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Infinite Energy Stock: The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race

Table of Contents Who is Adam O’Dell? See Adam O’Dell’s track record What is GHAWAR? How much bigger is Infinite Energy Platform compared to GHAWAR? Reviews from early adopters of Infinite Energy Software Where is the smart money investing? Massive Government funding on the way What is Infinite Energy Software? 2.5X as many installations than … Read More

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Robert Rapier’s Incredible Dividend Map: 27 U.S. Cities Where Stocks Are Paying Us 69%

The Incredible Dividend Map… Where Stocks Yield 69% a Year Table of Contents: Intro Who is Robert Rapier? An effective yield of 69% a year — every year Here’s the Secret Behind All This Cash $1,626,000 in Profits Why the Future Looks Event Better We’ve Been Making Money this Way for 31 Years Now It’s Time to … Read More