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Joel Litman’s #1 Stock: Get My Favorite SynBio Investment Right Now

Table of Contents: Intro: Who is Joel Litman? How Steve Jobs’ “Final Prophecy” Came to Life – on January 10th The Most Important E-mail of the Decade? The Most Important Materials We Need – 10 Times Faster 600% gains by moving from field to lab Self-Healing Concrete? How Amara’s Law Could Make You Rich Step … Read More

Seven Hot Growth and Income Stocks to Generate Solid Returns…

Hot stocks from different sectors typically get a lot of attention both in bull and bear markets. When markets are jittery, as they are now, investors look for shares with solid fundamentals and fair valuation levels. This year is primed to see greater volatility levels. Investors are preparing for tighter monetary and fiscal policies amidst … Read More


Three Best Airline Stocks to Buy at a Heavy Discount

Stocks In Focus: Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) FedEx Corp (NYSE:FDX) Delta Airlines Inc (NYSE:DAL) The three best airline stocks include a global airplane manufacturer, the world’s largest airline by fleet size and a transportation and logistics company originally dreamed up by a college student. The airline industry has undoubtedly suffered a tumultuous two years due to … Read More

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Jim Rickards “Bloody Wednesday” Newest Prediction

GET JIM RICKARDS LATEST PREDICTION RIGHT HERE He helped save America from a 1.9 trillion dollar banking crisis…he warned of 2008 financial crisis, the Coronavirus Crash, Brexit, and more…now he’s warning American’s to prepare for: “Bloody Wednesday” Inside: Why legendary economist and former advisor to the Pentagon, the CIA, and over a half a dozen more … Read More

The Bullish Side of The Great Supply Chain Snarl

Lately, the headlines have been full of negative news about inflation, the global chip shortage and supply chain issues that have adversely affected consumers and businesses all over the world. However, there is one development that is getting too little attention, perhaps because it undermines the mainstream media’s unremittingly negative narrative. The U.S. is on … Read More

Will the Global Chip Shortage Mean Boom or Bust for these Silicon Stocks?

Space exploration, artificial intelligence and the metaverse. These are just three of the most interesting technological frontiers that exist today. And they all require advanced microchips to function. That’s why I’m sharing some of the best microchip stocks below. Within each of these industries, there are big stock trades that you could make. However, there’s … Read More

How the Delta Variant Fight Will Unleash a Wave of Genomics Innovation

Here we go again… Just when we thought the pandemic was over and it would be just a matter of time before life returned to normal, the delta variant comes along. We’re now in the middle of a third wave of COVID-19. With the seven-day average of reported infections running at more than 100,000 as … Read More

Does the Massive Hype of Next Week’s Robinhood IPO Outweigh the Risk?

In 10 days, one of the most well-known trading platforms, Robinhood, plans to go public and its expectations are high. Robinhood is aiming for a market valuation of about $35 billion for its upcoming IPO. On Monday, the company released an amended prospectus. Inside that prospectus, the company announced that it plans to sell 55 … Read More

Legendary Stock-Picker Matt McCall Predicts Next 1,000% Stock

The American Recovery Event Kelly: Hi, my name is Kelly Brown. Joining me today are two of the most well-respected investment analysts in the world, who have each attracted a massive following – over 500,000 people around the world – for their stock market commentary. You might recognize them from Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, Yahoo Finance … Read More

How to Protect Your Portfolio from Severe Inflation

Ninety-year-old Warren Buffett and his 97-year-old vice chairman, Charlie Munger, just hosted the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) annual shareholder meeting. In normal years, more than 40,000 die-hard investors flock to Omaha, Nebraska, this time of year to listen to the wisdom of Buffett and Munger. This year, the meeting was held virtually, and anyone … Read More