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Insider Breaks Ranks to Reveal How to…

Legally Collect Other People’s Investment Losses

Income-generating secret beat the S&P 500 by 225%, and in 2022 has a shocking 95%-win rate. See below now…

Hi. My name is Louis Navellier.

The next 37 seconds of your life might be slightly uncomfortable.

You’re about to see a little-known system that takes advantage of peoples’ bad investment decisions…

…to give you the chance to make as much as an extra $30,000 annually in instant CASH income.

Or more.

This cash-generating system creamed the S&P 500 with 225% better returns…

…and has a mind-blowing 95% win rate in 2022.

And it doesn’t require buying a single investment up front.

This system is a secret created by the rich – for the rich – as a way to generate real, hold-in-your-hand cash…

…up to thousands of dollars every month…

…with an unparalleled track record of success.

Again, I’m talking about a VERIFIED 95% winning percentage.

Not only that, but it works best in times like today…

…when the markets are at their WORST.

Today, I’m going to let you in on this powerful income secret.

In fact, while the markets were in turmoil this summer…

Someone with this strategy could have jumped on some poor souls’ unwise decisions on Pfizer

…to make a quick $4,440 profit in one week.

That same month, a dumb gamble on Starbucks

…would have made a fast $3,550 over 12 days.

Or when some wannabe market whizzes took a longshot on UPS

…if you’d known the secret I’ll show you today…

…you could have racked up a quick $5,080 profit.

(In a moment, I’ll even show you the real-life numbers that prove it.)

But first, I want you to think right now…

What would an extra few thousand in low-risk, monthly income do for you?

Would it cover your mortgage and health bills?

Would it provide you savings from Biden’s runaway inflation?

Would it give you the “breathing room” to travel, remodel, or spoil your grandkids?

You’re about to see everything…

But I do have to warn you.

In order to get the most out of this…

You need to be okay making money off the reckless decisions of others.

Now, to be clear – YOU won’t force investors to make dumb mistakes.

In fact, you won’t be involved in their decisions at all.

They’ll make these ill-advised choices completely on their own…

And believe me, there will be PLENTY of opportunities to capitalize…

The only question is…

Will you be comfortable earning large amounts of income over and over again in this manner?

Instant cash payouts like $2,102… $1,132… $3,810… even as high as $4,357.

You aren’t doing anything unethical or illegal.

America’s rich have been using this secret for decades.

And while it may sound callous…

At the end of the day, SOMEONE is going to pocket their losses…

So why not you?

We let some lucky folks in on this secret a while ago.

They’ve now reported back how they’re doing…

One everyday investor named Gordon S. reports:

Another, Allen U., says:

And another, Khoa T., says:

*Please note: The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of your investment.

I know, there are some people out there who believe the market should reward all investors equally.

But I’m not one of those people.

I don’t believe in participation trophies. I’m a red-blooded American capitalist.

I built my career… my billion-dollar money management firm on free market ideas.

And since you’re still with me, I have a feeling we’re a lot alike…

Today, I want to bring you one step closer to my world.

With a strategy that could help end your money worries in these chaotic times.

It could give you the power and the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want… just like I have.

And the best part is, you don’t have to buy a single investment up front to do this

That’s right.

All you need is an Internet connection…

A brokerage account…

And 60 seconds to claim your instant payout.

Let me give you the full story…

The “Stupid Money” …

The reality is, every single minute the markets are open…

There’s someone… somewhere… making a bad investment decision.

Is it their own fault?

Who knows…

Maybe they were given bad advice by their financial advisor.

Or maybe they read a blog post by some joker who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Consider Charles B., for example, who lost a $3,000 inheritance by following bad investing advice on YouTube:

Or consider Andrew T., who took advice from someone pretending to be an investment advisor on Instagram and lost thousands.

That’s an expensive lesson.

But frankly, it’s folks like this – who are gambling with their cash, looking for the big payday – who make this secret so valuable.

Using the strategy I’ll show you today…

When you simply find the WORST decisions in the market…

You can quietly sign up to pocket their losses.

This could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars or more up front in 60 seconds.

And the real secret is that ANYONE can learn how to do this…

You don’t need to be a member of the 1% to take advantage!

Do you remember the Pfizer example I mentioned earlier?

Well, a few months ago some hotshots bet shares would crater in a short 7-day span.

If you know anything about Pfizer you know it’s one of the biggest and most profitable businesses on the planet.

And yet these yahoos were betting on what essentially amounts to a major market event!

So, folks with “the income secret of the 1%” gladly took the other side of that longshot.

Of course, that big Pfizer drop never happened. (surprise, surprise.)

Bad for the gamblers, but good for those “in the know” …

*All investments carry risk. Not every company will perform as well. Payouts based on a starting investment of $100,000.

Because they had the chance to quietly pocket as much as $4,440 in just 7 days taking the right side of what we saw as a “sure thing.”

Here’s another example…

That same month, some misguided souls made a similar bet against Starbucks.

Yup, the popular coffee company whose revenue almost never seems to go down…

Again, who knows where they got their information…

Could have been from an online blogger… a social media post…

Heck, it could have been the result of a bad experience at the neighborhood coffee shop.

It doesn’t matter.

All we knew was the likelihood of a major drop in Starbucks shares in the short term was extremely unlikely…

So folks using this strategy had the chance to take the other side…

And like it did 95 times out of 100, it paid off. Big time.

To the tune of making a potential $3,550 in 12 days – when Starbucks shares went… you guessed it: NOWHERE.

Do you see how simple and straightforward this is?

All the people with this secret do is look for really, really bad investment decisions – folks looking for a quick and unlikely score – and pocket their inevitable losses.

Like this past August, when some would-be market whizzes missed all the signs and gambled big against UPS

Yes, that UPS… the $84 BILLION parcel service who grew bigger and more valuable (and more profitable) during the pandemic.

I probably don’t have to tell you what happened – or didn’t happen – next.

Actually, it went up a little.

Again, great news for anyone with “ the income secret of the 1%,” as they were able to rack up a quick $5,080 profit in 4 months!

It works the other way too…

Somebody thought Southwest Airlines was going to go up $50 in 7 days.

But based on our experience, that kind of thing never happens in a 7-day window. There were no earnings and no big announcements coming.

So the folks using this strategy took the bet…

And pocketed $8,300 instantly.

It’s no accident this secret works so well…

You see, too many people approach the stock market with completely the wrong mindset…

They act more like a gambler than an actual investor…

Pumping coin after coin into the slots… hoping for that quick win.

The 10-1… 20-1… the 50-1 longshot.

But for 99% of gamblers – that jackpot never comes.

Take Conoco Philips

Some folks recently thought the multinational energy corporation would take a dive… in the middle of an oil bull market!

Of course, that big dive those gamblers were looking for never materialized. In fact, the stock went up!

The individuals “in” on the secret were able to close it after a nice 9.7% return in 6 days.

Now, I know to some folks that might not sound too impressive. To gamblers looking for a quick score, there’s nothing sexy about a 10% gain.

But that’s a big difference between the rich and everyone else.

You see, rich people know that a low-risk 10% a week – or heck, even half of that – beats going for the hundred-to-one longshot almost every single time.

Five percent a week for a year turns every $25,000 into $65,000.

Over two years, $130,000.

Over five years, $325,000.

10% a week for five years turns into $650,000.

And that’s what this strategy is all about – minimizing risk and consistently growing your wealth week after week, month after month.

Here’s another way to think about it.

Do you know of ANY other strategy that has gone up like this during the past 3 years?

Just look at those gains.

You’re seeing proof of this income-generating secret CRUSHING the S&P 500 with 225% better returns.

Over ten months in 2020, the S&P 500 returned 8.63%… but by following this strategy, you could have made 28%—over 3x more!

Low-risk gains through a worldwide pandemic… debilitating inflation… a war… and a raging bear market!

This strategy has been used by some of the smart hedge funds on Wall Street, where they manage the wealth of America’s richest people.

I’ve personally used it to help clients rack up extra income…

…Even in the worst market conditions.

You see, the 1%… we aren’t gamblers…

We don’t like risk. Actually, we can’t stand it.

We want certainty… so our wealth grows and grows and grows.

It’s like Warren Buffett famously said…

And that’s exactly what this strategy is designed to do…

So long as you can reconcile being labeled by some as callous… even predatory…

In fact, that’s exactly why I call this system “Apex Trades.”

Apex predators – lions, tigers, cheetahs, and the like – are at the top of the food chain for a reason.

They don’t go after the hardest kills; they go after the weakest prey – the easy kills.

They understand how to maximize their odds of success – survival – and minimize risk, just like One Percenters.

In other words, they search for weakness in the jungle or on the plains and then they exploit it.

Have you ever watched footage of a lion hunting zebras on the Serengeti?

The lion waits patiently…

He bides his time…

Waiting for the zebra to make just one wrong move.

When it happens…

Game over.

That’s how “Apex Trades” work.

You’re the lion… waiting patiently.

The zebras?

Well, they’re the investors out there making the wrong move…

The bad decision…

And when the time is right…

You pounce.

This is a big reason One Percenters are at the top of the “financial” food chain…

Because as long as there are people out there making dumb decisions with their investments…

(What’s that saying about fools and their money again?)

There will be an infinite number of opportunities to cash in…

Worth BILLIONS at any given moment…

Just sitting there, rife for the taking.

And when you know this “income secret of the 1%,” you can use it time and again…

(Multiple times a month if you like!)

To generate hundreds… or thousands… of dollars a week…

In the coming months – with inflation running hotter than ever, a looming recession, and so much uncertainty in the markets…

There will be even greater opportunities to cash in using “Apex Trades.”

In my opinion, “Apex Trades” could be perfect for you if…

  • You’re retired or looking to retire soon, and you want to bump up your savings by as much as $500,000.
  • Or you simply don’t want your hard-earned savings to be LOST to inflation.

Either way, you want the chance to turn a portion of your savings into A WHOLE LOT more.

That’s the genius of “Apex Trades”.

And it’s exactly why Barron’s calls it:

Every single day people make stupid and very speculative investment decisions.

Like I said before…

The money is just sitting there.

Someone will take it.

Why shouldn’t it be you?

The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make?

Before we get down to it, I want to take a moment to congratulate you.

You’re still here.

You’re here to learn the secret moneymaking strategy of the rich…

That lets you earn up to thousands of dollars a week…without much risk at all.

Not some high-risk, sexy-but-nearly-impossible-to achieve 100X fantasy gain.

If you’re worried about running out of money in retirement…

You should be.

And you’re not alone.

Across America, poll after poll after poll shows the No. 1 retirement worry is “running out of money.”

Especially as we stare down the barrel of the highest inflation in over 40 years.

That’s why learning the “Apex Trades” strategy I’m about to show you could be the most important decision you ever make.

And it’s why I’m breaking ranks today to show good Americans like you this ultimate income solution.


Because Washington’s failed policies have bankrupted the America dream.

And today…

I’m doing something about it.

My father was a bricklayer.

I was raised to believe hardworking Americans deserve a secure retirement.

NOT to be fleeced by Wall Street and Washington elitists who are simply lucky enough to be “in the know” on a very powerful, income-generating strategy.

It’s time for you to get in on the action.

Finally, make Washington’s bad policies work for you, just like the elite do

Yes, inflation goes hand in hand with a lot of bad things.

Yes, it’s deeply upsetting when you realize every dollar you earned and saved one year ago has lost 8% of its value.

But what do people do when they feel upset, stressed, and confused?

They act crazy.

They make bad decisions.

Which means lots of potential earnings for YOU – once you know this strategy.

In fact, with the “Apex Trades” strategy in your arsenal…

You could generate thousands of dollars a month in extra income.

And most importantly, you can do it with minimal risk.

You won’t need to bet the farm.

And it does NOT involve typical investments like buying stocks or bonds up front.

Instead, it’s a simple, little-known options strategy you can use at home to collect other people's investment losses.

Now, before you run away screaming at the mere mention of the word “options” …

Let me assure you, this isn’t your next-door neighbor’s options strategy.

It’s true the way most people – the 99% – trade options is very risky.

You might even call it downright reckless.

They want a big payday.

Maybe they get bad advice from a YouTube video or Twitter post.

Maybe they had a gut feeling after seeing their “lucky numbers” show up on the cash register at the supermarket that morning.

Whatever is the case, they take a gamble…

They BUY an option…

And, most of the time, they lose.

That’s not what we’re doing here.

Remember: “Apex Trades” are the income secret of the 1%.

And do you know what One Percenters hate more than anything?


Because we prefer to keep what we’ve got… to grow it with as little risk as possible.

Not gamble it away on a longshot.

Which is why we SELL options to the folks making those risky bets.

Now, SELLING options isn’t “flashy” or “sexy” …

It’s the opposite.

Because you’re essentially saying:

“Well, I’m making an investment based on the assumption this stock is NOT likely to do something rare and unusual” …

Even though that’s not exactly sexy…

It gives you a powerful built-in advantage…

…like being in the position of “the House” in a casino.

And in this case, “The House” is made up primarily of large Wall Street banks, investment firms, and wealthy One Percenters (like Warren Buffett and myself).

And yes, anyone can learn how to do this.

Gamblers BUY options…

“The House” SELLS options – and pockets a premium.

Every time a hotshot walks in and takes a gamble with terrible odds –

“I think Apple shares will drop 20% this week” –

…which is, by the way, almost always A HORRIBLE BET!…

You can be the one who takes that bet…

And pockets the premium they just paid.

As long as you’ve got $500, you can learn how to get started. Let me show you some examples of what I mean…

In July, anyone with this secret knew Pfizer had been oversold.

And that the “dumb money” would try to buy in before earnings later in the month.

They always do… every cycle… like clockwork.

So it was a great opportunity to take a bad bet that Pfizer would make a sharp move either higher or lower.

When the stock went nowhere, they kept the dumb money’s bets all for themselves.

The stock was $52 on July 1 and $53 by July 8.

…Meaning they pocketed 4.44% in 7 days.

Again, that may not sound like much to someone looking for a quick score…

But keep in mind that most blue chip stocks’ annual dividends are nowhere near that big – and that 4% came in just ONE WEEK, not one year.

Think like a rich person.

Here’s another example…

Starbucks, that same month…

Those who follow this strategy noticed something called an “inverted head and shoulders pattern.”

These are a little uncommon in a bear market…

Of course, most people have no idea what to look for…

But those using Apex trades were able to pounce.

And make a fast 3.55% in 12 days.

Again—a healthy-sized annual dividend in a fraction of the time?

Sign me up for more.

I’ll take that payout any day of the week.

Or how about Constellation Brands in August…

The stock had just recently completed a bullish technical pattern….

But those who use Apex trades noticed the “dumb money” missed it.

Instead, they were betting AGAINST the stock.

Who knows who or what they were listening to…

Anyone with this secret just knew it was a bad bet.

So they took that bet and sold them the puts.

Just 7 days later, they were counting their profits.

Like I said…

If people want to make a stupid gamble…

Let them.

After all, you are not forcing them to make the mistake…

You’re just winning from it.

As a professional gambler once said…

The money is just sitting there…

You may as well be the one to take it.

By SELLING options — not buying them

…you can earn instant income virtually any time you want by collecting the premium.

Just take a look at some of the recent upfront cash payouts you could have received using only modest investments in this powerful income strategy:

  • – $685 from Bank of America.
  • – $2,000 from UPS.
  • – $2,347 from Microsoft.
  • – And so on…

And that’s all in a few minutes or less — and all without buying a single share upfront.

Of course, all investments carry risk, and past performance never indicates future returns. And when selling options, remember that you may be on the hook to purchase shares.

But as I said – One Percenters HATE risk.

It’s why “Apex Trades” are their best-kept secret:

This strategy can actually LOWER risk.

That’s because when you SELL options…

…the odds of winning become highly skewed in your favor.

You become the “House” and collect the option premium.

In 2020, options buyers struck out 90% of the time.

And you could have kept their money 90% of the time.

That’s why the One Percent loves selling options…

After all, the system I’m talking about today has a stunning 95% win rate in 2022.

That’s during a year of enormous market volatility…

…producing win after win after WIN.

Now, by watching this far, you’re probably wondering what happens in those 5% of times where the trade DOES NOT go in your favor…

Of course, we don’t get it right every single time. That’s impossible.

But for those 5% of times when the trade doesn’t work out…Well, some folks actually like that part the best.

Take what happened with Ball Corporation, for example.

As usual, selling an option to the dumb money generated immediate income.

But this time, the dumb money was right and Ball actually ended up falling.

Disaster, right?

Hardly—the smart money ended up owning 100 shares of the glass jar company that has been reliably growing since 1880.

Even better, over the course of the next year, they had the opportunity to sell covered calls against their Ball stock for hundreds of dollars in profit… before ultimately unloading the stock at the same price they bought it for.

By the time everything was said and done, they pocketed over a thousand dollars from a trade that “went wrong.”

We should all be so lucky!

Now let me be clear—this strategy should only be used with high-quality blue-chip stocks.

Stocks you’d want to own anyway.

That’s the real secret…

Do you see why rich people absolutely LOVE this strategy?

You’re not waiting around for a stock to eventually go up 10X.

Instead, when executed correctly, this strategy allows you to potentially pile up lots and lots of single- and double-digit wins that can generate large amounts of income.

And worst-case scenario? What happens when you don’t get it right?

You end up owning a fantastic blue-chip stock you want to own… and we get to buy them at a great price!

In fact, so far this year our premier options service, called Strategic Trader, has delivered success….

95% of the time.

You read that right.

Over the course of 2022, this strategy has closed 97 “Apex Trades.”

Out of those trades, it is 92-for-97…

An incredible 95% win rate.

Which of course means it isn’t just great for generating income…

It can also do it with a startling rate of success.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

One everyday investor named Gordon S. reports:

Khoa T. praises:

Allen U. writes:

That’s pretty extraordinary…

But that’s exactly what can happen once you get started with this strategy.

Oh, and by the way, each and every example of a winning trade I’ve shown you today was a real-life win booked by regular folks who use the Apex Trades secret.

And that nearly flawless 95% win rate?

It isn’t just a small, cherry-picked calculation over the short term.

It’s the track record for every trade closed in 2022.

That’s because this strategy was developed by my colleagues John Jagerson and Wade Hansen

…who are absolute MASTERS at this.

Meet John Jagerson and Wade Hansen

John is a Harvard Business School Leadership Graduate.

He’s been in the financial business for nearly 20 years as a broker, a private equity investor, money manager, and now as a financial educator.

He’s taught this exact same options strategy to the clients of big-name firms like Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, and the International Securities Exchange, among many others.

In fact, over the course of his career, I’d estimate he’s taught thousands of Americans the powerful “Apex Trades” options secret.

And John developed the Apex Trades strategy alongside a personal, life-long friend by the name of Wade Hansen.

Much like John, Wade’s been involved in investor education his entire career…

He co-founded Learning Markets and PFX Global to help individuals learn how to take control of an investment portfolio.

Wade also created investment courses in options, futures and forex trading for Yahoo! Finance, Saxo Bank and Thinkorswim.

And he hasn’t stopped since.

Here’s the bottom line…

I’ve seen many One Percenters use this highly effective income strategy.

NO ONE is better at it than John and Wade.

Together, these two masterminds have created the most successful options trading research service that I’ve ever seen across the industry.

In fact, if you had started using this options-selling strategy in January 2020 – just before the COVID market crash – assuming a $100,000 portfolio…

(By the way, you won’t need anywhere near that much to get started doing this) …

You would have walked away with incredible profits.

Just take a look at the chart below and you’ll see what I mean:

If you’d been in the S&P 500, you would be up around 8%, which isn’t too bad…

But with Apex Trades, you’d be up 28% — whipping the market with 225% better returns!

Long-term, the results are even more impressive.

From mid-2018 through 2020, assuming a $100,000 portfolio…

You would have seen over $28,000 in gains if you had invested in the S&P 500.

Compare that to over $88,000 in profits using the Apex trades options secret…

You’d have pocketed the difference of nearly $60,000.

Of course, at this point you may be asking –

But what about these times of high inflation and a looming recession?

Well, if you had started using this strategy with a starting portfolio of $100,000 in January 2022…

You could have walked away with $19,000 in profit by June.

That’s a lot better than if you were in an S&P 500 index fund – where you would have LOST upwards of $18,000 in six months!

That’s why I believe Apex trades are the best tool available if you’re looking to lock-in income today.

Even if things get worse in the months ahead…

If you use this strategy, you will be able to generate instant income.

You’ll position yourself to make profits…

And even replace money lost in this latest stock market crash.

You’ll be able to do it day after day…

Week after week.

This is one of the few ways you can see BIG gains, in just a few short months.

Now, how much you make from each instant payout depends on the size of each trade…

But this is the exact same powerful options strategy used at big-name firms like Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, the International Securities Exchange, Investopedia, and Yahoo Finance…

And it’s the absolute lowest-risk way to use options trading…

Starting today, you can generate instant cash that can help grow your account much faster than simply buying stocks.

Look, you may have seen other options services out there that over-promise big gains in a short time…

That’s the kind of stuff that gets attention from the 99%.

The gamblers who like buying a lottery ticket and think they’ll strike it rich in a day…

But take it from me:

If you want to get started making real money trading options, Apex Trades is the No. 1 technique.

Because John and Wade’s strategy is uniquely designed to identify the stupid investment decisions of others – and instead take the smart position.

They do this 3 ways:

1. They ONLY trade options on stocks they wouldn’t mind owning anyway because they know they’ll occasionally end up on the hook.

It’s just like Warren Buffett said, “Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.”

For instance, they’ve ended up with Microsoft shares 4 different times in their long career together. Each time, they’ve recommended additional trades that generated more income by selling covered calls. And each time, they’ve eventually had the stock called away (sold) at a breakeven price – or better.

2. They don’t panic when a bullish run ends because they have a plan for bearish pullbacks that WORKS…

This year’s track record during rampant inflation and a looming recession says it all. As I showed you, you could’ve walked away with $19,000 profit by June if you were following John and Wade, compared to an $18,000 LOSS if you were following the S&P.

3. They never, ever get greedy. They know consistency wins the battle… and they don’t dig themselves into deep holes they’d have to climb out of.

Apex trades have helped regular investors – especially those with little to no experience – to trade options like a Wall Street pro.

They’ve helped give countless regular Americans the chance to rake in anywhere from $30,000 to as much as $142,080 annualized in a single year!

And now…

You have the opportunity to get in on the action.

You can take advantage of dumb decisions by bad investors…

…to start earning instant income of hundreds, or even a $1,000 or more, using one of the most low-risk, time-tested strategies possible.

A strategy with an astonishing VERIFIED 95% win rate.

But don’t delay…

The newest Apex trade is scheduled just days from today.

Are You Ready to Start Collecting Hundreds of Dollars a Week of Other People’s Investment Losses?

So there’s one question left:

Are you ready?

Are you ready to learn the “income secret of the 1%” …

That lets you generate hundreds… or thousands… of dollars a week…from the bad investing decisions of others?

You’ve already heard how Apex trades can protect your hard-earned savings from record-breaking inflation…

And even bump up your savings by as much as $500,000.

The newest round of Apex trades is about to be released…

But there’s only one way to get them…

And that’s to become a member of John Jagerson and Wade Hansen’s premium research service, Strategic Trader, right away.

You won’t find Apex Trades anywhere else.

Once you have access to them, you’ll join users like…

Khoa T., who states:

And Kelly M., who wrote:

Within minutes of joining, you’ll see how John and Wade have masterfully removed all of the guesswork for you.

They will send you the trades.

They will send you a detailed report on each one.

They will show you how much instant income you can expect to receive.

They do ALL the research for you.

They give you EVERYTHING you need…

To make selling options a no-brainer.

Again – I’ve seen many One Percenters use this highly effective income strategy.

NO ONE is better at it than John and Wade.

Together, these two trading masterminds have created the most successful options service that I’ve ever seen across the industry.

But there’s even more when you join the Strategic Trader community today…

Because we know markets are scary right now.

It’s a great time to have a little extra help to get you off the ground.

So we’ve put together some additional tools to help get you started.

All of it will be included and immediately available the moment you join the Strategic Trader community.

*If you’ve never heard about our research service before, please check out our Details & Disclosures page.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive by Joining the Strategic Trader Community Today…

You’ll get instant access to:

  • One Full Year (365-Days) of Strategic Trader Options Research Service and Recommendations:
    You’ll receive between 1-3 new income-generating recommendations every week from John and Wade. Each one gives you the opportunity to pull profits out of the market and into your account. You’ll also receive sell alerts as needed, so you’ll never be left wondering what to do.
  • 24/7 access to the Strategic Trader private members-only website, where you’ll find the official recommended open portfolio trade list, alerts, weekly updates, webinar replays, and more.
  • FREE SPECIAL REPORT:  The Quick-Start Guide to Making $100s a Week With Income Trading
    It will take you only about 15 minutes or so to read this report and learn everything you’ll need to get started right away, including how to set up your brokerage account to use this strategy, and much more. Again, you may even have to switch brokers if necessary. If that’s the case, this report will show you how.
  • The Wednesday Strategic Trader Weekly Webinar:
    Every Wednesday, tune in to get the latest on what our options gurus are seeing in the market that week… any new trade setups… and their answers to the most pressing reader questions.
  • Strategic Trader’s Library of Educational Resources:
    Every single resource you need to learn exactly how to use this instant-income trading strategy is included in this library. You’ll have access to the complete archive of Special Reports… the New Member Introductory Webinar… information on how to use this strategy in a retirement account… and more.

And you won’t want to miss…

The Options Master Class – This 5-lesson video series is where the same lessons and secrets once only privy to Wall Street elites are explained in layman’s terms so that ANYONE can quickly become a master, including the powerful strategies listed here:

  • Options Master Class Lesson #1: Your Blueprint for Options Success
  • Options Master Class Lesson #2: The Simple “Instant Income” Options Secret
  • Options Master Class Lesson #3: A Second Simple Options Strategy for Instant Cash Payouts
  • Options Master Class Lesson #4: How to Make Potential Triple-Digit Gains with Options
  • Options Master Class Lesson #5: Next Steps to Successful Options Trading

Once you’re finished with the Master Class, you’ll know how to start collecting instant payouts like $1,437 from Nike Inc…

$939 from Microsoft Corp

And $1,815 from Micron Technology Inc, among many, many others.

The full Options Master Class – all 5 lessons…

…are yours to keep, as a special gift to you…

REMEMBER: These are the same lessons and techniques that John and Wade have taught to some the biggest firms on and off Wall Street.

Normally a $495 value…

And they’re all yours FREE once you accept our special invitation today to join the Strategic Trader community.

Now, at this point you’re wondering…

How much does it cost to join Strategic Trader?

Ordinarily, this premier service is one of the most expensive we offer here at InvestorPlace.

…with a price tag of $2,000 for a full-year subscription.

And it’s well worth it.

After all, where else could you find a 95% win rate over the course of an entire year?

With the chance to make as much as $30,000… or up to $142,000… in extra income?

I’d say it’s a fair price.

But today, that’s not what you’ll pay.

Not even close.


I want every good American like you to have the chance to beat inflation…

…to protect your hard-earned savings…

…and to enjoy low-risk monthly income that could well change your standard of living.


Fortunately, John and Wade share this same goal with you.

That’s why they have agreed to something special.

For a full 30 days, you can try Strategic Trader for just $20.

You heard that right:

You get everything we talked about today, including a full month of instant-income-generating recommendations, for just $20.

If you love it after your first 30 days, you can continue at a massive discount of just $99 a month for as long as you’d like.

Or, if for any reason you decide Strategic Trader isn’t suitable for you, that $20 will be all you ever pay. Just give us a call to cancel.

And remember: Even if you decide not to continue subscribing, any income you generate by investing during your first month is still yours to keep.

Of course, all investing carries risk. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

In 2021, the average gain for Strategic Trader was 5.04%.

Again, you’ll get everything I’ve just listed for a mere fraction of what it normally costs to join the Strategic Trader community.

If you’d like to learn how to use “Apex Trades” to start collecting hundreds and even thousands of dollars off mistakes of other investors…

…while at the same time taking on less risk than buying blue-chip companies…

…with a service that yielded 225% better returns than the S&P…

…with an unmatched 95% win rate…

…we need to hear from you soon.

The way I see it, you can make one of two choices right now.

You can forget what you’ve learned here…

And continue to worry about your savings, inflation, and your retirement…

Or you can take the other path…

You can choose to win.

You can choose to take advantage of the “Apex Trades” strategy…

You can embrace the opportunity for real monthly income…

You can be gain from other’s ill-advised gambles…

And you can let John and Wade show you exactly what to do…

They’ll lead you every step of the way.

I hope you’ll make the right decision.

Join the Strategic Trader community today.

Click on the button to get started now.

I’m Louis Navellier.

Thanks for spending this time with me today.

November 2022

For more details, see our disclosures and details page.

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