Keith Kaplan and TradeStops Plus: The 10,000 New Millionaires Project

Table of Contents Just a Quick Intro Keith Kaplan and his team at TradeSmith have started a new promo campaign for their TradeStops Plus investment and portfolio-analysis software called the “10,000 New Millionaires Project.” Kaplan hopes to harness the power of his TradeStops Plus software suite to help new and seasoned investors avoid common mistakes … Read More

Why Cybersecurity is a Prime Investment Right Now…

In this Article I bet there aren’t many readers who haven’t had their email, social media account, or bank details hacked at some point. I have… several times. The last time it happened, I was in Medellín, Colombia. You’ll recognize the name if you watched the Netflix series Narcos about Colombia’s powerful, violent drug cartels set in … Read More

infinite energy

Infinite Energy Stock: The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race

Table of Contents Who is Adam O’Dell? See Adam O’Dell’s track record What is GHAWAR? How much bigger is Infinite Energy Platform compared to GHAWAR? Reviews from early adopters of Infinite Energy Software Where is the smart money investing? Massive Government funding on the way What is Infinite Energy Software? 2.5X as many installations than … Read More

The Future Looks Bright for this Big Data Stock

Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) stock is facing market volatility after announcing its latest quarterly financial results. The popular stock pick amongst investors beat revenue expectations but reported a net loss of $0.08 per share. Palantir Stock History and Outlook Palantir is an American software company that specializes in data analytics. And it’s become a massive player … Read More