The Next Great Opportunity for Energy Investors?

As a society, we’ve spent the past 100 years or so spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We had no idea this would eventually lead to climate change. Now we’re stuck with the challenge of reversing the process and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As I write this, there are a number of technologies … Read More

Why Investors Need to Pay Attention to Wind Power Right Now

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced the first major offshore wind project in the U.S. When completed, the 84-turbine wind farm near Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts should generate enough electricity to power 400,000 homes and businesses, according to estimates from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. This massive project is just the beginning, though. That’s … Read More

Top Ten Electric Vehicle Stocks for the Biden Boost

The electric vehicle market is expected to touch $985.72 billion by 2027 as traditional automakers and emerging EV companies transform the automotive landscape. The change is being precipitated by factors such as the Biden Administration’s push to convert the entire federal fleet to EVs. Here are 10 EV and alternative energy companies that you should … Read More

Investing in the Global Transition to Renewables

Earlier this month, we heard another announcement of plans for massive spending on renewable energy. This time, the news comes from South Korea, where, we just learned, $43 billion will be spent to build the world’s largest wind power plant. That cash will come mainly from the major South Korean utility companies that I’m sure … Read More

Why Wind and Solar Stocks will Skyrocket in 2021

Part of President Biden’s focus during his presidential term will be climate change. And he’s already started to act on this by rejoining the Paris climate agreement. The growth of renewable energy during the last administration was a tepid 9%. But under Biden, the industry could see rapid advancement. He favors renewable energy, likely more … Read More