Finding Deep Value Stocks in a Market Full of Fear

In this Article: Jim Cramer on PayPal Follow the money… Charlie Munger is ready for the drop Happy Presidents Day… or Washington’s birthday, whichever you prefer. We got some good news here in Baltimore. Paul McCartney’s playing Camden Yards on June 12. I saw him years ago at Nationals Park, and I highly recommend seeing … Read More

The Most Exciting Stocks in the Increasingly Popular Fintech Space

Fintech is hugely popular these days, attracting a wide variety of startups. From payment processing to crowdfunding to cryptocurrency, fintech is a fast-growing industry. Despite all the new names, though, fintech also includes familiar names that have been around for years. As we will find out, the best small-cap fintech stocks right now do include … Read More

How to Protect Your Portfolio from Severe Inflation

Ninety-year-old Warren Buffett and his 97-year-old vice chairman, Charlie Munger, just hosted the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) annual shareholder meeting. In normal years, more than 40,000 die-hard investors flock to Omaha, Nebraska, this time of year to listen to the wisdom of Buffett and Munger. This year, the meeting was held virtually, and anyone … Read More

Visa Finds Bitcoin and Crypto Too Big to Ignore

Visa (NYSE: V) is set to enter the cryptocurrency market as the payments processor looks to capitalize on the sector’s growth and expand its worldwide business, a report on business outlet Moneycontrol said Tuesday. Visa moves into the Bitcoin and crypto world The firm has so far strayed far from the crypto sector but the latter … Read More

4 “Millionaire Maker” Stocks for the Patient Investor

For those who needed a friendly reminder, stocks can go down, too. On Monday, the growth-oriented Nasdaq Composite officially dipped into correction territory, with a loss of 10.5% since its Feb. 12 high. Corrections and crashes, as much as we might dislike them as investors, are a natural part of the investing cycle. More importantly, … Read More

8 Solid Growth Stocks to Buy for March

March is here. That means the promise of a brutal winter is finally beginning to wind down. It’s also an opportunity to think about investing. There has been a lot of activity in January and February, with the Reddit effect wreaking havoc on the stock market. But what are the best stocks to buy for … Read More

FinTech: Money Made Easy

Any other company could’ve gone bankrupt for such a mistake… In 2020, Citigroup — America’s fourth-largest bank — meant to make a small interest payment to lenders who had backed beauty company Revlon. Instead, the bank accidentally paid the $900 million loan in full. Now, some lenders were more understanding of the mistake and returned … Read More