The EUV Machine: #1 Microchip Stock of the Decade with Jeff Brown

Table of Contents: Presented by Brownstone Research: The #1 Microchip Stock of 2022 Former tech executive Jeff Brown predicted the top tech stock of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020. This company could end the global chip shortage. And it’s brand-new $180 million technology could make every advanced chip in the world by 2025. “The most important company you’ve never heard … Read More

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Infinite Energy Stock: The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race

Table of Contents Who is Adam O’Dell? See Adam O’Dell’s track record What is GHAWAR? How much bigger is Infinite Energy Platform compared to GHAWAR? Reviews from early adopters of Infinite Energy Software Where is the smart money investing? Massive Government funding on the way What is Infinite Energy Software? 2.5X as many installations than … Read More

Tesla Earnings: Has the King of EVs Reached its Peak?

Summary: Despite record profits and vehicle deliveries in Q4, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) stock is still down over 16% in the past month. The most recent Tesla earnings date, January 26, showed the company is still crushing expectations and is expecting the momentum to continue this year. Yet overall market weakness, particularly in growth stocks, is weighing on the … Read More

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Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft Highlight Busy Earnings Week

In Focus: Tesla (TSLA) Apple (AAPL) Microsoft (MSFT) Intel (INTC) Chevron (CVX) It’s a big week for the earnings calendar, with about 20% of S&P 500 companies set to report. Among them is electric vehicle maker Tesla (TSLA), which will report its fourth-quarter earnings after the Jan. 26 close. Jefferies analyst Philippe Houchois (Buy) calls Tesla’s fourth-quarter results “critical.” Why? They will be used … Read More

EV Stock in Focus: Is Rivian Ready for a Rebound?

Key Points: Among early stage electric vehicle (EV) stocks, Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN) is one that’s been placed in the winner’s circle even though it has yet to cross the finish line. And while RIVN stock may be down big from its all-time high, hit right after its IPO, shares sport a “priced for perfection” valuation. With RIVN stock … Read More

Will the Global Chip Shortage Mean Boom or Bust for these Silicon Stocks?

Space exploration, artificial intelligence and the metaverse. These are just three of the most interesting technological frontiers that exist today. And they all require advanced microchips to function. That’s why I’m sharing some of the best microchip stocks below. Within each of these industries, there are big stock trades that you could make. However, there’s … Read More

Paul Mampilly says this could be 10x Bigger than Electric Vehicles

He screamed “buy!” when Tesla was only $50. Now he says this is… 10X Bigger Than Electric Vehicles America’s No. 1 EV investing expert announces batterytech worth potentially $51 trillion within a decade. And hisNo. 1 stock to buy. Keep an extra $4,400 in your pocket each year — without you making a single investment… And … Read More

Profit from the Global Transition to Electric Vehicles with these 5 Penny Stocks

When most people think about electric vehicles (EVs), they probably think of Tesla and not much else—in America, at least. But Tesla is far from the only company involved in producing EVs, especially in China and other countries. To invest in these other smaller companies, I’ll be sharing the best EV penny stocks today. EVs … Read More