The EUV Machine: #1 Microchip Stock of the Decade with Jeff Brown

Table of Contents: Presented by Brownstone Research: The #1 Microchip Stock of 2022 Former tech executive Jeff Brown predicted the top tech stock of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020. This company could end the global chip shortage. And it’s brand-new $180 million technology could make every advanced chip in the world by 2025. “The most important company you’ve never heard … Read More

Spatial Computing Glasses Technology Revealed (Plus: Jeff Brown’s #1 Stock)

Today you’ll learn about a stepping stone towards the next generation of devices called S.C.G. It stands for Spatial Computing Glasses. These next-generation glasses will look just like the ones I’m wearing below… But the technology will be far more powerful. Imagine you are sitting in a café enjoying your morning latte. You put on … Read More

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3 TSM Partners Well Positioned Following Record Sales

Apple (AAPL) Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) One-Month Price Performance Conclusion Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) reported very strong sales for December, ahead of its fourth-quarter report on Thursday. And the 32.4% growth is the strongest since 2016, according to data on its website. December sales of NT$155.4 was also a record. Quarterly sales of NT$438.2 … Read More