Buy the “Amazon of Energy” – America’s #1 Energy Investor Nick Hodge Issues Biggest Buy Alert of the Year


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America’s Top Energy Expert Issues Biggest Buy Alert of the Year:

Buy the “Amazon of Energy”

Every dollar of the $110 trillion “New Energy” revolution will flow through this one website…
And you can buy the company behind it for 1/100th the price of Amazon!

Hello, this is John Carl, with the Digest Publishing Network.

Today we’ve invited America’s #1 energy investor…

To reveal his #1 stock pick for 2021 and beyond.

This reclusive millionaire usually only leaves his home in the backwoods of Eastern Washington…

In order to fly into little-known hot spots around the world…

Where he explores the world’s hidden stores of gold…

Tests new disease-curing technologies…

And finds the biggest breakthroughs in blockchain, AI, IoT, and 5G.

But now, he predicts New Energy is going to beat them ALL… as it creates a $110 trillion market from scratch.

And that’s why he’s agreed to go public today.

How can he be so certain?

He literally wrote the book on energy investing…

On page 146, he touted the potential of a company that was little-known at the time.

A company called Tesla.

This was back in 2013, when the electric vehicle maker was worth only $36 a share.

And it was hated. Wall Street totally wrote it off.

Last year, the split-adjusted share price of Tesla surged as high as $4,500.

Just $10,000 invested in Tesla back then could have netted you $1.24 million

And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

In the past decade, he’s made big forecasts that have saved his readers millions — and made them millions more.

He predicted Bitcoin would soar to $10,000 as early as 2013.

At the time, most of his colleagues thought he was crazy.

After all, Bitcoin was only worth $900 then. And what value did it really have?

His readers then watched Bitcoin climb all the way to $19,891 in 2017.

They had the chance to earn 23-times their money.

Then, on December 14, 2017, he gave a very public interview with a warning for Bitcoin investors.

He wrote articles and told anyone who would listen to sell their cryptos and lock in their profits because the price would soon crash.

Days later, Bitcoin began its epic 83% price crash, destroying all investors who bought towards the top of the bubble.


More recently, in 2019, he warned that the gold bear market was over and the price was destined to rise to new record highs.

Wall Street hated gold then. The sector was totally ignored.

Instead, everybody’s attention was on speculative tech stocks.

Immediately after his call, gold began surging from $1,200 to $1,800.

And then jumped to record highs of $2,000 at a pace that astonished almost everyone.

But not him. It happened just as he predicted.

The 2020 gold bull put the NASDAQ’s historic rise to shame.


His gold stock recommendations have done even better… surging 384%, 400%, 410%… all in a few weeks’ time.

These insights have earned him a million-dollar fortune by the age of 37.

They’ve also earned him a seat at the table with dozens of America’s biggest CEOs…


A space next to billionaire Wall Street legends like John Paulson…


And invitations to speak at private meetings with the world’s richest investors.


He’s even turned down numerous invitations to start his own fund…

Instead, over the last 14 years he’s helped everyday Americans by letting them look over his shoulder, so to speak.

In that time, they’ve had the opportunity to book over 300 different double- and triple-digit stock gains with a win rate of 87%.

There are no analysts we know of who can boast that kind of track record.

So who is this reclusive millionaire…

And how did he rise from a small town in rural Maryland…

To become a legend in the energy and investing space?

His name is Nick Hodge.

And today, he is coming out of the woods to make his biggest call yet…


“Not only is the market recovery just beginning…

We are on the cusp of America’s biggest boom yet…

Thanks to this new energy revolution now underway…

That will eclipse all of the developments before it.

And send the NASDAQ surging to 100,000 and beyond.

Batteries, solar panels, electric cars have NOTHING on this $110 trillion boom.

It’s beginning now. In 2021.

And by 2025, it will power almost half of all American homes.

Saving $5,000 a year for all… and minting millionaires of some.

I’m talking about those who buy into the “Amazon of Energy” right now.”

Nick believes that “New Energy” will make fortunes for some…

And generate unprecedented prosperity for all.

It will create 50 million middle-class jobs.

It will be a whole new America for the 99%.

Nick says it’s happening due to a new innovation called MEMS. He says the company behind it will become the “Amazon of Energy.”

That sounds strange, but think about Amazon for a moment. It’s not just a company.

It’s a model. We hear about the Amazonization of the economy.

Not just big-box retail, almost every sector has felt it.

Groceries, pharmaceutical drugs, real estate, even cars…

They can all now be delivered to your doorstep — with the click of a button.

It’s changed the way we shop forever.

But one sector has escaped the disruption.

The energy sector.

That’s pretty incredible. After all, it’s in every part of your life.

The phone or computer you’re likely watching this on…

It wouldn’t do anything if it couldn’t charge.

But it’s all happening through an outdated power grid…

A system that hasn’t changed for decades, incredibly enough.

Nick says this digital technology, MEMS, changes this…

And he knows a way to buy in for a fraction of the price of Amazon or Tesla.

Yet the potential is like buying Amazon in 1997.

Only the Amazon of Energy is an even bigger disruption, hitting every part of our lives…

And turning the world’s trillion-dollar power market upside down.

It won’t just dominate the energy sector. That’s what every fad fuel promises.

Instead, it will reinvent energy as we know it.

You won’t remember what life was like before it.

The last time Nick made a call this big, investors made fortunes — and saved more.

In 2014, back when everyone hated Tesla, Wall Street loved the shale boom.

American landowners were getting rich left and right.

The headlines were exuberant: shale-oil-headlinesBut Nick called BS!

He warned about the coming shale bubble bust, releasing multiple videos like this one on the sector’s imminent doom.

Right he was.

In November 2014, the Saudis dumped cheap oil on the market, sending crude on a death spiral from $100 to $20.


But his readers didn’t care at all.

They weren’t in the old black oil.

Instead, he positioned them in the “white oil” — a sector that Goldman Sachs calls “the new gasoline.”

I’m talking about lithium, of course.

And while shale oil darlings lost investors all of their money…

Nick's readers have taken home enormous profits on the super-fuel powering the energy storage revolution, including…

567% on Millennia Lithium.


And over 1,600 % on Lithium X, in 4 months!


Lithium X was co-founded by a billionaire with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This was also Nick’s “in” to the company…

And his readers were rewarded with the chance to earn 17-times their money… in only a month.

But batteries are just the beginning…

In 2007, he made his first big buy alert on the first electric car company — BYD.

This was three years before Tesla went public…

When nobody thought much of electric cars.

Except for Warren Buffett.

Soon after Nick’s buy alert, Buffett bought a 25% stake in BYD.

In one year, the “Oracle of Omaha” cleared $1.3 billion from the bet.

Nick’s readers may not have made billions (unless Buffett secretly follows him).

But they did pretty good, scoring 600% gains in only a year.

But it’s not just energy…

When COVID-19 struck, he wasn’t worried about his portfolio either…

In fact, he saw some of his biggest windfalls DURING the market crash of 2020.

The hype over the COVID-19 vaccine actually launched a new boom for biotech stocks.

And his readers were locked and loaded for some of the biggest winners.

One of his recommendations, ImmunoPrecise Antibodies, surged from $2.23 before the virus hit…

To over $33.00 later in the year…

That’s a 1,395% gain.


Another, a COVID-19 detection device, shot up 200% in days…

And finally, a contactless symptom detection stock rocketed 460% in weeks…


Nick says the biggest winner of 2021 and beyond won’t be gold or biotech stocks.

It will be in the new energy sector now lifting off… Creating $110 trillion in new wealth.

And the “Amazon of Energy” company that’s powering it all.

Soon, it could be trading higher than Amazon itself.

Potentially two-times higher.

Today, Nick will reveal this company he calls the “Amazon of Energy.”

He will demonstrate how it works…

Why the bulk of this $110 trillion in new energy transition could flow through it…

And how this will power nearly half of all American homes by 2025… Launching the small company behind it!

But let’s not wait another moment.

It’s time to get all the details straight from Nick…

Hi, Nick Hodge here.

This is going to seem a little crazy, so let me zoom in so you can see…

This is what the future of energy looks like.


See that?

I just bought a month’s worth of power from David K. in Oklahoma. It cost me $60.

Not a bad deal, right?

They must’ve had excess power from their solar panels. The sun shines nonstop there. So they can sell their power for super cheap.

And if I decide that maybe I’m not going to need that much electricity?

I can put it up for sale and see what the market is willing to pay. I can put it back on the market for $120.

That’s still a steal.


I don’t know about yours, but my power bill has been more than that for years.

Okay, I just got a buyer…


Amar B., from Zimbabwe. He says,

“Thanks, we’re in a power outage, this is enough to power my entire neighborhood, for cheaper than our utility. Lights are now on.”

So I just cleared a cool $60 in less than a minute.

And provided power to those who need it 10,000 miles from me…

All without leaving my office.

While this is a dramatization… it’s not a trick. And it’s not a gimmick. This is the future of how we’ll buy and sell energy.

It’s already starting to happen now.

And it’s all possible thanks to a new energy website. I call it the “Amazon of Energy.”

It’s powered by a technology called “MEMS” that’s used to direct virtual power plants.

This isn’t just another “energy shift.”

It’s not just clean energy. It’s New Energy.

This is Energy 2.0.

This is an upgrade of our power grid and how our society runs.

It’s a total digitization of energy.

All power is about to go online… becoming far cheaper, cleaner, more reliable… And available to buy and sell immediately like a stock or crypto.

That’s what MEMS achieves.

It transforms what energy actually is, which means…

  • No more waiting and paying at the pump.
  • And no more bills from the power companies.

Energy becomes a tradable good like any other.

You can carry energy on your phone. Like downloading a song. Or uploading a video to YouTube.

Or, more precisely, like buying and selling a product on Amazon.

You have the power in your hands. Forbes calls MEMS “one of the decade’s top innovations...” and predicts virtual power plants will “change the future of electricity.”Elon Musk says this is a “bigger opportunity than electric vehicles.” That means bigger than Tesla.Bloomberg calls it “the next frontier.”CNN says it “solves renewable energy’s biggest problem.”ValueAct’s Jeffrey Ubben calls this “an Amazon-like opportunity.”
And one company is at the forefront. Its potential is like buying Amazon in 1998.

But before I go any further, I want to do a little exercise… so bear with me for a moment…

Just like Amazon in 1997

Fortune: The Next Big Thing: A Bookstore?

Imagine it’s 1997. I tell you…

Look at this website. It’s called Amazon.com.

It’s going to change the way you shop, the way you get food, the way you do everything…

Watch as I buy a purse in Vietnam for $30… and sell it in Oklahoma for $200.

This company is going to be enormous.

It’s going to be a trillion-dollar company. It will totally dominate retail 2.0.

Big-box stores will become obsolete in years. 

You might have laughed me off.

Certainly many did.

Look at some of these stories that doubted Amazon… Saying that it was dangerous for shareholders or that the company was “toast.”


Of course, if you ignored the headlines, saw the potential, and bought in back then at $6 a share…

You’d now be sitting on over 60,000% gains.


Just $2,000 then would be worth over $1.2 million now.

Well, this new energy website I just showed you has even greater potential.

It could put $5,000 in your bank account each year… even if you do nothing.

But it’ll do better for some. It’ll create more millionaire investors than Silicon Valley.

And if you know its name, and act accordingly… you can be one of them.

You might have heard similar claims before. So how could I be so certain?

Just think…

With Amazon, the opportunity is up to $24 trillion.


It controls the entire route of retail…

From the transaction of buying or selling what you need…

To logistics chains, trucks, and warehouses…

All the way to delivery to your door.

If it’s amazing now… in 1997, it was unthinkable.

But this new website does more than change the way we shop…

It’s fundamentally restructuring the world’s most vital need:


That means how we power our gadgets… How hospitals carry out procedures…

How we watch TV in our homes… Go on vacations… Even drive to the store…

It’s all going to change.

It’s going to be totally reinvented…


And turned upside down in ways that are inconceivable now.

Just like Amazon was inconceivable in 1997.

But not even Jeff Bezos could dream up this kind of disruption.

Just think of the current system…

Every month you pay the power company.

You have no choice in who provides it… where it comes from… or how it’s generated…

You don’t check out different power plants and order from them.

You certainly don’t get a say over how much it costs.

You have very little control.

The system is ridiculously outdated! And it’s expensive. Why it's still alive is anyone’s guess.

Even worse…

In a crisis, you’re completely at their mercy.

If you live anywhere with deadly weather, you know how disastrous this can be.

My family and I recently went without power here in Washington state for days after a windstorm.

Millions in Texas and beyond went without power earlier this year due to freezing weather that led to an all-out failure of the grid.


Waiting days to get power back online? In 2021? In the U.S.A.?

It can cost you your job, your kid’s education, and your sanity…

But it’s all about to change faster than you think…

1 Billion New Energy Customers

In the next few years, 1 billion new homes worldwide will get power for the first time ever.

It’s the biggest growth of new energy users in history…

Even bigger than the invention of the light bulb.

When Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1880, the growth was exponential.

From zero homes… to 34 million homes by 1927.

But today… 34 million new homes will go online every few months!


More lights are about to be flicked on in the next few years than ever before.

And it will all follow in the footsteps of the new virtual power plant operator I’m showing you today.

The wealth potential is incredible.

We all know the company behind the light bulb, General Electric.

Over time, it's grown enormously. Including dividends, General Electric soared over 19,000%…


That’s a serious windfall.

It’s enough to turn every $500 into nearly $100,000.

GE minted 10,000 millionaires. Many were blue-collar workers paid with stock options.

But GE peaked with the turning of the millennium.

And that’s because GE represents a past of centralized and expensive electricity.

The “Amazon of Energy” virtual power plant that I’m showing you today is the future of decentralized and cheap electricity.

And three main things are driving it.

Catalyst #1:
Electrify Everything

America is entering a new age of total electrification. Everything is going electric.

It’s the fulfillment of Edison’s vision.

The grid is becoming the power source of everything. And the “Amazon of Energy” is becoming the grid.

You see the electrification of cars in the media all the time.

What you see less is the electrification of homes.

Over half of American homes still use fossil fuels for heat. Most use natural gas, but one in ten still use fuel oil or kerosene for heat.

That’s quickly starting to change.

In 2020, in a historic milestone, power generated from solar and wind surpassed coal for the first time.

The grid is getting cleaner every day.

Renewables have gone from a share of less than 1%…

To one-fifth of America’s power grid.


In countries like Scotland, renewables now generate more than 90% of the total electricity consumption of the country.

This was unthinkable 10 years ago, when coal provided half of all energy.

But even in coal states like Wyoming, wind energy is now making up quarterly municipal budget deficits through the taxes it generates.

And as you’ll see in a moment, it’s just the beginning…

A new generation of electric heat pumps is in.

Yale University calls them a “key to a decarbonized future.”

They’re cheaper, cleaner, work 4-5x better… and they’re replacing gas furnaces for home heating at a breathtaking rate.

In 2018, there were 1 million heat pumps in U.S. homes.

But by 2050, the International Energy Agency projects that number to hit a whopping 170 million.


That’s nearly every home.

As many as 94% of homes will use these heat pumps…

And they run on electricity — NOT gas.

That means 170 million new home power devices connected.

And all will run via an “Amazon of Energy”-type grid.

Fifty cities nationwide are passing mandates to “electrify everything.”

This is now a movement sweeping America.

Hundreds more are ready to follow.

And that’s on top of the rampant growth in electric vehicles.

Right now there are 8 million electric vehicles on the road.

By 2030, there will be 116 million worldwide.


But electric vehicles are just the start.

There are also hydrogen-powered fuel cells that are replacing the internal combustion engine for…

  • Semi-trucks
  • Shipping
  • Delivery vans
  • Buses
  • Forklifts
  • Tractors
  • Trains
  • Even airplanes, helicopters, and jets!
As Bloomberg says, “the possibilities for electricity are endless.”

The other big surge in energy comes from new emerging technology.

With the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G Internet… We’ll be swapping 1,000 times more data 1,000 times faster.

That demands an incredible amount of electricity. Ten times more, by some estimates.


It’ll all flow through virtual power plants. Every single dollar of it.

Utilities will go the way of big-box stores like Sears and JCPenney…

And MEMS technology will replace them.

Just as Amazon did to those retailers.

After all, what are power companies but energy retailers?

They don’t make the gas or the coal. They don’t make the sun or wind.

They’re unnecessary middlemen that can be eliminated.

And virtual power plants are changing so much more than energy…

It’s a convergence of all of the biggest technologies we’ve been hearing about for years…

  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual reality, and
  • Electric vehicles

In a way where you actually feel their impact every day.

Combined, these technologies equal a $37 trillion windfall.

But at the moment, they’re mostly just good ideas.

That’s all about to change.

This new energy trend is accelerating all of these emerging technologies…

And finally bringing them directly to everyday life…

At a rate that will leave all of the analysts catching their breath.

You’ll hear more about that in a moment.

You’ll also hear about the company behind the “Amazon of Energy.”

But first, and most importantly…

Let me share how this finally fulfills the promise of the clean energy revolution.

The market for this is bigger than many imagined.

$110 TRILLION New Energy Revolution

In 2000, there was maybe one gigawatt of solar and wind power.

By 2018, clean power crossed the milestone of 1,000 gigawatts.


This was once a dream. Few ever believed we’d get here. And now there’s no turning back.

The growth story is still massive.

Solar and wind are still only a small part — about 5% — of the world’s power grid.

But experts project that they’ll be the dominant forms of energy by 2050. Perhaps much sooner… as the grid grows from 20,000 to 120,000 petawatts…

Solar alone is on track to grow 70 times over, providing more than HALF of all the world’s power.


History is about to witness its largest surge of electricity use…

Just as clean energy is taking over the grid.

And it will all run through the “Amazon of Energy.”

Recently, the International Renewable Energy Agency put out a report…

Estimating the clean energy transition at $110 TRILLION.

And savings that are even higher.

It will pay for itself.

It will pay the average American… creating 50 million new highly-paid jobs.

And it will pay investors the biggest returns… minting a new class of millionaires.

But there’s ONE THING holding back the revolution.

You see, renewables for power generation have real limitations.

The sun doesn’t always shine. And the wind doesn’t always blow.

And this intermittency often occurs during peak-use hours. That’s when we use the most energy.

So there’s a big supply/demand mismatch.

On the other side, when the sun shines most, we use the least amount of power.

And all of that energy goes to waste.

This is called the “duck curve.”


Take Germany, the world’s leader in clean energy.

It actually produces more energy than it needs.

But Germany has to shut down its wind turbines to avoid overloading its storage capacity.

As a result, the country loses 5.4 terawatt-hours of power every year.

That’s enough to power all of Berlin for a year.

That energy could be stored and dispatched for later use, or to other countries in need.

But instead, tens of billions of dollars in electricity goes to waste.

The answer to this problem is to create more “dispatchable load.”

In layman's terms, that means storing more electricity.

And while it was once believed that batteries alone were the solution.

Batteries alone can’t solve all of our energy storage woes.

The Battery Boom Story You’re Not Hearing

I know that might sound shocking to hear.

After all, we’ve heard a ton of hype about the battery boom.

It seems like the media reports endlessly about Elon Musk’s “One-Million-Mile Battery.” It’s being hailed as the “Holy Grail of Clean Power.”

The BBC says batteries are experiencing “exponential growth.”

CNBC calls this the “Battery decade” and says that “the grid will see more changes over the next ten years than it has in the prior 100.”

According to Bloomberg, battery deployments will double six times over by 2030.


That’s a stunning 12,200% market growth in a few years.

And they’re NOT wrong.

I’m a big fan of the battery revolution myself.

I was on the ground floor as early as 2008, buying into companies like China’s BYD Company and making readers hundreds of percent before anyone had heard of Tesla.

I even co-wrote a bestselling book about cleantech investing over a decade ago!

And back in 2016, I was getting readers in on small lithium miners that went on to soar thousands of percent.

But let’s face it: lithium and batteries alone won’t solve this.

You see, batteries are only hardware. They’re only one piece of the puzzle.

  • They can’t coordinate with each other.
  • They can’t dispatch energy to places and times when needed.
  • They can’t bundle energy and sell it to the grid as needed.

And worst of all…

  • They can’t store all the power the sun and wind create. There’s no infinite battery.

Not yet, anyway.

But that’s where this technology, MEMS, comes in.

This is the “software” for the energy “hardware” of batteries, electric vehicles, and solar panels.

It’s like an infinite energy storage space. It’s like cloud computing for energy.

It captures and releases energy generated from any source…

And creates an endless “dispatchable load” of power. All available online.

This solves the biggest problem of renewable energy.

This is the promise of LIMITLESS energy. Finally!

Introducing Energy 2.0

This combines millions of home batteries, electric vehicles, and other distributed power generators into one central online source.

Creating a decentralized grid that is more resilient than power plants…

All managed from your smartphone.

This gives us the ability to share, buy, and sell the power generated by the sun and wind just as we would any commodity.

Energy is finally entering the digital age!

What I’m describing is the Virtual Power Plant. Or Micro Energy Management Software (MEMS).

This is the “Amazon of Energy”!

As Forbes says, “It is like going from mainframe computers to laptops.”

Some call it a “digital utility” or “a power plant without the power plant.”

But no matter what you call it…

It puts your home or electric car on the same playing field as utility-owned power plants.

Until now, home batteries were “behind the meter.”

But no more. With the “Amazon of Energy”…

You are the meter!

You are the utility!

It’s simple how it works:

The average nuclear plant generates 1,000 megawatts of energy… but if a wildfire or storm breaks the transmission line… 1 million homes lose power.

On the other hand…

Virtual power plants might carry 200,000 mini power systems from cars and homes, all feeding into one source, generating the same 1,000 megawatts.

Only it’s much better. Because a single storm can’t cut it off.

If one part needs power, the excess power from another is released.

The system is far more durable than any power plant thanks to new technologies that weren’t around 20 years ago when wind and solar first came on the scene.

While the main catalyst here is the $110 trillion global trend of electrifying everything and powering it cleanly…

Catalyst #2 involves three innovations that are part of the $37 trillion emerging technology boom underpinning the electrification of everything.

Catalyst #2:
$37 Trillion Emerging Technology Boom

Innovation #1: The first is the $19 trillion 5G Internet of Things, which connects all the various devices and mini power generators, and brings them online together, running at lightning-fast speeds.

Innovation #2: The second is the $15 trillion Artificial Intelligence market, capable of monitoring 10 million bits of data per second to anticipate and automatically respond to power needs instantly.

Innovation #3: The final and most significant is the $3 trillion blockchain technology market, recording and tracking energy transactions in real-time between utilities, neighbors, and even someone 10,000 miles away, like Amar in Zimbabwe.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger — a single measure of dispersed financial transactions controlled by no single entity…

Just as a virtual power plant is distributed energy — a collection of dispersed batteries and power generators.

And nobody controls it.

They’re the perfect match.

These technologies, worth $37 trillion, are revolutionizing everything…

And now energy — the biggest and most lucrative market — is NEXT.

In fact, it’s already happening.

Virtual Power Plants Power 50 Million Homes Worldwide

Using cloud-based artificial intelligence…

Statkraft created a virtual power plant in Germany…

Connecting 1,500 wind farms, hydro plants, solar panels, and batteries to generate 12 gigawatts of power…

Or enough to power 5 million homes.

It’s becoming Germany’s biggest utility! Twice the size of the largest coal operator.

This is only a preview of what’s coming…

In Europe, Next Kraftwerke runs a virtual power plant of 7,500 units, mostly batteries.

Together, it controls capacity larger than two nuclear power plants.

And it’s all run from this building here…


All managed by what looks like any office staff in any building.

This is already the reality.

When rolling blackouts hit California in 2020… it was a virtual power plant that saved the day in San Francisco, with the New York Times reporting one:

“...delivered 50 megawatts — enough to power 20,000 homes — from batteries it had installed at businesses, local governments and other customers.”

This is the uncontested future of energy.

Absolutely nothing is stopping all power from going online.

Much like Amazon when it began taking over retail… this is about to get so much bigger…

A consortium of Europe’s big grid operators is getting on board. These operators run the traditional power grid, and now they’re making moves into the digital space.

Using blockchain ledgers, they’re deploying virtual power plants in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

They now predict, “by 2030, there will be sufficient electric vehicles and home batteries in place to balance Europe’s grids to a large extent, if not completely.”

In other words, virtual power plants will be responsible for balancing the entire grid!

Imagine if we could run an entire city’s grid on a 5G-powered laptop or phone…

In Japan, a virtual power plant is forming as well…

Connecting 10,000 units, including electric vehicle chargers, home batteries, solar cells, and even A/C units.

Once completed it’ll be the world’s largest virtual power plant.

But it won’t keep that title for long…

In Western Australia, which has been ravaged by catastrophic wildfires, there’s a new push to go entirely green.

And virtual power plants are leading the way. One is connecting as many as 50,000 different units.

It’ll be an entirely new scale for this technology.

Tesla is investing as much as $635 million to create a plant of similar magnitude in Southern Australia.

As many as 1.6 million homes will be impacted.

It's not even a fully launched product, and yet Tesla’s digital utility is already keeping the grid running.

From Australia to Zimbabwe… the grid is going online at a breathtaking pace.

But it’s about to sweep America at the fastest pace of all…

And the “Amazon of Energy” is set up for a huge windfall due to a new order from a little-known federal energy agency…

Catalyst #3:
Order 841: Government-Approved Power to 50 Million American Homes

Order 841 is a landmark ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

It’s being called a “watershed moment in energy transformation.”

It will “open the floodgates” to energy storage.

Others call it “the single most important step” toward a clean energy future.

The order — initially crafted under Obama, upheld under Trump, and expected to be implemented under Biden — requires market operators to allow energy storage to participate in wholesale power markets, including real-time and reserve markets.

It allows virtual power plants to become major players on the grid.

The same as any coal or natural gas plant.

Meaning the grid is finally open to all!

Let me explain…

You see, power operates like any other good.

There are two markets:

  1. The retail market — where you and I purchase power.
  2. The wholesale market — where utilities buy and sell power to each other.

These big grid operators transmit power between each other, preventing power shortages.

But for the longest time… to participate you had to be a utility.

There were size restrictions that kept smaller players away, cementing the rule of large utilities.

When a home’s solar panels or batteries had excess power… they were limited on what they could do.

Some states adopted net metering laws, so homeowners could sell solar power back to utilities.

But those programs were few and far between. And batteries were still left out.

You couldn’t negotiate the prices you wanted. Or command how much to buy and sell.

But FERC Order 841 changes that.

This gives batteries the same access to wholesale energy as any gas, coal, or nuclear power plant.

It turns net metering from a few households… to millions of batteries — combined as virtual power plants — supplying power to the grid.

Tiny home batteries can compete on the same playing field as the big utilities.

They’ve gone from behind the meter… to right at the forefront of America’s power grid.

What’s the real growth potential?

Well, battery storage has a massive 12,200% upside, as mentioned before, but that’s only part of the story.

As of now, home batteries are only a fraction of available battery storage.

Out of the 20 gigawatts of energy storage, only some of it — around two or three gigawatts — is generated from home batteries.

The vast majority comes from utility-scale installed batteries.

But in the next few years, that’s going to change dramatically.

As energy storage rockets to 900 gigawatts… over HALF will come from home and vehicle batteries.

That’s an astonishing 20,000% growth surge.

FERC Order 841 is setting this revolution off right now.

But the biggest growth of all will come from virtual power plants.

According to a breakthrough new report from Wood Mackenzie, the best analysts for new energy…

At least 397 gigawatts of American electricity capacity will be in the form of distributed energy resources by 2025.

This means the ability to provide over one-third of the electricity needs of all homes, businesses, and the government!

Much of it supplied and managed by virtual power plants.

All in the next few years.

That’s how explosive this is.

This will accelerate clean energy storage from the margins… to the dominant form of power in America’s grid.

It’s a win for your pocketbook.

A win for the environment.

And a win for homeowners who want to control their power, not rely on the grid.

Everybody wins — except the big power companies.

But one company will be the biggest winner. And it’ll be…

Bigger Than Tesla

Because in 2020 it clinched its market dominance with a brilliant acquisition. It instantly doubled its market share.

Shares surged 300% in a few weeks.


But that’s just the beginning.

Thanks to this recent move…

This is America’s undisputed juggernaut of solar panels and battery storage. It’s already signing agreements with some of the largest utilities in the country.

It has over half a million customers already and is installing a new system nearly every two minutes.

Already, it makes a third as much profit as Tesla… but is only valued at 2% of Tesla’s market cap.

For this company to be valued like Tesla… it would have to trade 17 times higher.

That would be a 1,600% stock surge.

And that’s just my short-term projection, based on present value.

It will be much bigger.

Remember, the battery market is projected to surge 12,000%.

And this company is the “undisputed leader” in America!

It already manages 400,000 home batteries, generating 2 gigawatts of power.

And now, with FERC Order 841…

It’s on the fast track to power the majority of America’s 150 million homes.

But batteries aren’t the opportunity here.

It’s virtual power plants.

See, this company is positioning itself to dominate the entire grid.

It’s connecting home batteries to make virtual power plants in New York, California, and Oregon.

And it wants to do this for every home, everywhere it installs and operates batteries.

It’s all run on AI software, tracking energy fluctuations in real-time, ensuring no loss of power.

It also sells power to the traditional grid in the event of a blackout.

The goal?

Become America’s single-largest power utility, all run digitally, connecting millions of home and electric vehicle batteries… into one single, manageable online source.

No power plant can compete with that.

No power source comes close.

It’s only a matter of time before this is the dominant mode of power.

What’s the long-term upside potential?

Remember, if you’d have bought Amazon at $6.00 a share before it cornered the global e-commerce market… you’d now be sitting on gains over 60,000%.

Just $2,000 then would be over $1.2 million now.

Similar gains are achievable with this virtual power plant transition considering the global energy market is as big as or larger than e-commerce.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to buy a company like Amazon from the very beginning…

Imagine no more.

That opportunity is here.

Digital clean energy is on its way to global market domination.

It’s creating 50 million jobs and $110 trillion in new wealth.

It’s going to create all-new millionaires in the process.

And you could join them as this company proceeds to “Amazon-ize” the entire energy market.

This is all unfolding right now…

Three catalysts are converging at this moment…

  1. The electrification of everything…
  2. The $37 trillion technology boom in Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Technology, and Blockchain
  3. The coming implementation of FERC Order 841 in 2021

To ignite the clean energy market… and put it all online.

It’s creating a “perfect storm” for virtual power plants. But the power won’t go out in this storm!

There’s no time to waste.

To get started immediately, I’ve compiled everything you need to know on the “Amazon of Energy” and the $110 trillion opportunity inside a new report. It’s called:

“The Amazon of Energy: Earn 60x Your Money on the Digital Power Revolution”

ipad-the-amazon-of-energyAnd I’d like to send it to you, free of charge, with your permission.

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You don’t have to be a millionaire to do this.

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This $110 trillion “New Energy” revolution is happening now.

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Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge
Nick Hodge
Editor, Foundational Profits


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