Profit from Blockchain & Bitcoin with these 4 Stocks

Bitcoin’s scintillating rally in 2021 shows its rapid evolution from being a mere buzzword to a powerful digital currency. The cryptocurrency is up more than 99% year to date and has surpassed $1 trillion in market capitalization. Bitcoin’s rally is also helping the underlying blockchain technology gain prominence. Blockchain is actually an electronic distributed ledger. … Read More

Top Disruptive Tech Stocks for 2021 and Beyond

The year of 2020 led to the year of disruptive stocks. As the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed what many considered “normal society,” it also opened the door for disruptive technology. And that means some potentially great investment opportunities. What Are Disruptive Stocks? Disruptive stocks can be great investment opportunities as the world we live in … Read More

Visa Finds Bitcoin and Crypto Too Big to Ignore

Visa (NYSE: V) is set to enter the cryptocurrency market as the payments processor looks to capitalize on the sector’s growth and expand its worldwide business, a report on business outlet Moneycontrol said Tuesday. Visa moves into the Bitcoin and crypto world The firm has so far strayed far from the crypto sector but the latter … Read More

The Four Altcoins to Buy NOW for 1,000% and Beyond

Table of Contents: Who is Charlie Shrem? Who is Matt McCall? Charlie Shrem’s Ted Talk U.S. Government Agencies Experimenting with Blockchain Two Key Facts about Crypto and Blockchain The World’s First Crypto Investors Network The Four Altcoins to Buy Now for 1,000% and Beyond The Altcoin Millionaire’s Playbook Altcoin Investing for Beginners Three Brand-New Special … Read More

Coinbase to Skip Traditional IPO in Favor of Direct Listing

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., is expected to have a direct listing on the Nasdaq. At first, the company was considering listing on the NYSE, which has handled direct listings for popular technology companies such as Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) and Slack (NYSE: WORK). Choosing a direct listing allows the company to forgo … Read More

Get on the Profit Train of Spatial Computing

Every once in a while, all the pieces fall into place and a new investment sector is born. If you think about Henry Ford and the Model T, you think about precision instruments, the combustion engine, the carburetor, interchangeable parts, the Bessemer process for producing steel, etc… If you consider the iPhone, you think about … Read More