Nasdaq Pullback Presents a Savvy Buying Opportunity

The current correction in the Nasdaq is sizing up to be a textbook consolidation, following a torrid 2020 rally for the tech-heavy Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) that traded at a lofty premium to its long-term moving averages. Reopening euphoria combined with rotation into financials, industrials, materials, energy, transportation and leisure stocks sucked the short-term air … Read More

How to Make a Killing on Spatial Computing’s “Killer Apps”

Table of Contents: Who is Christian DeHaemer? Introduction What is Spatial Computing? Scientists are calling this moment the “Great Convergence.” “An arms race to capture the next computing platform.” Health Care is Going Spatial Three Special Reports on Cutting-Edge Spatial Computing Stocks 99% of Investors Are Clueless About This Game-Changing Technology… The Other 1% Are … Read More

3 Tiny Stocks Set to Soar from America’s Tech Boom 2.0

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Under the Radar Semiconductor Stock with Massive Potential

The future of tech is “smart.” Artificial intelligence, 5G, electric vehicles, big data and automation are driving the next wave of tech. Think about all of the devices that you use on a daily basis to make your life easier. The best smart tech companies are constantly improving these devices. They are at the forefront … Read More

FinTech: Money Made Easy

Any other company could’ve gone bankrupt for such a mistake… In 2020, Citigroup — America’s fourth-largest bank — meant to make a small interest payment to lenders who had backed beauty company Revlon. Instead, the bank accidentally paid the $900 million loan in full. Now, some lenders were more understanding of the mistake and returned … Read More

S.A.V. Stock – How to Make a Fortune from Tesla’s Secret Supplier

Table of Contents: Introduction Who is Jeff Brown? The Marriage Between Two New Exciting Technologies Electric Vehicles are on the Cusp of Mass Adoption Beating the Market by More Than 100 Times? It’s Not Too Late For You to Jump In Why Tesla is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company What is S.A.V.? Tesla’s Secret Supplier … Read More

The Future Looks Bright for this Big Data Stock

Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) stock is facing market volatility after announcing its latest quarterly financial results. The popular stock pick amongst investors beat revenue expectations but reported a net loss of $0.08 per share. Palantir Stock History and Outlook Palantir is an American software company that specializes in data analytics. And it’s become a massive player … Read More

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The Definitive Guide to Investing in TaaS Stocks

Nearly every day now, we’re seeing breaking news about TaaS. Whether it’s Microsoft’s $2 billion TaaS startup investment last month… Or Tesla’s new deal with Samsung to manufacture those incredible microscopic five-nanometer TaaS chips… Or even Toyota’s “robo-taxi” initiative announced just this week… Money is pouring into this obscure technology on a constant basis, making … Read More

Get on the Profit Train of Spatial Computing

Every once in a while, all the pieces fall into place and a new investment sector is born. If you think about Henry Ford and the Model T, you think about precision instruments, the combustion engine, the carburetor, interchangeable parts, the Bessemer process for producing steel, etc… If you consider the iPhone, you think about … Read More