “upgrade date” will revolutionize this coin, potentially sending it 70X higher. Yet, 99% of Americans don’t even know this coin exists.

Today, right here on this stage, I’m interviewing the man who put this report together.

His name is Ian King.

He’s the former hedge fund manager who’s been taking the crypto market by storm with a string of wins that includes gains as high as 1,061% in Binance, 1,934% in Solana and an impressive 18,325% … yes, 18,000% … in Luna … each win coming within a year, or less.

ian king press photos

His uncanny track record explains why over 70,000 people from 119 countries eagerly pay for his insight … including advisers at Wall Street’s top firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan.

ian 70k subscriber image

So, take out a pen and a piece of paper, and get ready to be amazed. Because today, for the first time ever, Ian King is going to reveal everything you need to know about this Next Gen Coin.

Follow this link to read the full Next Gen Coin research.

Read more from Ian King at TheProfitSector.com

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