Nomi Prins Permanent Distortion: #1 Stock For America’s Last Wealth Transfer Revealed

Table of Contents Nomi Prins Introduction America Is On The Cusp Of A New Catastrophe Join The ‘New Rich’ or Fall to The Bottom The END of America’s Empire, Starts Here Here’s What’s Really Happening To Our Economy The ‘Game’ Has Been Rigged For Decades The FINAL Robbery Against Americans Is Taking Place, Right Now “The Better Than Cash Alliance” A … Read More

10x Gains on a Small Firm Disrupting a Critical American Industry

Nomi Prins: The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion

Table of Contents Intro with Chris Hurt Who is Nomi Prins? What is The Great Distortion? What is The Distortion Report with Nomi Prins? America’s Financial Future Explained in One Chart What Happened to U.S. Money Supply in 1971? U.S. Money Supply 2007-2010 U.S. Money Supply 2008-2021 The Price of Gold 1970-1980 The Price of … Read More

Does the Massive Hype of Next Week’s Robinhood IPO Outweigh the Risk?

In 10 days, one of the most well-known trading platforms, Robinhood, plans to go public and its expectations are high. Robinhood is aiming for a market valuation of about $35 billion for its upcoming IPO. On Monday, the company released an amended prospectus. Inside that prospectus, the company announced that it plans to sell 55 … Read More