From Semiconductors to Supercomputers and the Theranos Fiasco

Cheap and openly available cloud-based services will transform the industry and result in major breakthroughs in the next couple of years.

Matt McCall Investor: The Flippening Blueprint

Table of Contents Introduction Who is investor Matt McCall? What Exactly Is The Flippening? Why hasn’t life gotten any easier in the last 10 years? Why The Next 6 Months Could Change Your Life This is our Flippening… Take These Steps Immediately… The #1 Stock To Buy Today Get the Names of My Favorite Flippening Stocks Here’s … Read More

How Massive Data is Fueling The Modern Space Race

Economists and analysts often throw around insanely large numbers. In particular, they do this in areas such as government debt and spending. “Trillion” gets tossed out in conversation as if anyone can truly grasp its size. We know what it looks like written out. It’s a 1 with 12 zeros behind it: 1,000,000,000,000. It doesn’t … Read More