Louis Navellier Unveils His Billion Dollar Tech Blueprint


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For the First Time in Over 40 Years…

Wall Street’s “King of Quants” Reveals His Secret $6 BILLION

AI Blueprint

“If you apply my ‘Secret Blueprint’ to the red-hot AI market, the next 12 months could be extremely lucrative… even if you’ve only got $500 to start with!”

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is steamrolling across the country…

And with dozens of AI-related stocks already exploding as high as 306%, 344%, 3,800% and higher…

Economists could soon be calling today’s AI market the most explosive tech BOOM ever!

PricewaterhouseCoopers is predicting the entire market could eclipse $15.7 trillion in under a decade.

“AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined”

Others, like tech investor Tej Kohli, are throwing around even larger numbers, touting that AI will usher in a $150 trillion super-economy .

“…the global AI economy could be worth $150 trillion by 2025…”

Tej Kohli

But one thing is certain…

If you miss out on today’s opportunity, you could be cheating yourself out of the best chance you’ll ever have at achieving true financial freedom.

It won’t matter if you only have $500 to invest… or $5 million.

The AI market is poised to be a true juggernaut… potentially creating hundreds of new millionaires… billionaires… and as Mark Cuban went on record saying,

“Even the world’s first trillionaire.”

So pay careful attention for the next few minutes, and I’ll show you exactly how to carve out your own slice of the burgeoning AI market.

All you have to do is copy my time-tested “Billion Dollar Tech Blueprint” that you’re seeing splashed across your computer screen.

Because what I’ve learned over the past 44 years on Wall Street, is that raging tech bull markets are not only very profitable… but almost predictable.

The fact is, almost every single tech BOOM in history has followed this same script.

The PC boom… the internet boom… the smartphone boom… the EV boom… even as far back as the automobile boom of the early 1900’s…  

I’ve made a lot of money from previous tech booms… and I’ve helped countless others generate a lot of money too.

In fact, the tech blueprint I’m exposing here today has helped me generate a billion-dollar Wall Street empire… turning roughly $300,000 under management in the early ‘80s… to at one point, over $6 billion.

And now that the AI boom is ratcheting up, history is about to repeat once again.

Using this blueprint, I’ve already pinpointed and recommended an AI stock that has soared 886%… a return of nearly 10-TIMES your money.

And another that has already soared over 264%…

But that’s nothing compared to what’s just over the horizon.

I firmly believe that the AI boom we’re witnessing will be the biggest opportunity of the next decade…

To take advantage, all you have to do is apply my “Billion Dollar Tech Blueprint” to the AI market and you could turbocharge your investment portfolio in a major, major way.

To make it work…

  • You do NOT need to know anything about artificial intelligence (in fact, the less you know, the better… since you won’t be biased)…
  • You do NOT need to be an investing expert…
  • You do NOT need a lot of money to use this strategy (only about $500 or so to start)…

But, you DO need to have a basic understanding of tech booms and how they progress through three distinct stages (including which stocks to buy at the right time and how much to pay for them)…

This is where I can help.

But, of course, there is a catch…

This will only work if you want the chance to stake a claim in the red-hot AI market…

And it will work best if you take action NOW… while the majority of AI-related stocks are still small and relatively unknown.

If you miss out… and fail to take action…

You could very well regret it for the rest of your life.

The AI boom is just getting started…

And I firmly believe that an event expected to take place in early 2024 will send institutional investors into an AI feeding frenzy.

…and push dozens of little-known AI stocks to dizzying new heights.

You want to get in NOW, before that happens.

That’s why I’ve created this urgent message…

To show you how to use my time-tested “Billion Dollar Tech Blueprint” to properly position your portfolio for the chance to make the most money possible from the AI Revolution…

But Before I Give You All the Juicy Details, I Should Properly Introduce Myself

Hi. I’m Louis Navellier.  

And if my name sounds familiar, it’s probably because I’m a frequent guest on popular TV programs like Fox Business , BloombergRadio ,CNBC , among many others.

Maybe you’ve read my bestseller The Little Book That Makes You Rich.

Or perhaps you’ve seen one of the articles written about me and my unique, quantitative approach to investing…

Like when I was featured in BusinessWeek

Money magazine …

The Los Angeles Times …

…even The Jerusalem Post, if you can believe  that!

Here is one of my personal favorites, where USA Today highlighted the fact that over a 10-year period my model portfolios achieved a total return of nearly 1,400% across the board…

…beating the overall market by a factor of 3 to 1.

Not to brag or boast, but numbers don’t lie… and my track record is among the best you’ll ever see. You can fact check my claims by reading our details and disclosures information by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Looking back, I can tell you that I owe much of my success to a secret I discovered very early in my career… a secret that remains hidden to this very day.

You see, as a teenager I was a HUGE computer nerd.

And back in the late ’70s, I was recruited by my college professors to help Wells Fargo build one of the world’s first index funds using their mainframe computer.

At the time, practically nobody had access to a mainframe computer, so I jumped at the chance.

Now, in layman’s terms…

It was my assignment to tinker around with Wells’ computer… and develop an investing formula that could match the overall return of the S&P 500.

Because, after all, that’s what an index fund is supposed to do… to simply match the markets.


That was my assignment…

But I kept running into a major problem.

There were always a handful of stocks that didn’t behave like they were supposed to.

In short, these stocks kept beating the market in a major way… and in the process, ruining my formulas.

Now, this turned out to be a “key ingredient” of my tech blueprint… but I digress.

As a naive teenager, I brought this to the attention of my professors.

I remember trying to explain that I had stumbled onto something much more exciting than a boring index fund.

But they weren’t interested…

They only wanted me to create a product that merely matched the market… not beat it!

Can you believe that!?


I Took My Discovery and Started My Own Investment Firm

I was one of the youngest money managers on Wall Street. 

But unlike most analysts of the day, who relied on gut feel and instinct, I crunched numbers, using predictive analytics and advanced software to gain an edge.  

While other money managers were busy reading company reports and hobnobbing with executives… I was using computers to help me find tomorrow’s big winners. 

I would later create one of the most successful stock-picking algorithms in Wall Street history.

And it sent shockwaves throughout the entire money management industry.

You have to remember… what I was doing was very unconventional.

At the time, most people thought my approach was a bit cuckoo.

The idea of using computers and technology to target specific stocks had never really been done before.

And I definitely endured a bit of skepticism from both my peers and potential clients in the early years.

But results speak for themselves… and my quantitative approach to investing began churning out truly massive returns.

I was able to pinpoint and recommend firms that nobody knew about… but would quickly become household names.

Like during the PC boom of the 1980s…

My quant-based approach helped me uncover companies like Microsoft… when it was trading for just $0.38.

If you had bought just $500 worth of the stock back when I recommended it, it would be worth $304,302 today.

I recommended Apple just a few months later when it was trading for $0.37 (up over 36,164%).

As well as Adobe at just $1.82 (up 37,722%), Qualcomm at $2.05 (up 6,235%), Intel at $2.25 (3,228%) and IBM at $9.98 (up 2,062%).

During the internet boom… my advanced computer analytics tipped me off to stocks like Cisco at $5.84 (up 1,274%), Google for a max gain of 1,037% and even Amazon all the way back in March of 2004.

Again, just a $500 stake in Amazon when I first recommended it would be worth $40,000 today.

These are some of Louis’ best recommendations. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

And there are dozens more examples…

Again, it was my passion for computers and technology that helped me discover the secret architecture of every tech trend of the past 40 years.

You see…

The PC boom of the ’80s…

The internet boom of the ’90s…

The iPhone boom…

The crypto boom… the EV boom.

They all follow the same, repeatable pattern.

What I’ve discovered is that every tech boom goes through the same three phases.

And I firmly believe that the AI boom will be no different.

Because I understand this secret… one of my AI recommendations is already up as much as 886%… nearly a 10-fold gain.

And a second that popped for a 264% gain.

But as amazing as these returns are…

That’s just the beginning…

A small taste of what’s coming.

If you take a position right now…

In the right AI opportunities (I’ll show you which ones)…

You can position yourself for big gains.

And don’t worry if you aren’t an investment expert…

Even if you aren’t tech savvy like me… and don’t know the first thing about artificial intelligence…

You could still walk away with extraordinary results…

First, let me show you how the blueprint plays out in the real world… and how you can use it to cash in from the AI Revolution… even if you’ve only got a few hundred dollars to start with.

The Hidden Architecture Behind EVERY TECH BOOM

The boom in artificial intelligence is following the same script that has played out over and over again.

You see, every tech boom follows a sequence of three stages…

Stage 1 is the Introduction Stage. This is when a technology is first   introduced.

Stage 2 is the Early Adopter Stage. This is the Stage when individuals – usually “techies” and well-connected insiders – begin using and investing in the innovation.

Stage 3 is the Majority Stage. This is when the masses begin to discover the technology.

Now, most folks think the best time to get in is during Stage 1… when a new technology is first introduced.

Or at least, as early as possible.

But that can also be a HUGE mistake.

The thing I’ve learned throughout my 40 years on Wall Street is that there’s actually a “sweet spot.”

A small window in time where most of the risk has been removed… yet you are perfectly positioned for maximum upside potential.

It’s the moment when a burgeoning new technology crosses over from relative obscurity to mainstream adoption.

When it becomes refined and perfected to the point that the majority of folks can recognize how this new technology can make their lives easier and more productive… not just the early enthusiasts and visionaries.

I call this phenomenon “Crossing the Chasm.”

Some technologies never make it past the chasm. They’re never fully embraced by the mainstream.

Others can take years… or even decades to cross.

Consider the automobile.

Most people think that cars were invented by Henry Ford in 1908.

But that’s not true… automobiles were actually invented 20 years earlier by Karl Benz.

Henry Ford simply took the technology and refined it. He made cars that were more affordable, more reliable and much simpler to operate.

In other words, Henry Ford became one of the richest people on the planet because he was the first person to take automobile technology across the chasm.

He helped people from all stripes understand how their lives could be vastly improved if they owned this new technology. And he made it affordable for just about everyone.

This scenario has played out time and again.

And if you invest in a new technology, when it crosses over into mainstream adoption, you could make a lot of money.

I’ll show you exactly what I mean… using the 1980s boom in computer stocks as an example.

As you probably know, computers had been around for decades… but they were as big as a house and were extremely expensive.

Most people had never used one.

Even fewer people owned one.

But on April 1, 1976, a tiny startup was formed in Los Altos, California, by two college dropouts who wanted to develop the world’s first user-friendly personal computer.

Of course, I’m talking about the legendary Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who co-founded Apple computers.

As the story goes, this duo ended up revolutionizing the computer industry and helped usher in the Digital Revolution and the Information Age…

But it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

Apple first went public on December 12, 1980, following the release of the Apple III PC.

This date marks Stage 1 of the PC boom.

But here’s the thing…

Apple was NOT an instant success (nor was IBM or any other PC maker in the early ’80s).

These early PCs were slow. They were expensive. They weren’t very “user friendly.”

The only folks who embraced these early PCs were computer nerds like myself.

Sales were slow in the early ’80s… and as a result, shares of Apple stock went practically nowhere.

Even worse, other early PC manufacturers actually went bust.

It’s a popular misconception that buying stock at the very beginning is the best way to make a lot of money.

Sure, Apple was a fantastic buy over the long-term, but it spent the first 5 years of its existence as a complete dud!

In fact, by late June of 1985, share prices had crashed by 30% from Apple’s IPO!

In other words, if you had bought Apple stock during the early stages of the PC boom, you would have more than likely LOST money.

But the technology continued to improve… and the cost continued to decline…Apple released the Macintosh line of PCs… and the Apple IIGS, which was twice as fast as its predecessor.

Suddenly, schools began buying computers for students to use. Offices began buying PCs to improve productivity.

PCs began showing up in homes across the country.

Take a look at this chart… you can actually see the moment when the PC went from the Early Adopter Stage to the Majority Stage.

… when the technology finally crossed the chasm.

Starting around 1987, the PC boom kicked into high-gear… and the timing was perfect for investors to begin picking up shares of what would become many of the world’s most profitable companies… while they were still trading for pocket change.

With the help of my advanced stock-grading algorithms, I was able to recommend Apple at one of the lowest prices it’s ever been… at just $0.37.

This recommendation alone would have resulted in a max gain of 36,164%… turning even a $500 grubstake… into over $180,000 today.

But there were many others…

I also recommended Microsoft at $0.38… 

Oracle at $0.51…

Qualcomm at $2.05…

Intel at just $2.25… 

Micron at $4.49… 

And IBM when it was still trading for under $10… 

Again, I’m not trying to brag or boast here.

I’m telling you this because my research shows that we are about to witness the same scenario with artificial intelligence.

AI tech is about to “cross the chasm.”

You have a rare opportunity to grab shares of tomorrow’s dominant AI firms BEFORE they become household names.

And by understanding how these tech booms unfold, you are able to avoid most of the risk associated with being “too early.”

And you can ignore all of the bad advice from the mainstream talking heads and all the hypesters…

Because Every Single Tech Boom in History Has Followed This Playbook

It was the same scenario with the internet boom of the 1990s…

The internet as we know it – the World Wide Web – officially launched in 1993.

Still, very few people were using it. Mostly just hard-core technology enthusiasts.

This was Stage 1 of the internet boom…  

Only when Netscape went public in late 1995 did people outside Silicon Valley start taking the internet seriously.

That’s when institutional investors started joining the party… kickstarting Stage 2. 

But still, the internet was painfully slow.

It took what seemed like an eternity just to check your email and maybe visit a webpage or two.

If you wanted to download a large file, it could take hours.

Mainstream economist Paul Krugman predicted the internet’s impact on the economy would be no greater than the fax machine.

That was in 1998…

People weren’t spending much time with it. They weren’t really using it to shop or play video games.

Most people still viewed it as a novelty. A passing fad.

Of course, that didn’t stop all the talking heads and hypesters from promoting “the next hot internet stock.”

Companies like Pets.com, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Webvan and a whole slew of others were artificially pumped up on hype alone… only to come crashing back down just as quickly.

Most of those early internet companies don’t even exist anymore.

Even Amazon.com – which went public in late 1997 – crashed by 90% before it emerged as the juggernaut it is today.

This is exactly why you don’t want to be too early.

… and why it is so important to wait until the technology has had the time to be refined and improved upon.

To be turned into a powerful tool that can greatly benefit those who use it.

… when the technology “crosses the chasm.”

And in this case, the internet didn’t gain mainstream adoption until the arrival of broadband in the early 2000s.

That’s because broadband was 300-times faster than dial-up internet!

Suddenly, you could download a large attachment in minutes… as opposed to hours.

You could seamlessly play video games with other people from all over the world…

You could use the internet to shop… or stream that new hit song right from your computer.

It began to appeal to everybody… not just tech geeks and college kids.

A 2002 article by the Pew Research Center revealed that roughly 86% of broadband users said the internet improved their ability to learn new things… 65% also said it improved their ability to shop… and more than half (55%) said high-speed internet improved their ability to do their jobs.

In other words, the majority of folks began to recognize how this new technology would make their lives easier and more productive…

In just a few years, the number of home broadband internet users QUADRUPLED.

The internet went from a passing fad… to a major component of our daily lives.

With the introduction of broadband, the internet “Crossed the Chasm,” and jumpstarted what would become the multitrillion-dollar digital economy… 

Just like with the PC boom, the timing was perfect for investors to begin picking up shares of tomorrow’s powerhouse internet firms while they were cheap and relatively unknown.

With the help of my advanced algorithms, I was able to recommend Amazon for a max gain of 8,151%…

Netflix for a gain of 7,749%…

Nvidia for a gain of 6,362% …

And many, many others that doubled and tripled in value…

By honing in on internet stocks shortly AFTER the technology went mainstream… AFTER it crossed the chasm… I made a series of recommendations that helped folks make a small fortune.

Because of my ability to consistently find winning stocks, I’ve been given many flattering nicknames over the years…

I’ve been called “Mr. Perfect,” “Wunderkind,” “An Icon Among Growth Investors” and even “The Man Who Has Beat Them All.”

During an interview with Forbes back in 2002, they dubbed me “The King of Quants.” 

“Louis Navellier: The King of Quants.”

I have to admit… of all the silly “titles” I’ve been given, it’s probably the one I’m the most proud of.

Being a “quant” is what helped me discover the hidden architecture behind these tech booms…

Again, it works like this…

First, you have the visionaries and tech geeks… 

Second, you have the well-connected insiders…

And sure, there can be massive amounts of money made by these early investors.

But they are also taking on massive amounts of risk.

The “sweet spot” happens right as these tech booms enter the third stage.

When the technology “crosses the chasm” and becomes appealing to the masses.

It was the same situation with the smartphone boom… the EV boom… even the crypto boom…

Each of these tech trends took YEARS to reach maturity. Many companies failed along the way.

But once they “crossed the chasm,” and became widely adopted by the early majority, the chance for investors to walk away with a fortune becomes reality.

Understanding the hidden architecture behind these tech cycles can be the difference between making millions and losing millions.

I’m Telling You All This Because This Script Is Playing Out Again RIGHT NOW With Artificial Intelligence!

So where are we now in this artificial intelligence boom?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re just about to enter the “Sweet Spot.”

After years of “behind the scenes” progress, AI is hitting the mainstream in a major way.

I’m talking, of course, about the recent launch of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT represents the first consumer application of a new kind of technology called Generative AI.

What can you do with the new technology?

Well, just about anything you want!

ChatGPT can answer any question you have about the history of the stock market. It can explain complex topics – like AI itself – in simple terms. It can help you with your algebra homework.

It can write advertisements, draft résumés, give relationship advice, write music and even crack jokes.

It can also be a lawyer (ChatGPT just took and passed the University of Minnesota’s law school final exams). 

“ChatGPT goes to University of Minnesota law schoole and passes final exam”

What most people DON’T know… is that ChatGPT has been around for years.

Back in 2015, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman…

And a few other ultra-successful entrepreneurs used $1 billion of their own money to create OpenAI… the parent company behind this AI breakthrough.

Very few people paid much attention to the story back then…

Again, we’re talking Stage 1 here.

But Elon Musk and company spent the next few years tinkering around with the technology… feeding it massive amounts of data and then teaching the model to generate similar data.

They began fine tuning the models… teaching it various language models and improving its instruction-following ability.

New versions were released, with each version improving upon the previous one.

And then on November 30, 2022…

ChatGPT went live to the world… and was an instant success.

Within just 5 days after the launch of ChatGPT, it amassed 1 million active users.

After 40 days, that number skyrocketed to 10 million.

And it eclipsed 100 million active users in just two months’ time.

Keep in mind, it took TikTok – which was the most viral social media app of all time – 9 months (or 4.5X as long) to reach 100 million users.

Just take a look at this chart, and you’ll see that ChatGPT is the fastest growing consumer technology platform of all time.

The meteoric rise of ChatGPT over the past year is about so much more than just a buzzy conversational chatbot – it marks the dawn of the AI Revolution.

If you haven’t played around with ChatGPT yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.

It’s fun and exciting… giving you a firsthand experience into the sweeping technological changes that will completely reshape our world.

It reminds me of the early days of the internet, when you would log into your AOL account to hear that familiar, “You’ve got mail!”

Even though OpenAI isn’t a publicly traded company – it’s currently valued at $29 billion… making it one of the most valuable startups in the world.

And all the “smart money” is now investing heavily into AI…

Amazon, for example, recently reported that three of their AI strategies now account for $80 billion of total sales.

Netflix’s automated personalized recommendation engine is worth $1 billion per year…

In fact, you already know lots of companies that are moving “all in” with AI… Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Netflix, Uber…

According to Crunchbase, companies that operate in the AI markets raised $25 billion in funding for the first half of 2023.

Microsoft alone has invested $10 billion…

It's next to impossible to find a company in Silicon Valley that isn't already either using AI technology or deeply invested in AI innovation.

If you haven’t already guessed, we are at the tail end of the second stage of the AI boom.

The AI Revolution is following the same script of every prior tech boom in history.

First, you have the true visionaries working behind the scenes to bring this new tech to market.

Then, the smart money piles in… helping push the technology forward.

With this influx of new money, dozens of firms within the AI realm have already begun soaring in value…

And I’m not just talking about the big, established FANG stocks.

We’ve all heard about the historic run of the big semiconductors over the past year…

Stocks like Nvidia, which has TRIPLED in value…

And Advanced Micro Devices, which has doubled.

But many smaller companies have also skyrocketed sharply as the “smart money” has begun gobbling up shares…

There’s Symbotic, an automation technology company. Shares are up 210% recently.

Helix Energy Solutions Group has risen by 200%… and C3.ai, which has been up 149%.

There are many others…

But as I’ve shown you, this is just a small taste of what’s to come.

I firmly believe that artificial intelligence technology is on the cusp of truly going mainstream.

We could be just a few short months from this technology “crossing the chasm,” and becoming a huge part of your everyday life.

We’re about to see large-scale AI adoption…

Or as Bank of America recently stated,

“We are at a defining moment – like the internet of the 90s – where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving toward mass adoption.”

You’ll soon live in a world dominated by AI… to the point that you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

I’ll explain exactly why I believe AI is about to hit its inflection point in just a second…

But there is something I want to make crystal clear right here and right now…

We’re about to see a massive boom in AI stocks, just like we did in the early 2000s with internet stocks.

Only this time…

The Rate of Change Will Be FASTER Than Any Prior Tech BOOM

According to research firm McKinsey & Company,

“AI computational power is accelerating faster than traditional processor development .”

Much faster…

Because of the fact that artificial intelligence incorporates machine learning techniques, computational performance is now doubling every 3 and a half months!

That’s 5-times faster than what we’ve experienced over the past 75 years!

I’ll say that again because it bears repeating…

Artificial intelligence is growing at a rate 5-TIMES faster than any other technology we’ve seen before… the PC… the internet… the smartphone…

The amount of change we’ll see over the next 5 years alone will be more than the previous 5 decades combined.

The world around us is changing at never-before-seen speeds… the speed and capabilities of our computers are increasing at unfathomable rates…

And Once AI Technology “Crosses the Chasm,” Your Life Will NEVER Be the Same

Within the next few months, I firmly believe that AI will transform every aspect of your life… in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

Not only that…

But it will revolutionize every single industry too…

Retail… marketing… customer service… entertainment… medicine… banking… defense… the legal industry.

They’ll all be turned upside down.

Take the transportation industry, for example…

We’re already starting to see autonomous vehicles showing up in cities like Phoenix and San Francisco.

These are vehicles that don’t require a driver.

They are 100% operated by AI technology.

Once we “cross the chasm,” these autonomous vehicles will be EVERYWHERE.

You simply won’t need a personal car anymore.

These autonomous vehicles will pick you up wherever you are and take you wherever you want to go.

Instead of having to “focus on the road,” you can relax. Watch a movie. Get some work done during your long commute.

And mark my words…

This trend is going to create some incredible investment opportunities.

Just look at what already happened with Tesla.

Had you invested $500 in it, you could have made more than $100,000.

Most folks don’t realize that Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer.

That’s because Tesla’s cars are essentially computers on wheels… and they incorporate the latest in AI tech.

According to Tesla engineers,

“The company currently has an AI system that in real-time gathers visual data from eight cameras in the car, and produces a 3D output that identifies the presence of obstacles, their motion, lanes, roads and traffic lights, and models a task that helps cars make decisions.”

My point is…

After years of relatively modest advancement, driverless cars are now entering the “liftoff” stage… thanks in large part to AI.

And transportation is just one example…

Take a look at what’s happening right now in the legal industry…

As I mentioned, AI technology like ChatGPT has already taken and passed the Uniform Bar Exam with a score higher than 90% of lawyers.

But more recently, one of the top law firms in the country, called Allen & Overy, introduced its own version of generative AI tech, called Harvey.

Harvey has the ability to create complex legal documents in seconds.

Harvey can speak a multitude of languages and rarely – if ever – makes mistakes.

Not only that, but Harvey can perform complex legal tasks across Allen & Overy’s 43 offices simultaneously… anywhere in the world… 24 hours a day.

The cost to “employ” him is a mere fraction of his human counterparts.

According to one top executive at Allen & Overy,

“I have been at the forefront of legal tech for 15 years but I have never seen anything like Harvey. It is a game-changer that can unleash the power of generative AI to transform the legal industry.”

Again, this is just the beginning…

There’s not a single industry that AI won’t transform…

Even an industry like engineering…

NASA is now implementing generative AI to create parts for spacecraft that are both lighter and stronger than what’s currently available.

They are calling these new feats of engineering “evolved structures,” and from the examples I’ve seen, they look like something from another universe.

Take a look for yourself:

Many of these types of “evolved structures” are so complex, they can’t be manufactured with traditional techniques… like injection molding.

Rather, these parts can only be created using advanced manufacturing processes… like 3-D printing.

It’s pretty amazing… and a great example of how generative AI will help drive efficiencies across a wide range of industries.

Need another example?

Just look at what’s happening in the healthcare industry…

According to Forbes, AI has the potential to unlock cures for various diseases and save the lives of millions…

Perhaps even hundreds of millions.

Many diseases today don’t have a cure because the traditional method of trial and error is very slow and very expensive.

It can cost an average of $2.3 billion to develop a single drug…

And it normally takes more than a decade.

AI is adding incredible speed, efficiency and accuracy to that process.

Soon, we’ll be able to have drugs in one-tenth of the time, if not faster.

In short, AI will give us lifesaving new drugs…

On a scale and at a pace that we’ve never seen before.

And this isn’t some hypothetical pipedream set to happen 20 years from now.

In many ways, it’s already happening.

For example, scientists recently developed a treatment for cancer in just 30 days using an AI drug discovery platform called Pharma.AI.

Humans have failed terribly when it comes to finding a cancer cure.

In 2022 alone we spent $6.7 billion on cancer research… yet we are still using cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. The same treatments we’ve been using since WWII.

But I believe AI will soon provide the breakthroughs we’ve been searching for.

Not just with cancer, but many of the world’s most dangerous diseases.

Think about the investment opportunities that this revolution in healthcare will create.

To give you an idea of the potential here…

Let me show you what happened with Recursion Pharmaceuticals, an AI biotech firm that is using machine learning algorithms to identify potential drug targets.

In just under 3 months’ time – from early May to late July – shares of Recursion spiked by an impressive 247%!

We’ve seen a similar rise in share prices for Schrodinger, who is using AI-based quantum chemistry to identify suitable molecules to treat specific diseases.

Share prices for Schrodinger have more than DOUBLED over the same time frame.

Or how about the biotech firm Roivant Sciences… who are using artificial intelligence technology for designing new drugs that work by a mechanism called targeted protein degradation.

Essentially, this approach involves directing a disease-causing protein to a cell’s built-in system for disposing of old or damaged proteins.

Over the past year alone, shares of Roivant Sciences are up by 327%.

Most of these spikes in AI-related companies are happening because the “smart money” is investing heavily into these firms.

But remember, the biggest gains from any tech bull market happen when the public joins the trend.

It’s the masses that will push AI stock prices to the moon.

And I firmly believe…

A Single Event Is About to Catapult AI Technology Into the Third and Most Explosive Stage of the Boom

Up until now, there has been one major setback keeping AI from truly going mainstream…

And that’s computational power.

In order to make AI work, it needs to be fed vast amounts of data…

AI becomes smarter and more advanced when it can process very large data sets within its own intuitive processing algorithms. This is how it gains knowledge and learns behavior patterns… much like a human.

Simply put…

If you want more advanced AI, you need more powerful computers.

This is exactly the reason that Nvidia has been exploding in value recently… becoming the sixth trillion-dollar company in the history of the world.

Nvidia makes the most powerful computer chips available in the market… and demand for these chips has outpaced supply.

Now, if you’ve been following the AI story, you might already know all of this.

But here’s what you probably DON’T know…

A Silicon Valley tech giant has quietly been building a new brand of supercomputer that could easily become the fastest, most powerful computer ever created.

It’s so powerful, in fact, that when they turned it on for the first time… it tripped the grid, and caused a massive blackout for the entire Palo Alto region of California.

Currently, it has the capability of executing 30 exaflops… or 30 quintillion calculations per second.

In case you’re wondering, a quintillion is a “billion billions.”

As fast as that sounds, this supercomputer is actually continuously increasing in speed and power… and is expected to top 100 exaflops just months from today.

That would make it the fastest supercomputer anywhere in the world. 

And it was all designed with one goal in mind…

To train artificial intelligence in a very profound way.

To take AI to the next level.

So who actually owns this AI training supercomputer?

Well, when I tell you that the price tag totaled out at around $1 billion… I’m sure you might have a guess.

And if I tell you that it’s the latest brainchild of the world’s richest tech titan…

You know I’m talking about none other than Elon Musk.

… the same eccentric billionaire who launches rockets into space as a side hustle and was among the first to unleash the power of generative AI through his creation of ChatGPT. 

Elon has even given this new supercomputer a clever name…

It’s called “Project Dojo.”

…which, of course, is a Japanese term that means “a place for immersive learning.”

Now, I want to be careful about what I say here, because much has yet to be revealed…

But I can tell you that Elon’s new supercomputer could be a huge game-changer for AI technology moving forward.

… especially when it comes to the burgeoning field of autonomous vehicles.

And without going too far into the weeds, here’s why…

Currently, there are 4 million Tesla vehicles in operation.

Each is equipped with multiple cameras that provide a 360-degree field of vision around the car.

These videos capture everything… including pedestrians… street signs… construction zones… garage doors… and other objects on the road… even at customers’ houses.

They also record information like when the car stops or slows down… when it speeds up… or when it swerves to avoid an obstacle, like a pedestrian or another car.

And every byte of that data goes directly back to the servers at Tesla headquarters…

In short…

Tesla collects TONS of information about the world through its cars.

And while Tesla has had semi-autonomous capabilities for some time now…

They’ve never had the computer power required to properly take this mountain of data they’ve collected… and use it to teach the AI to not only drive just like a regular human… but drive BETTER than a regular human.

But now they do.

Dojo is the best and most advanced AI training computer ever built…

I truly believe it will help lead us into in the era of the fully autonomous vehicle… and change the world forever.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

But even more important…

Elon and his team have even floated the idea of offering Dojo as a service to other companies who want to leverage his system to train their own AI models.

Folks… this is exactly why I believe we could be just a few months away from mainstream adoption of AI technology.

Once cars are buzzing around the highway with absolutely no drivers whatsoever… it will become painfully obvious that AI technology has “crossed the chasm.”

There will be no turning back.

The companies developing AI will begin skyrocketing to new all-time highs.

We’ll see a buying frenzy like never before.

It'll be like a Black Friday crowd at Walmart.

That’s why I urge you to get in right now…

Get ahead of the crowd…

Ahead of the massive buying frenzy that will push AI companies straight up.

Like I showed you today, every boom follows this 3-step script… 

Stage 1 is the Introduction Stage. This is when a technology is first introduced.

Stage 2 is the Early Adopter Stage. This is the Stage when individuals – usually “techies” and well-connected insiders – begin using and investing in the innovation.

Stage 3 is the Majority Stage. This is when the masses begin to discover the technology.

First, only early adopters bought into AI.

Then, the smart money started joining the party.

And now we’re about to enter the third and most explosive stage of the boom in AI.

If you follow my recommendations today…

You can position yourself to see massive gains.

And it won’t matter if you’re starting out with $500… of $5 million.

We are entering the “sweet spot,” and soon… this window of opportunity will be slammed shut forever.

You’ll never see an opportunity like this again… not in your lifetime.

But DO NOT Rush to Buy Every AI Stock Out There

Now that you know how my blueprint works… how I’ve personally used it to rake in billions from previous tech booms…

And how history is gearing up to repeat itself right now, with artificial intelligence…

You might be in a mad rush to begin scooping up shares of anything AI related.

After all, dozens of AI stocks have been pumping recently…

AI software firm C3.ai jumped as high as 306%.

The AI-powered food service company NextGen Food Robotics spiked as high  as 3,800%.

Shares of AI data company Innodata  jumped 344%…

Among many, many others…

But blindly taking position in many of these speculative AI plays could be a very costly mistake.

You’ll more than likely get wiped out.

So the big question is…

How can you know which AI stocks to buy? And which ones to avoid?

That’s a question I get asked a lot.

Especially when folks find out that I managed to recommend all FIVE trillion-dollar tech companies… back when they were still relatively small and largely unknown.

Like Apple… when it was trading for 37 CENTS.

Microsoft at just 38 CENTS.

Nvidia at about $8.88.

Google at around $150.

And Amazon at $42.80. 

Or the dozens of other stocks that I’ve recommended for 10,000% gains…

Like when I pounded the table on Nike… and told anyone who would listen to pick up shares when it was trading at just 20 CENTS for a max gain of 88,655%.

Home Depot… at 57 CENTS for a gain of 51,115%.

Oracle at just 51 CENTS for a gain of 11,950%.

These are some of Louis’ best recommendations. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

I’ve publicly recommended more 10,000% winners than ANYBODY on record, as far as I’m aware.

As you can imagine, folks are always asking what my secret is…

So allow me to explain…

As I mentioned earlier, I’m known as a “quant.”

I use advanced quantitative analysis to help me identify which stocks are poised to soar higher…

It’s essentially a proprietary computer system that’s continually evaluating nearly all 6,000 stocks on the market in real time.

How my system works is infinitely complicated…

At any given time, it’s crunching trillions of data points…

But I think the best way to describe it is it’s kind of like how scientists detect a giant tsunami is headed toward the shore…

Scientists lay out a system of buoys way out at sea, hours from the coast.

These buoys detect changes in water pressure and seismic activity and then send this data back to the shore.

Back at the lab, the scientists then plug the data into models and are able to accurately predict the height, arrival time and exact locations where a tsunami will hit, hours before it gets to shore.

My system works much the same way…

But if I’m being truly transparent with you today…

I can tell you that there are EIGHT key indicators that ultimately determine if a stock is a buy or a pass.

And the majority of those eight indicators are closely related to something called “money flow.”

It’s really the “secret sauce.”

That’s because our world is ruled by money.

It’s the beating heart of the capitalist economy…

The fuel of growth.

When money flows in… nations prosper… cities thrive… businesses flourish.

When money flows out… economies collapse… industries die… companies go bankrupt…

Understanding the movement of money is like having the power to peer into the future.  

An influx of money (or at least the anticipation of an influx of money) is the major driver of a stock’s value.

The more money that flows into a company’s stock, the more its shares will be worth…

That said, rising revenues (and profits) are what drive that money flow.

It’s really that simple.

I’ve programmed my quantitative models to analyze trillions of data points to see which companies have all eight factors lined up in the correct position…

If a stock has only seven or less, I won’t even consider it…

But stocks that “check all the boxes” — that have all eight– are some of the safest, some of the best companies on the market…

These are the companies that typically become the darlings of Wall Street… the stocks that can go on to produce gains of 1,000%, 10,000% or more.

And I can tell you something else…

Very recently, my systems began confirming my intuitions…

Signaling a major influx of money into certain companies within the AI markets.

Folks, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to see extraordinary gains as AI becomes the dominant force moving forward…

I strongly suggest you make these 3 moves immediately…

Step #1: Buy Shares of These 3 AI Powerhouse Companies

As I just mentioned, there are over 6,000 companies that trade on the major stock exchanges…

Only a few hundred of these are pure AI plays…

And I’ve run every single one of these AI companies through my eight-part filtering system…

Based on my stringent eight-part assessment of the companies in the AI industry, I’ve pinpointed exactly three AI stocks that meet all eight criteria for explosive growth potential…

Each of these three companies could easily become a dominant force as AI enters the mainstream in the months ahead.

Each has the potential to become the world’s next trillion-dollar winner.

These are the powerhouse companies that everyone should own.

Said a different way…

I’ve boiled down 6,000 plays…

Into a few hundred plays…

Then I’ve plugged each into my proprietary computer algorithms… and pinpointed three explosive opportunities that are the very, very best ones that could help you make some serious money.

In other words, I’ve done all the research…

I’ve done all the grunt work…

And I’ve created a list of the top AI stocks you need to own right now.

I’ll show you how to buy them…

When to buy them…

And what price to pay for them.

Everything has been made as easy as possible for you to maximize the profit potential.

And because we are still in the first inning of the AI Revolution, I’ll even recommend a buy-up-to price, so my readers know not to chase these plays.

And let me tell you, the profits from this situation could be bigger than the PC boom… the internet boom… and the smartphone boom COMBINED.

To my knowledge, there’s no list of companies like this anywhere in the world.

You can’t buy a copy of this list, even if you tried to.


I’ve made the entire list available for immediate download.

And I’ve gone one step further…

I’ve detailed each stock recommendation in a special report I’m calling Three Incredible AI Stocks… for a Six-Figure Payday

When you download your copy, I want you to immediately scroll to Page 2, where you’ll find…

  • My complete breakdown of what I’m calling, The “Stealth” Firm Securing America’s AI Dominance.

Remember, the heart of the AI Revolution comes in the form of computational power.

In order to make AI a reality, you need very powerful computers.

And that power boils down to one thing… highly specialized computer chips.

This is exactly why companies producing groundbreaking computer chips have been exploding over the past few years.

Nvidia began skyrocketing last year shortly after unveiling its 144-core CPU Superchip. Shares are up roughly 1,000% as a result.

There’s not enough supply to meet demand.

It’s the same story with the semiconductor firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), whose share price has been going vertical over the past few years. They recently unveiled their most powerful AI chip to date… called the MI300x.

These semiconductors are extremely profitable businesses.

According to McKinsey, specialized memory for AI has 4.5X the bandwidth than does traditional memory. Customers are willing to pay a pretty penny for that type of performance upgrade — about $25 per gigabyte versus $8 for regular memory chips.

Profit margins are “off the charts” for the semiconductor companies that can produce chips with enough memory and storage capacity to handle the enormous data sets needed to advance AI technology.

And on Page 2 of my newest AI report, you’ll get the full details of a semiconductor company that is set to challenge Nvidia and AMD for AI chip supremacy.

In fact, it’s the only company of this type accredited by the U.S. Department of Defense as a Trusted Supplier in the AI chip sector.

Its tools are so powerful that the government recently shut down China’s access to them.

Not only that, but large amounts of money have been flowing into this companies coffers lately.

In fact, they are expecting revenue to top $4 billion for 2023.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this little-known AI firm becomes the next trillion-dollar Wall Street darling in the years to come as the AI Revolution unfolds.

And I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my comprehensive report.

But there’s more… much, much more.

You’ll also find:

  • The complete details of an AI company that currently boasts a portfolio of 1,250 issued patents and 251 pending patents.

They’re based in Silicon Valley and provide unified security solutions that can be deployed over digital networks to protect users against malware, spam and network intrusions.

Even though very few people know about this company yet, they entered the AI space a few years ago through the unveiling of a new cybersecurity system that automatically examines billions of code “features” in order to determine if unknown files are legitimate or malicious.

They’ve quickly managed to ship more security solutions than any other cybersecurity firm worldwide.

And the money is flowing in BIG TIME.

This company is still in the early stages of growth. I wouldn’t be shocked to see share prices surge by 500% or more over the next few years.

  • There is another little-known AI firm that recently crossed my radar…

Because of the relative obscurity of this company… and the unique position they’re in, I can’t go into much detail right now.

Essentially, this company is one of the few in the world that makes the equipment necessary to inspect semiconductor chips.

The company’s earnings have been on a tear for the past four quarters, and I expect earnings will likely continue to soar as the company continues to improve its AI capabilities.

Remember, I’ve already picked 18 stocks that have jumped at least 10,000%.

Including all FIVE trillion-dollar tech companies.

My next major winner could very well be inside this report.

All the details…

The company names…

The ticker symbols…

How to buy… when to buy… and what price to pay…

Everything you need to potentially make a lot of money as AI goes mainstream is included in your free report, Three Incredible AI Stocks… for a Six-Figure Payday.

Just sign up for a risk-free subscription to my flagship publication Growth Investor, and you’ll have instant access… for FREE.

Get Instant Access to My Very Best Research

As I’ve shown you, the information you’ll receive through Growth Investor can give you an “insider’s guide” to making the most money possible from the AI boom…

Just like how my research helped countless folks to capitalize on every tech boom of the past 40+ years.

And the sad truth of it all is that – without my help – most Americans will miss the opportunities that could make them insanely wealthy from AI!


Because now that AI mania is driving a raging bull market in tech stocks, promoters are coming out of the woodwork left and right claiming they’ve got the next red-hot AI stock that will make you filthy rich.   

Some small firms even pay folks to write about and pump up their own companies.

Even worse, if you follow the loudmouth talking heads in the mainstream media, they’ll try to convince you that you can get rich simply by investing in anything “AI-related.”

This happens with every new tech boom… when the “hypesters” take over… and try to play on your emotions to line their own pockets.

YES, there is a lot of money at stake right now for those of us who know how to play the game.

The problem is, there is simply too much bad advice constantly bombarding your news feed to be able make a well-informed financial decision about what to buy… or more importantly, what NOT to buy. 

After successfully advising many of the world's wealthiest investors, I can't stress how dangerous this hype is.

It makes me downright angry.

That's why I publish ALL of my best research to folks who actually want the facts.

To help you cut through all the noise…

And share the time-tested strategies I’ve uncovered over my career as a money manager …

To share the same type of strategies that helped me generate a billion-dollar Wall Street empire…

Unlike all the pretenders out there, I actually know a thing or two about tech stocks… and how to successfully navigate an explosive tech boom like what we’re seeing right now with AI.

As you know by now, I’ve compiled a track record that rivals the likes of Warren Buffet… and many of the biggest names on Wall Street.

The main difference is… they’re not willing to give away their best ideas.

And I am.

Most stock billionaires and Wall Street managers keep their top investing secrets close to the chest, but not me…

I’ve earned a reputation for sharing mine.

And that is what Growth Investor is all about.

My flagship publication bridges the (mis)information gap between

Main Street and Wall Street.

By subscribing today, you’ll join an exclusive group of folks that get instant access to my very best work…

Not only that, but I’ve prepared a special “welcome package” that could help you shave years off your retirement date.

So not only will you get my latest report, Three Incredible AI Stocks… for a Six-Figure Payday

But you’ll also be able to…

“Plug In” to My System

That’s right.

Wall Street insiders have paid me $30,000 per year to access my work and insights from this system…

The system that’s uncovered many of the biggest stock market winners of the past 40 years…

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(Without giving away any of my proprietary calculations, of course,)

Sign up today and I’ll give you exclusive access to our proprietary and easy-to-use online database that houses real-time information (and grades) of nearly all 6,000 publicly traded stocks.

Check the status of any stock in the market and instantly learn its grade.

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Scan for small-cap stocks on the cusp of a major breakout.

Or simply just check in on any of your current holdings or stocks you’re interested in.

We call it Portfolio Grader.

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Each search result comes complete with a custom, in-depth Stock Report filled with a detailed view of my proprietary analysis.

You’ll see my exclusive ratings in my 8 fundamental categories, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of any given stock.

You’ll also get a bird’s-eye view of past ratings for any stock, whether over the last few weeks or over the last 12 months.

I'm convinced it’s one of the most successful stock-picking programs on Wall Street, and I’m making it available to you 24/7.

Of course, Portfolio Grader not only helps you rate some 6,000 Wall Street stocks, but it also does exactly what it says it will do: Grade your portfolio.

Simply plug in any combination of stocks, and Portfolio Grader will conduct a thorough portfolio analysis.

You’ll find the Total Portfolio Grade as well as my Portfolio Review at the bottom of any portfolio.

This is how serious I am about ensuring you have all the tools you need to thrive. 

Which is why I’m making it available to you today when you give Growth Investor a risk-free trial.

Even better, I’ve worked out a special deal with my publisher to ensure you can gain access to everything at a reasonable cost.

But I digress… I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here…

There’s another step you’ll need to take to make the most money possible from the $15.7 trillion AI boom…

Step #2: Buy My Top-Rated AI “Home Run” Plays

You see, the biggest gains during this coming AI boom are not going to come from large, established players like Tesla and Apple.

It will come from smaller companies with names you’ve probably never heard of before.

How do I know?

Because many of my biggest winners have come from tiny, speculative companies that were trading for pocket change.

Like when I recommended an upstart company called Adobe all the way back in December of 1990.

At the time, you could have grabbed shares for just $1.82.

Of course, Adobe would later become one of the biggest winners of the PC boom… turning every $500 into $188,600 at its peak.

Or look what happened after I first recommended Nike, right around the time they signed Michael Jordan as a brand spokesman.

With just a small stake of $500, you could have grabbed 2,500 shares of this – now – iconic brand before it shot up over 88,655% during the height of its dominance.

Had you bought back then and held on for the long haul, you could have pocketed an incredible $443,275!

It was the same situation with Danaher…

Back in February of 1988… I took a swing on this startup healthcare firm.

They were trading for exactly $0.46.

Today, they are one of the largest in the nation… and share prices skyrocketed by as much as 52,026% since I first recommended them.

These are some of Louis’ best recommendations. Past performance is no guarantee for future results.

My point is…

Oftentimes, hitting home runs can come from taking a chance on companies that are still in their infancy.

And if you missed out on my previous 10,000% recommendations… I’m giving you a second chance through my latest report, The Top-Rated AI “Home Run” Stocks.

While the stocks in this list are still unknown, small-cap companies… I can assure you that each ticker listed has passed the same eight-part filtering system required for all of my recommendations…

Each has massive upside potential. Each has the ability to soar in value.

And just as before, I’ve put all the details you’ll need to make the most money possible inside this special report.

Beginning on the very first page, you’ll discover:

  • A small upstart that’s utilizing AI in the digital marketing industry. They’ve already worked out partnerships with several big names, including Liberty Mutual Insurance, Visa, Discover, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, GM, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Target, CVS, Verizon, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, HBO and Delta.
  • The $13 stock at the forefront of the AI gaming market.  They already boast an active user base of more than 350 million.
  • A software-driven networking company that enables universities, global corporations, sports leagues, healthcare facilities, resorts and even small towns to connect and operate more efficiently.
  • And a handful of other exciting, speculative AI firms.

You’ll find their names and ticker symbols… and my full analysis in my comprehensive report.

I’ll tell you how to claim it in just a moment.

But, there’s one more step I’m recommending today …

And it’s extremely critical…

Step #3: Purge These 25 DOOMED Companies From Your Portfolio

By now it should be obvious to you that artificial intelligence is going to completely reshape our world.

We have entered a new era. The era of AI.

And there will be plenty of companies that will fail to adapt… they’ll be rendered completely obsolete as AI technology reshapes the business landscape.

You need to make sure you don’t own the companies using yesterday’s technology to compete in today’s world… or companies that are trying to hang on to an outdated business model, about to be hit hard by the AI revolution.


As Amazon took over e-commerce – and surpassed the $1 TRILLION valuation mark – dozens of brick-and-mortar businesses slid into bankruptcy.

As Apple took control of the smartphone economy, the losing competitor BlackBerry became obsolete practically overnight…

As Netflix conquered the entertainment industry, Blockbuster vanished just as quickly.

AI technology will usher in sweeping, societal changes. Only the changes will be faster and more disruptive.

There will be casualties.

So Step #3 is to purge your portfolio of the companies being disrupted by the new, technological innovators.

You simply can’t afford to hold these stocks in your portfolio, any longer.

Today there are so many ticking time bombs in so many people’s portfolios, because of bad business structures… heavy debt loads… and completely outdated business models that are being disrupted by fast-moving and creative, technological startups.

If you own doomed firms like these, you are all but certain to miss out on the biggest gains of the years to come.

This is why I’ve published a detailed research report that allows you to quickly and easily purge your portfolio of the doomed firms that are all but assured to underperform in the next few years… and even worse, could potentially go bankrupt.

This Report is called 25 Stocks to SELL as AI Takes Over

The first thing you’ll see is a list of 25 very popular companies that millions of Americans own.

Please: Make sure you DO NOT own these companies now, and DO NOT buy them right now, no matter how cheap they get.

Whatever you do, make sure you sell America’s doomed companies.

Because there’s a very good chance shares are going to $0, or at least severely underperform the market over the next few years.

So there you have it…

By following these three simple steps, I’m confident that the next 12 months could be the most lucrative year EVER to be a technology investor.

And I’ll send you all three reports today, just for giving my flagship research service a try.

So how do you gain access to Growth Investor?

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Simply because today, you made the decision to give my flagship publication – Growth Investor – a try.

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It’s my goal to bring you the best research possible… without breaking your budget.

When you think about it like that, you simply have to respond to this offer right away.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t…

Here's What to Do Now

Are you ready and willing to harness the wealth-generating power of artificial intelligence?

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Also, when you subscribe to Growth Investor today, you’ll get instant access to all three special reports, yours to keep no matter what.

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Here’s a Recap of Everything You’ll Receive:

  • My next 12 monthly issues of Growth Investor… and all my investment recommendations (about one a month).
  • Special report #1: Three Incredible AI Stocks… for a Six-Figure Payday.
  • Special report #2: The Top-Rated AI “Home Run” Stocks.
  • Special report #3: 25 Stocks to Sell as AI Takes Over.
  • Complete access to Portfolio Grader.
  • You’ll also get full access to my online archives at our members-only website.
  • That includes not just past issues… but also all my past research reports… plus a regularly updated look at our model portfolio.

Remember, we have no time to waste.

AI is being adopted faster than any technology we’ve ever seen…

It WILL create a slew of new millionaires.

I hope you will take this opportunity seriously, and make the right decision.

Just keep in mind, all investing carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee for future results, so you should never invest more than you could lose.

As of 2021, our average gain since inception is 25%.

Simply click the link below to get started…

Thanks for watching….

And I look forward to welcoming you to Growth Investor.

Louis Navellier
Editor, Growth Investor

For more details, see our disclosures and details page.

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