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Just a Quick Intro

Dr. Mark Skousen, the world-renowned economics guru behind Forecasts & Strategies, has just released a nearly 70%-off promotional offer entitled “The Recession That Will Save America.”

Skousen contends that all signs are pointing towards the U.S. economy teetering on the brink of a “once-in-a-generation” recession.  He believes that when it hits, savings and stocks are all at risk, crashing as hard or harder than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

But Mark Skousen also sees a silver lining.  To paraphrase the old adage, with chaos comes opportunity.  According to Skousen, this generational downturn represents a singular moment for informed investors to position themselves for historic gains.  

Mark has prepared something special for Forecasts & Strategies subscribers who sign-up during this promotion:  a package of 3 reports outlining his strategies to make the next recession work in your favor.

Keep on reading if you’re interested in learning more about Forecasts & Strategies, Mark’s special reports, and the frightening ways the next great recession could threaten your financial health and security.

Who is Mark Skousen?

Dr. Mark Skousen is a PhD, university professor, economics authority, author of over 25 books, and an investment guru with over 40 years of experience analyzing the markets.  He has recently been hailed as “one of the 20 most influential living economists.”  

As if all that wasn’t enough:  he’s a former CIA analyst, worked as a Forbes magazine columnist, and served as president of the Foundation for Economic Education in New York.  In addition to penning articles for national publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Christian Science Monitor, Skousen has appeared on a variety of major TV networks, including:  ABC News, CNN, Fox News, and CNBC.

In recognition of his decades of achievement in the world of business and economics, Grantham University renamed its business school:  The Mark Skousen School of Business.

Since 1980, Mark Skousen has steered the ship as editor in chief of Forecasts & Strategies, an award-winning monthly investment newsletter. 

Mark Skousen, Eagle Financial Publication, Forecasts & Strategies
Mark Skousen, Eagle Financial Publication, Forecasts & Strategies

What is Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies?

Forecasts & Strategies is Dr. Mark Skousen’s award-winning monthly investment advisory, published by the team at Eagle Financial Publications.  

Editor-in-chief for over four decades, Skousen uses Forecasts & Strategies as a platform to share ever-evolving market analyses and recommendations, offer his one-of-a-kind financial insights, and help his readers best position themselves to both guard and grow their assets.

Skousen touts the fact that even his most basic model portfolio (The Flying Five), has consistently beaten the market for the last 10+ years.  

Why Does Skousen Fear Recession is Imminent?

Mark Skousen has become convinced that America is teetering on the brink of a life-altering economic downturn.

The uncertainty that we feel all around us has penetrated every level of the American economy.  Inflation is out of control.  The stock market’s bouncing all over the place.  Skousen points out that everyday Americans aren’t the only ones confused at the moment… this turmoil goes straight to the top. 

Things look ready to crash at any moment.

And what are our leaders doing to prevent it?  According to Skousen, not one single thing.

In fact, Skousen insists, they’re hoping that it happens.

He claims that through a combination of incompetence and design, the most powerful people in our nation are actually doing all they can to make sure the economy implodes.

Skousen says that this terrible plan is the only way our leaders see of “getting our economy and markets back on track.” 

This strategy uses recession as a giant Reset Button, and the average American citizen will just have to hold on and hope they survive the ride.

But maybe, some of you ask, President Biden will do something about it?

Don’t count on it.

According to Skousen, Biden’s blunders are one of the big reasons we’re in this position.        

How is Joe Biden Making Things Worse?

Skousen believes that any chance we had of avoiding recession went out the window after President Biden and his administration made three epic mistakes seemingly designed to kick our economy off a cliff.

Joe Biden’s First Big Mistake:

With the planned addition of 87,000 agents to the ranks of the Internal Revenue Service, Biden’s administration, as Skousen calculates things, will be looking to squeeze an additional $200 billion out of working-class Americans.

Skousen says that we’ll also see a commensurate explosion in the numbers of audits, civil lawsuits, and erroneous criminal charges.  All of these things only make it harder for small businesses and working-class Americans to stay afloat.

Joe Biden’s Second Big Mistake:

Mark fears that Biden’s big push into green energy has come at the cost of the fossil fuel systems that actually power the lion’s share of our economy.  Oil prices are spiking across the globe every day.  Supply lines have been interrupted.

And, as Skousen points out, “everything is made with energy.”  This means that as oil prices go through the roof, so do the prices of everything else, from food to clothing to transportation.

Joe Biden’s Third Big Mistake:

Skousen points out how the Biden Administration has been content to kick back and watch as the Fed rolls-out one rate hike after another.   But these moves to limit inflation and control the flow of money through the economy come with unintended consequences.

Large U.S. companies with too much debt on their books have been rocked, and are primed to tumble into bankruptcy. And smaller businesses could soon lack the cash flow they rely upon for growth.  

In both cases, mass layoffs and out-of-business signs are the usual result.

Grow Your Wealth During the Next Great Recession

Somehow, even as he watches dark clouds gathering on the horizon, Mark Skousen has found the silver lining.

While he feels that a painful recession is both imminent and unavoidable, Skousen also believes that this downturn will act as a “cleanse” for the financial markets.  Not only will it prevent the runaway hyperinflation we’ve seen in countries like Venezuela, Mark contends that it’s just the reset that the American economy needs to get “back on track” for the long term.

He sees us bouncing back stronger than ever.  But his vision of this next great recession sounds like a very bumpy ride.  

Especially for investors who are caught unawares.

Skousen has identified three main strategies for not only avoiding the worst, but actually profiting during this time of crisis.  

He’s witnessed a veritable who’s-who of the biggest names in the game “scrambling” to get in on these sorts of investments.  The list includes:  Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, BlackRock and Michael Burry. 

So what are the three strategies that Mark Skousen deems essential to surviving the next recession?

Skousen’s First Strategy:

Mark has identified an investment that he says “thrives” even when the market tumbles.

According to Skousen, this “disaster proof investment” has been so flush with cash during uncertain times that it has never faltered, even through the biggest market crashes of the last decade.  In fact, this company nearly doubled its profits over the past several years.

And, at the moment, Mark says it’s still so affordable that any investor can jump onboard.

Skousen’s Second Strategy:

Mark lays out his method for the everyday investor to participate in the world of venture capital. 

This doesn’t mean dumping money into high-risk tech startups, but rather profiting from the real meat-and-potatoes industries upon which America relies.  

Drilling companies, lumber yards, agricultural firms, shooting ranges, medical device manufacturers:  this is venture investing into “life blood” American businesses that Skousen says represent “real value.”   

Skousen’s Third Strategy:

As the financial system resets after the next recession, Mark believes that our government will be going full steam ahead on a massive upgrade to our current financial infrastructure.

This upgrade, designed to help prevent future market meltdowns, will bring with it TRILLIONS of dollars in investment capital.

Companies will be lining up for a piece of that money, and Mark has identified the one player that he believes is primed to explode in value once this sector really starts rolling. 

Mark Skousen gets into all the specifics of these opportunities in the Special Reports made available to new subscribers of Forecasts & Strategies.

What’s Included with Forecasts & Strategies?

During the current promotion, a subscription to Forecasts & Strategies comes packaged with a number of additional resources, including the three special reports that Mark Skousen has earmarked to shepherd his followers through the tumultuous times ahead.

Here’s the lowdown on what you get when you subscribe during Mark Skousen’s “The Recession That Will Save America” promotional offer:

A Full Year of the Monthly Newsletter:  Forecasts & Strategies.

In what he has labeled his “flagship research service”, Mark offers the market perspective and advice of someone who’s thrived for over four decades in the investment game.  

Skousen’s latest strategies for safeguarding your money and beating the market are delivered to your inbox every single month.

Members Only Urgent Trade Alerts:

When the market makes an unexpected move that you need to know about NOW, Mark will keep you ahead of the game with his email and text alert service.

Exclusive Members-Only Meetings:

Mark holds quarterly online conference calls exclusively for his subscribers. 

During these one-hour sessions, Dr. Skousen lays out all his up-to-the-minute market analysis and recommended stock plays.

Full Access to Mark Skousen’s Recommended Portfolio.

Subscribers to Forecasts & Strategies have full and instant access to Dr. Skousen’s entire model portfolio.  This includes “growth play” investments that have seen gains up to 153%, as well as dividend stocks with a history of yielding as much as 7%.  

Access to Mark’s Handpicked Investing Master Class:

Curated by Mark’s associates at Constant Profits, these classes and private one-on-one expert coaching sessions educate investors on how to “rig the market for… success.” 

And of course you get all of Mark’s The Recession That Will Save America Special Reports:

SPECIAL REPORT #1: The Cash King: One Stock That Always Pays, No Matter The Market

Mark lets his readers in on the one company he feels is best positioned to produce reliable, “disaster-proof” returns regardless of what the rest of the market is doing.

Having observed many of the world’s billionaire class investors, including Warren Buffet, furiously elbowing each other out of the way to claim huge positions in this sector, Skousen believes it’s  “the perfect investment when the going gets rough.”

The Cash King eBook cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #2: Your Way IN: America’s #1 Small Business Investment

Skousen lays out his approach to investing in the kind of small, meat-and-potatoes businesses that America depends on during both times of plenty and times of crisis.  He believes moving money into these companies will generate “real value” for the everyday American investor.

Your Way In eBook cover image

SPECIAL REPORT #3: The Financial Upgrade: Profit From Global Growth With A Single Stock

When we finally emerge from the next recession, Mark believes that there will be one company that our government calls upon to prevent this madness from ever happening again.

With $50 trillion in backing, and more on the way, this opportunity lies at the heart of a “nationwide upgrade to the financial system.”  

And Mark believes that his readers need to know this information IMMEDIATELY.

The Financial Updgrade eBook cover image

How Much is Forecasts & Strategies? 

Subscriptions to Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies are available at three different membership levels.

GOLD SUBSCRIPTION ($49.95/year) includes:

  • 12 digital issues of the monthly newsletter

DIAMOND ELITE SUBSCRIPTION ($149/year) includes:

  • 12 digital issues of the monthly newsletter
  • One Bonus Report:  Dr. Skousen’s Five Favorite High Income Growth Stocks

PLATINUM SUBSCRIPTION ($77/year) includes:

  • 12 digital issues of the monthly newsletter
  • Everything included at the lower subscription levels.
  • All of Mark Skousen’s The Recession That Will Save America special reports.

All of the levels seem like solid deals, but The Platinum Subscription looks to be the best option going at the moment.  

It’s normally priced at $249 per year, but with the current special temporarily bringing that price down to just $77 for the first year, it’s actually cheaper than the Diamond Elite Subscription level.  

So subscribers who act fast are getting more benefits at a lower price.

Forecasts & Strategies has an industry standard, no-nonsense renewal policy. 

Subscriptions automatically renew at the prevailing rate at the end of each subscription term unless cancelled by the subscriber.  

Forecasts & Strategies Refund Policy 

According to their website, Forecasts & Strategies comes with an “ironclad” 30 day, full money back guarantee.

No questions asked.

Where to Find Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies 

Forecasts & Strategies is published by Roger Michalski and the investment experts at Eagle Financial Publications.

The team at Eagle prides itself on creating products that celebrate:

“…the traditional American values of free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty.”

Go HERE to learn more about Forecasts & Strategies and Mark Skousen’s team at Eagle Financial Publications.

In Summary

Mark Skousen has released a new promotional offer for a series of three special reports. These reports outline Mark’s strategy for protecting and growing your assets during the once-in-a-generation recession he sees just over the horizon.

With many of the traditional warning signs of recession already blinking red, and inflation running rampant, Skousen believes that America’s leaders are doing everything they can to drive the economy into this downturn.  

Despite the crushing financial suffering that it will bring, a recession also represents the chance to reset and cleanse the markets.  And, Skousen insists, holds incredible opportunities for investors with the foresight and knowledge to navigate the turbulent waters ahead.   

To learn more about Dr. Mark Skousen and his The Recession That Will Save America special reports, or to subscribe to Forecasts & Strategies today, visit the official website.

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