Will the Global Chip Shortage Mean Boom or Bust for these Silicon Stocks?

Space exploration, artificial intelligence and the metaverse. These are just three of the most interesting technological frontiers that exist today. And they all require advanced microchips to function. That’s why I’m sharing some of the best microchip stocks below. Within each of these industries, there are big stock trades that you could make. However, there’s … Read More

Semiconductor Stock Headed for Major Milestone as Global Demand Intensifies…

The world’s appetite for semiconductors has increased big time, as the world is using more and more chips in various applications ranging from smartphones to data centers to cars to video games. IDC estimates that global semiconductor demand could jump 17.3% in 2021, which would be a nice bump over last year’s increase of 10.8%. … Read More

Tesla Reveals Plans for Humanoid Robot and Supercomputer Chip at AI Day

Tesla (TSLA) held its highly-anticipated “AI Day” on Thursday that was covered in a live blog by Benzinga. Here’re some of the key takeaways from the technology-intensive presentation. ‘Tesla Bot’ Humanoid Robot: CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is building a humanoid robot, which will be friendly and take care of dangerous, repetitive tasks. The … Read More