Overnight Drift: How to Profit Using the Next Major American Index



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 Abandon the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq – and Own…

The “Next Major American Index”

It’s Designed to Automatically Buy Stocks When They’ve Proven to Go Up…

… & Reduce Your Exposure To Stocks When They’re Proven To Go Down


Every investor knows the three major U.S. market indices…

The Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq…

But today I have some HUGE news.

There’s a new asset that’s now trading – which I believe will be the “Next Major American Index”…

Simply because it does something quite remarkable…

It’s specifically created to allow you – and this was studied by the Fed, mind you – to prioritize owning stocks during the time periods that are proven to deliver the strongest returns.

Not only that…

But it also automatically reduces your exposure during the market periods proven to deliver negative returns.

Sounds a bit strange… and probably too good to be true, right?

Well, I have the Fed report in my hands right here…

Inside these 96 pages is a new finding that I believe will change the markets – and investing – forever.

You see, what the Fed found is that there is a “Secret Profit Window” in the market… hidden away from the general public.

During this Secret Profit Window, stocks have gone up…

And they’ve gone up big.

Over the last 30 years, this Secret Profit Window has generated +1,700% returns.

That’s a 17X return…

Enough to grow a $5,000 investment into $85,000.


Now, listen closely to what I’m about to tell you…

Over 30 years, this one time of day has been responsible for ALL of the positive returns in the market.


As for the remaining trading hours?

They produced nothing.

Let me repeat that…

Take away this one Secret Profit Window, and the 30-year return on the S&P 500 is NEGATIVE.

Yes… nothing. Nada. Zippo.

In fact, $5,000 invested 30 years ago would be worth only $4,365 today.

To be blunt…

If you’re not trading during this Secret Profit Window, you’re most likely losing money.

Let me show you exactly what I mean…

Here’s how the Secret Profit Window played out on AMC Entertainment stock…

See the green line? That’s the Secret Profit Window.

If you had owned AMC only during the Secret Profit Window, you would have made a return of more than 30,000%.

Step 1

A $1K investment could’ve grown into $306,000 in only three years.

Step 2

Massive, massive money.

But now, compare that with the red line.

That’s your return if you strip out the Secret Profit Window.

And as you can see…

If you had ONLY traded AMC outside of the Secret Profit Window, you would have lost 99.6%.

Step 3

Every $1,000 would be worth only $3.87.

Step 4


You’re talking a 30,000% gain… versus a 99.6% loss.

The difference between owning a stock during the Secret Profit Window and not owning during the Secret Profit Window is mind-blowing.

Step 5

And this AMC move isn’t just some random, one-off example…

In the next few moments, I’m going to show you multiple examples that clearly illustrate the dramatic impact of owning stocks during the Secret Profit Window…

Here… I’ll give you another example right now…

Check out the popular Ark Innovation ETF.

Same exact deal as before…

Check out that green line…

Had you owned ARKK only during the Secret Profit Window, you’d have turned a $1,000 investment into $19,600 over seven years.


Again, that’s an astounding 19X return.


But had you owned ARKK outside of the Secret Profit Window, not only would you have lost… you would have lost big.

Every $1,000 in ARKK would have been worth only $118 after that same time period.


That’s an 89% loss. A total punch in the face.


Incredible, right? 

There’s absolutely no comparison…

You could either 19X your return using the Secret Profit Window…

Or lose 89% without it.

But here’s the thing: Prior to the Fed’s release of this blockbuster memo… the general public was entirely in the dark when it came to the Secret Profit Window.

That’s why I’m so excited for you today… because…

For the first time ever, thanks to the “Next Major American Index,” I’m about to reveal how you can simply and easily own stocks during this Secret Profit Window…

Which could open your eyes to… quite possibly… the greatest money-generating secret of your life.

That’s precisely why I made this video.

If you own any index… whether it’s the S&P, Dow or Nasdaq… I urge you to abandon it right away…

Because all three of these indices have the same atrocious flaw…

They don’t focus on the Secret Profit Window.

Instead, they all keep you in the market at all times… even during periods when stocks are proven to go DOWN.

Just look at this next chart – and you’ll see exactly what that means for you…

See that green line? That’s the Secret Profit Window on the S&P 500.


If you had traded ONLY during the Secret Profit Window, dating back to 1993, you could’ve 17X’ed your returns.

But now see the red line below it… the one that goes nowhere for 30 years?


That’s what you get when you strip away owning stocks during the Secret Profit Window.

You not only lose for years…

But you entirely miss out on life-changing returns.

And that brings me to this.

Thanks to this new Fed report… this relationship is finally being brought into the spotlight for the very first time.

So, here’s the major takeaway…

So, here’s the major takeaway…

If you could invest in the markets only during the Secret Profit Window… and skip the times when stocks don’t perform well…

You could make far more money than you do today.

And that’s why I’m sending you this video.

There is a new “index” – just like the Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq – that you can now invest in.

But it has one key difference.

This new “index” automatically buys stocks for you during the Secret Profit Window…

And then automatically sells them for you when stocks are proven to perform poorly.



It’s so powerful, I think it’ll soon be featured on CNBC right alongside QQQ, the Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500.

And right now, in the next few minutes, I’ll reveal this life-changing secret to you.

I’ll tell you precisely how you can own the “Next Major American Index” – and profit off the Secret Profit Window.

If You Buy After the Opening Bell, You’ve ALREADY LOST

I’ll do that in three sections…

  • First, I’m going to reveal the exact timing of the Secret Profit Window… and explain to you precisely why it happens with such amazing regularity.
  • Second, I’m going to show you why new technology is making it very hard for you to make any money in the markets… and how you could reverse that with one simple move that I call the “Next Major American Index.”
  • Third (and most importantly), I’m going to show you exactly how to start taking advantage of this game-changing situation – starting today – with as little as $35… all with no extra work on your part.

Mark my words…

Nobody on Wall Street will reveal what you’re about to see…

But today, I’m about to blow it WIDE open – right before your very eyes.

You’re about to see why the Federal Reserve itself concludes – right here on Page 1 of its abstract – that this Secret Profit Window…

“[generates] unconditionally positive returns”

“[is] highly statistically significant every day of the week”

“[is not caused by] macro-economic, monetary policy, and earnings announcements.”

Like clockwork, it happens day in… and day out.

So… I want you to picture this for a minute.

Imagine a new “index” similar to the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq.

You buy into this “index,” and it gives you access to hundreds of publicly traded companies.

But this “index” is programmed to reduce your exposure to the market when stocks are proven to go down.

And it doubles down when stocks are proven to go up.

All you have to do is buy it once… set it and forget it…

And the “index” automatically does this all for you… day after day… giving you the best shot at higher returns and lower risk.

In other words, it only owns companies at the time when they are proven to deliver the biggest profits.

For example, here’s how the Secret Profit Window played out in Beyond Meat…

By playing the Secret Profit Window on BYND, a $1,000 investment would’ve grown into $8,000 over two years.


But if you didn’t own BYND during the Secret Profit Window, you would’ve lost about 80%.


Again, no comparison.

The Secret Profit Window was a cash-generating machine…

While the intraday time frame was a loser.

You either 8X your money… or you lose 80%.

The difference is mind-blowing.


Want another one?

Just look at this insane ride on Grayscale – which is the Bitcoin-tracking ETF. Its ticker symbol is GBTC.

Pin your ears back…

Because this one is going to rip your face off.

If you had traded GBTC during the Secret Profit Window…

You could have turned a $100 investment into $1,411,200.


Yes, you heard that right.

OVER $1.4 million.


But get this…

If you had traded GBTC without the Secret Profit Window, you would’ve lost 99.8%.


That’s basically everything. Your entire investment – GONE!

Just think about that…

You could make a $1.4 MILLION PROFIT with just the Secret Profit Window.


You could be stuck with just $0.20 on a $100 investment.

The difference is absolutely astounding.

And look, I could go on with even more examples…

The list is truly endless, so I’ll rattle these off quick…

American Airlines…

5.5X your money using the Secret Profit Window, versus making squat intraday…


6.3X your money using the Secret Profit Window, versus making squat intraday…


5X your money using the Secret Profit Window, versus – you guessed it – making squat intraday.


The list goes on and on… you can see it with your very own eyes.

Now, these are only the best-performing overnight stocks, but this just goes to show how powerful this trend can be.

So here are the major takeaways…

  • The massive gains generated from the Secret Profit Window are no fluke.
  • Gains using the Secret Profit Window are happening everywhere – and it’s time for you to get IN on the action.

And that’s the good news…

Starting today, you’re going to know exactly how to start profiting off the Secret Profit Window.

So, at this point, you must be wondering…

Who am I to make such claims – and why am I willing to reveal this powerful Secret Profit Window to you?

The answer, as it turns out, is really quite simple…

I Learned the Most Heavily Guarded Secrets of the Market While Battling the Best Traders in the World

My name is Bryan Bottarelli, and I started my trading career on the Chicago Board Options Exchange back in 1999.

Bryan's headshot

During the volatile dot-com boom, I battled with the best traders in the world in the packed Chicago trading pits.

Along the way, I learned the heavily guarded secrets they never share with the public.

From there, I took those secrets and went on to launch my own independent trading research service, which I’ve run for the past 15 years… teaching others the strategies I’ve used day after day.

But nothing – and I mean nothing – that I’ve ever recommended is as game-changing as what I’m about to reveal to you today.

In fact, I believe this could become the greatest moneymaking “cheat code” of your life.

So… are you ready?

OK, then here we go… starting with Part I: what the Secret Profit Window is – and why it happens.

Part I: What the Secret Profit Window Is – and Why It Happens

OK, get ready, strap yourself in for the ride… because here we go…

The Secret Profit Window was born with the introduction of electronic trading – which happened in the late ’90s.

This essentially allowed index futures on the S&P 500 to trade nearly 24 hours a day.

When electronic trading was introduced… the U.S. markets no longer closed for the day at 4 p.m. ET.

Sure, the closing bell rings on Wall Street – and employees log off… go home… have dinner… probably have some drinks… and go to bed.

But the Wall Street computers, which are now trading overnight, keep working behind the scenes…

And through all of that… stocks are still being bought and sold on a massive scale.

What you have is a situation where all the stock buys and sells that were left over from the U.S. trading session are then settled overnight by the 24-hour computers – before we wake up and the markets open again the next day.

And this, as it turns out, has created a phenomenon called “Overnight Drift.”

What is Overnight Drift?

Well, in a nutshell, it describes the large movements in stock prices that happen overnight – even while the market is closed.

You’ve likely noticed that the market often opens with a huge jump or a big drop from the closing prices the night before.

The moves come so fast, regular traders have no time to actually make a trade before the prices have changed dramatically.

And now, for the first time ever, the Fed has revealed that “Overnight Drift” creates a substantial disadvantage for regular investors.

This entire 96-page, multi-year-long study explains all the reasons this happens…

But here’s the critical takeaway…

And this is tremendously important – so I want you to listen closely.

Equities don’t just earn a substantial proportion of their returns during the overnight period… virtually ALL of the stock market returns – going back 30 years – have come overnight.

Bloomberg News confirmed this by saying…

“The Stock Rebound Really Gets Going After Wall Street Logs Off.”

Consider this incredible fact.

Over the past 30 years… if you had owned stocks ONLY overnight… and you had never owned or traded a single stock anytime during the day… you’d be up +1,700%.

That’s better than the return of the Dow, the S&P or the Nasdaq by a good margin.

But on the other hand… if you owned stocks only during the day… and NEVER overnight… you’d be down over the same 30-year period.

Just look at this chart…


What you’re seeing here is clear proof that ALL THE GAINS HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!

And sadly, the real return of the stock market during the day… when day traders are buying AND selling stocks… is NEGATIVE.

This plain and simple fact explains why all the action is happening at the opening bell – which you’ll see in just a second.

But more importantly, it also explains why you’re probably not making as much money as you want to in the stock market.

OK, so at this point you’re thinking…

Is there actually a way to profit off this?

Well, the short answer is yes! Absolutely.

I call it…

The Next Major American Index.


Thanks to the introduction of the Next Major American Index, there’s a new way to very easily take advantage of the Secret Profit Window in a huge… meaningful… and impactful way.

That’s precisely what I’ll reveal next – in Part II.

Part II: How Electronic Trading Is Screwing You… and How You Can Turn the Tables and Start Generating Far More Profits

OK, so you just realized that the Secret Profit Window – where ALL the gains in the stock market happen – occurs from the close of trading to the next day’s open… and it causes Overnight Drift.

So at this point… you’re probably wondering… if I buy and hold the regular indices, won’t I still hold stocks overnight and profit?

The short answer is yes, you can do that.

If you want to go ahead and keep buying and holding long term, you’ll own stocks during the overnight period, when all the gains are produced.

BUT… you’ll also buy and hold stocks during the day, when the proven return is negative.

So right now, you’re taking the bad with the good.

That’s okay for an average investor.

BUT… if you only owned stocks overnight… then you’d actually get BIGGER returns with less risk.

And that’s what Wall Street has been quietly doing for some time.

In fact, they’re taking investors like me and you to the cleaners… extracting virtually all the profit overnight – while the rest of us struggle during the day.

Why does this happen?

Well… for the first time in this video… what you’re about to see probably WON’T shock you.

You see, the answer lies in when the markets experience the highest levels of trading volume.

Take a look at this chart…

You’re looking at the five-minute trading volume of the S&P 500 throughout an average trading day.


First, look at the NYSE open – and you’ll see a massive volume spike.

Second, look at the NYSE close – and you’ll see an even bigger volume spike.

In short… this is telling you that almost ALL of the trading volume – on any given day – is dominated during two distinct periods…

Right at the market open…

And right at the market close.

Other than that… the trading in between slows to a trickle.

So, think about this for a second…

Why do you think that all of the volume is occurring right at the market open – and right at the market close?

I’ll tell you…

Because Wall Street already knows… overnight is when all the money is made!

That’s exactly why they’ve programmed their high-frequency trading computers to take advantage of Overnight Drift.

Let me give you a little window into how the trading world works.

At around 3:45 p.m. ET – right at the end of the trading day – Wall Street’s electronic computers start to make millions of trades.

All the big institutions program their computers to get their last-minute orders in before they’re off to happy hour and their $80 martini specials.

As the orders pile up… and the closing bell rings…

This creates a massive backlog of trades that are simply waiting to be filled.

As the closing bell rings, many of those trades remain unfilled…

But then… during the night… the computers work around the clock filling those trades.

The computers simply fill the orders… then immediately bump up their asking price.

This happens all night long…

So… when the market opens the next day… wham!

Prices have miraculously spiked back up… creating huge profits for the Wall Street firms.

I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of thing happen…

And now you know why.

It’s essentially like playing poker… but your opponent gets to peek at your cards while you’re in the bathroom.

And again, this all happens overnight – while you and I are asleep.

Now that you understand this…

Let’s take a closer look at the prior examples I showed you…

And the explosive upside moves make a lot more sense.


Step 5

All the profit occurred overnight, not during the day.

Beyond Meat…


All the profit occurred overnight, not during the day.

Ark Innovation ETF…


Same thing.



Same thing.

And remember, this Overnight Drift on GBTC could’ve turned a $100 investment into $1.4 million.


So clearly…

The trouble for day-to-day traders is…

Unless you’re trading overnight… these big moves happen without you.

You’re left out in the cold.

Thanks to Overnight Drift, all the money is made overnight – which is when you’re probably NOT trading.

And the problem is… you don’t have access to ultra-fast computers that can make your trades for you.

So even if you wanted to start profiting purely from Overnight Drift… and leave the negative intraday returns behind… it would be nearly impossible for you to take advantage of this phenomenon like Wall Street does.

That’s like running a 50-meter dash with one leg chopped off.

However, this just changed.

And that leads directly into Part III… the most important of all.

I’m about to reveal the biggest market secret you’ve ever seen…

Today, starting right now, you CAN play Overnight Drift… with very minimal effort.

In fact, it’s as simple as owning any other index fund.

It’s all thanks to the Next Major American Index.

Here’s how to start taking advantage of it… RIGHT NOW… starting with as little as $35.

Part III: How to Trade Overnight Drift – Starting Right Now – With as Little as $35 and Hardly Any Work 

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure…

Full honesty…

Full transparency…

I’ll openly tell you…

You could play these overnight moves the hard way.

For example, here’s how the 24-hour electronic traders play it…

Are you ready?

At the close of trading, they buy S&P futures.

And then, immediately at the open of trading the very next day, they sell.

Day after day.

And then, during the intraday period (which is the losing time), they’re in cash… safely avoiding all the unpredictable ups and downs.

I admit, trading this way is a grind… but if you want to put in the effort to make buys and sells every single day… the strategy works!

It looks like this…

Sell at the open…

Buy at the close…

And repeat that… day… after day… after day.


Sure, it works…

But it’s also expensive.

One futures contract costs $250,000.

So right there… that’s pretty unrealistic for traders like you and me.

First off, we’re not futures traders who can trade contracts that start at a quarter of a million dollars each.

And second, who has the time to be consistently making a trade – every day – precisely at the open… and precisely at the close?


That’s why – up until now – Overnight Drift has been exploited only by Wall Street and its high-powered electronic traders.

But now, I’m pleased to report that’s about to change in a very meaningful way.

The Next Major American Index is now available for purchase in your regular brokerage account.

And it is specifically designed to help you take advantage of the Overnight Drift phenomenon.

Here’s how it works.

This special “index” automatically buys stocks and holds them only overnight.

Then, during the day, it sells them… and holds cash.

And because of this, the potential returns are dramatically higher than with the regular indices.

Consider a stock like Alaska Air.

Overnight, the stock has risen 250%.

But during the day, it’s down 83%.

If you own the S&P 500 index… you have to own the stocks during the ups and the downs.

But with the Next Major American Index, you’d ONLY own it during the period when the stock was up 250%!

MGM is another one.

It’s up 248% during the overnight periods… but down 74% during the day!

Caesars is up 537% overnight… but down 88% during the day.

Again, with the S&P, you hold the stock through the good and the bad.

But with the Next Major American Index, you ONLY own these types of stocks overnight, when they have been proven to go up.

What kind of impact can that have on your performance in the stock market?

Well, consider last year…

The Dow fell about 9%…

The S&P 500 fell 19%…

And the Nasdaq fell 33%…

But get this…

In the four months since the Next Major American Index launched in late 2022…

It gained as much as 20%.


This is why I am certain that in the months ahead, investors are going to start abandoning the three major indices and embrace the Next Major American Index instead.

Because when you buy this “index,” it will automatically trade for you… so that you only own stocks during the overnight period that produced 100% of the market profits over the last 30 years.

And it’s insanely easy.

You buy it once.

And then the “index” does it all automatically for you.

Here’s what I suggest my followers do.

Start with a small portion of the money you hold in index funds.

Take maybe 5% of it.

And put it into the Next Major American Index.

Then test it to see which performs better.

I don’t think it’ll take long for you to see that what I’m revealing to you today will generate more profits than the regular indices.

And then you’ll probably start moving more money over.

And very soon… you’ll leave the S&P, the Dow and the Nasdaq behind.

So how do you get in on the Next Major American Index?

I just published a brand-new report detailing exactly what to do. It’s called:

“Overnight Drift: How to Profit Using the Next Major American Index.”


Nothing like the Next Major American Index has ever existed before…

Especially not something that does all of the work for you… automatically.

All you have to do is buy it once… then sit back while it does all the work.

Since launching my own research service in 2006, I’ve learned that most people want something that can make a lot of money… but doesn’t affect their daily routines.

Ideally, they want to make a play, “set it and forget it” – and still make a truckload of cash.

People want to make money the easy way. We all do!

Whether you are brand-new to the market or have some experience already…

This new “index” can help you take part in one of the most powerful – and remarkably consistent – market anomalies ever discovered.

Now, of course, nothing in investing is guaranteed, but history shows that this phenomenon can supercharge your wealth.

I hope you’re excited, because I’m ready to send you this full report – revealing the exact ticker symbol – TODAY.


Inside this report, I’ll lift the curtain and show you everything.

I’ll give you the exact ticker symbol for the new “index”…

I’ll reveal how it works…

And you’ll see how you can start playing Overnight Drift immediately – starting with as little as $35 – all with one simple, “set-it-and-forget-it” trade.

As you’re about to see…

This is truly a game changer for you and your future wealth – and you can get started immediately.

All I ask in return for sending you my new report is that you join my weekly stock-picking letter called Trade of the Day Plus.

Trade of the day plus logo

Get Your Own Personal “Wednesday Winner” Delivered Right to You 

Now, I’ve already shown you how you can see the chance to make more money and take less risk with your “set-it-and-forget-it” investments.

But I’ve also shown you how individual stocks can deliver MUCH bigger profits if you trade them at the right time.

Remember, with AMC, if you’d owned the stock only during the overnight period, you would have made 180X your money.

But if you’d held AMC during the day, you would’ve lost 99%!

So what I would like to do with Trade of the Day Plus is help you target even bigger profits by trading specific individual stocks at the times when they have the most potential upside.

Here’s how this service works…

Trade of the Day Plus dials in on one carefully selected trade recommendation that I send out every Wednesday evening.


Why Wednesday?

Well, it may sound strange to you, but after trading the market for more than 20 years, I picked up on something… really quite unusual.

Let me walk you through it real quick…

Monday is arguably the most active trading day of the week.

We’ve got tons of news hitting from over the weekend, and everything is going haywire.

Stocks are moving up, stocks are moving down…

It’s a free-for-all… and it’s almost impossible for most people to trade.

Unless you can sit at your computer all day, constantly evaluating real-time trends, it’s not going to work out for you.

So when it comes to dialing in on a single trade per week, Monday isn’t the day.

However, Monday is the day that I start to develop my watchlist.

This is a list of roughly 10 to 20 stocks that I am looking at to potentially make my move on.

I’m targeting trades that have at least 25% upside potential in a relatively short period of time.

I build this list after I digest what happened over the weekend and see the trends that are taking shape on Monday.

Tuesday is what I call “weeding out day.”

This is when I weed out the stocks from my list that are no longer advantageous.

Some may have fallen… while others may have gapped up too quickly, and I’m not interested in them at higher levels.

On Wall Street, they say “You cannot dance with every girl” – which means that you cannot chase every single stock. That’s just dumb money.

The moment I deviate from what has worked time and time again is the moment I let greed affect my decision-making process, and that’s when traders fail.

I don’t want that for myself, and I certainly don’t want that for you.

So on Tuesday, I like to trim that initial Monday list down to about five stocks that have held up and are still trading at prices within my technical parameters.

And NOW we’re cooking!

By the end of the day on Wednesday, I trim my list down to ONE SPECIFIC TRADE.

And that’s the exact trade recommendation that I send out to you on Wednesday – right after the close.

This isn’t just a flip of the coin or me blindly typing in a few letters of a ticker and saying, “THAT’S THE ONE!”

I do a heck of a lot of due diligence.

I spend three full days evaluating the markets and pinpointing one trade opportunity to take dead aim at.

And here’s the best part for you…

You simply hang out while I do all the work!

If you have a full-time job… or children… or any other obligations… this is the perfect way for you to get all the best research – without any work.

And here’s what really sets this service apart…

I don’t just send you a boring email that you have to study… and pore over… and evaluate.

No… I take it to the next level!

I record a video that details my analysis on the entire trade – and I email that short video right to you.

That means…

All you need to do is watch this two-to-three-minute video – and you’ll have everything you need.


Just open your email, watch the video, decide whether this opportunity is right for you – and set up your buy the very next morning.

And that’s it! You’re done. You’re all set.

Even better…

With this methodology, you don’t need to micromanage any of these trades.

Every new video contains updates on current positions in our model portfolio. So far, my recommendations have an average hold time of 88 days.

My goal is to be active but not overwhelming. Consistency is key.

My friends, that’s all you need to be a winning trader.

That brings up an important piece of all this… the exit strategy.

See, anyone can buy a stock, but you also NEED to know when to sell.

Luckily, I’ve designed Trade of the Day Plus to make that easy for you as well.

Trade of the day plus logo

We have a method of managing every single trade so you don’t have to worry about selling too early – OR selling too late and watching your profits disappear.

Here’s precisely how it works…

After we enter a new trade, we set our first profit target at 25%.

When we hit that, we sell HALF our position.

Then we move our profit target up to 50% for the next half.

Once that hits, we sell half of our remaining half.

And from there, we look for a 100% gain to close the remainder of the position.

What you’re left with is a selling technique that has…

No guesswork. No emotions. And no fear of missing out.

To further understand how critically important your profit-taking strategy is, let me walk you through our trade on Tripadvisor.


This was a trade recommendation that I sent out in December 2020.

The thought process here was that travel was going to have a strong comeback.

If that happened… the first step for many travelers would be to look to Tripadvisor for help planning out their vacations.

Sure enough, after I sent my recommendation, the stock started to move up.

And that’s when our profit-taking strategy went to work.

We ended up trading this to perfection.

You can see we took a 25% gain on the first half in two months…

Then we took a gain just under 50% on half of the remaining position in late February.

And finally, we closed the remainder of the position for a 100% gain in three months.



After the last piece was sold at 100%, what happened?

The stock retraced… and fell.

That’s why the precision of this strategy is second to none.

This is what sets Trade of the Day Plus apart from everything else.

This precise exit strategy is also a big reason my readers do so well!

One of my readers, Tad, decided to amplify my TRIP pick with an options play instead of the stock… and made 554% on the trade in less than three months.


Now, think about that. Catching a rare 554% winner like that can be life-changing.

But even if you just stick to my stock strategy, you could see significant profits.

And remember, no matter what, the plan stays consistent.

You won’t be left wondering when to buy or when to sell.

Each and every pick will be spelled out for you ahead of time.

I’m sure you’ve been in a similar position to our Tripadvisor trade.

Most buy-and-hold investors would’ve held too long – and watched their profits disappear.

But not my members!

We were in… we watched it move up… and when our profit targets hit, we rang the register.

From there, on to the next Wednesday trade.

Now, not every play can be a winner. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But remember…

  • It doesn’t matter whether you have $35 to trade… or $350,000.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the market for years.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re brand-new to the market.
  • It doesn’t matter if you work a full-time job.

I’m confident that this could work for you!

I’ve traded and trained on the CBOE… and I know how to research and pick timely winners… so use me as your resource…

Let me do the legwork…

Let me find the best trade opportunities – every week – and send them directly to you.

Really, all you need to do is open one email, watch a video and set up your trade based on my recommendation.

It’ll take you about five to 10 minutes, MAX!

And you can get started TODAY with the Next Major American Index.

Sign up for Trade of the Day Plus, and I’ll immediately send you my newest report…

“Overnight Drift: How to Profit Using the Next Major American Index.”


Get the report… check out the pick… and you’ll be ready to start taking advantage of Overnight Drift starting first thing tomorrow morning.

If this all sounds like too much work for you, then I respectfully ask you to close out of this video right now.

But if you’re ready to start receiving what I believe are life-changing wealth opportunities… then here’s my proposal…

Sign up for Trade of the Day Plus right now.

What does Trade of the Day Plus cost?

That’s the good news…

It’s cheap. Super cheap.

In fact, at $49 for the year, it’s less than $1 per week.


Better yet, as you’ll see in a moment, joining is 100% risk-free.

And once you join, I’ll immediately send you my new Overnight Drift report.

Open it… read it… see the pick.

And get this…

If you don’t believe the recommendation in my Overnight Drift report is truly a life-changer…

Email our team… and we’ll give you a full refund.

I’m dead serious.

Listen… if you want to sign up, get the ticker symbol for the Next Major American Index and try it out… feel free.

As I suggested earlier, I recommend tracking the performance of this directly against the S&P 500 to prove to yourself that it works.

If it doesn’t, you deserve a refund. And we’ll happily give it to you.

But the evidence – over 30 years – tells me that it will work.

And I believe you’ll be very happy that you heard from me today.

Just think what having access to this will do for you.

All the money you put into index funds could now generate more profits at lower risk.

History says Overnight Drift could’ve 17X’ed your money in the last 30 years… which would have turned a $10,000 account into $180,000.

Or a $100,000 account into $1.8 million.


That’s what this new “index” could do for you.

Or maybe you really catch a tiger by the tail by going after this phenomenon on your own…

Think about a stock like GBTC with just the Overnight Drift…

That would have turned a $100 investment into $1.4 MILLION over seven years.


Of course, that would be extraordinary.

That’s absolutely life-altering money…

But heck…

Even a mere fraction of that success could still dramatically impact the quality of your life.

And today… right now… I’m giving you the chance to see this in action – risk-free – when you sign up for Trade of the Day Plus.

So let’s do this.

All it costs is $49 to sign up.

At the end of the day, I stand by this strategy.

I stand by my research.

And I stand by my commitment to my members.

That’s why I’m willing to offer you a full-refund guarantee if you don’t agree that this is the best, simplest and most powerful way to play Overnight Drift that you’ve ever seen.

Let me be perfectly clear…

You can get a one-year subscription to Trade of the Day Plus

That includes 52 new trade recommendations…


All for JUST $49.

That works out to less than $1 per week.

Name something you spend $1 per week on that can deliver this type of profit potential.


But I’m all about integrity, and this is my way of proving that.

I don’t need to price gouge you.

I want you to succeed.

And even at the normal retail price of $249 a year, this would still be a no-brainer.

Heck, I could sell the Overnight Drift report for $1,500 – just by itself – and still justify the price.

But I want to prove to you that the stock market isn’t just for the rich.

It isn’t just for overnight, electronic futures traders with finance or economics degrees.

It’s a free market that anyone can learn to reap the benefits from.

And you’re about to learn firsthand what I mean by that.

So… let’s review…

When you join Trade of the Day Plus today…

  • You’ll get my new, #1 trade recommendation – every Wednesday afternoon – all for less than $1 per week.
  • You’ll get my ironclad guarantee that the Overnight Drift pick is game-changing.
  • You’ll get my full one-year, money-back guarantee.

That’s a phenomenal deal.

But let me sweeten the deal even more…

Join today, and you’ll also get access to the two hottest reports that I’ve reserved for new Trade of the Day Plus members.

The first is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand primer on trading OPTIONS.

I’ve taken everything I learned from my time on the CBOE and my 20 years of trading – and boiled it all down to an “Options for Dummies 101” cheat sheet.


This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to options trading.

Then, I’ve paired this report with an eight-part video course called…

Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets… UNCOVERED!


This eight-part video series walks you – step by step – through some of the most powerful options trading tips, tactics and strategies that I’ve learned throughout my entire career.

Combine the options report… and this eight-part video series… and that’s another $499 in value.

But if you act right now, I’ll throw both of them in FOR FREE.

This clearly shows you how invested I am in your future wealth.

  • You’re getting my Overnight Drift report ($1,500 value – FOR FREE).
  • You’re getting my “Options for Dummies 101” cheat sheet and my eight-part Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets video course (a combined $499 value – ALSO FOR FREE).

You’re also getting my #1 trade recommendation every single week on Wednesday.

And you’re getting a full-year, money-back guarantee.


All for less than $1 per week.

Yes… it’s still true.

$49 is all you’ll pay for one full year of Trade of the Day Plus.

But I will tell you this…

I can’t make an offer this good available for long.

So… if you’re not interested in this offer, and you’re not interested in how to play Overnight Drift… then I assume you don’t want to grow your wealth.

If that’s you… please… DO NOT sign up. Let someone else who’s interested in this new, unique way of making money take advantage of this opportunity.

But for the large majority of people who are interested in using Overnight Drift to grow their money… Trade of the Day Plus is the perfect way for you to get started.

Best of all, it’s all SO simple.

Click below… join Trade of the Day Plus… and you’ll immediately discover a secret that no other at-home trader knows about…

How to profit off Overnight Drift.

Then you’ll get your two bonus reports:

Bonus reports
  • The “Options for Dummies 101” Cheat Sheet
  • The eight-part video series: Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets… UNCOVERED!

From there, you’ll start receiving an email every Wednesday afternoon, which outlines my #1 pick that week – all on video.

All told… it takes you only a few minutes per week to review the new opportunity and get positioned.

And as I’ve said all along, opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone.

Join me today, and I’ll send you all your free reports immediately.

From there, you’ll be off and running.

And from that point on, you’ll never want to trade again without using this powerful strategy.

So let me close with this…

I truly believe that the Next Major American Index could change your life.

So I invite you to take that all-important first step… and join me today.

Make a modest investment in your future wealth, and join Trade of the Day Plus right now.

Click the button below, fill out the order form, and you’ll have all the reports and picks in your hands within seconds.

And then you’ll be on your way to weekly tips, picks and strategies like you’ve never been exposed to before.

On that note…

I’d like to thank you for your time – and I look forward to starting our wealth-building journey together.

I’m Bryan Bottarelli – and I’ll talk to you again next Wednesday in Trade of the Day Plus.

Yours in smart speculation,

Bryan Bottarelli

Overnight Drift Video

April 2023

P.S. Real quick… before I sign off, I forgot to mention a very important question that I’ve been getting… which is this…

“If Overnight Drift is such a game changer for investors, then why haven’t I heard about it before?”

Well, just think about that for a second…

If your broker…


Showed you a trend that could’ve 17X’ed your money… do you think you’d ever need their services anymore?

Not in a million years!

So of course they don’t want you to know about this, because it’ll make them irrelevant.

And believe me, Wall Street cares about one thing and one thing only: taking money from your account and putting it into their account.

Any threat of this gravy train ending gets snuffed out and buried immediately – which is exactly why joining Trade of the Day Plus is the only way you’ll ever hear about this tremendous opportunity.

No matter what size account you have, I can help you achieve your goals.

Unlike Wall Street, my objective is to help you succeed for yourself – which is why I want to prove it to you today… starting with the Next Major American Index.

So let’s do this!

Make a modest investment in yourself – and join Trade of the Day Plus right now.

P.P.S. I truly believe that the Next Major American Index could change your life.

But if you’re still not convinced, then consider last year…

The Dow fell about 9%…

The S&P 500 fell 19%…

The Nasdaq fell 33%…

But get this…

In the four months since the Next Major American Index launched in late 2022…

It gained as much as 20%.


That’s what’s so exciting about the Next Major American Index – so don’t wait!

Sign up now, and I’ll send you all the details instantly.

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