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Just a Quick Intro

Jason Simpkins and Secret Stock Files are running a new promotional campaign entitled “The Master Key to Missile Profits.”

Jason and his team detail the dangers and opportunities presented by the latest twist on the United States/China arms race.  In the 21st century, military superiority and technological superiority go hand-in-hand, and Simpkins has identified an area where the U.S. lags woefully behind.

But our government’s about to play catch-up to the tune of billions of dollars.  

Jason Simpkins believes he’s found an overlooked corner of the defense contracting industry where a lion’s share of that money is destined to go.  And for investors getting in early, he anticipates potentially life-altering profits.   

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Secret Stock Files, the special resources packaged with the current promotion, and Jason Simpkins’ strategy for profiting from the Pentagon’s next big move.

Who is Jason Simpkins?

An experienced financial reporter and analyst known for his no-nonsense approach, Jason Simpkins prides himself on “a well-deserved reputation for honesty and candor.”

Jason Simpkins, Investment Director, Angel Publishing
Jason Simpkins, Investment Director, Angel Publishing

Already manager of a well-known financial publication by the tender age of 25, Jason penned over 1000 articles relating to finance and macroeconomics.  His work has been cited as a contributing factor behind large-scale investigations into the Chinese economy and the global petroleum market.

Specializing in asset-driven companies with appreciable resources, such as mining firms, defense contractors and commodities, Jason has focused this expertise into founding and editing two major investment services:  Wall Street’s Proving Ground and Secret Stock Files

What is Secret Stock Files?

Secret Stock Files is Jason Simpkins’ monthly investment newsletter and advisory service.  The publication is dedicated to exploring the massive profit potential in cutting-edge, often formerly classified, technologies on the verge of entering the market.

Jason describes it this way:

“GPS, night vision, thermal imaging, virtual reality, cloud computing, even the internet itself…

These were all, at one point, highly-classified technologies monopolized by the government and the military. 

That is, until they weren’t. 

Every single one of these technologies was brought to market. 

And every single one made a fortune for early investors.”

Simpkins draws upon a handpicked pool of industry contacts, as well as his deep-dives into endless pages of government documents, to create an investment “roadmap” for his subscribers.

And that “roadmap” has just led Jason directly into the path of some very scary Chinese “smart” missiles.   

China’s Smart Missiles and Why You Should Pay Attention 

With the United States preoccupied for the last 20 years by wars in the Middle East, runaway inflation, and political tug-of-war, China has been free to focus all their energies on the expansion and upgrade of their military.

And as a result, in one very frightening area, they have just seized the upper hand over the U.S. and the rest of the globe.

China has developed a new type of smart missile.  A missile capable of reaching hypersonic speeds.  A missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload.  A missile which renders current U.S. defenses completely useless.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office:

“There are no existing countermeasures.” 

Apart from inspiring an overwhelming sense of dread, what does this Chinese super weapon mean to you?   

And why is Jason Simpkins so interested in it? 

Because the U.S. is gearing up to do something about the situation.  And the technological arms race about to break out could make smart investors very, very rich.

The United States’ Response to China’s New Weapon

According to Jason’s research, the U.S. government is in a “frenzy” to catch up to China’s newest threat and launch a viable defense.

And Simpkins has drawn upon his expertise to uncover the solution to America’s problem.

Jason has discovered:

“A small California-based company is working on a “counter-missile” that can track, chase, and intercept these new types of enemy missiles before they become a threat.” 

Pentagon sources have been quoted as saying that developing a “counter-missile” is its “number-one priority”.  In fact, the 2023 Department of Defense budget contains an extra $15 billion earmarked for new missile technology.

Jason Simpkins and his team at Secret Stock Files believe that the small company they’ve uncovered, with its bleeding-edge technologies, sits perfectly portioned to take a big bite out of those Pentagon billions.

Simpkins thinks this stock is, pardon the pun, primed to go ballistic.  

And Jason wants his Secret Stock Files members to tag along for the ride.  

Secret Stock Files’ Predictions

Because Jason’s research indicates that this one small company alone has the “rocket and smart missile propulsion technology” necessary to counter the Chinese threat, he predicts that the Pentagon will be beating down their door to throw defense contracts at them.

Simpkins and his team have calculated a potential return of 35,960% for early investors.

That means every $2,500 invested could return $901,500.

If this seems unbelievable, Jason cites the subsequent growth of some of his past investment recommendations:

  • 258% on Uranium Energy Corp
  • 311% on Skyharbour Resources
  • 909% in Canopy Growth.
  • 11,305% on Bitcoin

And the tech investment guru predicts that the potential for growth during the coming “smart missile arms race” dwarfs all of those gains.

Jason Simpkins spills all the secrets of profiting from these defense contract technologies in the Special Reports and Bonus Resources offered with new memberships to his Secret Stock Files investment advisory service.

What’s Included with Secret Stock Files?

During the current promotion, new members to Secret Stock Files will receive a bonus package containing a number of special reports and resources.

Here’s everything you get when you sign-up during Jason Simpkins’ “The Master Key to Missile Profits” promotional offer:

A Full Year of Weekly Secret Stock Files Intelligence Dossiers:

Every week members receive a roundup of the most promising new tech developments the Secret Stock Files team has extracted from the U.S. public records system.  

This includes a healthy dose of information that certain government leaders would likely prefer stayed classified.

Monthly Secret Stock Files Video Briefings:

A $2,500 value on its own, every month Jason and his team summarize their research on the latest cutting edge technologies poised to offer huge potential returns.  And they’ll lay out strategies for their members to position themselves to grab a piece of that action.

Secret Stock Files Profit Alerts:

When Jason detects that the time is right to sell and cash out on a particular stock, expect a Profit Alert with the ticker symbol, suggested sell price, and an explanation for Simpkins’ recommendation.

24/7 Access to the Secret Stock Files Members-Only Site and Model Portfolio:

Members receive the login credentials needed to access not only Jason’s running portfolio, but a complete library of Secret Stock Files back issues and special reports.

Access to VIP Member Services:

Secret Stock Files subscribers are encouraged to contact the VIP Services team with any questions or concerns.

FEATURE REPORT – Missile Millionaire: How to Position Yourself for the ‘Smart Missile’ Funding Boom. 

A “panoramic overview” of the company Jason Simpkins has identified as ideally-positioned to reap massive profits from government-funded missile contracts.

Jason says that this company’s technology looks poised to flip the missile industry on its head, and could soon “dominate the market.”

Missle Millionaire eBook Cover

BONUS REPORT #1 – IoT: Get Rich From the Biggest Trend of the 2020s.

Jason lays out the details of an IoT-related stock that he believes could be primed to 10x.  IoT, or the “Internet of Things” refers to the ever-increasing number of “smart” devices popping up in daily life.  

From smartwatches to sat-nav in cars to all manner of smart home systems:  Simpkins’ research indicates that this market is set to “grow by over half a TRILLION dollars in the coming years.” 

Get Rich from the Biggest Trend of the 2020s eBook Cover

BONUS REPORT #2 – My No. 1 Stock for the AI Revolution.

With artificial intelligence and machine-learning advances all over the news (ChatGPT for example), Jason has spotted one particular company exploiting these technologies to create a “breakthrough” data analysis platform.

He believes that this “future AI behemoth” is nearly ready to skyrocket.

My Number One Stock For The Ai Revolution eBook Cover

How Much is Secret Stock Files? 

Normally priced at $4,499 per year, first year memberships to Secret Stock Files are currently available for the discounted rate of $1,199.  

This is a discount of 55% off the standard membership rate.  

Memberships to Secret Stock Files auto-renew at the lowest available rate at the end of each subscription year, unless cancelled by the subscriber.  Members can call to opt out of this auto-renewal feature.  

Secret Stock Files Refund Policy

According to their website, Secret Stock Files comes with a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason you wish to receive a full refund within that 90-day window, simply contact their customer service team.

Jason Simpkins money back guarantee image

Where to Find Secret Stock Files 

Secret Stock Files is published by Jason Simpkins and his team at Angel Publishing.

Angel Publishing “examines and provides ideas and strategies for our readers on finance, markets, human nature, and obscure financial trends.”

They are a company built around the philosophy of keeping things “simple” and a strong faith in “the power of the individual.”

Go HERE to learn more about Secret Stock Files and Jason Simpkins’ team at Angel Publishing.

In Summary

Secret Stock Files has released a new promo campaign alerting investors to the massive growth potential presented by the United States’ ongoing “smart missile” arms race with China.

A specialist in identifying investment opportunities in cutting-edge defense and consumer technology companies, Jason Simpkins believes he’s found the one small stock best positioned to explode in value during the Pentagon’s furious upgrade of our nation’s missile defense system.

With a track record of making profitable, ahead-of-the-curve predictions, Jason’s convinced that this stock has the potential for the “biggest gains” he’s ever seen.

Jason has made this information available through Secret Stock Files and the special reports and resources included in the promotional offer: “The Master Key to Missile Profits.”   

To learn more about Jason Simpkins and his defense technology investment strategies, or to become a member of Secret Stock Files today, visit the official website.

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