Keith Kaplan’s Infinite Income Loop: These Three Stocks Deliver Instant Cash Monthly


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Former Fortune 500 Computer Engineer Shocks The Internet With His Once-a-Month…

Infinite Income Loop

Trade 3 Stocks Like THIS for Instant Cash Every Time You Trade… And You Could Put Up To $2,880 “On Loop” in Your Account Every Month

“I've been trading for 8 weeks. I'm up $20,000 per week – that’s $160,000 total.”

— Rob M.

** The investment results described in this testimonial are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Table of Contents:

Hailey: From “Worst Investor in the World” to “Viral Trading Legend.”

Tonight we have the unbelievable story of an ordinary man who became an “overnight” stock market sensation…

And the remarkable income tool he designed from his Baltimore home office, that he says, allows you to pull instant cash out of certain stocks.

How does a young father in crippling debt… with almost no trading experience… become an investing legend, and never worry about money again?

He says it all comes down to just 3 stocks, and a special technique.

Tonight for the first time, he’s agreed to share that technique live on camera.

He’ll show you exactly how it works in 4 simple mouse clicks – and how you could use it to add $940 per month in extra income.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro trader, or a beginner with no experience, he says it doesn’t matter… because anyone can follow his simple approach.

He’s also agreed to let us ask him whatever we want…

Including about the terrifying day he almost lost his wife & child… and how it fueled the development of his unique “instant cash” technique… all by playing just 3 stocks at a time.

You won’t want to miss this, because you’re about to understand the stock market as you never have before…

His life change has been dramatic, and so is his story…

My name is Hailey Frances, and I’d like to welcome you to this special broadcast with our guest, Keith Kaplan.

Keith, thanks for joining us tonight.

Keith: Thrilled to be here Hailey, thanks for having me.

Hailey: I know we’re about to put your method to the test Keith, but some folks watching must be thinking, “this guy can’t be serious.”

How is it possible to pull nearly a thousand dollars – in cash – out of a few stocks every month? I thought that took years?

Keith: Well, it comes down to something I call the “Infinite Income Loop.” It’s based on an algorithm I created that allows you to play just 3 stocks, for a few minutes a month… to generate cash flow very quickly… over and over again.

There’s no other way I’ve seen to make money this fast, and use it the same day to buy groceries, fill up the gas tank, or even take the family out to dinner.

I know it sounds crazy, but for the last 4 years…

I’ve actually been staking my personal nest egg on this technique. So far it’s gone pretty well.

And after going “viral” on the internet – I even decided to turn the Infinite Income Loop into something so simple, anyone can learn how to get started in minutes.

Hailey: Anyone, even if they’ve never traded a stock before?

Keith: Anyone. Which is why I’ll teach you how to do it live on camera here in a moment, and I’ll even let you place a trade on my behalf.

Hailey: Keith… there’s something I should probably confess: I’ve never traded a stock before. Are you sure you want to trust me with that?

Keith: I appreciate the heads up Hailey, but ‘trust’ has nothing to do with what I’ll show you. The Infinite Income Loop is so reliable you can’t HELP but collect cash every time.

So there’s no “learning how to trade” involved. I’ll put it this way… you can follow the instructions on a box of brownies right?

Hailey: Sure, I can do that!

Keith: Perfect, then you’ll be able to execute what I’ll show you. It’s as simple as making a few clicks, it only takes a few minutes, and if you do that — it’s literally impossible not to generate instant cash.

Hailey: Well Keith, I’ll believe it when I see it. But if I make money today, is it mine to keep?

Keith: Here’s my promise: whatever you make during the trade demo, it’s all yours. I’ll even give it to you right here on camera. Not because I’m generous, but because the way my approach works — the money you earn shows up immediately. So whatever you walk away with is going to be “real time” cash you earned today. 

Hailey: These are big promises Keith, so I can’t help but wonder — does your method have anything to do with Bitcoin? Or other “cryptos” we’ve been hearing about in the news lately?

Keith: No. Whether it’s volatile cryptos, “meme stocks” or shorting stocks — I’ve never been one to stomach the twists & turns of those markets.

Hailey: Ok, got it, I’m glad we cleared that up. Because I’ve seen some of my friends get burned recently, and no wonder, because they have no idea what they’re doing.

Now, if I’m not mistaken… you once called yourself “The World’s Worst Investor,” is that right?

Keith: I did, and for years I was an emotional investor. It cost me a lot of money.

That’s why I love the Infinite Income Loop, it’s virtually automatic. With my emotions out of the way, I can finally relax & trust the system.

Hailey: Now, you weren’t always Keith Kaplan, the “viral” trading expert with us tonight — did it take you years of practice to learn this?

Keith: Well, I wouldn’t say I learned it… because as far as I know, there’s no one out there teaching my approach. But it did take a few years to fine-tune this strategy.

My only regret is I didn’t develop it 10 years sooner.

Hailey, I’d do anything to jump back a decade and give this to my family.

The ability to pull instant cash out of the stock market… all that extra income… it would have been a game-changer for us.

Because frankly, our financial situation wasn’t great at the time.

For context, here’s a preview of just one month using my 3-stock technique:

This first trade on Royal Caribbean Cruises paid out $800 in instant cash.

The second trade on Virgin Galactic… paid out $294 in instant cash on the same day

The third trade, also the same day, paid out $600 on Sysco.

Hailey: Wow, and that’s $1,694 paid out right away?

Keith: Yep. Within seconds of making these trades.

Hailey: Okay. This sounds a little too good to be true… so what’s the catch?

Keith: The catch is that you’re being paid money because you’re willing to make a bet.

But unlike a traditional bet, where you get paid at the end, this bet pays you immediately.

What makes this “Instant Cash Bet” so attractive, is that every time you place one, you are legally entitled to collect money upfront.

Now, the common wisdom with this type of trade is that you will be right 90% of the time.

But in a recent backtest I ran, I found you could’ve achieved a win rate of – get this – 100%.

Hailey: 100%?

Keith: That’s right. Every single trade was profitable. Using this strategy, the average income earned was $200 over 40 days on each trade.

**Disclaimer: Back test trades had a 60-day expiration**

I’ll explain how that all works in a moment, when you try it yourself.

Hailey: Sounds good to me! For the folks at home, keep watching. Because Keith about to let me “demo” his strategy today… which he claims can generate instant cash every time you use it…

From what I understand Keith, this is the first time you are sharing this “Infinite Income Loop” with the public. However, a small group of folks who follow your work have already been using it to bank some serious cash, is that right?

Keith: That’s right, when I first shared the beta version of what ultimately led to the Infinite Income Loop, even was blown away by what happened.

Hailey: Well, I can’t wait for you to share your unbelievable story, but first let’s hear from some of the participants in the beta test you just mentioned. For the folks watching, all of these have been verified.

One man named Rob has made six figures in just 8 weeks.* He says:

Don B. says your tool couldn’t be easier, because it:

And this one is one of my favorites, Ronald raves about your tool, calling it “The greatest thing I’ve ever seen or used.” He says:

That’s $51,000 a week…

** The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

But incredible as that is, you’re convinced that your latest discovery — which we’re going to “demo” today, is even more powerful?

Keith: It is, but don’t take my word for it, because you’re going to see it with your own eyes.

Hailey: I can’t wait to try it out… but I think for many who are worrying about inflation, market volatility, and the supply chain – things have never felt crazier. There’s a lot of folks out there confused about where the country, and the stock market, are headed.

So I have to ask:

If the stock market is having a bad month, or a bad year, can regular folks still make money with this?

Keith: Yes. The beauty of this approach is it works no matter what the markets are doing.

Take one of the most volatile periods in recent history, the Spring of 2020. As COVID hit, everyone was getting out of stocks and retreating into cash.

Hailey: I remember. People were panicking.

Keith: That’s right! Investors were fleeing out of stocks, getting into cash, and leaving investors with “Nowhere to hide,” as Financial Times put it.

The New York Times wrote:

And Forbes asked:

For every $5,000 invested in the U.S. stock market in February 2020, you’d have been down nearly $500 by March.

But now look at what happens when we plug my “Infinite Income Loop” into the same exact time period.

You’d have collected $130, $134, and $250 for a February total of $514.

Hailey: Wow, so up $500 instead of down $500, I like that.

Keith: Right, and you should love it…But now let me point out, this system isn’t perfect.

As you can see from this headline, what followed was the worst quarter in over a century… and EVERYONE was getting killed.

By the end of March, you’d have been down $200 with my approach. Remember, no trade is ever a guaranteed winner. I’ll explain exactly why losing trades happen in a moment… and how my “kick the can” strategy gives you a chance to turn losers into winners…

But first, look at the beating regular buy & hold investors took.

You would have LOST $1,314…. whereas MY approach was only down $200.

Hailey: If I’m following, that’s like keeping $1,100 in your pocket?

Keith: Exactly, but Hailey, here’s how quickly things turned around.

In April, you could have scored cash payouts of $380… $450… and $370…

For a total of $1,200 in extra income.

Hailey: Incredible. And that’s $1,200, from just 3 stocks?

Keith: Just 3 stocks. But it gets better, because May produced 3 MORE cash payouts

One for $800… one for $294… and yet another for $600.

That’s almost $1,700 in a single month — at the HEIGHT of the pandemic.

Hailey: Wow, so if it’s possible to make this much money in down markets, what’s an up market look like?

Keith: Great question. When the market is trending up, you could see up to $2,880 in a single month.

It’s the best opportunity I’ve ever seen for regular people to score instant paydays every month.

Here, take a moment to imagine something… you can go ahead and close your eyes if it helps. If you’re watching at home, you can play along too…

Ok, imagine how an extra $2,800 a month would change your life. Really picture it.

Ok Hailey, what’d you see?

Hailey: Honestly, I saw a Lowes shopping cart filled with everything I need for my next home renovation…

Keith: That’s fantastic! And whatever $2,800 a month means to you… whether it’s paying off a credit card bill… building the family college fund… going on a Loews shopping spree!

Or just relaxing in the comfort of knowing your financial situation is covered, no matter what the stock market is doing.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but there IS a smarter way to get there that you’ve probably never heard of… and while I can’t promise you’ll personally make $2,800 a month…

Today, I WILL show you how to get the ball rolling.

Hailey: That’s incredible Keith, I can’t wait to see how.

Keith: Well Hailey, I’ll let you in on the real reason I decided to join you today. I spent too many years spinning my wheels… listening to someone ELSE tell me how I should make a good income.

Maybe you can relate. You’ve been told to put your money in index funds… dividend stocks… or ETFs…

But get this: If you’d followed a traditional buy & hold strategy through the pandemic…

By July 2020 – more than 6 months after the start of the outbreak…

You’d have just started to break even!

And those were the “lucky” ones who didn’t panic and sell on the way down.

Can you believe that?

Hailey: 6 months and nothing to show for it — seems like a sour deal.

Keith: It certainly is, but if you’d done nothing but follow my system for 6 months

You could have collected an extra $662 per month on average…

Hailey: That’s remarkable Keith. An extra $3,974 — nearly $4,000 – During the worst market in recent memory.

Keith: Correct. But, as you can see from the trades in March and June… not every trade is a winner.

Losing plays happen, but the beauty of my system is it stacks the odds in your favor every month… which gives you an almost unfair edge in the markets.

Hailey: Well one look at this “income calendar” – I can see the edge you’re talking about.

It’s Amazing Keith, and I have to say, you weren’t a Wall Street investment banker, a professional trader, and you weren’t groomed in elite prep schools or Ivy league colleges…that means you’ve built this without a formal finance background…it’s crazy!

Keith: Well you’re right about all that Hailey.

I might not have all the formal credentials and shiny Ivy league degrees…

But I think the results of my tools & the community around them speak for themselves.

Roughly 65,000 people follow my work… some who’ve made 6 figures using my techniques.

** The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Hailey: That’s impressive Keith, and it seems like you’ve come a long way. Tell us how you got here.

Keith: I grew up in Baltimore in the 80’s and 90’s. It was a rough time period, in one of America’s poorest cities. Both my parents were teachers.

We always had food on the table and a roof over our head, but we certainly weren’t rich… so I worked hard to get into Towson University, my local college.

Hailey: And what did you study there? 

Keith: I studied computer engineering.

Hailey: Ok, so without a finance degree, how did you “crack the code” on your income system?

Keith: I can certainly understand the confusion, Hailey. I'm the last guy you'd expect to figure something out like this. It's not something I ever planned.

And the truth is, it was only a freak accident that forced me to choose between saving the life of my wife or my son…

Without that happening, I wouldn’t be sitting here, right now, today.

Hailey: Whoa, wait… hold on, tell us what happened there.

Keith: Well, you see, Hailey, we were at a real turning point in our lives.

We lived in this tiny house in Baltimore with barely enough room for my wife and I, our two kids, and our pets.

Even though it was a huge financial stretch, in June 2013 we scraped together what we had and upgraded to a bigger house.

But here’s the thing, we hadn’t sold our first house yet. So there we were paying 2 mortgages, and we were getting further and further into debt. The bills are piling up they were all around me, and I knew I needed to make more money. But 12 hour days in the office made another job impossible.

I felt like I was slaving away in this income “trap” — building somebody else’s empire while my own was crumbling all around me.

Hailey: So you were in a tough spot…

Keith: Oh for sure. I was walking my family on a financial tightrope. And that was before the accident…

One day, the walls came crashing in. And I got the call every parent dreads.

I’ll never forget my wife’s voice on the line, shaking, as she says to me:

“Keith, Owen is choking and he can’t breathe. The paramedics are on the way… ”

Hailey: Oh, no….

Keith: Before she could finish her sentence, I was turning the keys over and screeching out of work…

And I was 35 miles away – and this is in Baltimore rush hour. So I’m speeding… driving on the shoulder… whatever I can to get there…

All the while I think my wife is way ahead of me…

But then I see a car crashed on the side of the road. My wife’s car, completely totaled.

Everything went into slow motion… and that’s when I had to choose: do I stop to save my wife?

Or leave her in a wrecked car… to get to my little boy?

Hailey: I can’t imagine, Keith.

Keith: I wouldn’t wish that moment on anyone.

But I knew my wife would tell me to keep going, so I did.

After I raced into the parking lot… and sprinted through the front doors… I saw my little boy in the arms of a paramedic, breathing.

The paramedic told me, “He’s going to be fine sir, we got to him just in time and cleared the blockage.”

Hailey: Oh, thank god. But what about your wife?

Keith: My wife totaled her car. It was barely recognizable. But miraculously, she hardly had a bruise to show for it.

Fortunately everyone survived, and I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world that I still have them.

But Hailey, something changed in me that day. It caused me to take a real assessment of my life.

Hailey: Well Keith, I’m not sure how you could have predicted any of that happening…

Keith: Of course not, but here’s my point… everything I’d done in my life had been for my family. The 12-hour workdays, missing my daughter’s dance recital, as much as it broke my heart — I did it so I could give them the best life possible…

But that day made me rethink everything, especially money. Most of all, the insane amount of TIME it took to earn it.

I spent all my time building stuff for other people… sacrificing my energy to clients who didn’t really appreciate me…

Which left hardly any quality time to spend with my family.

I know it sounds so obvious in hindsight, but that awful day was what finally sprung me into action. I had to make a change.

See, I’m an engineer by trade. And while I’ll admit that I once considered myself “the World’s Worst Investor”…

On the same token, I’m an excellent computer engineer.

At the time, software engineers were starting to get paid crazy money to go work for financial firms.

And get this: they were hiring guys with literally ZERO investing experience.

Wall Street Journal broke this crazy story about a software engineer at Microsoft.

He got signed to a $700,000 salary… without knowing hardly anything about stocks.

The Journal said:

This guy was a software engineer – that's the same as me, Hailey.

And he was getting paid nearly a million bucks… so as you can imagine, the lightbulbs are going off: “I could do this too.”

Hailey: But it doesn’t sound like you left your job to work on Wall Street?

Keith: Well, I certainly thought about it, but I realized I’d be right back working crazy hours for someone else.

Instead, I decided I was going to master the stock market on my own. I convinced myself that being a numbers guy, trading would come naturally.

Well, that delusion didn’t last long. What followed was my “World’s Worst Investor” phase…

And Hailey, I wasn’t just bad… I promise you, I was horrible.

I was a peewee player on a big league field… and I got crushed.

I lost thousands of dollars to dumb mistakes, emotional trading.

I just did not know what I was doing… and I paid the price.

Hailey: That must've been some reality check.

Keith:It was, and I realized if trading was going to work for me, I couldn’t be putting our savings on the line.

I needed a consistent, fast way to earn extra cash while lowering my risk…

A way to turn small sums of money into BIG income… without waiting months – and definitely without waiting years.

So, without fail, every Sunday night after the accident, I tucked my kids into bed and went at it…

Hailey: So while everyone else was watching Football… winding down their weekend… you were starting to trade.

Keith: I was at my computer, “clocking in” to my second job…

Scouring the stock market for winning trades that wouldn’t take years and years to payout.

Hailey: Well that’s not your typical Sunday night, so how long did you do this for?

Keith: I didn’t miss a single Sunday for years.

Hailey, I wanted to replace my income so badly.

I wanted something that would let me live… and actually ENJOY my life…

With enough money to spend whatever time I wanted with my family.

For years I felt like I was chasing trades that might pay me $500 in a month, but might pay zero. It was a gamble. And I hated risking my family’s money like that.

Eventually, one night, I stumbled onto a corner of the stock market I’d never seen before.

And I started noticing that instead of chasing a $500 payday — with a 50/50 shot of panning out a month from now…

I could secure five guaranteed paydays of $100… and collect it five minutes from now.

I know that sounds crazy, but Hailey, when I shifted all my trades into this overlooked “zone” of the markets… I started scoring instant cash payouts, on every trade.

I was practically jumping out of my chair every single time it happened…

Because within moments of finishing a trade… money appeared right in my account.

Hailey: Wait, I have to stop you there. Cash within moments? What exactly are you talking about Keith?

Keith: Well, you’ll be making one of these trades in a moment, so you’ll see exactly how it works.

But when you play this corner of the stock market, money hits your account instantly, on every trade you make.

Here’s an example…

If you’d made this trade on electric carmaker Nikola, $760 would’ve hit your trading account instantly.

Or how about this trucking stock. It paid out an instant $1,000.

This internet gaming stock delivered instant cash of $1,160.

And this trade on the media stock Lee Enterprises handed investors $820 for a few seconds work.

Can you imagine that?

Hailey: C’mon Keith, $800, $1,100 in cash just “appearing” out of nowhere — it seems a little far-fetched.

Keith: There was a time when I’d totally agree with you. But all of the trades I just showed you were 100% real. What’s more, once I discovered this bizarre stock market corner — I started making real cash, right away. As an engineer, I simply couldn’t ignore the numbers.

There’s a reason Wired calls this type of trade:

“The one chance, besides organized crime and Lotto, for an everyday person to get rich.”

Hailey: Keith, if all the trades you just showed us hadn’t been verified, this would be hard to believe.

Once you’d discovered this “corner” of the stock market, why not stop there?

Hadn’t you accomplished your goal of finally being able to walk away from the job?

Keith: While I felt like I’d jumped over the Grand Canyon… I’d actually only accomplished HALF my goal.

I was still sinking 5, even 6 or 7 hours every Sunday night into finding the right trades I needed to make.

After so many years of grinding, my #1 goal was getting this to work in a few minutes per month.

Hailey: So you were still sinking almost a full day’s work into this.

Keith: Exactly, and I was missing out on precious time with the family I almost lost. It defied the whole point.

Not only that, but I knew if I could pick the right trades…

There were even bigger payouts waiting for me to unlock.

The problem was, nobody was teaching this stuff.

There wasn’t an online Masterclass, YouTube videos, or a college course I could take…

Hailey: So there was no “how to” manual.

Keith: Right, So I was designing everything from scratch.

What I needed to do now was build a reliable, repeatable system.

So, I took my cue from those software engineers making $700,000 a year and I designed my own algorithm.

Except this algorithm had one distinct, and important advantage.

Instead of just predicting whether a stock is going to go up or down in price…

This algorithm predicts the maximum directional move of any stock.

And that is very important.

Because if I know the maximum directional move of a stock, I can use it to predict the exact probability of profit on any income trade – before I hit enter.

Hailey: That sounds like pretty groundbreaking stuff, Keith.

Tell me if I have this right: if I’m sizing up a trade…

Your algorithm can tell me if there’s say, a 40% or a 90% chance of turning a profit…

…before I actually make the trade?

Keith: That’s exactly right Hailey. It’s about as black-and-white as you could ask for.

It’s like an automatic “screener” that pinpoints trades with a high chance of success, and therefore a high probability of making you money.

Hailey: Got it, and I think we have that algorithm here… can we bring it up?

I’m not gonna lie… that looks pretty… complex.

Keith: Well, it is, but think about it this way Hailey, do you know anything about V8 engines?

Hailey: Absolutely not!

Keith: Well, I’m willing to bet you could still drive a Ferrari down the freeway… and have a LOT of fun doing it… without understanding crankshaft configurations or cylinder thermodynamics, right?

Hailey: I’m sure I could!

Keith: That’s how you can think about my algorithm. It’s the powerful engine behind all the “instant income trades” we’ve looked at today.

Hailey: That’s incredible. So this algorithm automated everything you were doing on those long Sunday nights?

Keith: Yes, this very algorithm was the key to cracking the “instant income loop” wide open…

So as you can imagine, this breakthrough had me over the moon.

Instead of spending hours searching “manually” for the right trades…

I could simply plug in my algorithm, let IT do the heavy lifting, and spend that time hanging out with my family.

Instead of driving myself crazy trying to track a zillion different trades…

I could use my system to spot amazing instant cash opportunities like this $760 trade on Aurora Cannabis…

This $600 trade on Lazard Limited…

This $550 trade on XL Fleet…

This $680 trade on BIT Mining…

And this hefty $1,040 trade on GameStop.

Hailey: Just to confirm, every single one of those trades paid cash up front?

Keith: That’s right, anyone who made these trades saw instant cash in their account, or what traders call “premium” if you want to get technical.

Hailey: You said people could make an extra $2,800 per month with your method… now I’m starting to see how. It’s amazing!

Keith: Well I’m glad you pointed that out, because once I fine-tuned my system — the payouts got bigger and more consistent than I could’ve ever imagined.

The reason being, my algorithm was working in a way no human possibly could

24/7… whether I was awake or asleep…

It was analyzing shifting market conditions, crunching through millions of data points…

Even accounting for psychological factors among thousands of other traders.

Hailey: And it does all that… automatically?

Keith: Exactly. It was like I had 1,000 PhDs working for me nonstop around the clock… which gave me a tremendous advantage in my trades.

But with my algorithm working for me, now I could reduce the chance of that happening, and lower my risk of losing money. Which gave me a huge confidence boost.

Best of all, I started seeing a way out of my vicious work cycle.

I don’t know about you Hailey, but if you’ve ever built something you’re proud of — a home-cooked meal or a home renovation…

What’s the first thing you want to do?

Hailey: Share it!

Keith: Exactly. With my new algorithm working, I felt like the first caveman who’d discovered fire. I wanted everyone to see how great it was.

Hailey: Earlier this year, you let some folks “beta test” your algorithm, is that correct?

Keith: Yes, and if you remember the gentleman Rob, he was one of them. First, he used my system to make $20,000, eight weeks in a row.

Hailey: $160,000!

Keith: Yes. $160,000. And that was just the first 8 weeks… I just got off a call with Rob and he gave me another update, saying:

** The investment results described in this testimonial are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

On an annualized basis, that’s like earning a $738,000 salary. Like anything in the stock market, results like Rob’s are never guaranteed…

But you can see how this compares to more traditional methods like index funds.

And how much faster it could help you generate income compared to something like dividend stocks.

Hailey: Incredible. I can tell you’re a humble guy, and I like that, but I might have to force this next part out of you…

For the folks watching, Rob wasn’t the only success story… Keith’s algorithm has become a viral internet sensation…

And it’s a major reason he’s sitting here with me today.

Keith gets emails nearly every week from people raving about his investment tools.

This one from Amy K. is amazing, she says:

“I have been able to amass $5,300,000 over the last 3 years.”

That’s $1.7 million a year!

A fan named Lee says:

** The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Keith, I have to ask, with all these people discovering your secret, how did you handle all this success?

Keith: Frankly, I knew my system was solid, but I never expected it to reach total strangers.

It was kind of out of this world, especially for a computer geek like me who mostly kept to himself.

But now that we’ve released this to thousands of people, my no-frills approach to trading really seems to be resonating…

So I’m getting used to it I guess. Every time I hear from someone I’ve helped, those long Sunday nights don’t seem so bad.

But you know Hailey, there were a few people who weren’t thrilled.

Hailey: Who was that?

Keith: Well, after my system gained some internet fame, a handful of friends & a few family members started reaching out about it.

But keep in mind: at that point, my algorithm was tracking over 10,000 trades a day, which meant most people using it were traders.

Hailey: And I’m guessing the people reaching out, weren’t?

Keith: Exactly, they were texting me, asking about the next quick trade they should get in on… but unfortunately it didn’t work that way… and it wasn’t any fault of theirs.

Not only do they NOT teach this stuff in school… most of my friends have full time jobs… they don’t have TIME to tackle a new learning curve.

Hailey: So they just wanted you to tell them what to do?

Keith: Exactly. But it’s not that simple, so I kept telling them:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but my system is a bit advanced for where you’re at.”

Hailey: And your friends didn’t love that answer, did they?

Keith: Well, of course not. But I didn’t either!

I thought: “I need to change something here.”

Helping strangers is amazing, but now all I could think about was my own inner circle.

And how THEY should be able to use this too.

They needed to know exactly which trades to make, and exactly when to make them – and certainly HOW to execute those trades, without confusion.

So I started thinking: “How great would it be to have a basic version of this ready by Christmas, for all my friends.”

I called up a few of them and said:

“Sit tight, I’m building something new just for you… to make a LOT of cash in the stock market every month… it’s gonna be the best Christmas present you’ll ever get.”

Hailey: And did you hold up your end of the promise?

Keith: I did, and you’re about to see it for yourself right now.

Hailey: So for people like me, or some of your friends who’ve never traded before — you built this for us?

Keith: Absolutely. That was the whole point, Hailey. I wanted something I could practically do in my sleep…

A system so easy it could be used by almost anyone with the drive to earn income every month.

So you don’t have to learn “how to day trade”… or lose thousands of dollars like I did learning in the school of hard knocks.

My goal was to take the formula behind my “Infinite Income Loop”, and strip away all the excess… so no matter how busy or new to investing… you can still get started immediately. 

Hailey: I can’t wait to try it Keith, but tell me: how did you “re-engineer” your income system for newer traders?

Keith: It’s simple. Instead of analyzing and interpreting 10,000 different trades — and letting you, the trader, pick which ones you want to make…

I found a way to apply my Infinite Income algorithm to a set of just 3 stocks at a time.

Hailey: Just 3 stocks? That’s it?

Keith: Just 3. In my eyes, this is perfection.

After I added a few lines of code to the algorithm — my system was now programmed to ignore thousands of other possible trades…

And only focus on the 3 that paid the most cash, with the least risk.

Best of all: you can make these income trades every single month… for years, even decades if you choose… hence the word ‘infinite.’

Hailey: That sounds amazing Keith, but tell me, why is 3 the magic number?

Keith: Well I ran a thorough backtest on my system, which scanned across millions of data points. That backtest indicated 3 trades offered the best reward-to-time-spent ratio I’d ever seen.

Hailey: You mean the most money in the least time?

Keith: Precisely. It was the most efficient way I’d ever seen to make up to $1,000 a month or more.

After adding that line of code… the testing data showed that in the average month… my simple technique paid out $940… and the best part? It only takes a few minutes per month.

Hailey: Close to $1,000. That’s incredible.

I know our readers at home are dying to see it in action.

If that’s you then you’re going to see it right now on this laptop.

I should confess, this whole time I’ve been thinking to myself “I don’t know, Keith seems genuine, but I’ll believe this trade when I see it.”

You’ve shown us behind the curtain, but now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Keith: Great! Let’s do it. And remember, I’m going to let you make this trade on my behalf, so there’s no risk to you Hailey.

Hailey: If you say so Keith.

Keith: Ok. Go ahead and open the laptop, and you’ll see it’s already logged in. Now folks, we brought out this TV so you can see inside my trading portal. and now we’re going to start the timer, because it’s time to trade.

Ready Hailey?

Hailey: Ready.

Keith: Okay. First, my algorithm identified Tesla as a high-income stock, so in that box next to the “Go” button, you’re going to type in TSLA, and click “Go.”

Great, now Where you see the date below, select February 18th, and to the right of that, you’ll pick a number. Select 600, and click “put.”

Hailey: Ok, got it.

Keith: In the next column, click “sell to open” – great – and now under contracts type in the number ‘1.’ Under “price” click “market.”

You’re almost there Hailey. This next part is gonna blow your mind. See the button that says “preview order”?

Hailey: Yep, I see it.

Keith: Ok, just click “preview order.” And then click “place order.” That’s it.

Hailey: That’s it?

Keith: Yes. Now watch what happens next.

Boom. Do you see that number there next to “Credit”, Hailey? Can you read that out for us?

Hailey: It says $920. You’re kidding… that’s what I just made?

Keith: You bet it is! In less than a minute, you just generated $920.

Keith: Here’s $100… two… three.. Four… five…six…seven… eight… nine… twenty. . That’s yours Hailey.

Hailey: Honestly, I can’t believe it.

Keith: Well, you’ve got the proof right there in your hands!

Hailey: Are you sure you don’t wanna split this Keith?

Keith: Don’t mention it, I’ve done just fine for myself making trades just like these. Would you be open to doing a few more?

Hailey: I think I’d be crazy not to. Let’s do it!

Keith: Ok wonderful, just click back to “basic” at the top, and this time enter ‘FB’ in the ticker field for Facebook, and click “go.”

Pick February 18 again for your date, and 245 for your number. Nice job. Now click “put.”

Hailey: Ok, done.

Keith: Now click sell to open… enter 1 for contracts… click “market”…

Hailey: And now I click “preview order” right?

Keith: Yep, and then click “place order.”

Hailey: Done! I think I’m getting the hang of this Keith.

Keith:Well, Hailey, you just earned another $330 – so I’d say you are!

Hailey: Oh my gosh, this is amazing Keith.

Keith: I’m glad you’re having fun. Are you up for one more?

Hailey: Absolutely, so I click back to “basic” right?

Keith: Yes, this time enter AMZN for Amazon. Select February 18 for your date, and 1980 for the number. The rest I think you’ve got a handle on.

Hailey: Ok, so “put”… 1 contract… “market”… “preview order”… and done!

Keith: Wow, You’ve got it down Hailey. Now for the fun part… can you read out the number next to “credit” for the folks watching?


Keith: You know what that means! Here’s $330 from the last trade… and $785 for the one you just made.

Hailey: I’m speechless Keith.

Keith: Well the cash in your hand if from 3 trades you made in under a minute each.

Just imagine how much more fun it is when you’re making 3 of these every month, all year long.

Hailey: That sounds like a dream Keith.

Keith: Now Hailey, when I mention the word “options” — what comes to mind for you?

Hailey: Well, I guess I think about Wall Street traders making these big, risky bets on stocks moving a certain direction.

Keith: You’re not alone there Hailey. But there’s a lot of misconceptions about options.

But what if I told you what you just did

Was an options trade?

Hailey: No way, c’mon Keith, you’re pulling my leg!

Keith: I’m not. See, the reason you’re holding that cash isn’t my generosity.

It’s because you traded an option that pays out instant cash.

Hailey: I always thought options were complex, with lots of moving parts, are you sure?!

Keith: The most complex part of options is simply picking the right trades.

But with the Infinite Income Loop, that’s already done for you.

Entering that trade into your brokerage account takes mere seconds!

There’s no 30-day waiting period or anything like that. The moment that money hits your account, you can use it however you want.

Hailey: That’s amazing, so this type of option lets me decide how I use the money?

Keith: Yes. You could buy something nice for your partner, give your kids some spending money, put it in a family college fund.

You can also withdraw it as cash, like what you earned for your hard work here.

Hailey: I wouldn’t exactly call it “hard” work Keith, that was pretty fun actually!

Thanks for holding up your end of the deal.

But I have to ask… is it ALWAYS that easy?

Keith: Look, if you can spare a few minutes per month — you can make this work for you.

If you can buy and sell a stock… you can learn how to do this too.

You saw it with your own eyes, it didn’t take long did it?

Hailey: Not at all.

Keith: With my 3-stock approach, you can trim your trading routine down to something so simple, anyone with a brokerage account & an internet connection can do it.

Hailey: Okay Keith, I’ll admit that was a lot easier than I expected.

The cash in my hand is a testament to the power of what you’ve built…

And what I love the most is, you’ve done it for all the right reasons.

What started as an “escape hatch” from the 9-to-5 grind… all so you could spend more time with the people you love…

Has turned into the technique you just demonstrated here tonight.

And before the cameras started rolling, you mentioned you want to get Infinite Income Loop into the hands of as many regular people as possible… so how can folks at home get started?

Keith: It takes just minutes to get started, and it probably costs a LOT less than you think – but whether you take me up on the incredible offer I’ve prepared for you…

If you can walk away from today’s presentation with one thing, let it be this:

Don’t do what I did. Don’t spend years putting all your energy into solving the wrong problem. Don’t spend all your time building stuff for other people if they don’t appreciate you.

Hailey: Thank you Keith, and you really did learn these lessons the hard way… but now anyone who joins you today can start locking into some incredible “instant cash” opportunities.

Here’s a snapshot of 3 months following your instant income strategy.

In month 1, you could’ve seen $290 on Cel-Sci, $600 on GameStop, and $880 on Lee Enterprises.

The next month, you could have seen $230 on Cel-Sci Corporation, $270 on Playboy and $354 on Gaotu Tech.

And the next three trades paid out $436 on Virgin Galactic, $480 on Bonanza Creek Energy, and $820 on Lee Enterprises.

TOTAL: $4,360

In total, that’s $4,360 from 9 trades, across 3 months.

It’s no wonder you’ve acquired a global audience of investors in such a short amount of time.

You have paid followers in every U.S. state, and 135 countries internationally.

And your followers track a whopping $30 BILLION dollars of investments using your tools.

Keith: Well, thank you Hailey. But let me be clear: I haven’t built this following because I’m the smartest or most connected investor.

The reason I’ve amassed this following is much simpler: my investing systems take out the guesswork, and let you get out of your own way.

It beats gluing yourself to the computer screen all day, or clicking around the internet like a madman… trying to become an expert in 500 different stocks… hoping one or two become the next Apple or Amazon.

Hailey: Your 3-stock method seems much simpler.

Keith: It is. You don’t have to be good with computers or technology. There’s nothing to install. And you don’t need a computer engineering degree like me. All you have to do is mark one Monday each month. THAT’S the one day you’ll need to follow the instructions I email you, and we’ll tell you in advance when to expect the email.

Hailey: We all saw how easy it was, even for a newbie like me. But you were HERE walking me through it, so I’m curious, for our viewers who join you today —will they get that kind of step-by-step guidance?

Keith: Great question, Hailey. For anyone who decides to join me today, all you have to do is check your email – and then you can just copy the trade instructions in your brokerage account.

It’s unbelievably easy to get started, but my team is also including a set of step-by-step tutorial videos I’ll tell you about in a second.

Hailey: That’s great Keith, so what’s the name of your system?

Keith: I’m calling my system the Infinite Income Loop.

If you’d like to access my one-of-a-kind tool… along with the chance to pocket up to $940 in average monthly income…

Infinite Income Loop can show you how to start generating cash minutes from now, not 5 or 10 years down the road.

Hailey: If I didn’t see it for myself, I’m not sure I’d believe it Keith.

Keith: Hailey, I engineered this system to scan the markets 24/7, so whether you’re watching football or getting groceries, my technology is doing all the hard work for you… all the analysis… all the data crunching… and trade selection.

So when you receive my email with the next set of trades pinpointed by my algorithm…

All you have to do is decide if you want to make the 3 trades laid out for you.

You’ll get a full breakdown of 3 new trades, including the ticker name and easy-to-follow trade instructions.

Hailey: Now, for the folks at home, how do they know every pick is vetted?

Keith: I’ve built my own family’s portfolio around this strategy. But I realize there might be some questions about how you can minimize your risk of losing money.

See the little green box that says POP?

Hailey: Yes.

Keith: That stands for “Probability of Profit,” which I told you about earlier.

Hailey: So it looks like there’s an 84% chance I’ll make money. I like those odds, but they aren’t perfect…

Keith: Well here’s why they don’t need to be. In a backtest of this strategy, trades with a POP score above 80% were winners more than 9 times out of 10.

Hailey: 9 out of 10, that’s incredible.

Keith: That’s why I programmed today’s system to only pick trades with a probability of profit 80% or higher.

Hailey: Ok, can you show us how it works?

Keith: Sure… here you can see the POP on Hyliion was 86%… and if you’d executed that trade… you’d have collected $1,000

Let’s look at another one. The POP on ChargePoint Holdings Inc. was 87%… so if you liked your odds and chose this trade… it would’ve paid out $700 in instant cash.

And at a 99% probability of profit on this trade for Lee Enterprises — you’d have earned a nice $880 payout.

Hailey: 99% probability of profit? I can’t imagine being that certain about, well, anything… and a $880 reward for taking that “chance.” It’s remarkable what you’ve created here Keith.

Keith: Thanks Hailey, now for context, do you know what the “Probability of Profit” is for a Vegas casino?

Hailey: Oh, I don’t know, maybe 60… 70%?

Keith: It’s actually 52%! With that tiny 2% edge, Las Vegas rakes in $22 Billion every year.

Hailey: Just 2%? Wow, I had no idea!

Keith: You know what they say: “the house always wins” – and it’s all thanks to that 2% edge.

Hailey: Wow Keith, and with your system delivering 86%, 87%, even a 99% probability of profit – not even Vegas can keep up with that.

Keith: And remember, every new trade comes with a POP and ROI score, so you always know your odds and estimated profit BEFORE you ever click “Trade.”

Plus, I’ll send you weekly updates on the trades, so you know what to expect.

Hailey: Ok. Tell us about the trade updates.

Keith: Every week you’ll get an email with detailed updates on all three of your trades. You can relax as you quickly absorb what to expect in the week ahead, including up-to-date profitability reports, upcoming trade exits, and guidance for closing out a trade with maximum income.

Hailey: So for the folks at home who are ready to get started with you today, how can they accept the special offer you’ve prepared for them?

Keith: If you click the button on this page, you’ll be taken to a page where you can review your order and confirm all your information.

Locking in today’s special offer gets you 12 full months of my Infinite Income Loop… and 3 new trade recommendations every month.

Hailey: So 36 trades for the year, and a shot at monthly payouts as high as $2,800… that’s 36 chances to collect a lot of cash.

Keith: It is, but that’s not all you’ll get today. As a new subscriber, I’ll also send you a copy of The 12X Cash Multiplier.

Hailey: 12 times more cash? Tell us about that…

Keith: The strategy inside this report reveals how to grab a potential 12 times more cash out of the stocks you trade.

You can start using it right away on your first 3 trades to pull even MORE potential income out of every stock.

As a new subscriber, I’ll also send you a copy of ‘The Infinite Income Manifesto.'

Hailey: Tell us what that’s about Keith.

Keith: This special report tells you everything you need to know about my new 3-stock trading system. Consider it your A to Z guide for Infinite Income Loop… it covers my “kick the can” secret for squeezing a potential 23% more cash from the same stock...

You’ll learn which brokerage account you should NEVER use. And my top 3 favorite ones.

You’ll discover which types of trading accounts could lower the taxes you pay…

And what to do once you’ve secured a big payout.

Plus, if you like knowing what’s under the hood, you can learn about why these trades drop instant cash into your account.

This easy-to-read guide covers every aspect of your new membership in plain English, so you can start discovering how to add extra income to your account — with less time, effort, and stress than you ever imagined.

Hailey: That’s impressive Keith, and I’m a bit jealous. New members get a LOT more than the demo you just gave me!

Keith: Well that’s our goal here at TradeSmith in bringing this Infinite Income Loop system to as many people as possible. We don’t just throw 3 ticker symbols at you and say “good luck” like some of our competitors.

From the moment you walk through our doors, we’re waiting to greet you with everything you need, whether you’re a 20-year trading veteran or you just learned what an option was today.

So make sure you don’t miss these exciting “welcome aboard” training videos.

Hailey: What kind of training are in the videos?

Keith:The videos are a fun way to watch over my shoulder as I run you through the steps of today’s strategy. We’ll start with basics like how to start, and the different types of options.

Then we’ll progress into risk management, trading checklists, and other techniques that develop you into a trader who can spot profitable setups on your own.

Hailey: So these videos are a full overview of your approach to income trading.

Keith: Exactly. Follow along, and I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how quickly you develop as a trader.

Of course, ANY type of investing has risk, and after hearing my story – take it from me – don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and don’t spend years trying to figure it out yourself like I did.

Hailey: I think I’ll stick to football on my Sunday nights Keith. Now, if our viewer isn’t a math whiz or an engineer can they still trade options?

Keith: Absolutely. My strategy works using virtually any trading account.

Which means if you already have a standard brokerage account, it’s easy to get approved. Usually all it requires is filling out a one-page form.

Hailey: Wow Keith, that’s about as done-for-you as I’ve ever seen. For those of you who are ready, click the button below to get started right now.

For full disclosures and details, please click here.

But I know we've covered a lot of ground so far. So just to recap, here’s everything you get when you take this risk-free subscription to Infinite Income Loop…

  1. One Full Year of Infinite Income Loop (Value $599)
  2. Special Report: The Infinite Income Manifesto (Value: $99)
  3. Bonus #1: The 12X Money Multiplier (Value: $99)
  4. Bonus #2: Quickstart Video Training Series (Value $499)
  5. New Monthly Trade Setupson the 3rd or 4th Monday of every month, you’ll receive Keith’s 3 best new trade recommendations delivered to your inbox.
  6. Weekly Trade Updatesyou’ll also receive a weekly email with trade-by-trade insights and commentary: what to expect in the week ahead, up-to-date profitability reports, and upcoming trade exits.
  7. Virtual Portalmembers gain 24/7 access to the TradeSmith Finance online portal. Here you’ll see the list of open trades, how they’re performing, plus all previous trades from prior months.

So Keith, tell me, how much does a one-year subscription run these days?

Keith: Today, our viewers can access my entire Infinite Income Loop system for 12 full months — all for just $79. In the future, this system will cost $599. But as a thank you to my new introductory members, I’m offering this launch special for just $79.

Hailey: Ok, so for a full year of access to your system, that comes out to just 22 cents a day.

Keith: Correct, and I’m backing this offer with my 60-day total satisfaction guarantee.

You can just try it out for 60 days, and if you aren’t 100% thrilled with Infinite Income Loop, just let our friendly support staff know.

They’ll refund the entire price of your subscription. 

But Hailey, you saw these trades yourself — with instant cash payouts as high as $600… $880… even $1,520…

You could make back your subscription a dozen times over in a just single trade.

Hailey: You’re really making this a no-brainer for anyone lucky enough to tune in today. This means that there’s no risk to you at all for this offer.

Keith: That’s exactly right. With the money-back guarantee, you risk absolutely nothing to join Infinite Income Loop. Yet for those who join me today, you could be looking at $940 in extra income every month — all by trading just 3 stocks.

It’s the best method I’ve ever seen for pulling instant cash out of the stock market, and into your pocket.

To get started, simply click on the button below.

You’ll be taken to another page I set up, where you can review everything one last time.

Hailey: Okay, that’s all the time we have.

Keith, thank you so much for joining us today.

Keith: Of course Hailey, it’s been a dream and a blessing to help so many folks on their path to financial freedom.

To have the chance to bring my system to even more folks tonight, I couldn’t be happier. For those of you watching at home, thanks for tuning in.

Hailey: If you're ready to get started with Keith, just click the button on your screen.

You’ll be taken to another page where you can review Keith’s offer & verify all your details.

Once you’re done there, you’ll be able to access all of Keith’s trade recommendations & research just minutes from now.

I’m Hailey Frances, saying thanks for watching, and take care.

February 2022

For full disclosures and details, please click here.

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