The Shocking Stories You Hear In A Las Vegas Casino…


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In the halls of a Las Vegas casino, word gets around fast…

And during an investment conference at The Wynn Las Vegas, people started coming up to me asking if I'd met the “Stay-at-Home Dad who Uses TradeSmith.”

I hadn't yet, but everyone who had seemed so intrigued.

And once I finally came face to face with him, I realized why

He's not just a stay-at-home dad by any stretch. (Even though he'll proudly say that's his favorite title.)

He's a self-taught trader whose income from trading stocks outpaced his pharmacist paycheck once he discovered TradeSmith's tools.

So, as a result, he walked away from his career at age 40, to become a stay-at-home trader.

We've never brought a customer story to you like this before, because, there's never been one that's stopped us in our tracks like this before!

In this exclusive sit-down interview at his home in Texas, TradeSmith customer, Derick Aguirre, reveals how anyone can supercharge their investing results by doing three specific things inside the TradeSmith dashboard.

Whether you're in your prime like Derick, or you're nearing retirement, this is “must-see TV” if you want to shrink the gap between you and financial freedom.

Grab something to take notes with and catch the interview now!


Julie Devante
Creative Director, TradeSmith

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