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Shocking Discovery Reveals How…

One “Rogue” Trader From Baltimore, Maryland Has Discovered A New Way To Collect Gains as high as 485%, 582%, even 1,032% every single Friday at 4pm!

And $17,609,083,338 is up for grabs this Friday. Mark your calendar.

Folks see this calendar on the screen…

This is my secret weapon to accelerating my retirement faster than I ever thought imaginable…

You see, this calendar gives me the opportunity to collect returns of 485%582%, even 1,032% every single Friday…

And $17,609,083,338 is up for grabs for regular investors like you and I this Friday!

Now I don't know what you usually do on Fridays around 4pm…

But I have a feeling that after I reveal what we have just discovered, your Fridays might never be the same again.

And it's all thanks to something I call “Friday Royalties”… or “Friday Paydays”.

You see, not too long ago, the CBOE created a new instrument that would allow investors to potentially make money every week.

We're talking about a relatively new financial instrument can pay out any profits to you every single Friday at 4pm, like clockwork.

And I'm not just pulling this out of thin air… these are the rules.

These “Friday Royalties” are regulated by a government agency that oversees the financial markets.

Now normally when most people think about royalties, they usually think of an author collecting payments from a book they published…

Or a musician collecting payments from a song they wrote.

But you see, what I'm talking about here is NOT a royalty at all.

In fact, it's a different type of investment…

One that can actually be MUCH more profitable… And you don't have to do any of that work like writing a song or a book!

I just coined them with this term because you can collect income every single Friday if you invest!

You see, most people don't know about this because it's something relatively new.

While people have been trading stocks, options, and bonds for well over 100 years…

These “Friday royalties” didn't even exist just a few years ago.

And what really has me excited is that these instruments can allow you to accelerate your retirement…

So instead of waiting 10, 20, and even 30 years to see big gains from stocks…

You could make the exact same gains within a week, and potentially collect profits every Friday.

In fact, in the recent market, you could have collected 28 years' worth of gains…

In a single week, on Friday, at 4pm

And it's possible to do this over… and over again…

Now hearing this, I understand if anyone is a bit skeptical.

Anytime it comes to your hard-earned money you should be careful and do your due diligence about what you are investing in.

But what I'm going to reveal to you today is truly a game changer.

And it's not just me saying this…

I recently presented this to two friends of mine that have over 40 years of collective trading under their belts. One of them was a Wall Street floor trader even.

And they told me they've never seen something like what I'm going to show you tonight for individual investors like us.

Now I've been working on this project for years…

But it's finally time I go public with it because this is the best opportunity I've ever seen to help regular investors find opportunities to collect weekly paydays…

But you don't have to be a wall street insider, ex-hedge fund manager or even need a lot of money in some cases…

Any average Joe can make money from these “Friday paydays”.

I know this for a fact because I've actually invested MY OWN hard-earned money following this strategy.

You know, I wanted to make sure these “Friday royalties” were the real deal before I brought it to our readers.

And I've personally collected $599$1,019, even $2,876 …

All on Fridays by 4pm.

And if what I've been seeing lately holds true…

You too could start bringing in income by the thousands!

In fact, several “Friday royalties” have just recently popped up on my “Money Calendar” that could pay out this coming Friday.

I'm even going to show you my 3-step method for finding these “Friday royalties,” 100% free so you can find them yourselves.

You see, me and my team of computer scientists already automated the hard work from this entire process…

This way you can input your criteria, and it shows you exactly the best way to potentially collect money every single Friday.

I'll give you a demo here today…

But before I go any further, I want to be clear about one thing.

Usually when folks see 1,000% gains in the matter of days, they immediately turn their head to the crypto market or options.

But I am NOT talking about cryptos or regular options.

It actually involves a very specific niche of the stock market…

586 stocks to be precise.

That's about 3% of all the stocks trading in the US.

As I mentioned before, regular options have existed for well over 100 years…

This instrument is much more recent.

And if you know what to do, they could pay you every Friday, if you invest.

For example, August 28th last year was a “Friday payday” for Facebook.

If you got in on Monday August 24th, you could have waited just a few days for the chance to collect profits.

In this case, shares of Facebook went up 8% that week.

Most people would be very happy with that kind of gain.

But you could have done a lot better with this “Friday payday”

I'm talking 485% in just 5 days!

Almost 5 times your money.

Take a look…

Had you invested just $1,000 that Monday, you'd have cashed out on Friday with $5,850…

That's the kind of power behind these “Friday royalties”!

But unfortunately, most people don't even know they exist…

Most people only buy and hold the stock praying it goes up.

It's what regular investors like us have been told to do for years…

But that's not the way it has to be.

For example, let's say you invested $1,000 in Facebook, guess how long it would've taken you to make 485%?

Take a look at this…

Had you bought shares on IPO day, It would have taken you almost 8 years to turn that same $1,000 into almost $6,000!

Eight years!

But with this move, instead of waiting eight long years… you could have pocketed that same money in a single week on Friday!

Can you see now why I said these ”Friday paydays” could accelerate your retirement?

Unfortunately, most Americans have been brainwashed to buy and hold and let the gains compound over decades…

And if you're young and you have decades and decades ahead of you, maybe that will work.

But in reality, most people who are thinking about retirement don't have decades to wait.

According to a recent study, the average retail investor makes about 6% a year in the stock market.

Think about it… if you're making a meager 6% in an entire year…

Is that really going to help you retire with the lifestyle you deserve?

Probably not…

I mean, I hate to think about this…

But imagine if you got sick… or someone in your family got sick…

And you get a big unexpected medical bill.

If you don't already have a big nest egg, you're done. You're bankrupt.

Forget about living the good life… you may not be able to live ANY life…

I don't want that to happen to anyone.

And that's why I wanted to get this urgent message out today.

To show people who can't afford to wait years… how to accelerate their retirement….

Their bank accounts.

Their wealth.

These ”Friday paydays” are available to anyone right now.

And with my 3-step method I'm going to share with you in just a few minutes, you could find one of these opportunities pretty much every week.

And this doesn't just work for big named companies like Facebook.

For example, in our research, we found that Friday March 26th had a “Friday Payday” for Home Depot.

In this case, all you had to do was get in on Monday March 22nd, then wait until Friday for the chance to make money.

That week the stock moved 5%. A pretty good win for investors.

But it's not a BIG win.

If you invested $1,000 that week, you'd of made a profit of $50.

Now maybe that buys dinner for you and your wife or husband.

But It's not going to accelerate your retirement.

Take a look at what happened with Home Depot's “Friday payday” instead…

Just 5 days later the play on Home Depot could've paid out 467%!

In other words, you could have turned every $1,000 invested into $5,670.

But let's say you just did what most people do…

Let's say you invested that same $1,000 into shares of Home Depot.

Guess how long it would have taken you to turn that into over $5,500?

Check this out…

It would've taken you 8 years to make that same kind of gain!

Almost a decade.

But there was no need to wait all that time because you could have collected that exact same gain on a single Friday at 4pm.

Folks, if you wait 8 years to make $5,500… there's no way you'll be able to build a huge nest egg.

That's a recipe for disaster…

A recipe to spend your retirement just trying to make ends meet.

Which is why I believe this message is so urgent.

Now to be clear these are some of the best examples from our in-depth backtest.

But I'm definitely not just cherry picking only the top examples we've seen.

In fact, there are better examples I haven't even shown you where these trades could have paid out 3,900%, and even 38,400%!

But one thing I love about these “Friday Royalties” is it's possible to make money even when stocks don't move much!

Let's look at another example…

We found a “Friday payday” on August 28th last year for Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway

In this case, shares barely moved… the stock actually ended the week only up 3%.

Not much of a move, and most people would probably think the “Friday Royalty” wouldn't do very well that week…

But if you pick the right “Friday royalty”… and I'll show you how in just a moment…

It's actually possible to make money no matter if the stock is going up, down or sideways!

In this case, the Friday payout for Berkshire Hathaway was 472%!

Look at this.

Had you invested $1,000 that previous Monday, you could have cashed out with $5,720 on Friday…

And look at how long you'd have to wait to see a gain of 472% if you were just buying shares

It would've taken you more than 12 years to make that kind of gain!

Over an entire decade!

Once again, instead of waiting all that time, you could have collected that same exact gain in a single week.

I certainly don't want to wait 12 years to grow my retirement account when I can do the same thing in a week…

Which is exactly why I wanted to put this webinar together…

Because everyone needs to hear about these “Friday royalties”.

This is especially important now.

As we all know, minus the short COVID hiccup…

This decade-long bull run we've been in is unprecedented.

The NASDAQ, DOW, and S&P 500 have all recently hit all-time highs.

But everyone knows this can't last forever.

What will happen to your money if there's a crash, will you be able to retire?

That's what I love about this strategy, you don't have to wait 20 years for the chance to see big gains.

They could happen in a week…

You can get in on Monday, out on Friday.

And you don't leave your money exposed to long-term volatility and market crashes over the long term.

Which is exactly what you want in this type of market and any type of market, frankly.

But there's honestly a good reason you probably haven't heard of these “Friday Royalties” before… 

You see, Wall Street has been keeping this away from you, me… from everybody.

It's sad that more people don't know about these “Friday royalties”.

But the honest truth is it's not your fault.

Wall Street and the big hedge funds out there don't want you to use this trading strategy.

They just want you to continue to buy and hold these stocks like usual because it puts more money in their pockets!

The longer you hold on to those stocks, the more fees they get to charge in their funds.

But while regular investors like us are stuck buying stocks hoping for 10% returns if we're lucky…

The big hedge funds and investors are collecting HUGE payouts thanks to these opportunities!

In fact, they're raking in millions, even billions!

For example, look at Jeff Yass. He runs the Susquehanna Investment Group, and has used a version of this strategy to grow his billion dollar hedge fund!

Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world founded by Ray Dalio, just recently poured over $1 Billion into a version of this strategy per the Wall Street Journal.

And get this, some wall street firms even go the entire year without having a single losing day.

For example, a secretive high-frequency trading firm named Virtu notched a perfect record one year.

J.P. Morgan also had a recent year where they didn't have a single losing day.

Bank of America even notched a perfect first quarter of their own.

Now obviously I'm not affiliated with these big banks and hedge fund managers…

But I can tell you they're definitely not just buying and holding stocks.

It's clear Wall Street trades and invests its own money differently than the little guy…

I mean can you blame them?

But the thing is you don't have to be a big bank, or one of the top hedge funds in the world to use this little-known strategy.

You can do so from your personal brokerage account.

Just use the 3-step method I'm going to show you here today…

If you understand how it works… you can find these Friday payouts every week!

Now of course, nothing in the markets is as easy as 1,2,3…

Finding the right plays that can pay you this kind of money is actually pretty hard.

Most stocks don't even have these “Friday royalties” available.

When you find one that has them available, you could still pick the wrong one and end up making nothing, or worse – even losing money.

That's why I put my entire team of computer and data scientists on this project to help perfect this strategy.

We spent an entire year developing this, and I think what we came up will blow your mind.

I'll give you a live demo in just a moment…

But before I tell you exactly how this works, I need to give you a little more context first…

You see, I can tell you this right now…

Once I tell you what these are, I bet you'll not want to trade them…

I bet you'll say it's too risky…

You'll find a million excuses not to trade them, even though the potential here is huge.

Because it's not the normal way to invest that we're all used to.

But I promise this is the best way I know how to accelerate your retirement… and potentially collect decades of stock market gains on a single Friday.

For example, we recently saw one “Friday royalty” you could have collected in January of this year.

It was from Fossil Group.

An American fashion designer and manufacturer.

You see, It doesn't matter if it's one of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon, or a fashion designer…

If there is a “Friday royalty” that's got a good chance to pay out, you should trade it.

In this case, we found a “Friday royalty” for FOSL and it was set to close out on Friday, January 29th.

All you had to do was get in on Monday January 25th, then wait until Friday for the chance to collect.

That week shares of FOSL shot up 24%!

Now 24% in a week is a huge gain.

But when you compare it to the 582% you could have collected from FOSL's Friday Royalty it's night and day!

In other words, had you invested $2,500 on Monday, January 25th

You could have cashed out that Friday with a big payday of $17,045.

But had you invested $2,500 when the company first went public in 1999…

You'd have to wait until 2010 to make that kind of return.

11 years…

Check out another example, November 27th was a “Friday payday” for the United States Steel Corporation…

All you had to do was get in on Monday, November 23rd, then wait until Friday for the chance to cash out.

That week the United States Steel Corporation saw a massive move of 26% and you could've rode their coattails to the bank.

By using a “Friday royalty” you could've turned every $2,500 invested into $17,050.

And get this…

Even if you had absolute perfect timing in shares of United States Steel, it would have taken you nearly 10 years to make that kind of gain.

But once again, there was no need to wait all those years.

Or look what happened to a play on Walmart.

Shares of Walmart were pretty stagnant last summer.

No one was expecting a big move.

But we found a “Friday royalty” that could've paid out Friday, July 10th.

In this case, shares shot up 10% that week!

But you could have collected a much bigger payout that Friday.

That week this play could've paid out a massive 1,032%!

More than 10X your money.

You see, for every $2,500 invested you could have pocketed a massive $28,289!

That's an extra $28k in your account on that single Friday.

That's more than half of what the average American makes in an ENTIRE YEAR!

Just think about what you could do with an extra $28k in a week.

The opportunities are endless…

And for the record, if you still are thinking it's smart to simply buy and hold your favorite stocks…

It would've taken you 28 years to make that much money buying and holding Walmart.

28 years!

But everyone should just buy and hold stocks hoping their retirement accounts grow right?

I think not…

And just a reminder for everyone watching in just a few minutes I'm going to give a live demo of the system my team of data scientists developed.

Plus, I'm going to give you 3 free stock ideas identified by this system too!

But I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself.

My name by the way, is Keith Kaplan.

And first and foremost, I want everyone to know I'm not an investing genius or trading guru.

I've never worked at a hedge fund or anything like that…

But while I'm no “guru”, I do have what you would probably call an “unfair advantage” when it comes to investing.

You see, after I got my degree in computer information systems…

I spent 20 years as a software architect and director of engineering building enterprise software for some of the biggest tech firms in the country.

My clients were companies like GE, Walmart, Pepsi.. and other fortune 500 companies.

But a few years ago, I got a client that sent me on this incredible journey.

You see, I got in contact with the largest independent financial research firm in America… they were looking for a software architect to develop a portfolio tracker.

Now these guys were PhDs, former hedge fund managers, and former equity analysts at some of the biggest money management firms in the world.

Their work was even quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and the Washington Post, among many other leading publications.

Now I had already been investing for many years back then. But I wasn't what I'd call a successful investor.

So, I made a deal with them…

I'd help them build their systems, and in return they'd teach me everything they knew about investing.

And that's when I first learned about this new instrument…

And how it could help you accelerate your retirement… one Friday at a time.

But there was a big problem.

The truth is that if you don't know how to pick these “Friday royalties”, the chances you'll make any money is almost zero.

I'm just being honest here… it's no different than throwing darts for your first time.

Maybe you'd hit a bullseye, but you're much more likely to put holes in the wall!

As I'm sure everyone knows, the best things in life never come easy, right?

That's why for the past year me and my team of PhDs and programmers have spent countless hours… and literally millions of dollars to fine-tune my 3-step method of finding these “Friday royalties”.

Which we're about to dig into right now!

Now earlier I mentioned these opportunities are only available for 3% of all stocks.

So, the first step of my system is to look at those stocks and see which ones are even worth considering.

In this first step we use something called “Time series momentum” to find those stocks.

Now if you've never heard of “Time series momentum” before don't worry.

It's actually very simple…

When it comes to making money from the markets it doesn't matter what direction the economy is going…

It doesn't matter how much money the Federal Reserve is printing…

Shoot it doesn't even matter who the President is.

Making money from the markets week in and week out can be achieved by following those three simple words.

“Time series momentum”

It means you should only look for opportunities in stocks that are already moving in the direction you want.

So, you want to go with the flow because if the stock has been going up… it's likely it will keep going higher at least for that week.

And if it's been going down, it will likely keep dropping that week.

Now time series momentum isn't just something I made up.

It's actually been studied for decades.

And it's helping make people rich!

Look at this amazing story I found in the media on Michael M. from Providence, Rhode Island…

Michael has followed time series momentum for years now…

He started with just $30,000 and in about two decades he turned that starting stake into More Than $80 Million.

Or look at Kevin B from a small town in Georgia.

He didn't have much money. But he managed to save $5,000 from his job at a gas station… enough to open his first brokerage account.

He started trading in April. By the end of the year, he turned that $5,000 into $14,000.

By simply using this approach, Kevin pocketed a gain of 180%… in less than one year!

But that was just the beginning.

Little did he know he was about to make more money than he ever dreamed possible.

His net worth is now nearly $100 Million dollars!

Now I'm sure that begs the question…

How are we using “Time series momentum” to know which stocks are already moving?

Well, this is where I get back to that “unfair advantage” I was telling you about…

Take a look… this is an actual screenshot of our system at work.

THIS is how we find stocks that are already moving in the direction you want in the market week in and week out.

Stocks that have this green light are moving up and likely to keep doing so…

And stocks that show red are moving down and likely to keep doing so that week.

Our proprietary algorithms monitor ANY stock or fund around the WORLD in real time…

From tech stocks like Apple and Microsoft…

To popular electric vehicle stocks like Tesla and NIO…

Whatever stock you wish to know more about…

This tool will break it down for you.

But basically, you only want to focus on “Friday royalties” from stocks that are already moving in the direction you want.

For example, I mentioned a backtested example with Walmart before.

It was set to pay out on Friday, July 10th.

Well, that week the stock was in green mode…

Alerting us that shares were already on the move and likely to keep moving higher.

Sure enough, that week Walmart continued to go up to the tune of 10%.

But like I showed you before, the “Friday royalty” could've paid much more… a 1,032% gain!

It's pretty simple really.

We're looking for stocks that are already moving in the directions we want because that will increase our chances of collecting money that Friday.

And that actually brings me to step #2…

Which is we want to find “Friday royalties” that have asymmetrical risk.

Asymmetrical risk simply means you want to look for plays that can give you the most bang for the buck.

Ones that are really cheap and won't put a lot of capital at risk…

But at the same time have a ton of upside potential.

Now, remember, I'm a computer nerd and my software firm has dozens of other computer and data geeks on staff just looking for opportunities to automate stuff.

So, to make it easier for us to find these opportunities where the upside is much bigger than the downside risk…

We also automated this step #2. Take a look…

We can actually see the expected Return on Investment of all the “Friday royalties” that are available…

So, you can just pick the one that will give you the most bang for the buck.

The goal here is to make finding the best possible trades as easy as possible.

By looking at the screen which one of these opportunities would you pick if that was your only criteria?

I know I would pick the first one…

Its got the highest ROI.

Now, here's where this gets really interesting…

Because not only can you locate which stocks are already on the move…

Not only can you find which trades could pay you the most money at the lowest possible risk…

But we can also see the probability your trade will be profitable, even before you open the trade.

Honestly, this ability to see the probability of profit will probably be the biggest game changer individual investors have ever seen.

I don't believe this type of technology was EVER available to folks like us before.

I believe this is what separates ourselves from everyone else.

This is step #3 of this system.

You see, most people are flying blind when they open trades…

They have no idea what the probability is that they could profit.

It's even worse than flipping a coin.

When you flip a coin, you know you have a 50% chance right.

At least you know that.

But 99.9% of traders have no idea what their probability of profit is on a trade.

But it all comes down to data.

Our proprietary algorithm literally looks at millions of data points over thousands of stocks.

And it uses historical data to tell us what's the probability of something happening today.

Let me show you how it works…

Take a look at my screen.

Here you see a list of trades from our software… Check out that POP on your screen.

That just means probability of profit.

You can see here that the 3rd opportunity shown has a 96% probability of profit!

But here's the thing…

This is something important everyone should understand.

The higher your probability of profit, the lower will be your profit potential.

That's just how the markets work.

But at least with this tool, you can see that information and pick the ones that best fit your profile.

For example, some of these have much lower probability of profit, like this one…

Here you see a lower POP of 80% compared to 96%…

But a significantly greater ROI!

Let me dive a little deeper into how we use all of this data.

Take a look at another screen from our software….

Here we're looking at the stock Airbnb.

Do you see that cone?

Nerds like me call this a “probability cone.”

It uses historical volatility to show what the stock is likely to do that week.

For example, this probability cone told us that Since ABNB started trading, it has risen 32.69% just 2 times within 11 trading days.

Now as you can easily see here from the probability cone, there's a much more likely chance that Airbnb drops during this trade.

And we've gathered that information thanks to the thousands of fun facts our systems have gathered for this particular trade.

You can see just a few of them to the left of the probability cone on your screen.

And this probability cone works on EVERY SINGLE STOCK AND FUND in our system. It's amazing.

It makes it very easy for someone like you and me who aren't professional traders…

To use this system to help pick the “Friday royalty” that could pay you the most money with the highest probability of success.

With these automated steps, it really becomes a whole lot more possible for you to collect payouts every Friday…

Giving you the chance to really accelerate your retirement.

We've seen this happen over and over again…

Like what happened with Qualcomm.

Instead of waiting more than 10 years to make a gain of 576%

You could have pocketed that same gain on Friday, July 31st.

That's enough to turn every $2,500 invested into $16,899

In just one week!

Same thing with tech company iRobot.

Instead of waiting 8 years to make a return of 482%

You could have made that same gain on a single Friday, January 29th.

And walked away with $14,550.

Or look at UPS.

Had you bought shares back in 1999 when they went public, you'd be up a little more than 400%… and that's more than 20 years later.

But you could have caught a 1,000% gain last year, more than twice as much with a Friday royalty on UPS that could've paid out on Friday, July 31st.

In this case, you could have turned every $2,500 invested into $29,700…

Essentially, by buying and holding UPS you could have waited over 20 years to only make $15k

Or get in one of these plays and potentially cash out with nearly $30k in just one Friday!

Now every example I've shown you today has been when stocks we're moving in an upward trend.

But you may be wondering what happens with these “Friday royalties” if the stock market crashes and goes into a major correction?

Well you see, stocks sliding can actually be a GOOD thing for us…

Thanks to all the recent volatility RIGHT NOW may be the best time to play these “Friday royalties …

Earlier I showed you that the first step in my method is to look if stocks are in green or red mode.

When you find stocks in green mode are going up… and stocks in red mode are going down.

So if you want to collect these “Friday royalties” from stocks that are dropping, you'll focus on those stocks in red mode.

Take a look…

As you can see here that week there were plenty of stocks that lit up red.

Telling us they were in “sell mode” and were more likely to keep falling that week.

The beauty here is that you can also make money in those cases.

Look at this “Friday payday” we found on Bank of America on June 12th.

That week Bank of America began to slide as much as 13%.

A pretty big fall.

Now with a 13% fall most people would assume they would lose money. you'd think you'd actually lose money right…

But guess what, the “Friday royalty” could've worked out anyway… and not by a small amount…

You could've seen a nice 488% gain on your trade that Friday!

You see, while regular everyday investors were most likely stuck holding a 13% loss on Bank of America they could have been profiting instead!

All you had to do was know which “Friday royalty” to play.

And you could have turned every $2,500 into $14,700!

But if you owned $2,500 worth of Bank of America you would have actually lost $325 that week.

But it doesn't stop there.

Check out this “Friday royalty” we found for Boeing.

It was set to close out on Friday, February 28th last year.

Again this was right before the Covid crash and everyone was a bit on edge.

And low and behold that week later Boeing dropped 13%

But you could've seen a huge 990% that week!

You could have turned every $2,500 into $27,241!

But unfortunately if you owned $2,500 worth of Boeing you would have actually lost $325 that week.

Here's another example.

We found a “Friday payday” on Nokia and it was set to pay out any profits on Friday, January, 19th.

That week NOK dropped a cool 6%…

But get this…

You could've seen a return of 4,800% in just one week.

A 4,800% gain versus a 6% loss.

While nobody can guarantee you gains quite as high as this extraordinary market example, this shows the power of these “Friday Royalties”.

You could have turned every $2,500 invested into an incredible $122,000…

But if you just held NOK, like most investors, your $2,500 would have actually netted a $150 loss.

You see, you can make these “Friday paydays” work for you in any market condition.

This strategy is the best way I know of to potentially generate weekly profits from the market no matter what is going on in the market.

A stock rises… You can profit.

A stock sits tight… You can profit.

A stock falls… You can profit.

You just need to be able to find the right “Friday royalties”!

Of course, no trading method in the world can be 100% guaranteed, and not every trade will be a winner. But you have data on your side for the first time ever.

And as you've seen these “Friday royalties” are THE best way to attack the market week in and week out.

Now remember I told you these are not traditional royalties.

But here's what I can tell you…

I have a feeling you're not going to like it…

You're going to say it's too risky.

Well, when I talk about “Friday royalties” and “Friday Paydays,” what I'm really talking about is a little known financial instrument in the options market.

Yes options.

But like I mentioned earlier… these aren't regular options.

It's weekly options.

Weekly options are nearly identical to traditional options in every way but one.

They all expire in one week…

Which means when you get into them…

They pay out any profits that week, on Friday at 4pm when they expire.

Compared to traditional options that sometimes can take months and months to expire.

Think about it…

With those long-dated options, you have to predict what will happen weeks and even months in advance, and that can be really hard.

How do you know what's going to happen with shares of Apple 3 months from now?

It's much easier to see what's happening this week, and if Apple is already going up… to make the prediction that the trend will continue this week.

That's why these weeklies are so popular with traders.

In fact, Bloomberg reported that day traders are now literally “obsessed with options”

The Wall Street Journal says options are, and I quote, “wildly popular” and reaching record numbers.

And Barron's reports even the biggest traders love these short-term options!

It's unfortunate because most people tend to think risky when they hear options.

And honestly, there's a very good reason for that.

The truth is if you don't know what you're doing, options can be really risky.

Remember, all investments carry risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future success.

And the sad reality is most people don't know what they're doing… They just throw darts and hit the wall instead of the dart board!

They don't follow the 3-step method I mentioned earlier.

For example, they have no idea what the probability of profit is when they enter a trade…

And more often than not, their downside risk is much higher than the upside potential.

With our method, you're not flying blind. You can have that information even before you open a trade and put your money at risk.

And that alone gives you a huge edge.

And here's another thing you should keep in mind…

Because these weekly options expire within a week, they can be really cheap…

Cheaper than regular options in some cases.

Which means you don't have to risk a lot of capital to make a lot of money.

Let’s look at an example with Apple.

On June 4th Apple was trading for $123.

And you could have bought one share at that price… Held the stock and prayed for good news. 


You could have bet that Apple would stay green and get in on one of Apple’s Friday opportunities for the next week and controlled 100 shares for just $147!

You see, you DON’T need much money at all to trade these weekly options and potentially collect these payouts!

There are hundreds of Friday opportunities you could collect week in and week out.

In fact, it’s why I put together this urgent presentation for you today.

Because we’re getting ready to send out our next email with the top options plays pinpointed by our system for this coming week.

The plays included in these emails will be filtered by our system based on their probability of profit.

This is all part of a brand-new project we’ve just officially launched…

One that has costed us millions of dollars and taken over a year to build.

It’s even been beta tested by some of our subscribers and even Wall Street veterans.

It’s called CoPilot by TradeSmith….

Because it’s like you have your own co-pilot by your side, showing you every week how you can accelerate your retirement based on your own criteria or trading strategy…

Showing you the best trades with the right probability of profit.

Here’s how it works…

We know a lot of people subscribe to newsletters and they get a pick once in a while…

Well, we wanted to go beyond just that…

So anyone watching today can not only gain access to the actual software, but also get an overview of the plays available based on probability of profit that are identified by our algorithms every week.

You see, every Sunday our algorithm will scan the markets for the top  opportunities of the week.

These are the ones with the highest probability of profit and the highest profit potential.

Then our team will send you an email with broader market insights and those trade ideas….

And ALL the information you need to know in order to execute with confidence.

This way you’re more than prepared when the market opens on Monday.

And like I said, this is just the beginning…

Since you have access to the actual website based software, you can also set up alerts telling you when to exit.

You can customize the alerts to fit your trading style.

You can even choose the stocks to be alerted on every week.

As far as I know, there’s nothing like this out there in the market… 

And right now is the best time to start accelerating your retirement.

Today, right now you can join CoPilot for an exclusive discounted price for a limited time only…

You see, our mission here at TradeSmith is to help regular investors finally take control of their finances and investing…

And have a chance to accelerate their retirement by collecting income every week.

Like I showed you before in our backtest, a simple $1,000 in these plays could have paid you…



Even $10,880

Each in just one week.

So if we charged $20k a year to join this service…

It would be well worth it.  And probably cheaper than most professional trading research systems out there that you’d need.

But we didn’t design this for rich hedge fund managers…

We designed it for everyday folks just like you and me.

That’s why you won’t have to pay $10k a year… not even $5k a year for this service

I’ll give you the final, heavily discounted price in just a moment.

But first, I only scratched the surface of how powerful this new tool is.

You see, our algorithm also allows you to discover how you could collect even more money every week by selling these options…

Now I know most people aren’t used to selling options…

But it’s actually rather straightforward.

And you can collect upfront payments instantly!

This has personally made a big difference in my life.

Like many Americans, I manage my own retirement account and my wife’s, too.

And with two young kids at home, it’s a big responsibility.

But you truly can’t put a price on the ability to create weekly profits for yourself no matter what’s going on in the market.

I’ve actually been using this strategy myself since December to collect an average of $1,388 a week in income.

For example, I made $529 on Friday, February 5th from Spotify…

$599 from CMG …

Even $2,876 from Netflix that same day.

And before I had access to the system we built, frankly, I was taking on way too much risk. 

Like I said earlier, the single probability of profit percent is a massive game changer to how we lower our risk and increase our profit potential.

Now when you sell an option, you’re essentially making a bet that the stock is not going to move beyond a certain price.

Thanks to our proprietary algorithm, we can actually see what’s the  probability of that happening.

Let’s look at the stock INTC for example…

This is an actual screen from our software, and you can see here there are 3 facts on the left hand side.

The first one says that “in the last 40 years, INTC has only dropped 15% or more in a week twice.”

So I think it's pretty fair to say that based on that piece of data, it's not very likely INTC drops that much.

It's only happened twice in the last 2,080 weeks…

If you do the math, that's a probability of less than 1%.

Now, here's how this data could actually put money in your pocket.

There's a certain type of option you can sell that lets you make a bet that Intel will not drop 15%.

And if intel doesn't drop that much, you get paid.

It's as simple as that. This is the kind of trade that has a very high probability of profit.

Now of course every trade carries risk. But I don't know about you , but I like the odds here.

And to be clear… nothing is guaranteed in the markets.

But an 80%, even 90% probability of profit shows you have a massive edge in the markets.

Now when you buy an option, you limit your risk to the amount you paid, but when you're selling options, you could be on the hook for 100 shares per contract you purchase.

But the funny thing is, my wife loves this strategy maybe more than I do!

You see, a few months ago she asked me for a peloton bike.

And I'll tell you what those bikes are not cheap.

They can cost up to $4k.

So what did I do?

I just pressed a few buttons on my computer to trade some of these weekly options…

The three trades I just told you about.

$529 on Friday, February 5th from Spotify…

$599 from CMG…

And $2,876 from Netflix that same day.

It took me just one week and I had an extra $4,004 in my account.

And I used that money to buy her a peloton.

And anyone who joins CoPilot by TradeSmith today will also gain all the details to those type of trades.

But let's dive into a short demo so you can see exactly how our system works.

Once you login you'll be sent to your dashboard where you can check out a multitude of data.

But before you decide whether or not to place an options trade you'll simply click on trade…

And the top 20 options trades based on the highest probability of profit will automatically appear!

From there you simply click on which trade you'd like to know more about.

Next you'll click “trade summary” and there you can check out the probability cone and fun facts we mentioned before.

Here you'll have everything you need to decide whether or not to place your trade!

By the way, if you're not that computer savvy…hen you join CoPilot you'll have access to a concierge for any software troubleshooting who can walk you through how to use everything in the system…

We cannot provide personalized investment advice, but you'll always have someone guiding you on how to get the most out of your membership and the software if you want to.

Now the one-year membership to CoPilot by TradeSmith retails for $5,000.

Considering the amount of time, money, and effort it took to create, this service isn't cheap.

In fact, infrastructure costs, development and testing, operating costs, and data analytics are not cheap, as you can imagine we spend about $965,000 PER MONTH to keep things running smoothly.

So we decided a $5,000 retail price for CoPilot is more than fair.

But here's the thing…

Since we've just officially launched this project…

You won't have to pay $5,000.

Not $4,000.

You won't even have to pay $3,000 to join.

You can claim a huge new member discount when you act today.

This is the absolute best deal I can possibly make for this new service. I don't think I'll ever discount it this low again.

In short, when you join CoPilot by TradeSmith today, the price for your one-year membership will be slashed down to $2,500.

A FRACTION of the Millions that were put in to build this one-of-a-kind trading research platform.

And that's still just the beginning…

We haven't even touched on the amazing tools we have in the system and that we're adding!

You see, I have a ton of contacts in the newsletter industry, and I'm sure this will upset a lot of them.

Because after you see this, you might never again subscribe to any of their option trading services.

For a limited time, when you join CoPilot by TradeSmith charter membership you'll gain access to the Newsletter Portfolio Tool.

This tool is really really cool because say you follow a Guru that loves Apple and thinks it's a great long term buy…

You can use that info to check out the best options for that newsletter recommendation.

Call, put, buy, sell.

Our algorithm will show you the best options trades for that stock with the highest probability of profit and the highest profit potential!

Simply go here…then select the newsletters you subscribe to…

And you'll immediately see the best options based on that newsletter's stock recommendations.

You can easily import any of your existing newsletter subscriptions.

Any research you currently subscribe to – from Stansberry Research, Empire Financial Research, Oxford Club, Palm Beach Research, Agora Financial, you name it…

Their model portfolios are already built into our platform for you to access.

Our system can take each of their stock recommendations and show you ways to play them in the options market for a chance at much shorter term gains with the least amount of risk.

We can even show you their options trade recommendations and which ones have a higher probability of profit for you to consider.

Plus if you ever get stuck, there are plenty of short video tutorials to help walk you through each step.

And we have a dedicated, U.S.-based customer service hotline ready to help you get comfortable with the system and help you with any questions about your membership along the way.

We wanted to make the launch of this brand new product a complete no brainer decision for everyone watching at home.

Because we know when you get your hands on it you're going to absolutely love it.

And not only that, to make sure everyone who joins hits the ground running and has the potential to start accelerating their account immediately we want to give everyone another special gift!

As a part of this special offer I want to give away a free report called The Friday Royalty Blueprint.

It's a short read but jam packed and to the point.

Inside you'll discover…

  • Why our strategy can actually be less risky than how most people trade stocks. (In fact, we saw success rates as high as 90% on specific trades in our backtesting)
  • How to play these Friday royalties right from your online brokerage account. It also works on IRAs.
  • How to find Friday royalties that are BEST for your trading style and goals…
  • And much, much more.

You'll get this report completely free when you join CoPilot by TradeSmith today…

In fact, you'll get it within minutes after you sign up.

So you can set yourself up to play your first Friday royalty as soon as this week!

But wait…

There's more!

We're also adding a 3-Part Options Masterclass for new members today!

This way you'll be able to make these trades with complete confidence.

In this special series, we'll show you…

  • Why trading options can actually LIMIT your risk compared to buying stocks… (you could literally get started with just $100…)
  • How you can make money with options regardless of what the market is doing… even if there's a market crash.
  • Our #1 Options formula for finding the highest profit potential with the least amount of risk…
  • And much, much more.

You see, in my opinion, options are not as complicated as you might think.

But you must follow the strategies laid out in our blueprints training to limit your risk and set yourself up for the greatest chance of success.

That's why the video masterclass is so important.

Because it'll be your right hand man while you're making your first few trades.

Even if you know nothing about options, you can still benefit a ton from this informative series…

And of course to go along with your free report and masterclass we're also going to send you emails including market updates and the highest probability of profit trades identified by our algorithms, as well as weekly alerts on any options you're following

But I know that was a lot of information to take in…

So let me recap everything viewers will get when they accept this special limited-time offer.

  • 1 Year Complete Access To CoPilot By TradeSmith with automatic trade alerts every Monday ($5,000 retail value)
  • Access to the Newsletter Portfolio Tool where you can see the top options recommendations for any newsletter and guru you subscribe to.
  • Probability of profit on options related to over 100,000 stocks and funds in our system
  • The “Friday Royalties” Blueprint
  • The 3-Part Options Masterclass
  • Weekly emails with highest probability of profit trades identified for the week
  • Every future CoPilot feature and strategy being added to the product continually
  • 24/7 access to our full membership site
  • And much, much more.

All for just $2,500.

On top of that, as a New member, you're backed by a 90-day credit guarantee.

If, within 90 days of joining CoPilot by TradeSmith, you are unhappy for any reason, please contact our customer service team and you can get 100% of your purchase back in credit.

In other words, while we don't offer cash refunds because we simply invested too much time and money into this product…

You can use your credit for any service we have available.

However, I suspect you'll be very happy with CoPilot by TradeSmith.

We've never created an income research product like this one before and I think it's a complete game changer for traders…

So, the way I see it, you have two choices right now…

You can do nothing and stay exactly where you are.

With the same investments, same problems and worries…

And keep getting the same results, you know… waiting decades for the chance to see significant gains…

Or, you can start using this software to help you generate more potential profits than you ever dreamed of.

Week in and week out…

Accelerating your retirement, and setting yourself up for true financial freedom in the future.

And remember, the first email including a list of the week's best opportunities identified by our algorithms is going out this Monday…

And because these things move quickly, there's not another moment to waste.

I want you to click the button on the screen and join CoPilot by TradeSmith today.

I can't stress enough how excited I am about this new product.

This is the most significant contribution I have ever made for individual investors. It's our biggest innovation yet.

And frankly, I'm so proud of my team for rallying behind me over the years and bringing my dream to life.

So Here's what's great about CoPilot by TradeSmith

Even when there's volatility in the markets… You have the chance to come out on top.

Up, down, sideways…

Doesn't matter.

That's the beauty of our product.

We'll always be able to help you find the best income opportunities available!

And we'll aim to show you how to lower your risk using this system.

That way, you could collect money every week and still sleep at night through any periods of volatility. That's critical.

With that in mind I want to remind you the time to act is now.

This is your best opportunity to join us…

To reap the benefits from our brand-new system, CoPilot by TradeSmith.

This is your chance to discover how to collect weekly income no matter what's going on in the market.

We've outlined everything for you.

We've spent the time and money to perfect the optimal options trading research system.

This is as user-friendly as it gets folks.

Over time, you could collect income week in and week out for the rest of your life if you wanted!

All by only making a few short moves a week.

But remember, the window to get in is closing fast.

We have created a tremendous deal for new members to CoPilot by TradeSmith.

And I can promise you'll probably never see an offer like this one again.

So if you're ready to take action and take control.

Click the button below to review all the details of your membership.

We can't wait to have you join.

See you on the inside.

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