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The American Recovery Event

Kelly: Hi, my name is Kelly Brown.

Joining me today are two of the most well-respected investment analysts in the world, who have each attracted a massive following – over 500,000 people around the world – for their stock market commentary.

You might recognize them from Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, Yahoo Finance – the list goes on and on.

In the wake of last year’s stock market crash… these two power players are joining forces to explain why this all happened…what comes next… and exactly what you should be doing with your money right now.  

Why are we hosting this event?

Well, the story these experts will tell you today is quite different from what you’ll hear on TV or read in the papers right now.

In fact, we believe the mainstream financial media is doing a huge disservice to regular investors. Everywhere you look you’ll find contradictory messages of fear and greed.

Here are two headlines from the Wall Street Journal, posted 4 days apart.

This one pointing to Dow 30k as a sign of a bigger, broader rally…Dow rise to 30000 Heralds

And this one calling it a sign of a coming downturn…Beware Dow 30K Euphoria

These contradictory stories about tech stocks were recently posted on CNN… just one day apart.tech companies seizingBig Tech's reign end

And look at these statements from Morgan Stanley’s Chief Investment Officer, Mike Wilson – published only 2 days apart!Morgan Stanley's Wilson Raging Bull Marketripe for a correction Morgan Stanley's Wilson

So, if you have been glued to the TV screen and wondering what to do now…

You are not alone.

And with unemployment figures and GDP projections looking more and more confusing by the day, it’s more important than ever to share this message of hope.

I work for one of the largest financial publisher in the world – and we feel it’s our duty to share this story with you and the millions of other folks who we hope will watch this.

We’ve poured thousands of dollars and hours into this event, and however you got to us today, we’re glad you’re here.

By giving us just a couple minutes of your time, you will be prepared for what’s about to happen in the stock market – and know exactly what to do with your money for the chance to profit.

Now, some of the numbers and data you hear might be shocking, but you can check all of the research for yourself in our “Disclosures and Details” page linked below.

No matter what, you’ll walk away from this event with a blueprint DESIGNED to show you how you will have a chance to make money in the months ahead.

So, let’s get started.

Now it’s very likely you’ll recognize our first guest – former hedge-fund manager and finance PhD, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. He’s gained national attention for his 20-year career of accurate market calls – he predicted Dow 30,000, the dot-com crash, and the housing bubble in 2002. Thanks for joining us, Steve.

Steve: It’s great to be here, Kelly. It’s true, I have been in the financial world for over 25 years, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. I think most Americans are so focused on the virus they’re totally overlooking a huge moneymaking opportunity right now. Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t take it seriously, but I think it’s extremely important not to get too distracted.  You've worked hard to secure your financial future and the moves you make in the coming weeks will play a larger part in the type of retirement you have than probably anything else you’ve done to date. 

Kelly: And I’m also thrilled we have Matt McCall here. Matt’s one of the most prolific stock pickers in the country. Over the past 10 years, he’s pinpointed numerous stocks that have gone on to soar 100% or more. Plus 23 recommendations that shot up 1,000% or more – in one case as high as 2,000%. But first, welcome Matt!

Matt: Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to sit down with both you and Steve today, Kelly. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this story. Like Steve, I believe the stars are aligning for the best stock buying opportunity we've ever seen. Even better than after the Great Recession or even World War II.

And let me just say, look, I am not a doctor, and I’m not an expert on pandemics.

What I do know is that this country and the world have dealt with pandemics in the past, and we’ve recovered every single time.

I know we have dealt with world wars, terrorist attacks, oil shocks, tech bubbles, and many other crises… and recovered every single time.

I believe in human ingenuity, grit, and the determination of not only Americans but people all around the globe.

So, if I could start by just asking folks at home to set aside their fears about the virus for just a few moments right now…

Think about where we're at: There’s low inflation, low interest rates, and the Federal Reserve just launched the largest stimulus bazooka in history into the economy – and there’s even more to come.

To me, all signs point to the fact that we’re at the beginning of the greatest stock market rally we’ve ever seen. And not just a return to normal… but something much, much larger than that.

There’s going to be some huge winners… including a company I want to talk about today that I think could easily go up 10x, maybe more.

Kelly: Well I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to hear that.

But first I want to ask… you’ve been in the national media, what, over 1,500 times? That’s an incredible resume. It also means you are in a unique position to see behind the curtain. How would you explain what’s going on in the media right now?

Matt: One word: circus. That's what's going on right now. I try to not watch the news unless I'm on. But I will tell you this: Being behind the scenes, and actually being paid by a major news corporation for many years, we get these emails in the morning, and they'd be pushing certain topics. And a lot of the topics you hear right now are bearish. Because all networks care about their advertisers. And to get advertising, you need more viewers. So, if we scare people, they tend to watch more.

Get this, the week after President Trump declared a national emergency Fox News saw its ratings climbed 89% over the same time… CNN saw 193% growth… and MSNBC saw 56% growth.Media climbing

People who normally never watch the news are completely glued to it… and I think that’s going to have some dangerous repercussions. Because these networks just have no incentive to care about you at home.  

“We’re all in this together,” they’ll say.  But their business is booming while tens of millions of Americans are out of work.

Just a quick side story – I used to work at one of the biggest media networks in the country, as a paid contributor. I won't say it outright, but it's a household name. And my career ended there because I got an email one day when the market was down big. They wanted me to lead that show saying the Pope was anti-capitalist. A ridiculous story I didn’t believe in – just to create tension and fear. So, I said “No, I'm done.” It’s the same phenomenon right now. They want me to push a narrative that is scaring the average investor out there out of stocks. But if they do that, you’re going to miss exactly what Steve and I are going to talk about today.

Kelly: It may mean good ratings, but what the media is doing right now by pushing these messages of fear and uncertainty is not only irresponsible – it’s dangerous, especially with millions of Americans out of work and millions more struggling to make up their lost retirement savings.

That’s why this broadcast is completely independently funded. We do not accept a single penny from advertisers, to ensure that we aren’t beholden to anyone. We can say what we want without any influence or approval from some higher authority.

And that’s why we’re here today, to bring you the truth and some much-needed clarity about what is about to happen in the stock market and how it can impact your money.

Okay Steve, I’m handing the mic to you. Can you explain in the simplest terms what’s been happening in the markets lately and how it’s going to impact the viewers at home?

Steve: Well Kelly, it’s actually pretty simple.

In early 2020, stocks suffered a barrage of destruction unlike anything you and I have seen in our lifetimes.

In the investing world we call this a Black Swan event.

They are random and unexpected.

9/11 and the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster were also Black Swan events that rocked the global financial markets.

COVID-19 is a true Black Swan. It didn’t look like a global catastrophe… until it already was.

There was no time to plan or prepare. The pandemic squashed our 11-year bull market… and led to the fastest bear market in history.

I have experienced a lot of major bear markets firsthand. I have seen many markets fall – dramatically. 

But here’s the big, big difference between other bear markets and what we experienced because of the pandemic.

Unlike the Dot-Com Crash or the Great Recession… there were no fundamental cracks in our economy that lead to this crash.

Matt: I’d even add that the economy was doing fantastic on the eve of this crisis. I mean, let's think about this. Interest rates were already near historic lows. Stocks were hitting highs – what felt like almost every week. The Dow almost touched 30,000. Investor optimism was also at an all-time high. There was so much progress being made in things like artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain. 

Steve: Exactly. And on an economic level, not much of that has changed.

Interest rates are now even lower. And I’d argue we’re innovating faster than ever before to adapt to the “new normal” of a post-coronavirus world.

Sure, the stock market took a beating – for 19 painful days.

But this has ALSO been the biggest, fastest stock market recovery we’ve ever seen.

And now, stocks are hitting new all-time highs what feels like every week. 

Matt: Plus, we’ve broken some incredible records..

The Dow hit 30,000 for the first time in historyDow 30K chart

The Nasdaq hit 12,000.Nasdaq 12K chart

We’ve completely shaken off the COVID crisis – and soared beyond pre-crisis levels.

Kelly: So, you believe stocks will keep recovering? 

Steve: Yes, and I predict the economy will come roaring back, sooner than you’re being led to believe right now. I’ll explain why in just a moment.

But it gets even better…

I predict the stock market will continue to soar to even greater heights – faster than anyone can imagine.

Kelly: Wow, that’s a bold prediction.

Steve: It is. No one’s saying this right now. And that’s why most people are going to totally miss out.

You’re going to hear from a lot of people who are still afraid… and have decided to just “wait and see.”

Maybe they’re worried about a second wave of the virus… are spooked by unemployment numbers… or simply don’t want to risk being wrong.

But, ultimately, they will be wrong because the time to get your money into the stock market is NOW. The time to get in is NOW.

That’s why Matt and I are sitting down together today.

To bring you a story no one else is telling – one that could change your financial future if you take the right steps today.

Kelly: Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Has anything like this ever happened before?

Steve: Well, I’ve actually been tracking this story for years now. 

And to really understand what’s happening right now, we have to first look back at history.

Take a look at this chart. It’s the stock market of one of the wealthiest nations in the world.NIKKEI CHART

As you can see, it entered a furious bull market in the mid-1980s. And investors who rode it higher had the chance to make a killing.

Now, if you’re a student of history, you may have guessed I’m talking about Japan.

But look at the chart again. Do you see how their Nikkei Index surged from around 5,000 to 40,000?

Kelly: Yeah, it looks like stocks just went absolutely vertical, all at the same time.

Steve: Yes, this marks a moment of explosive wealth for Japan. But that’s only half of the equation.

Pay attention to this point, right here.1920s MELT UP CHART

You’ll see how a HUGE part of these gains came in the final year or two… The market nearly doubled. This is what’s called a “Melt Up.”

Now you might think Japan is a special case, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The same exact thing happened in America, 100 years ago, during the Roaring ‘20s. The United States’ economy was booming. And I’m sure you’re familiar with the Great Depression that followed.

But what most people don’t realize is that before the market crashed, the same pattern played out. Take a look…

Between 1922 and 1929, the Dow Jones Index soared from 100 to almost 400.Roaring 20s Meltup

But just as things started to look like they were leveling off… the majority of these gains came in the FINAL year or so before things changed.  

For investors, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rich, almost overnight.

We’ve seen these bubbles play out the same way, over and over again – in every era, in every country, and in dozens of different investments…

From the Tulip Mania in 17th century Holland, when the price of a single tulip bulb soared 30x higher, in less than two years.

To the Mississippi Bubble in 18th century France – when so many regular people were getting rich that the French actually invented the term “millionaires.”

We’ve seen it in the Russian stock market… the Hong Kong stock market… even in specific commodities – like platinum and silver.

Just as people think a bull market is over, it soars back higher and faster than ever for an epic moneymaking opportunity.Flip-Through ChartsFlip-Through ChartsFlip-Through ChartsFlip-Through ChartsFlip-Through Charts

It happened during the Nasdaq bubble of the late 1990s, when Internet tech stocks created hundreds of “dot-com” millionaires, in just a few short months.NASDAQ Composite Chart

Kelly: It also makes me think of what we saw in bitcoin a few years ago. It seemed like all of a sudden everywhere you went people were talking about cryptocurrencies. 

Steve: Exactly. This isn’t just a historical phenomenon.

We saw a small-scale Melt Up in bitcoin in 2017, when it soared 2,276% in less than a year.Bitcoin Meltup

I remember the New York Times ran a headline that was like “Everyone is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not.” That’s what it feels like when you don’t have any skin in the game during a Melt Up.Hillariously Rich article

We saw it again with pot stocks in the fall of 2018. Tiny pot stocks went public and shot up 1,000% or more on hype alone…Tilray Chart

Again, you can check all my facts for yourself in the link below, but the important thing is, as I’ll show you in a moment, I believe a Melt Up – a true stock market mania – is about to hit America again.

Kelly: But Steve, I have to stop you there. Before COVID-19 the U.S. Stock Market had been in a bull market for 11 years! Wasn’t that the Melt Up?

Steve: See that’s the most interesting thing about all this… no. It wasn’t. We were so, so close to reaching the Melt Up. In fact, I was predicting we were just on the cusp of one. The markets kept hitting new high after new high… but it wasn’t a Melt Up. I’ll show you why in just a second.  

Kelly: But does every stock market melt up? How can you be so sure we didn’t simply miss it?

Steve: Because we never reached that period of manic euphoria like we had right before the dotcom bubble… where it felt like everyone you knew was getting rich in stocks. And everywhere you went people were talking to you about stocks.

Bull markets simply don’t end with a whimper. They don’t go quietly. They end with a massive bang that’s remembered for decades to come.

That’s not what we saw in early 2020, when stocks were hitting record highs.

So… to me… the COVID-Crash was just this MASSIVE speed bump on the way to the Melt Up.

But that’s actually GREAT NEWS… because it means that not only can you have the opportunity to catch fantastic gains as we “return to normal” but you can also position yourself ahead of the fast and explosive gains that will occur during the Melt Up.

Matt: All you’re going to hear on the news right now is that stocks can’t possibly go any higher, we’ve reached the top, we’re due for a correction.

But that’s just fear-mongering, plain and simple. Because based on the tons of data we have over decades in the stock market – we can prove that highs actually lead to even greater highs.

Perma-bears will tell you “what goes up, must come down.” But it simply isn’t the case.

Take a look at this chart… it shows what happens after 65% of the stocks in the S&P 500 make a 20-day high.

On average, stocks are up another nearly 8% just 6 months later.

If we look out 12 months, the average gain is nearly 16%!

And most importantly, stocks were up 100% of the time.

That means for the past 30 years, every time that 65% of the stocks in the S&P made a 20-day high…

Stocks are ALWAYS up a year later.

Highs lead to greater highs! The proof is in the numbers.Big Surge 20Day Highs

And it’s not just the S&P…

The Japanese Nikkei Index just hit its best level since 1991.Nikkei Index

And the small-cap Russell 2000 index recently hit its first all-time high in yearsRussell Index

Kelly: Why do you think we aren’t seeing this data anywhere – that’s a strong indication that stocks are going to keep soaring.

Matt: We have a famous saying in the media: If it bleeds, it leads. Like I said, they’re profiting off of fear right now. If that fear goes away, they lose money.

Steve:  Look, we know this is a huge, maybe even uncomfortable prediction… and not at all what you’re hearing on the news… but the stock market is about to soar higher than you could ever imagine, faster than you could ever imagine.

It’s possible we could still see some COVID hiccups along the way. But once we’re fully past it, I believe things will be set up to go crazy.

If you thought the dot-com mania or bitcoin mania was intense, what’s coming next could be even crazier. Because it’s not just a single stock or cryptocurrency that’ll soar – but the entire stock market.

When America gets this virus under control there’s going to be a wave of patriotic zeal… much like we saw after World War II… when everyone’s placing huge bets on America.

Kelly: Wow. What exactly does that look like? How many stocks do you think are going to “melt up”?

Steve: I believe the entire market could move hundreds of percent… with individual stocks shooting up even higher. 500% gains in certain sectors could be entirely possible.

Everywhere you go, you’ll hear people talking about stocks. Cab drivers, your barber, your in-laws. It’s going to be nuts.

But I want to be clear about something. There’s a right way and a wrong way to play this coming stock mania. It’ll impact everything – cryptos, pot stocks, tech stocks, you name it. In all sorts of ways you wouldn’t expect. That’s what I plan to cover today.

This is truly a unique moment in time. I can't tell you the next time you may see the kind of gains I predict we’re about to see in mere months.

That’s why it’s important you act quickly – and know exactly what to do during a Melt Up.

That’s what Matt and I will be sharing today. The exact investments that could go up 5X as the American economy recovers and then Melts Up.

Kelly: Matt’s even taken it a step further… and narrowed down the five stocks he thinks are going to soar during the mania to come.

I think he’s actually going to give away one recommendation for free in the next few minutes.

Now of course, all investments carry risk, and there are no guarantees.

So please – never invest more money than you are willing to lose.

Matt: Of course. Now, you’ve both seen me speak at different conferences. I tend to give away too many stock picks for free. But I’ve been roped in by everybody here saying, “Only give one away.” So, I’m following the rules… for now.

Steve, you and I actually did a presentation like this last year and do you remember the name of the company I gave away?

Steve: How could I forget with all of the recent press it’s gotten? It was Teladoc, TDOC.

Matt: That’s right, Teladoc – a company that specializes in virtual medicine. I gave that pick away on October 30, 2019… four months before the coronavirus hit America. Anyone who acted on my recommendations would have seen as much as 181% gains in that time.TDOC CHART

And the one I’m about to give away is already in a big uptrend… but I think it might SKYROCKET as the market continues to recover.

Kelly: That all sounds incredible, but I still feel like I need to address the elephant in the room. The stock market climbed for more than 11 years… it was the longest bull market in history. Maybe there just isn’t a Melt Up this time around? 

Steve: You know it’s funny, I first went public with my Melt Up prediction years ago, in 2013… obviously long, long before any of this mess with the pandemic…Slide global currency interview

When I appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg news and announced that this bull market would end in a stock market mania, the hosts looked at me like I was crazy. Just like you, they figured it was too simple. Again – all the way back in 2013 – when the Dow was trading around 14,000, they thought stocks had gone as high as they could go!

And they basically laughed me out of the room.

But turns out I got the last laugh. Because the Dow has more than DOUBLED since my prediction. It's currently around 31,000.

And remember, that’s the ENTIRE MARKET going up nearly 100 to 150%. Many underlying stocks went up 10 times that much.

Like fintech company PaySign, Inc., which soared over 4,000%.

Or pharmaceutical company Emisphere Technologies, which skyrocketed an extraordinary 6,900%.

Even big names like Visa and Boeing each jumped over 300%.

Again, these are success stories. I'm not guaranteeing you'll see returns of this size.

My point is, most Americans watched the whole thing pass them by…  

Only HALF of Americans had ANY money invested in stocks.

But investors everywhere have just been given a huge, huge blessing.

For example,  one of my favorite investments is a fund called the Proshares Ultra Technology Fund (ROM). It’s a way to potentially profit off many of the biggest tech companies in the world, companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.   

I thought this was a great investment when it was trading for $48 before the COVID crash.  But in just over a month the fund dropped to just $22, a phenomenal bargain in my opinion.  Folks who were smart enough to buy in could have more than tripled their money since.  Today, ROM’s trading around $78.

So, if you waited on the sidelines, or need to rebuild some of your portfolio, you should be thanking your lucky stars! Because opportunities like this are everywhere right now.

Kelly: I see. But I do think it’d help if we looked at some additional evidence that explains why you’re both so confident about all this. I want to believe this prediction… it sounds great… but I wouldn’t mind some more proof.

Steve:  Ok, let’s take a look at the – the dot-com Melt Up of the late ‘90s.99-00 Tech Meltup

When you see it laid out like that, tech stocks from 1999 to 2000 look like a rollercoaster that only goes up.

But when you zoom in… you’ll see that in the final 12 months of the dot-com boom, the Nasdaq fell 10% or more – five separate times!NASDAQ Fell 5 Times

Yet the Nasdaq as a whole nearly DOUBLED during the same time period.

During this period, I wouldn't be surprised if we see dozens of stocks go up anywhere from 100% to 1,000% in less than 12 months.

That’s what was happening in the late ‘90s…

Cisco went up 131%… Biogen went up 318%, Dish Network went up 706%. The list goes on and on.

Even a big blue-chip company like Tiffany & Co went up 246%!

Kelly: Can this rally really last though? I feel like all I see are messages of gloom and doom everywhere.  Everyone’s talking about a massive recession… but some days stocks soar. It seems like the market is totally disconnected from reality.

Steve: You’re right about the gloom and doom. But, Kelly, stocks are already up over 30% from the bottom in March.  

Matt:  It's funny you mention all this uncertainty about whether or not we’re still in a recession – I’m seeing a lot of misinformation about that as well.

The National Bureau of Economic Research is known as the sort of “authority” on recessions. And yes, they announced that we entered a recession in March.

However, the basic requirement of a recession is that it lasts at least 6 months.

And the economic growth we saw in the months following the crash was so crazy and unprecedented that by summer, we no longer met the textbook qualifications of a recession. We were seeing too much economic expansion.

So what did the National Bureau of Economic Research do?

They actually changed the definition of a recession so we’d still technically qualify.

That’s academia for you.

The bottom line is that if you go by the definition we’ve had for almost 100 years – we’ve been out of recession territory since May.

And here’s another unprecedented economic factor…

Matt: The one thing I like to look at is Fed activity, the actions of the Federal Reserve.

And what they’re doing right now to jumpstart the economy is the most dramatic government action in HISTORY.

Think about this. The Fed itself has pledged well over 6 trillion dollars in stimulus to help the economy recover.

Now given what we’ve seen in the past… the government ends up giving more than they say at the outset. So, I believe by the time this is all said and done, we're closer to between 10 to 12 trillion dollars. Just think back to how strong the economy was before all of this… and you add in 10 to 12 trillion dollars sloshing around? That's where this Melt Up comes from.

Kelly: Speaking of the federal government, it looks like we’re going to see some dramatic changes under President Biden. We all know how much people hate change. Are you worried that his presidency will rattle the markets?

Matt:  Look, no matter where you stand politically or how you feel about the guy, here’s the bottom-line:

The stock market doesn’t care who the president is. The market did great under Trump and is continuing to hit highs with Biden set to move into the White House.

And it’s an extremely bullish sign for 2021.

When we look out six months from these comparable rallies, stocks are up double-digits, 100% of the time.

A year out, stocks were up an average of 26%!Four days around election

So my biggest advice is to turn off the news and look at the data. The stock market is forward-thinking. You should be too.

And there’s a historical precedent for big gains straight ahead.

Steve:  Fascinating stuff. I'm actually going to show you some of the indicators I'm looking at, too, but the most important thing to remember is that the market will likely turn sour very quickly. You’ll know we’ve reached the top of the market when everyone you know is getting rich in stocks right now… And everywhere you go, people are telling you about some ridiculous stock…

But that couldn’t be further from what we’re seeing right now.

Matt, I know we were both active investors during the dot-com bubble – though you couldn’t have been much older than 20…

Matt: Yes, the Melt Up we had in 2000 was what actually got me excited about the stock market and drove me to invest. At the time I was in college to be a gym teacher of all things. And then my dad gave me $10,000 from my grandmother and told me to do something productive with it.

I took the money and within three months, I doubled it. And I was hooked. I changed my major to finance, moved across the country to get a job as a stock broker, and never looked back.

Steve: That’s an extraordinary story. And there’s an important takeaway – we’re just not seeing that same kind of enthusiasm with 20-year-olds today. A top is when you start seeing friends and family posting stock tips on their Facebook pages – or showing off all the crazy things they’re buying with their stock earnings. I’m just not seeing that right now.

So, we agree that most people aren’t getting rich right now.

If anything, it’s the complete opposite…

But if there’s one mantra that’s driven my entire investing career it’s Warren Buffett’s “Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy.”

This attitude is what lead me to end up on the winning side of some of the most dramatic events in financial history.

Like back in 2000, when I realized that after a year of intense euphoria, there was no one left to buy tech stocks… and we were due for a crash. I wrote to my followers:

“We are at the peak of most likely the greatest financial mania that we will ever see in our lifetimes.”

Sure enough, the Nasdaq started falling the following month, and crashed 75% by September 2002.Steve Warning

And again in 2002, when the housing boom was just getting started, I told my followers that the No. 1 place to invest was the housing market. And that real estate bubble would develop over the coming years.

I’m sure you remember what happened next… housing prices soared. And my followers had the chance to take advantage.

Not only did I encourage my readers to buy property, but I also recommended they buy a homebuilder stock called D.R. Horton in October 2002, when it was trading for around $13.  Anyone who took my advice could have seen a 96% gain when I recommended they sell it in June 2004, less than 2 years later.AVG Home Price chart

It all happened again in 2003, when I predicted a tremendous move in precious metals.

I wrote, “The investment conclusion is simple, invest in gold.”

Few analysts agreed. Gold was unbelievably hated back then. Matt, I’m sure you remember.

Matt: Yeah, we were just coming out of a bear market, right? Gold must have been dirt cheap.

Steve: Yep, trading for less than $400 an ounce. But again, gold was the perfect place to be. It eventually climbed all the way to $1,900 an ounce.GOLD Chart

And the mining stocks I recommended soared even higher. One of my favorites, Seabridge Gold, went up 995%. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 investment into nearly $110,000.Seabridge Gold

These were some of the most important predictions of my career.

Of course not all of my predictions have done this well. These were some of my most successful picks. I have had some losses too just like any investor or bank.

Nevertheless, I’m extremely proud of my research.  Last year, for example 12 of the 14 stocks I recommended were winners for an annualized gain of 76%.  To put that in perspective… that’s more than 30% better than the overall market.

That’s something many hedge funds cannot do.

Still I genuinely think my Melt Up prediction will be what I'm remembered for, and could help the most people.

Kelly: So, what sort of opportunities are you looking at right now, Steve?

Steve: Well, as I’ll show you in just a moment, there is a unique group of investments that have historically soared during these Melt Up periods.

I’ve dedicated the last 20 years of my life to finding them.

But it’s certainly not easy to find the courage to invest wisely during moment like what we’re seeing in the market.

Matt: Steve, it all comes down to tuning out the noise and simply finding the best investments in the world. It’s not easy.

But if you know where to look, this can actually be an incredible opportunity to buy some of the best companies in the world – at record-low prices.

Steve: I’m excited to hear more about those companies, Matt.

But look, it’s not going to be easy to put money back into the market when the time is right.

It is going to go against everything you’re feeling inside. But I believe that’s usually when the payoff is the best.

For example, back in late 2008, when most people were still paralyzed after the financial crisis… I forced myself to act.

Everything I had learned from 25 years in the financial world told me we were gearing up for a huge bull run. Everyone was scared – there was nobody left to sell. The only way stocks could go was up.

I put all of my investable assets to work – and then some. I even took out a line of credit on my home and invested it in the stock market.

I remember my family thought I was crazy!

But I doubled my money in 13 months.

Now to be clear – I’m not suggesting you do anything like this.

Betting the farm like I did when I was young and foolish is extremely risky. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll see an incredible return.

And frankly, it’s not necessary when there are so many better, lower-risk opportunities out there.  

Today, people who know me well will tell you that I’m a pretty conservative guy.

I’ve had just about every job you could have on Wall Street. I’ve been a stockbroker, vice president of a mutual fund, and the manager of a billion-dollar hedge fund in New York City. And through it all, I was known as the guy who was better safe than sorry. I never put my clients’ safeties at risk over a hot stock tip.

I have one kid in college right now and another kid getting ready to go… 

And retirement isn’t decades away from me anymore… so I'm more concerned with managing risk than ever before.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I quit Wall Street over 15 years ago and never looked back. I couldn’t stand the constant pressure to sell investments that I simply didn’t believe in.

Over the years, I’ve turned down multiple offers to go back to Wall Street. In fact, I pretty much chose the exact opposite lifestyle – I moved to an island to live with my family.

And when I’m not hunting down little-known stocks and investments, I spend my time surfing, playing guitar, and generally staying out of the public eye.

I can finally say I believe that this is the exact moment for the biggest potential gains of my 25-year career.

Kelly: And that’s because the entire market is going up, not just a handful of stocks?

Steve: Exactly. I mean, look at this list of just SOME of the stocks that went up 100% or more in 12 months during the 1999 Melt Up…

  • AMGEN INC… 130%
  • APPLE INC… 151%
  • BIOGEN INC… 318%
  • CELGENE CORP… 355%
  • CORNING INC… 190%
  • INTUIT INC… 148%
  • NETAPP INC… 270%
  • ORACLE CORP… 290%
  • QUALCOMM INC… 2,619%
  • TIFFANY & CO… 246%
  • VERISIGN INC… 1,192%
  • XILINX INC… 179%

Now it isn't a guarantee that history will repeat itself to this degree.

But with numbers like that, you can see why I believe astronomical gains are possible as the American stock market returns to normal and then melts up. 

But that does bring me to a very important point.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest winners on that list.

First there’s Verisign, Inc. It’s a “network infrastructure” company. Which is just a fancy way of saying they build the software and programs that allow the Internet to run smoothly.

Kelly: Yeah, they were one of the big victors of the dot-com mania – up over 1,000% the course of the entire dot-com Melt Up, so about 18 months.VRSN Chart

Steve: Yes, overall, the stock did very well. But I want to zoom in on the last six months or so…

Because that’s when Verisign shot up over 600%. I mean, just look at that jump!

To put that in perspective, it’s taken Microsoft 10 years – the entire 11-year bull market – to do what Verisign did in six months.

Was Microsoft the better investment over the past few decades? Of course.  But during a Melt Up, it’s my mission to find companies with the same potential as Verisign.  That can shoot up hundreds of percent in a matter of months.VRSN up 600%

Same with Qualcomm…QCOM Chart

A lot of people will tell you it was one of the biggest winners of the dot-com mania.

And that’s true – the stock went up over 2,500%.

But what people don’t remember is that it went up the fastest – 660% – in just the last seven months of the dot-com Melt Up.QCOM Up

You see this play out over and over again…

Dish Network – up 706% total during the whole dot-com boom.DISH Chart

And yet it went up 400% in the last eight months.DISH up 400%

And Lam Research Corp. Up 526% during the whole Melt Up.LRCX Chart

But zoom in… 274% came from the last few months.LRCX Up 247%

These are historical examples, not guarantee for the future.

But they give us a good roadmap. So, again, when this Melt Up kicks off, we’re going to have a very, very short window of time to make the most money possible… which is why it’s important get a game plan in place now.

 Kelly: How do you track the timeline of the Melt Up… what are you looking at to get a better idea of WHEN it could happen?

Steve: It all comes down to this one chart. My favorite indicator – what I like to call the Melt Up Indicator. And it’s telling me that the grand finale is still ahead of us.Cumulative Adv Decline Line

In technical terms, this is known as the Advance/Decline Line.

And it helps show you the peak of the market.

The main line shows whether most stocks in the market are rising… or falling… at any given moment.

If you know how to read this correctly, it can show you all sorts of information. Including when the next crash will likely occur.

Kelly: Will you walk us through it?

Steve: Of course. It’s extremely simple math. The number of stocks that went up in a day minus the number of stocks that went down.

In a typical bull market, as stocks climb, the Melt Up Indicator climbs too.

The two never intersect.

That’s what happened from 1995 to 1998.

But watch what happened in 1998 to 1999…

The overall stock market was still going up, right? But fewer and fewer individual stocks were rising. The Melt Up Indicator went DOWN.

That’s the sign of an unhealthy market. In this case, the dot-com bubble was forming.S&P bull Indicator

Kelly: You mean, the year tech stocks went absolutely crazy and started minting dot-com millionaires?

Steve: Exactly! There was incredible money to be made. When the Melt Up Indicator changes – meaning when the lines go from parallel to perpendicular – we can usually expect that final rally before the crash.

Kelly: I see. Where are we today with the Melt Up indicator?

Steve: Today, individual stocks are in an uptrend, and so is the indicator. They’re running perfectly parallel, like train tracks.Decline Line 2020 duplicate

And that’s what we WANT to see right now. Otherwise, the market would still be unhealthy. I'd tell my followers it's probably safer to keep your money out of the market.

Kelly: Can you explain that?

Steve: Sure. For example, if a few big companies were leading the recovery – like Apple (AAPL) or Amazon (AMZN) – and most other stocks were still falling, it would be too dangerous for us to get in right now.

But again, that’s not what’s happening right now.

In other words, stocks are healthy. And the recovery is happening broadly, across all parts of the market.

This is great news for everyone watching. Stocks are firmly in an uptrend again… the buying opportunity extends across dozens of stocks… and the good times are ahead of us.

I’m sure by now most folks are scratching their heads thinking, “Yeah, ok, but which stocks should I buy.”

Well, I’ll tell you what NOT to buy – the FAANG stocks – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

I mean, you can if you want to, but that’s not where the money is.

You’ll probably do alright with an index fund. But the biggest gains are going to come from companies you’ve likely never heard of, in sectors or emerging industries that have a track record of soaring during past Melt Ups.

Knowing what’s coming is only half the battle. Knowing how to take advantage could decide who sees financial success in 2021… and who is kicking themselves for the next 10 years.

Kelly: And I want to hear more about that – I know you both have zoomed in on the precise investments that have the best chance of soaring during the Melt Up. And Matt I am dying to hear your big recommendation.

But quickly, I want you to level with me. What’s the real potential here?

Matt: I'm always cautious to throw out big numbers, like 5X, 8X, 10X. There's no guarantee that it will happen, and there's always risk. But we've seen it happen in history in the past, so it's certainly possible.  the main thing is that finding these true winners will take some work. You can't just go out and throw darts at a list of stocks and hope one will be a big winner. And you can’t just pick the household names. What we need to do is look at the universe of stocks. And I have a certain formula I look at to come up with some of these little-known names that have true 10x potential.

I’m going to share one in a little bit.

Kelly: That’s a big promise. Steve, what do you think?

Steve: I’ll put it this way…

This could be a tremendous opportunity for many people.

And I have more than 500,000 people who follow my work to know how to navigate this.

That’s a huge responsibility I take very seriously.

And I only agreed to get on a plane and film this presentation because I wanted to help even MORE people.

I won’t lose sleep at night wondering how this will all play out.

I've studied this for years and am confident about my prediction.

What I will lose sleep over is wondering if I didn’t do enough to spread the message.

But, ok, if you’re looking for exact numbers, how about these…

If the market melts up 109%, like it did during the Roaring ‘20s, the Dow would top 53,000.

If it repeats the pattern we saw during the Nasdaq’s Melt Up of the late 1990s, it would explode to 62,000.

And if the market were to leap an insane 224% like it did in 1980s Japan, the Dow could rise to 83,000.

Now I know that might sound like a stretch. But that’s the whole point of a Melt Up… stocks soar higher than you even think possible. And even if the Dow only jumps HALF that much, I'd still expect to find some extraordinary opportunities for my followers.

Kelly: That sounds well… frankly incredible Steve. Okay, so now we know what a Melt Up is, why it’s happening, and when to expect it. Now I want to know – and I’m sure everyone watching agrees with me – how to act on it. Where will the biggest money be made?

Steve: Well, again, I believe the best way to figure out where the most money will be made is to look at what happened in the past… Can we bring back up the list of those stocks that went gangbusters during the dot-com boom? What do they have in common?

Almost all of these are tech stocks, right?! That Melt Up will always be connected with tech stocks.

We’ve put a lot of big names on this list but there are hundreds more. Does anyone remember that company “Books-A-Million?” I think they’re still around. Their stock shot up like crazy – like 1,000% in a single week just because they revamped their website. That’s the crazy stuff you see at a top.

Now the situation was a lot simpler back then. All of those winning stocks were clustered around the one big technical advancement of the time – the Internet.

Today, we have more technological advancement than we know what to do with! There are dozens of emerging tech trends that you hear about on the news or at dinner parties – artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of things. And they each have dozens of companies working hard to be the big winners of that particular innovation.

Matt: The good news is, that makes the opportunity that much bigger – hundreds of stocks could go up as a result. But the other side of that is that you just can’t throw a dart at a list of tech stocks and just get lucky. Especially since there are still real landmines out there given today’s economic conditions.

Steve: Exactly. And you can’t go for the obvious companies either. I don’t want anyone watching this to hear “tech stocks” and run out and just buy the darlings. That’s exactly what most people are going to do. And it’s the wrong move.

Now I’m not saying they won’t do well.

Household names aren’t a bad bet. But that’s not where the REAL money is going to be made.

Look, it took more than 40 years for Apple to reach a $1 trillion market cap. I don’t think it’ll be easy for Apple to double – and then double again – over the next 12 months or so. Although anything is possible in a Melt Up scenario.

But the point is – today’s big tech stocks won’t see nearly the same kinds of gains as the other stocks Matt and I want to share with you tonight.

Kelly: How can you be so sure?

Steve: The FAANG stocks of the dot-com bubble – big stocks like Cisco Systems – went up about 100% in 12 months.

Now, that’s an incredible return.

But you would have much rather owned a company like Qualcomm, which hardly anyone knew about at the time. It went up 2,600% in the exact same time period.

You’re in the same situation today, just on a much bigger scale.

It’s a crowded marketplace. There are more than 3,000 stocks on the Nasdaq.

Finding the next Qualcomm will be like finding a needle in the haystack. And that’s exactly what we’ve focused on.

Pinpointing the smaller tech companies that are still in their earlier stages – so they have room to grow.

Kelly: Alright, so in addition to tech stocks, what else will soar during the Melt Up.

Steve: What most people don’t realize is that during the 1999 Melt Up, there was a group of stocks that outperformed even the tech stocks.

Crazy, since it went down in history as the dot-com boom. But get this…

BIOTECH stocks rose more than twice as high as tech stocks.Big Winners Last Meltup

Matt: I’m actually more bullish on biotech right now than I have been in my entire career.

In December 2019, I announced that 2020 would be the Year of Biotech. 

And it played out pretty much exactly as I said… if there’s any sector that can actually benefit from something like a global pandemic, it’s biotech.

Billions of dollars are getting pumped into this industry.

The Nasdaq Biotech index has jumped over 50% since the pandemic began.Nasdaq Biotech index

Now, I’m upping my prediction to say that we’re actually in the Decade of Biotech.

Kelly: That’s saying something, because some of the biggest all-time high wins of Matt’s entire track record have been in biotech.

Allergan, up as high as 1,051%, Insulet, 1,411%, Dexcom over 3,400% – the list goes on and on.

Yes, those are some of his biggest wins, but even Matt’s average gain is phenomenal.  Last year, for example his followers could have seen annualized gains of more than 180%! That remarkable when the average gain for the market was less than 20%!

And as we’ve said, Matt has put his five Melt Up stocks into a single report, which we’ll show you how to get in just a minute. Again, these are five stocks that Matt believes will soar – his highest-conviction ideas.

And I know you’re excited to give one away during this broadcast. I’m curious – is it a biotech stock?

Matt: Yes. It’s a small, lesser-known biotech stock that’s taking the health care sector by storm right now. In the time of COVID-19, it’s seeing huge breakthroughs in some of the deadliest diseases that have plaguing us for decades… it’s not just jumping onto the bandwagon… it’s actually innovating, and the stock price reflects that.

Kelly: Thanks Matt, I’m excited to hear what it is.

But that brings me to my biggest question.

Is this stock the only one you should be buying right now?

You both agree that tech stocks are likely to be the leaders of the next Melt Up – specifically biotech stocks.

But as you’ve both said, there are thousands of tech stocks and biotech stocks out there right now. And you predict that dozens of them are going to soar triple digits as the stock market recovers and begins to melt up.

I guess what I’m really asking is – can’t you both just tell us exactly what to buy?

Steve: Well I’ll start with your first question. No, you should not limit yourself to just one or two stocks.

This is your opportunity to go “all in” on stocks like you never have before, as the entire market soars.

If you put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, you’re leaving an unbelievable amount of money on the table.

And you run the risk of choosing the wrong stocks. The Pets.com of the coming Melt Up. Yes, it's true that I've never been more excited about any other wealth-generation opportunity in my career, but we’re all going to need to keep making money AFTER the Melt Up.

You’re looking for companies that will still be around in 10, 20, 50 years. Companies with healthy financials, good leadership, and exceptional products or technologies.

When the euphoria strikes, and thousands of people are pouring into thousands of stocks, and the whole market is going sky-high, it will be harder than you think to tell the difference between the worthy companies… and the total duds.

I have been preparing for this exact moment ever since I first saw the writing on the wall and went public with my Melt Up findings.

I mentioned earlier that after leaving the Wall Street rat race, I devoted all of my time to pinpointing the little-known investments that Wall Street overlooks… or purposefully keeps away from regular Americans.

So, I launched an investment research service called True Wealth. At the time, I had no idea how successful it would become.

But today, this project has grown into a movement that connects tens of thousands of people across the world.

Over the years, my True Wealth readers have had the chance to not only follow my major market predictions…

But they could have also locked in some serious gains!

 I’ve pulled together a quick list, but this is by no means complete.

  • iShares U.S. Home Construction (ITB) – 83%
  • Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) – 120%
  • Blackstone Group (BX) – 192%
  • ProShares Ultra Health Care (RXL) – 420%
  • ProShares Ultra Technology (ROM) – 133%
  • PowerShares Buyback Achievers (PKW) – 85%
  • iShares Nasdaq Biotech (IBB) – 96%
  • Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL) – 165%
  • Simon Property Group (SPG) – 103%
  • D.R. Horton (DHI) – 96%

(Not all recommendations are winners. Steve Sjuggerud’s average gain in 2020 was 30.8%. Positions were held for an average of 146 days)

Kelly: It’s because of this track record that Steve has appeared on Fox Business News, Bloomberg, CNBC… it’s why Steve helped ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange three times… and why hundreds of thousands of people around the world choose to hear from Steve and his team – every single day.

Steve: I’m definitely proud of all of the gains we’ve seen. But frankly, I believe all of that may pale in comparison to what’s coming next. 

A couple years ago, I pulled together everyone at my firm and told them that we needed to put all of our manpower and resources into “cracking” the Melt Up. We developed ways to track its progress and predict when it was going to arrive. I shared quite a few of them with you today.

But most importantly, we have created a step-by-step blueprint designed to help you learn how to take advantage of both the recovery and the coming Melt Up.

It’s a plan you can look to for the entire next year to make sure you’re up to date with the latest information and know exactly where we recommend you put your money at any given time.

I have handpicked several investment recommendations that you want to own now for the recovery and then ultimately for the melt up.

Kelly: I’ve seen this for myself. So, I can say with certainty that these are stocks that no one is paying attention to. There are no FAANG stocks or even any household names, to my knowledge.

Steve: No, as I said, anybody can go out and buy Apple. But the real winners are going to be the unique stocks that have a long ramp in front of them. That’s the strategy I used to build this model portfolio.

And as we approach the final rally – the final moment of exuberance – new and exciting opportunities just keep emerging!

Every month, if I uncover a new stock that I believe will soon skyrocket, I add it to the model portfolio, along with an easy-to-understand writeup of the stock and precise instructions for how to buy it.

And every day, I send out a short overview of the markets, including any important Melt Up updates, so you’ll never feel like you’re flying blind. 

Now, please keep in mind that all investments carry risk. Past performance does not indicate future performance. And I would never recommend investing any amount of money that you aren’t willing to lose.

But even a fraction of this success could have a huge impact on your lifestyle and peace of mind.

That’s because these aren’t some fluke one-year gains picked by a talking head on TV trying to get you to ride a fad.

These are the types of investments you likely wouldn't find on your own. I'm not just recommending you go out and buy stocks like Amazon (AMZN) or Pfizer (PFE). 

Steve: I can’t emphasize this enough – what we’re about to witness in the markets is history in the making. It will be in textbooks, it will be taught in Economics classes, as one of the greatest stock market events of the 21st century.

People aren’t going to be talking about the roaring 1920s anymore… they’re going to be talking about the roaring 2020s.

And, anyone over the age of 50, I believe this will be the last moneymaking opportunity of this size that you’ll see in your lifetime.

That’s why I’ve been pounding the table on this for years now, trying to help people prepare.

Tens of thousands of Americans have heard me and taken action. But millions more are going to let this pass them buy.

So, I’m opening up the doors today in a way I never have before because if this message can reach just one person, and motivate them to act, it’ll be worth it. 

It’s all starting to happen right now. And I urge you to get out of cash before investors and institutional money starts piling in, and the biggest gains disappear.

And I want to help you do that.

Kelly: That’s right, Steve has put together something very special for everyone watching today – a way to try his Melt Up work, risk free, for a fraction of the typical price.

A one-year subscription to Steve’s flagship investment research service… followed by tens of thousands of people – True Wealth.

This gives you access to the blueprint Steve specifically designed for the recovery and the Melt Up Steve will not only tell you what to buy, when and how, but also, why it’s such a good opportunity.

Access to Steve’s typically costs $199 per year. That’s what thousands of others have paid.

But because we are in a rare moment in history, and so many Americans are being failed by Wall Street, government, and mainstream media, Steve has agreed to do something incredibly generous.

If you order in the next 60 minutes, you can try Steve’s research, risk free for over HALF OFF the normal rate.

You’ll pay as little as $49 for an entire year. That’s a 75% discount.

And like I said, it’s totally risk-free for anyone watching right now. Which means you’ll have the next 30 days to review Steve’s entire Melt Up Blueprint, which is designed to walk you through all of the details on each of these investments and how to buy them.

Plus a library filled with hundreds of back issues and comprehensive special reports, each one focused on a unique investment strategy or opportunity that you’d likely never learn from your financial advisor or broker… but could help guide any investments you make as the market recovers.

If you’re new to investing… or you just can never seem to find financial research written in plain English… you now have access to an entire library’s worth of information at your fingertips.

If you’ve never heard about financial research like this before, you can learn more about us and our business in the Disclosures page linked below.

The best part though is that you can get all of this for less than what you probably pay for a dinner out.  

But Steve is actually taking it one step further and offering an extraordinary bonus for the first time ever. Do you want to quickly explain?

Steve: Now, I think if you can afford to be aggressive in the markets right now, now is the time to do it.

That still means never risking more money than you are willing to lose.

And as always, the safety of my readers is my first priority.

That’s why you typically won’t see anything with a history of speculation in my True Wealth model portfolio. I’m talking about things like pot stocks, cryptocurrencies, and tiny high-flying stocks in emerging tech and biotech trends.  

It’s not because I don’t believe in these technologies or industries. It’s simply because, with so many people following my work, I feel much more comfortable recommending investments I KNOW I’m an expert in.

I’m an expert in the things I’ve studied for the last 25 years. this has been a successful strategy for both my followers and me. So, I “stay in my lane,” so to speak.

Still, I would be doing you a major disservice if I didn’t give you the chance to learn about these extraordinary opportunities, and decide for yourself whether they’re right for you.

If you have a little money to play with right now – these are the stocks that could soar higher than everything else in the coming Melt Up.

And Matt is the best analyst I know of when it comes to these higher-risk – but also higher-reward – trends, industries, and recommendations.

In fact, he writes his own research letter that specifically focuses on these exciting opportunities in breakthrough innovations and emerging industries. It covers everything from biotech, to artificial intelligence, to cannabis stocks, even cryptos.

That’s why I invited him to join me for this event, and why I’m absolutely thrilled he said yes.

As we’ve mentioned before, Matt has put together a special report with the five stocks he predicts could go up in the coming Melt Up. One of which he’s going to give the name of away for free before we wrap up in just a minute.

I’ve read the report myself. It’s fascinating stuff. There’s some opportunities I’ve never even heard of before.

And he’s agreed to give away that report for free to everyone who takes a risk-free trial to True Wealth right now.

Plus, a full year of access to his research letter, again, absolutely free.

Kelly: Yes, you heard that correctly. Now a 12-month subscription to Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities letter usually costs $99.

But through this special offer, you can get it absolutely free when you take a trial subscription to Steve’s Melt Up work.

That’s nearly a $300 value – still for only as little as $49 if you order within the next 60 minutes.

Can we put a timer up on the screen? The clock starts now.

I think it’s pretty clear – this is an incredible offer. If you’re ready to place your order, simply click here. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review everything you’ll receive through this special deal Matt and Steve put together.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, there is no other stock-picker in the world quite like Matt. His track record is unlike anything I’ve seen over a decade of financial reporting.

So, the fact that he’s agreed to give away his top five stock recommendations – and a year of his research – is frankly unbelievable.

Matt: Thanks, Kelly. I live for opportunities like this one. Helping people learn how to make money – regular people without degrees in finance or millions of dollars on their hands – is my passion. And Steve is really the person you want in your corner right now, to help you prepare for what’s coming. I want to do whatever I can to help him spread the word.

Kelly: Up next is your free 10X recommendation. I know you’re chomping at the bit to share it.

But first, there’s one more question I think Steve needs to answer for our viewers.

You’ve talked a lot about the next few months, how we’re going to see this nationwide euphoria as we beat the virus, America returns to normal, and we start to see signs of the Melt Up in stocks.

I think you’ve put everyone in a position to know what’s coming, and have the chance to profit off of it.

But I think it’s just as important to talk about what happens AFTER the Melt Up. Because I know it’s going to take most people by surprise. What does that look like?

Steve: That’s a good point, Kelly. And I want to be upfront with everyone tuned in right now. The Melt Up presents the best opportunity I've seen for someone to potentially grow their wealth. Even if they missed out on the big bull market gains of the past few years.

But there is certainly a danger to what I’ve shared today.

That’s because history tells us that the Melt Up will likely be followed by a massive crash. And not like the crash we saw in March 2020… it could be much, much worse.

 Kelly: Why do you predict this crash will be so much worse than what we saw during the coronavirus pandemic?

Steve: Well remember, that crash had nothing to do with the fundamental strength of the economy.

The sheer speed of the recovery we’ve seen so far is proof of that.

Stocks bounced back 20% and were out of bear market territory in less than a month.

Compare that to what we saw back in 2008…

When it took the stock market nearly 17 months to do the same.CHART

The economy was shut off, and not because it was unhealthy. So when it’s turned back on, we can expect things to get back to normal.

Combine that with the trillions of stimulus we’ve seen and there’s no doubt that the recovery and coming Melt Up will be greater now that it would have been without the crisis we just saw.

And that’s terrific news for everyone watching right now.

You have the chance to turn back the clock on the greatest bull market history – and get your money into a shortlist of stocks while the markets are gearing up to ultimately soar.

But make no mistake, when the Melt Up does come crashing down… when stocks have soared so high that there is no one left to buy… we won’t see the same kind of lightning-fast recovery.

In fact, we could face decades of slow growth or no growth or all. That’s exactly what happened in Japan after their Melt Up in the 1980s. 30 years later, it’s still trying to recover.NIKKEI 29 years no recovery

It happened again during the Great Depression. 25 years. The American people had to wait 25 years for the Dow to even get back to even.DOW 26 yr to break even

Kelly: Do you really think it’s possible that we could see such a long bear market?

Steve: It’s certainly possible. The multi-trillion-dollar stimulus we’re seeing rolled out by the Fed is an incredible short-term blessing.

The government is so committed to reignite the economy that it’s about to start pumping the stock market with fuel.

But there’s a dark side to such extreme government action.

Because the bigger the stimulus… the bigger the crash will be when the fire finally burns through all of the fuel.

That’s why your actions today are so important. This could be your last chance to build a war chest of wealth that can last you through the real coming crisis. Opportunities like this happen only a few times in a lifetime.

But knowing when to get out of stocks and escape the inevitable crash is just as crucial. You need to know how to protect any potential profits.

Trust me, it’s not going to be easy.

But my goal is to help guide my followers to get out with the majority of their gains intact.

That’s why I’m also releasing another bonus report to everyone who gives True Wealth a try today.

It’s called How to Get Out Before the Melt Down. 

I’ve been working on this with a team of brilliant data scientists who've developed a software to predict the optimal moment to sell for each individual investment. This includes tech stocks, blue chips, mining companies, you name it.

If you wait for a signal from the financial press, you could get spooked out of the market too early. Or worse, hold on too long and get crushed.

But it doesn’t have to be bad for YOU…

And that’s where I’d like to help you even more.

For nearly two decades, I’ve been helping people navigate these dips and rallies. And I have a long track record of finding assets that not only protect your money during a crash, but can also go up.

For example, back in early 2009, when most people were caught up in financial crisis, my readers had the chance to cash in on little-known investments that weren’t even touched by the market crash – rare gold coins.

Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin graded MS63 – 273%
Liberty $20 gold coin – 206%
Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin graded MS65 – 182%

A 182% gain… a 206% gain… and a $273% gain – all while most people were seeing their portfolios cut in half.

Remember, I’ve been publishing financial research for about 20 years now. Not every pick is a winner and my average gain over two decades is 16%.  But I’m super proud of that considering the stock market’s average gain is usually around 9%.

I’m only able to acheive that outperformance by recommending things most people have never heard of or can't find on their own… like these special coins that I've rarely if ever seen written about in the mainstream media.

But they’re the secret behind the wealth of some of America’s richest families. And they can soar triple-digits when stocks are choppy.

Kelly: So just to be clear, you recommend investments outside of the stock market?

Steve: Well, when stocks are the right place to be – like right now – we research and write about stocks.

But when stocks are a minefield, we won’t just keep recommending them to you each month.

In fact, when we started True Wealth  back in 2001, we felt that stocks were a bad deal… So we started looking at alternative investments… from real estate and bonds to virtual banks to commodities like gold and timber.

And our readers saw double and triple-digit gains:

  • 123% on Petro China
  • 165% on Texas Pacific Land Trust
  • 46% on Newmont Mining
  • 64% on Rayonier
  • 96% on iShares Nasdaq Biotech fund
  • 26% on the Central Europe and Russia Fund
  • 41% on the Aberdeen Asia Pacific Fund
  • 192% on the Blackstone Group
  • 54% on Washington REIT
  • 51% on the Fairholme Fund
  • 83% on iShares U.S. Home Construction fund
  • 66% on China A-Shares
  • 49% on Cresud

It is possible to grow wealth during a crash. But none of that matters if you lose your shirt when stocks come tumbling down.

That’s why I put together this special report. My goal is to help you escape with your profits long before things fall apart.

Kelly: Folks, this is it. The Melt Up is coming… followed by the inevitable Melt Down. And most Americans are going to be flying blind through one of the most exciting financial events in history.

For as little as $49 you don’t have to be one of them. Steve has together everything you could possibly need to stay safe and learn how to grow your wealth during the Melt Up to come.

I can’t stress this enough – he does not have to make an offer this generous, especially when most people are happy to pay 4X as much for his work.

In fact, some of the smartest people in finance… including professional money managers and legendary investors – all follow Steve’s work to make money from his recommendations.

Like legendary investor and author, Robert Kiyosaki.

But keep in mind…

Steve’s work is designed for anyone, not just the experts…

It’s meant for everyone from folks with a few thousand dollars to invest with their 401(k)…  folks with millions of dollars to play with… or folks who just want to read the absolute best financial research in the world. 

In fact, Americans from ALL walks of life follow Steve. People you’d think have no interest or involvement in finance at ALL.

Like the famous magician Penn Jillette…

American humorist P.J. O’Rourke…

Even one of the world’s top paddleboard surfers, Sean Poynter…

Now folks, the clock is really ticking.

You have just minutes remaining to get the best possible price for everything you’ve seen here tonight.

Remember, here’s everything you’ll receive…

  • One year of Steve’s True Wealth research (12 monthly issues)
  • A model portfolio of Steve’s favorite Melt Up stocks
  • Steve’s library of special reports, including:
    • The Melt Up Blueprint 
    • How to Get out Before the Melt Down 
  • FREE BONUS Matt special report: Five Stocks That Could Soar During the Melt Up
  • FREE BONUS One year of Matt’s Investment Opportunities research (12 monthly issues)

If you’re ready to get started, just click here. You won’t lose your place.

Just keep in mind, if you subscribe to our work anywhere else it is $199. But you can get it at a massive discount now. Which is a steal considering all of the free content that Matt is giving away.

But if you want to snag that extra discount, order now.

Again, this offer is 100% risk-free for anyone watching right now. You have the next 30 days to check out all of this research and see what you think.

If you decide to cancel for any reason within the first month, you can get a full refund, and still keep everything you’ve received.

Again, to get started for as little as $49 – the cost of a dinner of two, with maybe a cheap bottle of wine – click the button below, before the clock runs out.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Matt, you’ve been waiting all day to share one of your favorite 10X Melt Up recommendations. This is the moment.

Matt: Yep. It's a little-known biotech stock called Acadia Pharmaceuticals. The symbol is ACAD. The company's a midcap stock, with a nearly 7-billion-dollar market valuation. But what I love about this is, even though it is a smaller mid-cap biotech stock… it already has revenue. I know you probably liked that, Steve. It’s not just this high-flyer. It has some money coming in. And they have a drug that's already been approved by the FDA.

Steve: I think people would be surprised by how many biotechs actually don't have any revenue. Right?

Matt: Exactly – no revenue at all. So eventually if they don't get approved, they run out of money. But Acadia has revenue coming in. They have a drug called Nuplazid which is used for Parkinson's. They have a whole pipeline of new drugs that are potentially being approved for central nervous system diseases.

But again, it’s the revenue that makes this company stand out from the crowd. Last year, it brought in $339 million in revenue – which is already quite a bit for a company of this size. However, by 2024 Acadia’s revenue is projected to shoot up to $2.5 billion dollars. And that's big.

So this is a company that already has a number of drugs approved and on the market… plus a pipeline of potential drugs that could send its stock price through the roof.  I’m talking about SEVERAL blockbuster drugs that analysts believe that could bring in billions and billions of dollars.

And it's just sitting right now, you know, under the radar, not a lot of people talking about it. That makes Acadia the perfect Melt Up stock.

Kelly: Thanks for sharing that Matt. Remember, when you take a trial offer right now, we will send you a report all about this stock – plus four other official recommendations that Matt believes could soar during the Melt Up.

These are the small, explosive stocks that could be your edge in the coming months. 

Again, that report of Matt’s five favorite Melt Up stock is yours FREE when you subscribe to True Wealth through this special offer.

I see that a ton of people have already placed their orders and claimed that huge discount. For anyone who’s still on the fence, I want you to remember two things.

The first is that when you act right now, you get access to nearly $100 worth of bonus content – 100% free. 

You do not want to miss out on all of this incredible bonus research, which is only available through this special offer.

The second is that you’re not risking a penny to give this a try.

Within minutes, you’ll have full access to hundreds of back issues, special reports, and both Steve and Matt’s model portfolios of perfect Melt Up investments.

This is all yours to keep, whether you choose to keep reading Steve’s work or not. If in 30 days, you decide you don’t want to continue, we’ll issue a full refund and part as friends.

To get started, just click on the button below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review everything you’ll receive before placing your order.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this exceptional opportunity. The Melt Up is coming. The actions you take today will determine whether you have the chance to profit as the stock market soars

Or whether you’ll be kicking yourself in just a few short months. Almost everyone you know is going to miss out on the biggest gains.

But if you can position yourself correctly, that doesn't have to happen to you. It’s as simple as that.

To everyone at home, thank you for tuning in. Take care.

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