Paul Mampilly says this could be 10x Bigger than Electric Vehicles


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He screamed “buy!” when Tesla was only $50. 
Now he says this is…

10X Bigger Than Electric Vehicles

America’s No. 1 EV investing expert announces battery
tech worth potentially $51 trillion within a decade. And his
No. 1 stock to buy.

  • Keep an extra $4,400 in your pocket each year — without you making a single investment…
  • And create more new millionaire investors over the next decade than any other industry.

“The Holy Grail of U.S. Energy.”

— Trump’s Energy Secretary

“Now poised to transform just about everything else — how we keep the lights on, travel from Point A to Point B, and spread power to those without it.”

— The Christian Science Monitor

“[It] may be the most important technology in the world right now.

— Forbes

Get ready.

Because today, a man many consider to be America’s No. 1 electric vehicle (EV) investing expert… 

Is going public with a message that could shape your financial destiny for 2021… 

And beyond. 

It’s no secret that everyday Americans are reaping windfalls from EV stocks…

Some are age 32, others are 62.

Some set aside a little bit from their paychecks.

Others are closer to retirement and short on funds.

Many are now walking away with enough to retire … and then some.

Bloomberg calls them “Tesla-naires.” 

Like Brandon S., age 32, who started with $10,000 less than two years ago, investing a total of $90,000.

Look at his account now:

Or Jason D. who paid $19,000 for his first bloc of shares, worth $2.2 million now… 

After seven years and adding $860,000 more…

He’s retiring at the age of 39…

This is what he wrote…

And this EV investor’s account was $300,000 11 years ago … now it’s this…

The examples are endless.

But the EV fortunes story is only beginning to unfold.

Today, Paul Mampilly will reveal his No. 1 EV stock of 2021…

Why he says its potential is even bigger … 10X bigger.

And this opportunity is pure ground floor.

Why should you listen to Paul?

He’s been at the forefront of the EV boom for years…

He predicted Tesla would rise to $4,000…

Back when it traded at only $50.

And it goes beyond Tesla.

In fact, every year for the last four years…

He shared his No. 1 EV stock of the year…

And each time, readers across his various services had the shot for gains like:

A 1,142% gain on a stock called PLUG in just three and a half years…

Up 1,090% on Tesla after just two years…

A 638% gain on Enphase Energy in one year… 

A 402% gain on Fuel Cell Energy in 10 months…

These EV stock insights changed lives.

Take Marian T., she wrote Paul: 

How did she do it?

She invested in two of Paul’s favorite EV stocks: $10,000 in PLUG and $19,000 in Tesla.

And now she’s reached $372,000.

All in less than two years.

From $29,000…

To $372,000.

On two stocks.

Just incredible.

And Marian isn’t alone.

Joseph from Brooklyn wrote:

Rick K., from McMurray, Pennsylvania, said:

Brad T., from Newberry, Massachusetts, got his first 10X win:

As did Kim D.:

For the first time in their lives…

Marian, Joseph, Rick, Brad and Kim…

Are all enjoying 7X, 11X and 13X their money…

All from Paul’s favorite EV stock positions.

And sure, they’re all members in several of Paul’s publications. 

He’s urging readers to buy this boom at every turn…

With fortunes being made each time.

That’s how powerful the $5 trillion EV mega trend is.

It’s so powerful, in fact, that Paul says the EV market is unleashing its biggest wave of profits yet…

Profits that could absolutely dwarf PLUG’s amazing run…

Or even that of Tesla.

That’s because one of Tesla’s original employees…

Has created a company with the KEY to the new energy boom…

A technology that will help power every EV, every gadget and 75 million American homes.

And it has nothing to do with the lithium battery.

This is bigger than electric vehicles…

This device is generating endless energy, on demand, 24/7 … virtually free of charge.

Wireless devices.

Home power bills.

It’s changing EVERYTHING.

And sparking a projected $51 trillion industry by the end of the decade.

That’s 10 TIMES bigger than the biggest EV projections.

And since Paul started this position, his readers had the shot for 120% gains in 11 months…

But it’s only the beginning.

Paul is now going to share the full inside scoop…

Take it away.

Hello, my name is Paul Mampilly.

Here’s a picture of me the day I bought my Tesla.

It’s an incredible car.

With it … I can go from 0 to 60 … in less than four seconds. And it’s almost completely silent. It hardly makes a sound.

I can drive over 300 miles without charging… 

Just as I can with any gasoline car.

Except I don’t have to pay for a single drop of gas.

It’s the absolute best car I have ever owned.

But get this…

In the next 12 months, I believe it will be as outdated as the Model T.

And it’s happening due to this battery right here…

A battery more powerful than any electric vehicle battery available.

25x times more powerful.

What does this mean?

This battery could send a Tesla across the country nearly four times — on a single charge!

It is creating the electric vehicle of the future — a gasoline-free car that has the potential to…

✔ Charge in eight minutes — not hours.

✔ Drive a range of 9,200 miles — meaning you would have months of travel between charging, instead of days.

✔ And last not 1, but 12 MILLION miles.

All for a fraction of what it costs to make current electric vehicles.

Think about that.

Just a few years ago, there were no electric cars on the road.

Today there are 1 million electric cars in America alone.

And thanks to this “super battery” … that number is expected to soon grow to 21 million.

Then it is just a straight ride to every American’s driveway.

From loggers in Oregon to latte drinkers in New York City … from baby boomers to millennials…

Every single person is going to want to get behind the wheel of the future electric car.

Forbes predicts it could “fuel every way you travel from the road to the air.”

CNN says it’s the key to “finally achieving the electrified automotive future that we've been promised.”

Today, I’ll show you the secret inside this next generation battery… a technology so powerful that it’s protected by not 1, but 100 different patents.

Most importantly, you’ll discover how the company that owns ALL of these patents is creating the opportunity for maximum profits as the battery market potentially surges up to 20,300%. All by the end of the decade.

This company isn’t Tesla or any big company you’ve heard of.

Rather, it’s a little-known California company … started by one of Tesla’s original employees.

He’s known as “Employee No. 7.”

You could call him the secret behind Tesla’s success … even one of the “fathers” of the electric car revolution.

Yet, few know his name or the new company he founded.

But that’s all about to change.

Because his company holds the KEY — the technology in this battery — to unlocking a historic energy revolution.

And companies are already positioning themselves to deliver maximum profits to investors as this potential trillion-dollar revolution unfolds.

It’s a revolution so big, Bloomberg reports that some see it as…

“The most significant shift in the energy sector since the late 19th century.”

The World Economic Forum says this technology will unleash…

“A transformation of unheard magnitude.”

And Fortune says that winning the battery revolution is…

“[Like having] control of coal in the 19th century and of oil in the 20th [century].”

Yes, energy that’s on demand 24/7, never runs out, all virtually free of charge.

That’s what this super-battery promises…

That’s why I foresee this market surging up to 20,300% … from an estimated $250 billion niche into a potential $51 trillion industry over the next decade.

Let me repeat that. I am expecting THIS energy market to surge up to 20,300% … from a $250 billion niche into a $51 TRILLION industry.

That’s bigger than all of the FAANG stocks combined … 15 times bigger.

And it’s not happening 10 years from now, or 5 years or even 1 year … it’s starting right now.

At this very moment, this revolution is taking off…

Politico says: “It’s growing at a faster pace than electric cars.”

And “even faster than renewables” like solar and wind.

Bloomberg says it’s set to “double six times over.” Calling this growth rate “remarkable.”

Energy research firm Wood Mackenzie says it’s “spreading much faster than anyone expected.” And reaching the “point of no return.”

This battery technology is spreading at such a breakneck speed that it will go from powering a few homes last year…

To providing power to 75 million American homes nationwide by the end of the decade … all being rolled out right now.

This isn’t just happening in places like California…

It’s happening in Alabama, Utah, even Texas.

Red states, blue states, it doesn’t matter…

Because everyone is going to want virtually free energy on demand, electricity that never runs out.

To power their homes, their cars, even their hot tubs — everything.

It’s all happening now due to the technology inside this super-battery…

Forbes predicts that this technology could “fuel new air taxis, change the way we travel and the aerospace industry.”

And best of all, energy mints more new millionaires than any other industry.

Just think…

For all of the hype over cryptos and pot stocks … which made astounding riches for investors…

The energy sector does even better. We saw it with another segment of the energy market — the shale oil boom — which minted an estimated 22,000 all-new millionaires … just in the last few years.

That’s five times more new millionaires than were created from cryptocurrencies, pot stocks and the biggest tech companies — Google, Facebook and Apple … COMBINED!

Now, get this…

Although this energy we’re talking about is different, its potential is even bigger.

Because the technology inside this battery releases energy that’s virtually free, on demand and never runs out…

Nothing we have now can compete with it.

That’s why this new “niche” energy market, what I call “endless energy,” could grow to become bigger than the ENTIRE existing energy market.

Even up to twelve times bigger!

In other words… it has the potential to mint more new millionaires than any energy revolution in history!

But the window to get in on the ground floor is closing quickly…

In the Coming Weeks, These Super-Batteries Will Begin Providing Power to 75 Million American Homes

That’s not a prediction…

It’s a direct order from the U.S. government.

Federal Order 841, a mandate from the federal energy agency, is launching a historic rollout to help ensure the use of this battery technology nationwide.

This mandate was voted in. It’s on the books. It’s already scheduled to happen.

Duke Energy, America’s second biggest power company, predicts this battery technology “will blanket the U.S.”

To comply with the federal order…

Power companies are beginning to deploy these batteries everywhere, using it to replace typical power plants.

FPL, Florida’s main power company, will be able to use it to provide power to 900,000 homes by 2021.

PG&E, in California, aims to use it to power an estimated 2.3 million homes in the coming months.

And in Texas, it could be nearly 500,000 homes in the next 24 months.

That’s nearly 4 million homes in these three states alone.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Over 32 states, from Nevada to Iowa to New York, are doing the same.

Based on my research, 75 million American homes, roughly 2-in-3 Americans, could begin to receive power from battery technology by the end of the decade…

Technology that generates endless energy, on demand, without fossil fuels.

All beginning in the next few weeks, due to this federal mandate. And then from there? EVERY single American home.

We’re talking universal mass adoption.

This is why Forbes calls this super-battery an “existential disruptor of the entire energy market.”

In layman's terms, it’s going to change everything about the way we get electricity.

But the window to get in on the ground floor and get maximum profit potential from this expected 20,300% market surge is closing quickly…

We’re moving full speed ahead into the new era of energy, thanks to one revolutionary technology that’s making the battery of the future possible… beginning not 5 or 10 years from now, but right now.

To get you started immediately, I’ll reveal exactly what this device is in this report.

I’ll also give you the details on the little-known company holding all 100 patents on the technology inside that’s responsible for unleashing the “endless energy” revolution.

And I’ll tell you about a little-known company you can invest in today that I believe will ride this historic market surge to its height, creating untold wealth for early investors.

But before I do, it’s important for you to understand who I am and why I left my $25 billion money management firm on Wall Street to share revolutionary investment ideas with the everyday American.

Again, my name is Paul Mampilly.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen me on major media outlets such as Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg.

For years, I was hailed as one of the top hedge fund managers on Wall Street.

I was sought out by the likes of Deutsche Bank and ING to manage multimillion-dollar accounts.

The hedge fund I helped grow from $1 billion to $6 billion in two years was named one of the “world’s best” by Barron’s. That growth came from both my returns and new investors who wanted to see them.

Kiplinger ranked my fund in the top 1% calling us: “The most original minds in the investment business today.”

In 2008, I was invited to take part in a high-stakes investment competition with several of the world’s greatest investors. They gave me $50 million to invest, and I turned it into $88 million — a 76% return … during one of the worst markets on record, winning the competition hands down.

My success led me to manage money for the Royal Bank of Scotland and private Swiss banks.

However, after 25 years on Wall Street making billions for the ultra wealthy, I walked away.

I grew tired of the corporate greed — the 16-hour work days that took me away from my family — and Wall Street’s endless thirst for more power, more money.

That’s why, I started a new mission.

Rather than making the 1% even richer on Wall Street, I’m now using my skill set to show hardworking Main Street Americans how to build wealth … turning tens of thousands into hundreds of thousands of dollars… in just a few years.

I do this by essentially letting you look over my shoulder, at my model portfolio, so you can see the types of investments I used to recommend to my wealthy clients.

Now, there couldn’t be a better time to get in on the ground floor of this $51 trillion mega industry.

Energy revolutions mint new millionaires every time… and this one could be as much as 12x bigger than any before.

You can get started with less than $100 … but to have a chance at getting the biggest returns … you will want to buy in now before this federal mandate launches an epic rollout to 75 million homes.

This Super-Battery will unleash what the World Economic Forum is calling: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Again, this device…

… is a battery.

But not just any battery.


A next-gen battery 2,500% more powerful than what we have now.

It’s so much bigger than electric vehicles…


Replaces THIS…

Now, when you think of the battery, you might think of this…

This type of battery has essentially been powering everything…

From your smartphone and laptop to your wristwatch and ear buds.

It's functionally the same type of battery we've been using for the past 40 years.

In all that time, there hasn't been a single significant innovation.

Until now.

One California company has finally cracked the battery code, igniting a historic potential 20,300% market surge in battery power over the next decade.

And it isn’t Tesla, or any big company.

In fact…

In what may go down as “the biggest upset” in history…

One of Tesla’s original employees, as I mentioned before, founded the company leading this new energy revolution.

He was part of the team responsible for Tesla’s first series of electric cars.

He helped solve some serious issues that made Tesla’s achievements possible.

This guy calls the Tesla Roadster his “baby.” But he realized that the lithium-ion battery as we know it is a serious obstacle…

So he struck out on his own … and made a fundamental leap in battery technology that could do exactly that.

And now, thanks to his remarkable chemical engineering feat…

He’s cracked the battery code … generating what’s set to become the power storage titan of the century.

What makes it so powerful?

It’s what inside.

You see, almost every battery runs on two things: lithium and graphene.

That’s how it’s been for 40 years, and the battery has been stuck in the same place ever since.

But this engineer has redefined the very chemistry of the battery for the first time, pushing the old lithium ion battery aside…

And created a superbattery by incorporating this technology: this jar of black powder.

In short, it supercharges the battery by 2,500%.

This means 25 times faster charging, longer range and longer battery life.

But electric vehicles are just one of countless applications for this technology.

This innovation is about to unleash a world of complete endless energy, on demand…

In ways that no energy solution in history ever possibly could.

This is why the experts are calling it “black magic powder” … “magic sand” … and “magic dust that’s sparking an electric revolution on the roads.”

It’s not a rare earth metal like lithium. Nor is it any kind of mineral commodity.

Rather, it’s a nanotechnology that unlocks the KEY to the energy storage revolution:

A massive boost in energy density.

This is why I call it “nanopowder.”

In one fell swoop, it supercharges the power of the battery at an exponential pace.

A pace that will dwarf the growth of the last 40 years — practically overnight.

It’s the catalyst that’s going to make it so cheap that the only logical choice will be to power everything with 100% clean energy — energy freely available that can now be stored by batteries.

That’s why this superbattery is going to bring us…

The New “Ion Age” — The Guardian

“An Epic Transition from Fossil Fuels” — Fortune

“It’s Electrifying Everything” — The Economist

Even better…

This technology is protected by 100 different patents … giving this ex-Tesla employee, and his little-known company, the KEY to unleashing it all.

And it’s partnered with several companies that are employing this technology in their devices, giving us the chance to ride a potential 20,300% market surge from the ground floor.

All told, Bloomberg projects battery power to “double six times” by 2030.

And it’s this nanopowder that will make the huge growth surge possible.

But what does a leap forward in battery technology mean for you?

You see, for the last 40 years, our technology has grown in leaps and bounds.

But our batteries? They’ve gone nowhere.

For example … when compared to microprocessors that have surged 300 times in speed and power…

The growth in battery power is virtually nothing.

This one thing is holding back all of our technology from reaching its true potential.

But it’s all about to change.

This superbattery, fueled by nanopowder, will be a giant leap forward for everything.

It means everything charged by batteries gets so much better.

It would mean an unimaginable new generation of electric cars, smartphones, PCs and medical equipment…

A fundamental shift in ways that make them faster, smarter and more powerful.

And it could mean unfathomable profits for investors who get in now … as it launches a potential 20,300% market surge.


This Battery Breakthrough Will Ignite 3 Different Trillion-Dollar Markets.

Future Trillion-Dollar Market No. 1: Emerging Technology

The first market is emerging technology — all of them — 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Everyone is talking about these new technologies. But they’re all missing one thing…

They all need power. Tons of it.

In just a few years … these emerging technologies are going to consume a near majority of our global power needs.

One study expects the industry will need 3,000 terawatts every year by 2025. That’ll be here before we know it.

What does that much power look like? That’s enough power to keep the lights on in 3 trillion homes for one hour!

And ALL of these emerging technologies will run on batteries.

Imagine that.

I love my smartphone, but if yours is like mine, running just a single app can drain your battery…

How could we possibly power these technologies of the future … on this here?

Take 5G. It’s promising amazing things.

With it, you’ll be able to download HD movies on your smartphone — in a few seconds.

Self-driving cars could become a reality, possibly ending tens of thousands of fatal vehicle collisions.

An optometrist in New York could perform cataract surgery on a patient … in a remote village in India.

Imagine if drones could deliver packages from Chicago to Berlin, safely flying through the air, without collisions.

The list goes on and on.

But what everybody forgets is this:

Just as 4G drains your battery faster than 3G…

5G needs three times more power, at the very least, so it will NOT be sustainable with traditional batteries.

In other words…

Batteries are one of the crucial things holding back the 5G revolution!

Then there’s the other half of 5G … the world of interconnected devices — the Internet of Things.

Already, this is a massive technology market … worth $151 billion. And it’s just beginning.

According to SoftBank Group, that number could hit a staggering $11 trillion.

5G will help get it there. But it can’t on its own.

You see, the IoT means devices keep in contact with one another, exchanging data constantly. Behind this, are tiny “smart sensors.”

But here’s the thing…

These sensors consume a TON of power, putting enormous strain on their battery life…

And if these sensors lose power, the whole system unravels.

This is a matter of life and death. When it comes to self-driving cars, it means avoiding fatal collisions.

Now, imagine a trillion connected devices … sharing data constantly … all running on 5G wireless networks.

We’re talking about unprecedented amounts of power being used.

Researchers expect it will TRIPLE our current power needs.

My point is simple:

5G, IoT, AI, it’s all going to happen — there’s no doubt about it.

These mega trends are inevitable, happening now and changing the way we live every single day.

But there’s one thing missing — the one thing that will put them in full acceleration mode:

A better, longer-lasting, much more powerful battery.

That’s what this nanopowder technology, and the company behind it, are making possible.

The second new trillion-dollar market is electric vehicles.

Future Trillion-Dollar Market No. 2: Electric Vehicles

The market for electric vehicles now is still small. It did just $39 billion in sales last year.

However, in the next few years, Business Insider projects it has the potential to reach $5 trillion.

But it won’t get there without one thing…

Better batteries — batteries that charge in minutes, stay charged for months and last for decades.

People will never want electric cars simply because they’re electric.

They’ll drive them because they’re great cars — affordable, stylish and powerful.

That’s exactly what a superbattery, run on nanopowder, could achieve.

This is why all of the big auto companies are rushing for one thing…

To create an electric car with a battery that is better than Tesla’s.

And to make it happen, they’re going all-in on the future battery.

Toyota, Mercedes, BMW and other car giants have already put down $110 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

Of course, it’s so much bigger than just devices and cars…

This catalyst is so instrumental, that it will trigger a leap forward in energy completely.

Future Trillion-Dollar Market No. 3: Green Energy

Many people thought solar and wind energy were pipedreams. And for good reason…

The sun doesn’t shine all day. The wind doesn’t always blow.

There are entire weeks and months in the year, in some places, when there is no sun at all.

On the other hand…

When the sun is constantly shining, and the wind is blowing at full gust … we can’t even use all of the energy it supplies us with. So, without the right batteries, a ton of it goes to waste.

In one year, for instance, China wasted enough clean energy to power all of Beijing.

This year so far, California lost 774,000 megawatt hours of clean power.

That’s enough to provide power to 129,000 homes for the past nine months.

And it’s the same everywhere there’s solar energy and wind energy…

Our power needs just don’t match what either deliver.

So we could build all the solar panels and wind farms we want…

But without the ability to STORE this power, for use when we need it the most…

Solar and wind, as great as they are, will never grow beyond just a niche market.

It is the one thing that’s held us back from a world of clean, 24/7, on-demand power.

But that’s all beginning to change…

And it’s due to this historic innovation in energy storage: new superbatteries.

The ability to store power to use when we want it … and not whenever it’s generated.

I can’t exaggerate how monumental a shift like this will be, based on my research.

Imagine a world where we can store clean electricity just like canned foods.

It never goes bad.

We can take it out at any time. Keep it for later. And have access to it — 24/7 — all virtually free.

No more electric bills.

No more power outages.

The freedom to use all the power you want.

And look at the alternatives…

I don’t care who you are … would you want this in your backyard?

Or what about this?

Of course not.

But would you mind having this?

Or this?

But this superbattery won’t just put an end to dirty energy…

It will end the era of having to use energy the moment it is generated.

It means we can bottle power from the sun, wind and other sources … power we can instantly use whenever and wherever we need it.

This is why I believe this nanopowder here is promising unfathomable riches.

It will be able to take solar, wind, geothermal and other kinds of power … once written off as complete pipedreams…

And unleash them as universal “free” power for every American home and business.

Thanks to the battery storage revolution, UBS predicts investments in renewables will reach a staggering $35 TRILLION by 2030.

It’s the catalyst that will ignite all three industries…

1) Emerging technology.

2) Electric vehicles.

3) Green energy.

And take them from a $250 billion niche right now…

To a combined $51 trillion mega industry, if my research is right.

That is a potential 20,300% market surge within a decade.

But how much money could this make you exactly?

If history is any indication, we could be in store for earth-shattering riches.

Historic Innovations Created Energy Millionaires

Take the rise of oil.

We take it for granted today, but few realize that oil’s rise was NOT inevitable. It wasn’t even likely.

In 1846, geologist Abraham Gesner discovered how to turn oil into kerosene — the fuel that powered homes.

But there was a problem:

Oil, when refined into usable fuel, was too expensive compared to coal.

So it couldn’t be mass-produced.

That’s why, for decades, oil stayed mostly underground.

That all changed when Rockefeller introduced a game changer to the oil industry … one much like this nanopowder is to the battery.

This catalyst, called the “complete” refinery, allowed him to drop the price of oil to a mere $0.05 per gallon.

Suddenly, oil went from being hardly used for anything to becoming the fuel that supplied kerosene for millions of American homes.

When Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870, 24 years after Gesner’s discovery, he quickly took control of the entire refinery process.

And, in a decade after its founding, Standard Oil controlled the flow of 90% of America’s oil…

Rockefeller got insanely rich as a result.

And it wasn’t just Rockefeller … over four decades, his company, Standard Oil, grew 2,900 times over.

That’s good enough to turn just $350 into a seven-figure nest egg.

And all early investors got rich. In Cleveland, Standard Oil’s headquarters, investors used their windfall to buy up mansions along Euclid Avenue, the famous “Millionaire’s Row.”

The neighborhood was once considered the wealthiest in America.

The light bulb is another example.

Few realize that Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. That credit goes to Joseph Swan, in 1860.

But Swan’s light bulb never went to market. It was simply too big and costly.

Then Edison added something that made the light bulb practical and inexpensive … a catalyst called the “carbonized” filament.

This kind of light bulb, the incandescent bulb, would go on to power millions of homes in America and worldwide.

Edison founded General Electric (GE), 20 years later, launching the light bulb to energy market domination.

Over the course of the 20th century, GE’s market cap grew by a stunning 2,000 times.

That’s good enough to turn $500 into a million-dollar nest egg…

And some didn’t have to imagine it… Ten thousand General Electric employees, who were paid with shares, became new millionaires.

Engineers cashed out six figures in stock options.

Wall Street advisors recall being shocked at blue collar and secretary workers showing up on the eve of their retirement, holding thousands of shares in General Electric stock.

And just as Rockefeller’s refinery launched oil to the top of the energy market…

Decades after the discovery of kerosene…

And just as Edison’s filament made the light bulb the world’s No. 1 form of electric lighting…

Decades after the light bulb was invented…

This company’s nanopowder has the potential to make the battery THE power source for everything…

Forty years after the battery’s invention….

And spark a stunning 20,300% market surge. All within a decades’ time.

It’s doing this in the exact same way:

Simply by fixing a fundamental flaw that’s kept it from reaching its total potential…

It is making the battery — like oil and the lightbulb — cheaper, easier to use and mass produce.

What Intel Did to Microchips Is What This Company Is Doing to Batteries

This is also the case of the microchip, which was invented in 1959.

But it didn’t gain traction until more than 30 years later, when Intel revolutionized technology with the invention of the MOS transistor, putting it in all devices we now use…

Of course, Intel made early investors rich, soaring for 33,500% gains over the long run.

This nanopowder is doing to batteries what Intel did to microchips. When Intel came around, the chip had maybe a dozen or so “transistors” which is the technology that controls the size and power of the processor.

But Intel’s breakthrough, the MOS transistor, set in motion what’s called Moore’s Law … meaning that the number of transistors would at least double every single year.

Nowadays, the average chip has billions of MOS transistors, which has made all of our technology so much smaller and so much cheaper. They’re even called “the fundamental building block of electronics.”

And Intel’s discovery spun off a whole bunch of major chip stock gains. Gains like…

Micron Technology, which jumped 22,000%.

And the best example may be Applied Materials — the world’s No. 1 equipment supplier to chip companies.

It’s NOT a chip stock.

It has the technology that, for the last three decades, accelerated chip adoption at an exponential rate.

Before their innovation, chips were made for one computer at a time.

This became slow and cumbersome, especially in the 1980s, when computers began taking off.

What Applied Materials did was make mass production of microchips — with silicon — possible.

And the good news is this company has had the biggest gains of all — surging by an extraordinary 77,000%.

Just $1,300 invested in Applied Materials could have made you a millionaire.

Now, as history repeats itself… life-altering gains are once again on the table.

After all, Intel – didn’t create the computer chip.

Rockefeller — didn’t drill for oil.

Edison — didn’t make the light bulb.

They both made one thing: the process that made them power our lives so much cheaper and better.

Similarly … this company does NOT make batteries. It engineers the material inside, the stuff that redefines the battery, making it exponentially more powerful, cheaper and smaller.

And just like Applied Materials made the mass rollout of microchips possible with silicon…

This company is using silicon, the most absorbable material for batteries, to revolutionize how energy storage works.

You see, silicon absorbs 25 times more lithium ions than graphite…

This gives the battery an unprecedented 2,500% boost in energy density.

And remember…

Power storage is all about containing energy.

The problem though is…

When silicon absorbs lithium ions during charging, it also expands.

During the discharge cycle, when it’s powered on, the silicon releases the lithium ions and shrinks back down again.

The changes in size fracture the battery after a few cycles.

This is why…

Although everyone knows the silicon anode is the “Holy Grail” of batteries…

They’ve failed to add more than a tiny bit — like 10% — of silicon to batteries.

But this company has spent a decade working to break through this barrier…

And now they’ve finally done it.

But NOT with any old version of silicon.

This is not about rare earths … or resources.

As Forbes says this is: “an entirely new-to-the-world material.”

This is what I’ve been calling nanopowder.

I’m talking about silicon nanoparticles — engineered powder that’s condensed.

Simply because of their size, the nanoparticles do not expand as much as typical forms of silicon.

And that’s such a fundamental breakthrough…

It is going to transform the very battery as we think of it…

What they did was simple, as simple as Edison with the light bulb filament…

Rockefeller with the oil refinery…

Intel with the microchip…

And it is just as transformative. And could be just as lucrative.

Here’s how it works…

This company created a microscopic shell — made out of silicon — that holds the atoms inside.

Inside there’s a ton of room to expand and shrink…

So once the lithium ions are absorbed, the particles expand within the shell casing — but not outside.

And this leaves the outer layer of the battery’s electrode untouched … and undamaged.

This means you get ALL of the power — with none of the changes in size that crack the battery.

That’s what all this boils down to. And thanks to this innovation…

For the first time ever, this company has done what so many have dreamed of…

What Elon Musk and so many others have been rushing to do…

They’ve tapped into the full power of silicon, creating the material that I believe will define the 21st-century battery.

And since they’ve filed no less than 100 patents on the technology…

They hold an undisputed monopoly on the battery catalyst that’s sparking an expected 20,300% market surge.

They didn’t create a new battery — they created the material that easily supercharges every battery.

Simply add this powder to any battery — and it will dramatically boost its power 25-fold.

That’s why, already, this company is growing at a rate of about 50% every year — just as Tesla did early on.

But it’s about to get a major jumpstart…

Because right now, they are producing nanopowder to begin the first major rollout expected this year.

Yes, this rollout is set to begin any day now. To millions of devices.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

It’s happening just as Federal Order 841 takes effect.

And just as there will be a massive rollout of battery power nationwide.

Federal Order 841 Is Positioning This Company for U.S. Energy Domination

This federal mandate is taking effect in the coming month. It’s “opening the floodgates for energy storage.”

This mandate is issued under a little-known energy agency called the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

It governs what are known as “wholesale energy markets.”

You see, few people realize it, but energy is bought and sold just like any product.

There are the retail suppliers — the power companies — which are much like any store you go to.

And then there is the wholesale market, where coal, oil and nuclear is bought and sold in bulk.

There are seven wholesale markets in the U.S., covering 32 states, all governed by FERC rules.

This archaic top-down system runs America’s grid, the world’s largest source of power.

And here’s the thing…

Even though batteries now offer cheaper electricity than fossil fuels…

They’ve been kept out of America’s energy mix.

Because ANYBODY can deploy a battery in their home.

This not only pushes these middlemen out of the way…

It makes you a potential seller of energy — to your friends, your neighbors, anyone.

Imagine a closet in your home becoming a power plant for your entire neighborhood. Or, with this technology here, potentially your whole city.

In short, this takes power from centralized hands … and puts it in yours.

Think of Amazon allowing anyone to sell their goods online and compete with the big retail chains.

That’s a lot like this situation, but for energy.

Which is why some are calling the power storage “an Amazon-like opportunity.”

And now, FERC Order 841 is accelerating this to a reality.

It cuts away at all of the red tape … flinging the doors wide open for batteries to compete with all power sources.


Instead of just one or two power companies that run a whole area…

We’ll have hundreds of everyday Americans with superbatteries, selling their power on the market.

And driving the cost to virtually nothing.

Utilities see this could make them obsolete. They’ll become just another player among many.

This is why they are racing to build new battery projects…

Projects that will replace outdated power plants … like this one:

With this, superbattery technology, right here:

And the race is already underway…

Florida, Arizona, California, Nevada — all of these states are in a match to build the “world’s most powerful battery system.”

It’s happening everywhere.

In one of these regions — 14 states in Middle America — 5 gigawatts of battery power projects are lined up…

Enough to start powering 5 million homes.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg…

According to one study, the order alone, FERC 841, will work to add to 100 gigawatts of battery storage potential.

That’s astonishing.

It’s enough to power 75 million homes. 75 million homes! All with “endless energy,” on demand.

And this is just the first domino… Worldwide, we’re on the cusp of a universal expansion of power storage. And it all begins in the next few months.

You have but a brief window to get in on the ground floor of this energy revolution…

To get you started, I compiled complete details on the total $51 trillion opportunity…

Including this California company, and why it's expected to ignite the future of endless energy…

The next iteration of this technology …

And the No. 1 stock for the future of this energy revolution.

Together they’re poised to send an electric car to every American’s driveway … and “endless” energy, on-demand, to every home.

It’s all in the brand-new dossier I call…

$51 Trillion in Endless Energy: Get Rich on the Battery Breakthrough of the 21st Century.

In a moment, I’ll rush you your free copy.

I Want To See The Details

It contains everything you need to position yourself for the biggest profits…

As this nanotech breakthrough transforms the battery…

Putting it on the fast track to global energy domination.

The last time we saw an opportunity of this magnitude was with Standard Oil, General Electric and Intel…

As you’ve seen, Standard Oil jumped 2,900-fold in four decades…

Intel roared 33,500% in two decades…

General Electric grew 2,000-fold over the 20th century…

Tons of investors in these companies became millionaires.

Some within a decade.

And it doesn’t stop there…

In recent years, other segments of the energy sector minted their own millionaires — five times more new millionaires than all of the hottest trends, like cryptos and pot stocks … and even the hottest tech companies — COMBINED.

In no other industry or sector are YOU better positioned to have the chance to earn a projected 400% return in the next three years.

Now history is repeating itself.

Just like the rise of oil, electricity and the microchip…

This technology is set to ignite the next major explosion of energy … one that will eclipse them ALL.

And spark a stunning 20,300% market surge.

It’s all beginning right now, with the help of this federally mandated rollout, so there’s absolutely no time to waste.

You won’t be going at it alone either.

As this federal mandate takes hold…

Everyone from Big Tech to billionaires to Big Oil are piling in staggering amounts of money into battery storage…

Fortune says: “Unprecedented billions of dollars are pouring into battery research and development.”

Bloomberg estimates investment to eventually reach $620 billion. But that’s not a projection. It is starting right now…

A “dream team” of billionaires that’s being called “the richest pool of men ever assembled” … including:

✓ Jeff Bezos.

✓ Bill Gates.

✓ Richard Branson.

✓ Mark Zuckerberg.

As well as investments from Michael Bloomberg and about 12 other billionaires!

They are “pouring billions” into new energy innovations, including battery technology and building gigacities!

Here’s one that will have enough energy to help power nearly the entire U.S. West Coast.

The company behind this gigacity has just made a strategic deal that gives them access to the nanopowder technology in this jar.

And that’s just the beginning…

Experts predict that soon we’ll have “terafactories” that could power as many as 1 billion homes — in other words, the entire world.

And I expect them all to use this black powder right here.

This is why the “smart money” is now piling into nanopowder…

The new venture capital in battery storage technology is growing at an astonishing rate.

From $1.1 billion…

To $3.3 billion in investments…

Just in the last six months.

In other words, billionaires are betting BIG.

That’s a 200% growth surge in battery investments … from the world’s biggest venture capital firms.

And it is happening just as we speak.

There’s a Trillion-Dollar Race to Put Better Batteries in Every Wireless Device, Electric Vehicle and Grid

All of the big car companies are rushing to get their hands on the batteries of the future.

BMW just partnered with the California company behind nanopowder … giving it first dibs on the stuff.

Mercedes invested $100 million in this company, which is the biggest venture capital deal for batteries yet!

And incredibly enough, Fortune says that silicon technology is “Tesla’s plan for a cheaper car.”

They call it Elon Musk’s “secret sauce” to transform the Tesla.

But this company beat him to the punch … and locked in their superior market position with a whopping 100 patents.

And now, thanks to their strategic deals, BMW and Mercedes have a huge edge over Tesla. That’s why I expect Tesla to join them next.

And that’s just for starters…

The biggest names in the auto industry are investing $110 billion in electric car batteries … and all of their suppliers are rushing to use nanopowder.

What’s the sales potential?

According to a Forbes estimate, it is projected to unleash a stunning $50 billion surge of wealth. Every single year. Just in electric vehicles!

$50 BILLION Sales Potential … Each Year … From Electric Cars Alone

From just a trickle of sales … to $50 billion in annual sales. All for one company.

But you know what? It could do so much better.

Because it’s not just carmakers. In the 5G race, some of the biggest players are turning to the one thing they need: better batteries.

As I mentioned, 5G is a power-hungry network, one that simply can’t operate on existing lithium batteries.

What’s more, this powder delivers more power at a much smaller size … giving the smartphone space for 5G, a better camera and features — all with faster and longer-lasting charge.

This could ignite the next generation of smartphones!

This is why Samsung participated in multiple financing rounds worth $130 million.

Kleiner Perkins, the venture capital firm that backed Amazon and AOL early on, is now getting behind it.

So is former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

But here’s the biggest news…

This California company just made a historic deal … one that sets it up for universal adoption.

Historic Deal Sets Up Batteries for Global Energy Domination

In short, it inked a partnership with the world’s No. 1 battery company.

I’m talking about one of the biggest battery-makers for Apple and Samsung smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and all devices… Amperex Technology Ltd. In Hong Kong.

This deal could help make batteries a dominant force — and not just for wireless smart devices … but cars and grid power, too.

You see, right now, few have heard of this huge battery-maker or the tiny California company super-charging the battery industry. These are far from household names such as Tesla. But that’s all about to change…

Right now these companies are helping to build the world’s largest battery plant… One that will “dwarf Tesla’s gigafactory” and make it the world’s No. 1 supplier of electric vehicles.

Amperex has lined up deals to supply batteries for electric cars from Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota and others.

And it’s turning to this nanopowder technology to cement its lead!

Even more incredible … it’s the largest battery-maker for the largest electric vehicle market: China.

This is where it’s meeting orders for hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles.

In fact, it controls almost HALF of the entire Chinese market for electric vehicles.

And now, it is positioned to put nanopowder in ALL of these batteries.

But it’s not just cars or devices…

This company just built a new battery plant… One that could singlehandedly power 750,000 homes.

But that’s just the beginning…

Because … when you add nanopowder … my research estimates this same plant could soon power the entire West Coast. That’s nearly 75 million Americans!

Bottom line: It’s going to fast-track this nanopowder innovation to the center of the battery revolution … and batteries to the center of the world’s energy mix. That’s why perfectly positioned investors stand to make massive profits as this story unfolds.

Of course, with investing, your initial stake in a company will influence your profit potential. Larger investments could see larger, more extraordinary profits. But, again, you never want to invest more than you can afford to lose. However, even a tiny stake could turn a massive fortune.

Because this nanopowder technology could deliver the same upside as Tesla had you bought in early.

And that’s conservatively speaking…

Since Amperex is positioning itself as the world’s No. 1 supplier of electric vehicles … I believe its suppliers are positioned to trigger a much bigger windfall opportunity.

This is why you’ll get my full report on this nanopowder company in my brand-new special report.

$51 Trillion in Endless Energy: Get Rich on the Battery Breakthrough of the 21st Century

This includes details on:

✓  The incredible $51 Trillion energy storage revolution starting now.

✓  The California company with its revolutionary nanopowder technology. This company, which I expect to begin publicly trading in the next few years, is rolling out its unparalleled energy innovation to all kind of devices, electric vehicles, and 75 million American homes… and as it does, here’s the no. 1 way to profit in the meantime:

✓  My No. 1 Energy Revolution Stock pick – the future of batteries: a company producing THE critical missing link that every battery needs to power cars and homes in the new age of energy storage.

Inside you’ll get a full breakdown on these companies — their names and their company profiles.

Everything you need to help you decide to jump on this potential profit opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ll be happy to rush this report to you today, immediately, because there’s no time to waste.

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I’ve already been able to help thousands of people.

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Here are some of the emails I’ve received from my most successful readers.

These are just a few of the quick profits my readers have written in about.

But over time, folks are doing even better…

One of my favorite stories is from Dick W., who started with $1,920,000 in November 2016 and earned nearly $1 million from my recommendations by May 2019. He wrote:

It’s rewarding to see that so many of my readers are making so much money. But I am confident that those who are watching today will have the chance to make even more money than Karl, Taylor and Derrick…

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But I’m not going to stop there.

There are several other opportunities to make double, triple and even quadruple-digit gains over the next few years…

To help you capture those opportunities, I have two additional reports to give you.

I told you about the incredible technologies that will be unleashed by the batteries of the future… 5G … IoT … artificial intelligence … blockchain. And there so many more I track and include in my Profits Unlimited model portfolio.

But there are two tech opportunities right now that I believe have life-changing gains potential that I want to get into your hands right away….

The second report is called Blockchain Fortunes: The Company That Could Make You Twelve Times Your Money

Blockchain is so much more than cryptocurrencies. I believe it will become the very fabric of every transaction of the future – recording everything that happens, a permanent record.

Blockchain is so powerful, it is spreading into every area of our lives at this very moment…

More than 90% of governments worldwide plan to invest, the Center for Disease Control plans to use blockchain to keep accurate medical data. Real estate transactions, shipping, the way companies raise capital, voting, licenses – these are all being disrupted by blockchain.

This report tells you everything you need to know about my no. 1 stock for the blockchain revolution, and why I believe it’s positioned to return twelve times your money – in just three short years.

My third report is called How to Ride AI’s 76,000% Surge to Massive Profits.

In this report, I dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence – a big beneficiary of the battery revolution, Blockchain and 5G.

Artificial Intelligence is the future. The future driver of communications, customer service, financial services, autonomous vehicles, construction, manufacturing healthcare; the list goes on.

In this report you’ll see how AI is already transforming mega industries. This industry is projected to surge 76,000% in only five years. And you’ll discover the new technology that is making it all possible…

And most importantly, the company with a near-monopoly on the AI memory chips that have been described as “the crude oil of the 21st century.”

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Today, you can invest in the top companies I’ve identified … those few I believe will be the biggest beneficiaries of the $51 trillion windfall in endless energy, starting with less than $100.

The last time we saw an opportunity of this magnitude was with Standard Oil, General Electric and Intel.

Imagine if you had bought in before their meteoric rises. Before they minted all-new millionaires.

That’s the opportunity we’re seeing today.

But you need to act fast.

Federal Order 841 is taking effect, launching a rollout to as many as 75 million homes nationwide.

When this happens, it will launch the battery to the center of the world energy mix…

And this will happen just as this nanopowder is set to begin rolling out, creating THIS superbattery.

It’s THE catalyst for the mass adoption of the $51 trillion energy storage market — the biggest in the history of energy.

It’s going to ignite a potential 20,300% market surge over the next decade.

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I Want To See The Details

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