Savvy Investors See Opportunity When Fear is Widespread…

In this Article During the COVID-19 crash, investors panicked… The highest cash level since April 2020… Roughly on par with what we saw in 2008… Investors are being too cautious. And it’s a bullish signal for us… Another sign that investors are overly fearful… The most reliable gauge of recessions… Option selling works best when folks are afraid… … Read More

Michael Lombardi Prediction: The Next Big American Bank to Collapse

70-times more leveraged than Lehman Brothers… You’ll Never Guess WhichBIG American Bank isGoing Bankrupt And just like Lehman Brothers, the government won’t save them Dear Friend, Hello. My name is Michael Lombardi. I’m the founder of Lombardi Publishing Corporation, a financial forecasting firm I started over 30 years ago. There is a major U.S. bank … Read More